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12x21: A Scene Rewrite

    a/n:  I haven’t even watched it buuuuuuuut I’m pretty sure this is better.

     DEAN:  Sam, we got a letter from Eileen. 

     SAM:  A letter? Why didn’t she call or text?

     DEAN: It says she was scared the Brits were after her but she’d find a safe place. She left a trail in Ireland that should keep them looking for her there. Says she’ll see us soon if everything goes okay Down Under. 

[DEAN looks at SAM quizzically.

     DEAN:  Does she know anyone in Australia? 

     SAM: …I think I know where she is. 

[SAM and DEAN enter the Bunker. A pool of blood leads just around the corner of the war room. SAM and DEAN pull their weapons and ease around the corner to see the body of TONI BEVELL with a dagger in her chest. SAM runs to the kitchen to find KETCH slumped over the table, dead.]

     EILEEN: Welcome home, boys.

[EILEEN flexes her hand, the Enochian brass knuckles on her fingers. She puts down a cup of coffee. Her hair is down and wet, like she’d just had a relaxing shower.]

     EILEEN: Hoped it would be okay if I crashed here for a while. You had some visitors, but I took care of them. 

[SAM rushes her and hugs her like he’s never going to let go. He smiles because her hair smells like his shampoo.] 

     EILEEN: Sam. I’m fine. 

[SAM’s eyes well up with tears.]

     SAM: I know. Of course you are. 

[SAM cradles EILEEN’s head in his hand and continues to embrace her. He starts to rock slowly. DEAN smiles at EILEEN and gives a little wave before walking out of the room.]  

Hell on Earth: Welcome Back (Part 1)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Sister / Friends / Platonic / However you want to see it), Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Charlie, Kevin, Crowley

Length: 3010+ words

TW: Mentions of Torture, Rape, Child Abuse, Child Soldiers, Etc. 

A/N: So here is Ch 1 of my new series! There’s 6 parts in total, and I may have a sequel to this fic, depending on the feedback I get! 

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

Dean and Sam Winchester were in their library, the eldest was reading an old lore book, and the youngest was on his laptop, looking for a case. The silence was comfortable, and much needed as a break from their high-stress life.


Dean cursed under his breath, grabbing his phone from his pocket. “Hello?”

“What did you idjits do?”

“Bobby?!” he exclaimed. Sam got up from his chair, eyes wide with surprise.

“No, it’s Chuck,” the man replied sarcastically. “What did you boys do?”

“Nothing! We didn’t do anything!” Dean defended. “H-How are you alive?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t be calling you.” Bobby rolled his eyes.

“Where are you?”

“Home,” he answered. “Pulled out of heaven, and woke up on my bed.”

“We’re coming over,” Dean said, needing to see the man he saw as a father in person.

“Good. You can see Ellen and Jo too.”

“Ellen?! Jo? The hell is going on here, Bobby?!”

“I don’t know,” the man bit back. “Get your asses down here as soon as you can.” He hung up the phone, and Dean lowered his phone slowly.

“Welcome home, bitches!”

The two boys whirled around, seeing Charlie on top of the staircase of their bunker. Their jaws dropped.

“Sammy, get the holy water, and silver.” Dean narrowed his eyes at the girl. She only rolled her eyes, but tugged her sleeve up. Sam gave her the holy water which she drank, nothing happened. He sliced the top of her forearm with the silver blade, nothing happened.

“Jesus Christ, it’s good to see you, kid,” Dean breathed, giving her the biggest hug he could muster.

“You too, old man,” she said with a grin.

Sam was next, giving her a huge hug as well. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“Water under the bridge, Sam!” She ruffled his hair.

“We’re heading up to Bobby’s, apparently he’s alive.” Dean turned around, heading to his room to pack.

“And so is Ellen and Jo.”

“Damn. What did you boys do?”

“Nothing!” Sam answered defensively. “Maybe Chuck decided to give us a break after all.”

Dean scoffed. “Yea, right.”

“You hear from anyone else?” Charlie asked.

“No one yet.”

“We have an arsenal of people we’ve lost,” Dean added. “There are too many names running through my head right now.”

Suddenly, Sam’s phone rang. They all looked at his expectantly as he answered the call.



“Kevin!” Sam exclaimed with a huge grin. “How are you, buddy?”

“Confused… Back from the dead, but confused.”

The youngest Winchester could only laugh. “Well, we’re all heading to Bobby’s to get this sorted. Why don’t you meet us there?”

“Sure. See you soon.”

When the Winchesters got to Bobby’s house, everyone was already there.

“We all did the tests,” Bobby informed them, showing them the raised skin from cutting themselves with a silver knife.

Dean and Sam nodded, almost at tears. They looked around the room, familiar faces that they thought they would never see again. After days of catching up, everyone left, trying to get back to their normal lives.

The brothers drove back to the bunker, hearts full of joy, even if it’s just for a short time. Dean’s phone rang just as they were nearing the bunker.

“Squirrel, I need to talk to you,” Crowley said, his voice was cold.

“Well, talk,” Dean replied sassily.

Sam raised his eyebrows when he heard him growl.

“Take off the wardings. There’s someone you need to meet.”

“Do you think we’re stupid?” Dean rolled his eyes. “What makes you think we’re going to trust you.”

“This is not up for debate, Dean!” Crowley bellowed. “You can summon me in a demon trap.”

Dean glanced at Sam who shrugged. “Fine.” They prepared the demon trap in the dungeon and temporarily took down the wardings.

Crowley appeared, but he wasn’t alone.

“What do you want?”

He was holding a girl in his arms. Her clothes were tattered, and caked with blood and dirt, but most of her was covered by Crowley’s black jacket.

“Who the hell is she?” Dean’s hand reached out for the gun in his back.

“She is the girl who sold her soul to bring back everyone you lost.”

Sam peered over his brother’s shoulder, examining the girl to see if he recognized her. “We’ve never seen her.”

“No. You guys have never crossed paths.”

The brothers looked at Crowley uneasily. They’ve never seen him this serious, his eyes were glowing red, and any signs of comfort between them was replaced with heavy tension.

“Then who is she?” the youngest Winchester asked.

“Y/N. She’s a girl that one of my demons kidnapped.” His eyes flared with angry red, before he took a deep breath, calming himself. “One of my demons had a deep fascination with making child soldiers. She was a prisoner, they reduced her to nothing- to believe that she was nothing. She somehow managed to find out about you boys, and decided to make a deal to bring back a list of people you lost. Obviously, no one was going to do just that. The bitch that kidnapped her was actually a crossroad demon, and  found out about her deal. She sent my hellhounds right there and then, killing her and sending her to hell where they personally tortured her for years before I stepped in. Those demons are now on the rack, where they’ll stay for ten times as long as the time she was tortured by them.”

“How long was she down there?” Sam whispered.

“Five years.”

The boys stood shell-shocked. Their eyes wide with awe.

“The deal didn’t go through though! How did she bring them back?” Dean asked.

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First Broken Heart

George Washington x Reader, Hamilsquad x Lil sister!

OC Modern AU 

Sequel to: Meeting the Family, Becoming Part of the Family, Baby Washington, Welcome to the Family, Bonding 

Author: Lil Laddie

 Words: 1621

 Warnings: Violence, bad break up, overprotective big brothers 

Request: Have you considered writing another sequel for Meeting the Family? Where Alex and the baby bond or going to the distant future where her big brothers beat up boys that flirt with her or the guy who broke her heart? Or both? It’s always up to you, but I would love to read it! -anon 

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for when you requested it! I honestly love writing about Gwash fam and maybe in the future I want to write about the hamilsquad being the most annoying teenagers that George can’t even handle lol. But I hope you guys like this one! I love y'all! Have a flipping incredible day!!😘 

Over the years you and George had watched the boys and your little girl grow up. Before you knew it, Eleanor was in high school and had a boyfriend that she was head over heels for. The once loud house was now quiet as the boys now went to college or had a steady paying job and apartment. Time had passed much too quickly for your liking and you would sometimes wish to have the old days back when all 7 boys lived with you and George.

“(Y/N)!” George called, running into where you were reading your book in the living room.

“Yes?” You replied, not looking up from the book that was much too intriguing to put down.

“I just got 7 different phone calls from 7 different boys we know. Apparently, they all have decided to come down here for a weekend to take a break from school and work.” George smirked, waiting for your reaction.

“What? They are coming home?” You squealed, jumping up from your seat in excitement.

“Yes.” George chuckled, watching you dance around the room with joy.

“When will they be here?” You grinned, the thought of your boys coming home to see you making you be on cloud 9.

“They will be here Friday afternoon. I already told Eleanor and she is ecstatic to see them again. It’s been much too long since we last saw them.” George said, pulling you to his side and pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. “The whole family will be here again.”

“You’re still the best dad they could ever hope for.” You complimented, kissing him softly before running out of the room to get ready for the boys.

“All I get is one kiss?” George called after you.

“You can have more once the house is ready! Our boys are coming home!” You giggled, knowing George was left in the living room with a look of disbelief on his face.


Friday had come before you knew it. You and George were pacing the house waiting for the boys to arrive. Eleanor was yet to come home from school, having gone straight to her boyfriend’s house for a little bit. She said she would be home for dinner and would spend most of the weekend with her older brothers.

Breaking the tension of both George and you watching the clock, Hercules slammed open the door and ran at the two of you. Alex, John and Laf  followed quickly after him.

“I’ve missed you guys!” Hercules cried, squeezing both you and George tightly in his arms before the other three stole you and George away in hugs.

“We’ve missed you boys, too!” You laughed, all of them shoving each other out of the way to get another hug from both you and George.

“The favorite child is here!” Thomas announced, strutting through the door with James and Aaron on his heels.

“Boys! Welcome home!” You exclaimed, pulling all three of them into a tight hug.

After lot’s of hugs and kisses, it had finally settled down. Everyone was gathered around you and George in the living room, just like they always had when they were younger.

“Where’s Eleanor?” James asked, noticing that the girl was not in the house.

“She’s at her boyfriend’s house right now. She’ll be back for dinner.” George said, the boys faces all dropping the once wide grins they had.

“Boyfriend?” Aaron asked, his eyebrows furrowed in disgust. “She’s too young to have a boyfriend.”

“Aaron, most girls have a boyfriend in high school. It’s normal.” You shrugged, not really seeing the reason for concern.

“She’ll get hurt! They won’t be able to treat her right!” John exclaimed, his face filled with worry.

“No one’s good enough to be dating her! They probably don’t deserve her!” Lafayette yelled, the other boys nodding their heads in agreement.

“Boys, if we didn’t trust this boy we wouldn’t let her date him. You can talk to Eleanor about it tonight at dinner. She’s fallen hard for this boy, I doubt you could convince her not to date him.” George said, the boys scowling at the thought of a boy having control over their little sisters heart.


All of you were in the kitchen, talking and laughing as George and Laf cooked. Those two were always the chefs of the family. The sound of the front door slamming caught your attentions. As did the loud sniffles and hiccups of Eleanor crying.

“Eleanor?” You called, sprinting to find her, the following your lead.

You ran up the stairs to Eleanor’s room. The door was shut and her quiet crying had turned into loud sobs. She was muttering something you couldn’t understand under her breath. You knocked lightly on the door, hoping she would actually open it.

“Who is it?” She called, her voice raspy from all the crying she had been doing.

“It’s (mom/dad).” You said softly, hearing a squeak come from her mattress.

The door was flung open and Eleanor fell into your arms hiccuping. You held her gently, rubbing her back in a soothing motion.

“What happened?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper.

“H-he dumped me! I loved him!” Eleanor sobbed, holding onto you for dear life.

You held your daughter close to your chest, trying to calm her down. While this was happening, the boys stood a couple feet away watching the two of you with a mix of sadness and rage. No one was allowed to break their baby sisters heart like that.

“Here’s the plan, me, Herc, and Thomas will beat the boy to a bloody pulp while you four go comfort her. Also, figure what he did to her and text it to one of us.” Alex growled, taking charge of the situation.

The boys nodded, splitting into the two groups. George watched them from the bottom of the staircase,  his arms crossed over his chest. Alex, Herc and Thomas almost didn’t see him as they stumbled quickly down the stairs.

“Where are you three going?” George raised an eyebrow, the boys looking at each other in panic.

“We, uh, so you see…” Thomas started, racking his brain for a valid excuse.

“You do know that it’d be illegal for you three to attack this young boy right?” George asked, watching all three of them turn pale at his words. “Don’t doesn’t mean you can’t scare him though. I’m pretty sure his address is on a paper on the entry table, but I’m not sure. Someone must have left it lying around.”

“Thanks dad you’re the best!” Herc grinned brightly, as did Alex and Thomas.

“For what?” George asked, turning to walk up the stairs.

“For giving us the address.” Alex said, wondering why he had to remind his dad.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. In fact, I never saw you before you left.” George turned at the top of the stairs to give the three boys a stern look. “Understood?”

“Yes sir!” Thomas said, giving him a mock salute.


“Was I not good enough?” Eleanor asked, crying into Laf’s shoulder as James held one of her hands tightly.

“Honey, he wasn’t good enough for you!” John exclaimed, only making the girl cry harder.

“If I was too good for him, then why did he dump me?” Eleanor cried, turning to look at John with a glare. “Wouldn’t it have been the other way around then?”

“Ellie, none of these high school kids ever going to be enough for you. You’re amazing and all these kids will pretend to be enough and when they realize they aren’t the run away.” Aaron said, pulling your hair back from your face in a braid.

“Then why did he tell me I wasn’t pretty enough and that he was going to start dating this other girl at my school instead?” Eleanor sniffled, all the boys in the room stiffening at her words.

“He told you what?” George asked, his whole body tense and his jaw clenching.

“He told me I-I wasn’t pretty enough.” Eleanor repeated, her voice cracking from the dryness.

“I’ve never felt more of an urge to kill something.” James muttered under his breath, pulling Eleanor away from the others and into a tight hug. Behind him Laf was quickly typing a text to the others about what they just learned.


You were waiting by the door when Hercules, Alex and Thomas tiptoed inside.

“It’s past midnight, where have you three been?” You asked, watching them jump in shock.

“Sorry didn’t see you there.” Alex chuckled nervously.

“George won’t tell me where you three went. He’s acting like he knows nothing, but we all know he’s a terrible liar. What did you three do?” You asked, the three of them exchanging a silent conversation through nods.

“All you need to know is that we made sure that Eleanor got that apology text from her ex.” Thomas said, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Okay, as long as you boys didn’t hurt him that’s fine. Thank you for doing that, Eleanor did a lot better after he sent that text.” You smiled lightly, the three boys beaming at your praise.

“We did it cause we needed to. Who else is going to protect our baby sister?” Herc smiled.

The four of you didn’t notice, but Eleanor watched from the top of the stairs, smiling at the scene below her. Her big brothers were always going to be on her side and she couldn’t be more grateful. She loved all of them more than anything.

“Thank you.” She whispered, before going back to her room and not having a single thought of the boy that had broken her heart.

  • Mrs. Agreste: Welcome home, boys! How was your first day at school?? Was it exciting? Did you make new friends?
  • Adrien: It was so exciting! We met all these cool kids and there was one who was a bee and one was a ladybug and--
  • Felix: The teacher treated us like children.
  • Mrs. Agreste: ...Sweetie, you are both two and a half years old...
  • Felix: That does not make us stupid.
  • Mrs. Agreste: ...
  • Adrien: ...they gave us cookies.
Always Mine - Chapter 16


A/N: So my muse for this chapter decided to make a reappearance! So here is the second part of episode 11. I really hope you guys like it. Next chapter will be Negan’s reaction to Katherine running off and he say’s something surprising for stay tuned for chapter 17 that hopefully will be out on Thursday!

Katherine twisted her hands together as she sat on the exam table in Carson’s office. Negan was leaning against the wall across from her as they waited for the doctor to come in. He noticed the way she was twisting her hands as well as how her shoulder’s were a little tense.

“What the fuck are you nervous about, Doll?”

Katherine looked over at him and shook her head.

“I’m not.”

Negan rolled his eyes.

“Now that, is a fucking lie, and you of all fucking people know I hate it when I’m fucking lied to. So tell me, what the fuck has my Kitty Kat so tense?”

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Welcome Home pt.1

Magnus was waiting impatiently at the Institute for Alec to arrive. He had been gone for three days on a mission to Idris along with Izzy, Clary and Jace. He was pacing the floor, giving quick glances to where they were due to portal in. He knew that they were alright because of the constant stream of messages they had been exchanging while he had been away but he knew he wouldn’t rest until he had him in his arms again.

Magnus heard a noise, and saw the portal appear. He stopped his pacing his heart beat jumping in anticipation. Izzy came through first, then clary and Jace and finally Alec. They all looked tired and scruffy from their travels but the second Alec saw Magnus he flew straight to him, wrapping him in his arms. Magnus felt his whole body relax against him. Finally he had his Shadowhunter back right where he wanted him. He pulled away from Alec slightly, smiling into his face.

“Welcome home, beautiful boy, I’ve missed you so much.” He said softly.

“I missed you too, Mags.” Alec replied and he bent his head to kiss him. Cheers went up from around the room and they broke apart, looking around the room with slightly embarrassed grins.

“Ok, ok that’s enough.” Alec said, but he still hadn’t let Magnus go.

“If you two can keep your hands off each other for a while, Aldertree will want to see us about Idris.” Jace told them. Alec sighed and rested his head against Magnus’. There was always something.

“Yeah, yeah just let me catch my breath for a bit first?”

“Damn, and here I was hoping to take your breath away.” Magnus said softly to him, one ringed finger tracing down his cheek. Alec looked down at his face and watched as he allowed his glamour to drop and reveal his glowing cat’s eyes. He knew they turned Alec on and he wouldn’t be able to resist them.

“I’ll meet you outside Aldertree’s office in a half hour.” Alec told Jace and before he could reply he grabbed Magnus’ hand and headed for the hallway that led to the bedrooms.

Even though Alec lived with Magnus at the loft, he still kept his room at the Institute for emergencies or overnight meetings. They walked as quickly as they could to his room, not wanting to waist anytime. Alec opened the door and pulled Magnus in with him. It was almost pitch black inside, a faint glow of moonlight coming through the window. Alec didn’t bother turning on the lights though, he had only one thing on his mind. Magnus. He took him by the front of his jacket and pushed the warlock up against the door, slamming it closed. He slammed his mouth down to his in a deep heated kiss. He moaned softly, feeling the familiar tickle of Magnus’ goatee on his skin.

percyvex replied to your post “vax is insight checking his BELT oh my god has anyone ever been so…”

when he used that luck for him i was actually crying like bird boy is so much happier and better off after the timeskip like im so glad


they say I’m never home anymore
         like I had a choice in this 
                  like the map leads to anywhere but  you,                                                                      I’m here 
                                  I’m here -
                                      I’m still standing in your                                                                                               wreckage, I never left.
—  you’re still my  h o m e /  saphael 

anonymous asked:

Hi!! How would the RFA (including V and Saeran) react to soldier MC coming home for the first time in a year and getting surprised? Like, everyone else is in on it and they get surprised and see their gf for the first time in SO LONG? Thanks!!

Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about the military in South Korea, and using what little I can gather from the internet, I tried my best.


  • He was so clingy before you left and cried so hard when you walked away from him.
  • He missed you for so long… And Skype is just not enough!
  • When Saeyoung came to his house and blindfolded him, dragging him somewhere, he was completely oblivious and very confused.
  • When he was allowed to take off the blindfold, he was even more confused.
  • They were standing in an airport.
  • He looked around for a while, really not knowing why they were there. After a couple of seconds, Saeyoung told him to turn around.
  • And there you were.
  • He ran to you faster than he has ever ran before, practically knocking you over.
  • He cried so many happy tears and just.. laid on you.
  • SO many welcome home kisses.
  • Baby boy missed you dearly and he’s going to want to make up for the year you two were seperated!


  • She worried SO MUCH while you were gone ;-;
  • And he stress levels have SKYROCKETED.
  • Now she not only has to worry about her cafe business, but also a spouse in the military?? Much stress
  • So when Zen invited her to a small party, she figured it was a great way to relieve all that stress.
  • She got all dressed up and went over to his place, confused about how there was hardly anyone there. 
  • But then she saw you.
  • She fell to her knees and sobbed as you ran over to her, giving her a hug.
  • She kissed you deeply and wrapped her arms behind your neck, telling you how much she missed you and loves you.
  • Promise her you’ll never leave her again.


  • He neeeeeeeds you.
  • He’d forgotten how empty his house was without you in it.
  • Elizabeth became a bigger part of his life again, keeping him company and sitting on his lap when he worked from home.
  • He didn’t think much of it when Jaehee asked him to come to the cafe. It was pretty normal thing, since he had a lot of tips to give on how to run a business.
  • When he walked in the door, he immediately saw you standing there and screamed.
  • No one had seen him with a bigger smile on his face, or with a stronger need for physical contact.
  • He hugged you tightly for so long, wanting to make sure you were really there.
  • He was so glad you were alright and home with him.


  • Before you left, you two would go to the gym together all the time and it was so cute.
  • Two buff babies making out and lifting weights
  • The first time he had to go in alone he cried on the locker room.
  • He wore a locket with pictures of you two in it so you were always close to his heart.
  • 12 months after you had left, he heard a knock on the door.
  • When he saw you standing on the other side, his face lit up with wonder and excitement.
  • He giggled like a little girl at the sight of the person he loves so much standing in front of him once again.
  • He picked you up and brought you inside, kissing your face all the while.


  • The only way he wouldn’t know the exact date that you’d return home is if you were presumed dead.
  • Which you were.
  • Your plane had crashed and they assumed you had died, since they couldn’t find anything but your dog-tags. 
  • They returned anything you had with you to him, along with a folded up flag.
  • He hid it in the closet for six months.
  • He prayed every day that you would come home, that he would get to see you again, that he’d receive a letter… Anything. Even just one more moment with you would be a miracle.
  • He was inconsolable. He wanted so badly to get you back, even though he knew it was impossible. They thought you were dead, and since no one had heard anything from you in a long time, he thought you were, too. 
  • So when he got a call from the hospital saying that some girl had been asking for him, he was incredibly confused. Maybe it was Rika? Or maybe Jaehee?
  • He went down right away.
  • When they directed him to the room you were laying in, he was very nervous. They haven’t told him who this girl was or where she came from, and he needed to know.
  • They let him into the room and immediately he fell to his knees, sobbing loudly with a smile so wide it hurt.
  • He ran to you, giggling even though tears were falling down his face.
  • You reached up and placed a hand gently on his face and he held it there, crying harder. 
  • He rocked himself back and forth, pinching his leg over and over again to make sure this was real.
  • You were real.
  • And you were back with him.
  • You had been wandering around the woods for the past 12 months, and had finally made it back to some random base. Luckily, it wasn’t one of the enemy’s and you were able to go home and get medical attention for the injuries you sustained.
  • Your left leg was infected badly and had to be amputated, you had bad burns all over your body, scrapes and cuts all over, and not to mention being malnourished.
  • You had to stay in the hospital for a long time, and he was there every second. He practically moved into the hospital.
  • He wasn’t going to be seperated from you again.


  • He’s been pretty upset these past 12 months. Clearly, right? I mean, anyone would be, and with him still in recovery it takes an extra long time for him to feel alright without you there.
  • Saeyoung invited him to hang out with the rest of the RFA. This isn’t the first time he’s been dragged along, so he doesn’t really think anything of it.
  • Everyone was hanging out in Saeyoung’s house. Nothing seemed to be different, except sometimes someone would giggle and be shushed by Mama Jaehee™.
  • He just shrugged it off and continued drinking his drink, stealing the love of the cat Saeyoung had adopted.
  • After maybe ten minutes of this, everyone went quiet. Saeyoung walked in front of his brother and told him they had a very special surprise for him.
  • Before he could respond, he felt a pair of warm hands over his eyes, and a sweet voice whispering in his ear, “Guess who?”
  • He gasps, his eyes wide as he turns around. He screams when he sees you, climbing over the couch and hugging you tighter than he had ever done before.
  • He would bury his face in your neck, breathing in deeply, revelling in the fact that he finally got to hold you in his arms again.


  • He wouldn’t tell you, but he was so worried for you he would have a break down at least once a week, if not more.
  • He just… doesn’t really know what to do with himself.
  • And he wants you safe and back home with him.
  • He’d write so many letters and Skype with you every day (or at least as much as he possibly can).
  • When he found out you were coming home, he could hardly sit still. He really needed to see you.
  • It was the longest week of his life, but when he finally got to see (haha) you again…
  • He hugged you so tight and did not let go.
  • Jumin Driver Kim picked you up from the airport and you did not let go of each other until the next morning.

5 years ago today, a small boy left his home to become a trainee in foreign country where nothing is secured for his future , no family and no friends.
But 5 years later he comes back his hometown to perform as a member of popular Kpop boy group GOT7 in KCONLA.

We can’t know how many difficulties he faced, how much he missed home, how many times he wanted to give up … but finally he made it and get lots of love by us.,IGOT7s.


[1.8.2010 👉🏻 1.8.2015]

Welcome home boys...

It’s been a quiet few weeks since you’ve been away but I’m ready for a good house warming. Canapés, presents, gossip, the works. I can’t wait. Something tells me though that Mr. Shifty needs to get a shift on more than just moving boxes. The best gift you can give is honesty, Robert, before someone else gets in there first. XOXO Gossip Dale 💋

My Eyes Only - Part 2

Originally posted by ocd-mess

Part 2 of My Eyes Only. If you haven’t read part 1, I would suggest doing so or the story won’t make much sense.


Genre: Light fluff, heavy smut

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: Language, Daddy Kink, lots of smut.

JB stormed towards you, and threw you over his shoulder. His touch felt like lightning, sending a shock throughout your body. It had been too long since you felt his hands on your skin. He gripped the backs of your exposed thighs tightly. You were really in for it this time. You bit your lip as you hung there behind his back, thinking about all the ways he was going to punish you.

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EXO: Kris fluff/angst


ex0imagines: Bowling | Lazy Saturday Date | Bartender | Basketball Game | Pepero Kissing Game |

an-exotic-writerThis Valentine | “Really?”| Lets Go On a Day Out | I Want You | Maybe Basketball Isn’t So Bad | Sleep With Me | Crying Over a Movie | I Don’t Care | Don’t Mention It | The Only Place For Me | Not So Sweet | Picture of You | Boyfriend Tag | I Hope You Don’t Mind | Never Again | After This | Couples 123 Tag | You’re Beautiful | This I Promise You | I Win | Finally | You Did It Baobei | Goodnight Baobei | Should’ve Done it a Long Time Ago | That’s What I’m Here For | Yes We Shall | Let Me Do It | I’m Home | Valentine’s Replacement | Work | All The Way I Promise You

duizhangdeluxe: The Power Outage | A Moment of Panic | Squeaky Clean

everlasting-scenes:  | Christmas | Pre Debut ft. Tao & Luhan |  When You First Meet Him | Shopping for Baby ‘Necessities’| Day Off ft. Sehun & Suho

exoticarmy127: Slow Dance | My Baby Comes First | Moments

krisdragontalesDaddy Love | Baby | Ready, Set, Kiss! | Focus Baobei | You’re Showing Too Much Skin, Baobei | Hot Coffee | You + Me = Little Me & You | Yours & Ours Forever | Wedding Day | Hiccups | Cheek Pinching | Old Picture | Pretend | Can I Meet The Band? | Male Roomates | Welcome Home | Dragon Boy | Can’t Wait | Waiting | Bad Haircut | Wrong Ship | Don’t Go | Him And His Mistletoes  | Never Let Me Go | Swimming With The Sharks | Falling In Love | Only Mine |

deercarrotChristmas Aegyo & Kiss

chan-chanyeol:Birthday Drabbles | Coach | Fling | Mirth |

thesammtimes:Baby#2 | Look | Santa Kisses? | Superfan | Home Run | Drunk Love |

onlylovekpop:Overdose | My Lady | When He Gets Protective

writewhatyoulove:Just For You | Peruse | Verboten | Misconstrue | Recommendation | Siblings | Delphic| My Love Is Still Continuing |

palpitate-hyperventilate:Haven |

keypea: Dulcinea | For You | Feverish | Excuses


igotfantasies: Confessions |

everlasting-scenes: I Don’t Love You |

fabdolous: And That Was That

an-exotic-writer: Promises

krisdragontalesDistance Is Only Miles | The Kiss That Ruined Us | When You’re Dying | Only Two Minutes Left | Don’t Go | Don’t Touch Me | Creepy Phone call | I Saw You Today | Tired | Bad Leader | Ruined Surprise | Lights | I Don’t Love You

duizhangdeluxe: I’ll Be Waiting | Everything Reminds Me of You |

palpitate-hyperventilate: Denouement

dreamsthroughthewindow: Umbrellas |