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fatherhood | michael gray

prompt 37 - welcome to fatherhood

michael and the reader become parents and michael is in awe over his daughter

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Michael Gray, the love of your life. You moved away from your original hometown to Small Heath to spend your life with him. It started out as casual dates to the dance and then a relationship. It wasn’t until you got to Small Heath that you got pregnant, something that caused Polly to lecture you both for hours straight.  

Michael immediately became protective over you once he learnt about the pregnancy. Michael had a decentchildhood but once he grew older and learnt that his whole life had been based off a lie, it changed him. He didn’t want your child to be brought up around lies and he wanted her/him to have a happy childhood full of nice memories, not being taken away from their original mother at such a young age. He was willing to do everything he possibly could to give your baby the best life they could ever have, even if this meant hurting or doing things he didn’t want to do along the way.  

You’d first announced the pregnancy at a family meeting. You were both immediately hit with the “Are you sure you can do this?” “Both if you are so young.” And “It’s not east being a parent.” But you and Michael didn’t listen to any of it and just shrugged your shoulder at every comment. Both of you knew that you’d be met with judgments but you were willing to take it on. You were both in a happy, stable relationship and cared for each other more than anything. Of course, having a kid was a huge step and something that would take a lot of hard work and dedication but you and him were strong enough to take on the pressures that came with being parents.  

Two weeks after announcing the pregnancy to the family, you were walking down an aisle. You hadn’t planned for your wedding day to be so rushed, but it was still perfect as you were marrying the man who you loved, someone that you had cared for since the age of fourteen.  

“I love you.” Michael mumbled in your ear as you danced. “You and the baby. Don’t ever forget it.”


Five months later, you and Michael were arriving back from the hospital with your baby girl. Michael had decided on the name Evelyn, which you happily agreed with. The endless hours of pain was completely worth the look on Michael’s face when he first met Evelyn and the feeling you got when you first held her.  

“What do we do?” Michael asked as he placed her in her pram.  

You laughed and shook your head, “There’s nothing we can do. She’s fast asleep.”  

“But I wanna play with her, and hold her. Show my little girl off to everyone.” He said as he gently took her hand in his.  

“We can do when she’s awake. Right now, I would get some sleep. Remember what you said the other week?” You asked smugly.  

“Nope,” He answered before he suddenly realised. “I said I’d wake up with her for the first few nights.”  

“That’s right.” You chuckled.

You woke up the next morning to an empty space next to you. You wandered down stairs and smiled at the sight of your husband and daughter on the sofa. Both of them were fast asleep with Evelyn laid on top of him. Michael had his arm gently placed around her, making sure not to put too much pressure on her tiny body.  

“Wake up.” You whispered as you kissed Michael on his cheek.  

His eyes slowly opened, the first thing he did was turn his gaze  to Evelyn to make sure she was alright. “Morning.”  

“We have a busy day ahead, I can guarantee your mum is gonna be round here all day.” You told him.  

“I can’t be dealing with people. I’m shattered.” He yawned.  

“Welcome to fatherhood.” You smiled as you took his hands in yours. “We’re going to be good parents, aren’t we?”  

“The absolute best.” He placed Evelyn in your arms and gave you a loving kiss. “My mums taking me shopping soon and I’m gonna spoil my girl rotten.”  

“Am i not your number one girl anymore?” You joked.  

“Your both my number one girls. Forever and always.”  

You were the perfectly family. You had the man of your dreams, enough money to provide for the three of you, a nice house and the most beautiful daughter you could ever ask for.


I don’t know how it all happened but it all started when I was born. My family said that everyone receives a specific locket, and within that locket is a flower. Fresh and vibrant. And in that flower, it helps you find your soulmate. But it sucks that there’s a huge possibility that it’s on the other side of the world.

I examined my flower, a vibrant red, sometimes fading into white and another rainbow of colours, but today, it turned into a shade of blood red. It’s impeccably impossible to find my soulmate since the flower was purely common to everyone. And rose, it grew with the family since each and everyone in my family also owned a rose, with a different shade of colour.

They said that if you find your soulmate, it would brighten up and change into another colour, and with that, I didn’t believe, but it happened to my cousin and I saw it with my own eyes.

But it’s so weird that when it changed into a pastel orange, it happened in the spark of an eye contact, like they knew each other in a very long time but saw each other for the very first time. I wonder when I’ll meet mine, but with a flower so common, I think it will take a longer time to be fulfilled.

I examined the flower once again, it turned into a nude color. Maybe it meant something I thought, but shook it away immediately knowing that all my hopes would just be wasted with a false truth. Sighing, I hid the rose emblem inside my shirt and went out the room.

“Rosie, it’s time!” I yelled in the hallways. Rosie, my cousin, appeared out of nowhere and ran down the doors. “Quick! I want to get the front row.” She shushed me, opening the front door and running to the car. Shaking my head, I went down the stairs, took the car keys and locked the door behind me.

I saw Rosie jump wildly in the passenger seat, which made me chuckle under my breath. “You know, it’s just a band…” I told her, getting in the car and putting the key in the ignition, the car roaring to life. “I know! I just think that maybe one of them, by chance, would be my soulmate.” She told me, pulling out her emblem and looking at the rose pink colour of the chrysanthemum.

“One day, cousin. One day.” I told her, taking the car away from the driveway and to our destination.

“At least we got the front row, couz.” I concluded, playing my nails as we patiently waited in the front row seat of the sound check. I smiled, feeling content of what we got. “Yeah, I know.” She remarked, jumping up and down in her seat. “God, can you calm down more?”
“No, I can’t.”
“Because they’re here, we’re here, we got front seats and we’ll get a clear view of them while they perform.” She told me in one round of breath, and she didn’t even break a sweat.

“You’re crazy.” I told her, playfully punching her shoulder. “I am.” She laughed loudly. It wasn’t in a few minutes when four insanely tall boys came out from behind the curtains. “Hello everybody!” Luke, I think, the tall blonde guy with the black lip ring waved enthusiastically. They all synchronizingly sat on the edge of the stage, their legs hanging off and dangling sideways.

It’s good to have a few lessons to know who they are. Got them from Rosie since I’m going to be the one ‘babysitting’ her for the event. So summing it up— they’re Five Seconds of Summer, Australian band and are only four in the group. The tall, blonde quaffed hair with the black lip ring, as what I said, is Luke Hemmings. The shaggy haired, dirty blonde boy with a sunshine smile is Ashton Irwin, also known as the oldest and as what Rosie says “The daddy of the band”. The red washed hair with overly envious red luscious lips (yes, I said luscious because maybe I’d like to kiss them) is Michael Clifford, the gamer-lead guitarist of the band. And last but not the least, the slightly chinky eyed, chubby cheeks cutie, Calum Hood.

Good enough for someone who’s a bit curious to know who’s she going to see for the night. I mean, it would be terribly embarrassing to go to a concert with the an artist you don’t know and just simply attend to hear one of their famous song play. Critical.

“So, are you all ready for some sound check?” Ashton chirpily asked, the small crowd clapping and screaming, which he laughed out.
“Okay, let’s hit it boys.” Calum said in a very low voice. The backstage personnel began to go to them, handing Michael and Luke an acoustic guitar, Ashton with his beatbox and Calum having nothing, but he just smiled weirdly and it made every girl laugh out loud, including me.

They played three songs, a little bit familiar because of Rosie’s lesson. They played Beside you, which is my personal favourite, Amnesia and What I Like About You, and they were amazing. I was awestruck in between every song, even if it was acoustic, their voices were pure talent. Plus with their instruments, a classic band to listen to.

After the small gig, they began to make contact with the fans, asking them for questions. “Okay, settle down everyone.” Luke said in a low, announcer voice.
“Shut up, Luke.” Michael said, grinning over the crowd cheekily.
“Anyways, we have a lot of time left.” Ashton said, opening his arms widely, as if welcoming us. “So, let’s do the hot seat.”
“And here it goes,” Calum commented, making the crowd rumble in small laughter.

A bunch of girls raised their hands all at the same time. They didn’t know who to choose but Luke spoke up abruptly. “You there, with a black tie dye, of what seems like my smiley shirt.” The girl stood up, cheeks flushed as he complimented her. “News flash, it was mine, you just borrowed it.” Calum said, instinctively playing his bass for a little groove. “Shut up, Calum.”
“Love you too, bro.” He replied, winking to his way.

The girl prepared, her hands nervously playing with her bands. “This is going to be a first, hard question to answer, I think.” Michael joked, in which the girl nodded and the crowd stayed silent, waiting for her to speak.

Finally, the girl spoke. “Since in this world, we have the soulmate system, I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing us your flowers…” She requested, a bit hesitantly. But she stood tall. Looking back to the boys, all their brows are raised, probably surprised but at the same time giving a soft smile to her. The boys, looking at each other for a group decision nodded at the same time and pulled out their pendants.

And one by one, they described it. Ashton was first, since he’s the very talkative. “Well mine, it’s a reddish Carnation.” He told softly, admiring his designated flora.
“Mine is a very bright yellow Sunflower.” Luke proudly said, the colour radiating his mood, in which he was happy. Michael spoke next raising his pendant confidently up to the crowd for all to see. “Well, I’m happy that mine is a purplish-blue Forget-me-not!” He chirped, in which the crowd smiled and awed.

Last but not least, Calum took out his pendant from his neck, wrapped the chain around his fist and looked at the pendant like it was his life.
“Mine is a simple red rose that’s changing into a white one… Just right, now.” He said, confused. I tilted my head to the side, hearing his kind. I nervously pulled out my pendant to see my red rose turn to the same shade of white.

I heard gasps around me, seeing Rosie cover her mouth. “Calum!” She shouted, standing up from her seat. Calum turned his head to our direction, his eyes seeming to be a bit frail. “My cousin has the same flower and the same color as yours.” She whispered, as everyone gasped on the sudden discovery. She pointed at me, in which Calum looked directly straight to my eyes. I didn’t know what to do. My eyes landed on his, creating some sort of vision of a future which seemed to blur my mind, and I think he felt it too.

The other three boys were awed, watching the scene in front of us, with the crowd doing the same. I stood quietly, quickly fixing myself up. I broke our eye contact, looking at somewhere else and excused myself from them. “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.” I hurriedly went through every row and raced to the bathroom, the halls silent with my footsteps sounding through the walls.

I stopped, putting my hand on my forehead, not believing what’s happening. Damn, could he be my soulmate? I asked myself, but as I started to walk to the bathroom, rushed footsteps and a hand groped my wrist, forcefully turning me to look at him. Calum fucking Hood is not my soulmate, that’s impossible.

“Could I please, just for a quick second, look at your pendant?” He begged, his eyes pleading for a bit of mercy. He seemed a little eager to know the truth. So giving him the chance, I removed the pendant around my neck and placed it delicately in his hands, together with his pendant. Both were white. White as snow. But as the glass clinked with each other, the roses changed into a new color— it turned into a red rose with tips coloured with white. It was beautiful.

I gasped, the fantasies and stories I thought that will never happen, unfold in front of my eyes. Looking away from the flowers, I looked back at Calum, only to see him stare at me, fawning to watch my reaction. Still in shock, I awkwardly laughed, not knowing what else to do, but he laughed with me.
“What does this mean then?” He asked, as he crept closer to my figure.
“Well, it means we’re soul mates…?” I stated, sounding more like a question.

“Well, if it’s going to be in that way…” He trailed off. He coughed up, fixing his posture and appearance. He put out his hand to shake and smiled at me widely. “I’m Calum Hood, bass player and vocals of a shitty band. And pure Aussie and Kiwi.” He introduced, biting his lip in slight shakiness.

Grinning back, I took his hand and shook it affirmatively. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, normal girl, not a bit of a fan of you but I might be one after a few dates and free food.” I jokingly said in which he chuckled and grinned. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it again. He looked at me adoringly, his hands slowly wrapping around my waist.

“Well, Y/N, I think we need to find out if we truly are the soul mates, and hoping, maybe to be the best one after my other band mates have theirs.” He half-joked. I nodded at him, giggling like a school girl. He pulled me closer to his body and leaned his head closely to mine. He looked at me reassuringly, in which I nodded solemnly and closed the gap. I clasped my lips with his. Our bodies on fire and our souls a little bit lifted up with a purer spirit.

Our lips moved perfectly, his lips unavailingly soft and warm as of mine were chapped and cold. I took hold of his cheek, maintaining the right amount of distance and a bit of affectionate care. Running out of air, we both pulled away. We smiled like idiots and intertwined our fingers. A few seconds of peace, he spoke in spiteful rush.

“Well, we really need to start our future earlier than I thought.”

Edmund x Reader: An Eager Hero

@neverlands-outcast said: Can I get a Modern!AU Edmund x Reader where the two of them are really good friends, and when the reader is out on a date with a guy she doesn’t like, Edmund kind of swoops in and saves her/picks her up as she sneaking out…? Sorry its kind of long


 Edmund rang the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to answer. To his surprise, and horror, (Y/n)’s mother answered it.

       "Edmund,“ she grinned, more to Edmund’s horror. "Wonderful to see you! Please, come in. Come in. You must be cold.”

       "Pleasure’s mine?“ Edmund faltered before stepping into the warm house.

     She took his coat, hat, and scarf. ”(Y/n)’s in the dining room with Michael.“

     "Michael?” he frowned. “Why is he here?”

     "They’re on a ‘study date’. I don’t like him either,“ (Y/n)’s mother said. "The only reason I want you here. Keep an eye on him will you?”

     She left him. Edmund frowned deeper. Why didn’t (Y/n) tell him? Of course, she didn’t have to tell him her whole life–but why Michael?

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Help To Realize | Hood

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Summary: When Calum admits his feelings to Y/n, she claims to feel differently, only to end up realizing her true feelings


The sun stayed put up high on the cloudy yet still vibrant sky. Despite the rays of the sun displaying down onto the people below, the freezing temperature still took a hold of the air. 

Y/n shivered and pulled her warm jacket closer to her body. Her black heeled boots along with Calum’s Doc Martens sounded around them as they strolled together in a small and bare park in the depths of Los Angeles.

“You’ve worn that for three days straight. Will you ever take it off?” Y/n laughed as she sat down on a nearby bench. 

She referred to the Weezer band tee she got him. Calum was so ecstatic when he found it along side a Green Day vinyl under her Christmas tree she had set up in her tiny apartment. 

He took it, put it on, and since then, would not take it off.

“Maybe. Give me a couple years and I’ll get back to you on that.” They both laughed and looked at their surroundings. The park was so beautiful. It resembled a botanic garden of a sort. Many beautiful and colorful flowers were placed all around. A stream lay ahead of them and a little red bridge was placed right above it. 

Y/n’s face grew a tiny smile at the relaxing feeling of sitting beside her best friend and the sound of birds chirping.

Calum couldn’t help but look at her. She sat in a perfect angle where the sun hit her face perfectly and left beautiful shadows in the curves of her face. Her hair flew around her as the wind picked up and the smile made his heart flutter.

Calum won’t deny the feelings he has for her. After being best friends for 6 years, he was bound to feel something sooner or later. The thing is that Calum didn’t know if Y/n had ever felt the same and if she does now. 

He doesn’t want to risk anything, but he also wants to lift a big weight off his shoulders.

“What are you thinking about?”

Calum blinked rapidly and looked at Y/n. She looked at him with an expectant look. He contemplated. Should he risk it? Or should he not?

Without another thought, he spoke.


Y/n gave a look of confusion. “Me? What about me?”

Calum sighed and continued. “You and about how much I love you. And not in the best friend way, but in the ‘I’ve falling completely and utterly in love with you and everytime I see you my heart stops’ kind of way. I want us to be together Y/n.”

She sat, frozen. She forged her mind for any sort of thoughts but everything was a jumbled up mess. Without much, she grabbed her bad and stood up from the bench, speedwalking away.

Calum got up immediately and jogged to her. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to look at him.

“Look, I know it’s a surprise. Trust me, I didn’t expect to say it now either, but I really do like you and you get me. I think this can work if we-”


They both stared at each other with wide eyes. Calum’s heart was pounding way worse and it was with anxiety and worry. He knew it was bad to spring it upon her, but he couldn’t help it.

“What do you mean n-”

“I mean,” Y/n interrupted once again. “I can’t do this with you. Not now. I’m sorry, Calum.”

She gave him a final look before walking off and leaving a shattered Calum in the middle of the scene.


“Y/n, please.” The aussie accent spoke through the phone.

It was the third time the boys had called up Y\n to come talk to Calum. They’ve called her various times throughout the two weeks that went by and today was no exception. She woke up, barely an hour ago and they are already pestering her.

She sighed and rubbed her forehead before grabbing the coffee from the kitchen island she leaned up against. She took a big gulp before placing it back down. The only thing keeping her from screaming at them would be the caffeine. 

“No, Michael. I told you I don’t want to see him.”

She heard him sigh before shuffling sounded out. Someone cleared their throat before speaking.

“Yeah, it’s Ashton. Look, we know that it was a surprise. He told us. Neither of you expected it, but listen, he really does love you, Y/n. He’s been with you through a lot. He been there for you and vice versa. You can’t let something like this affect you.”

She stayed silent. The words processed in her mind and she wondered if it really was such a bad idea. Usually these conversations would only go up to ‘Just come he needs you and you need to talk it out-’ ‘No, I’m sorry.’ But the constant calls were tiresome and she gave in.

More shuffling was heard before Luke’s voice rang out.

“Yeah and what exactly is so bad about him liking you, Y/n”

She rolled her eyes and replied, “I don’t feel the same, Luke. Calum’s my best friend, we’ve done a lot, but I don’t see us doing any more.”

Now it was Luke’s turn to roll his eyes and the three other boys stared at him in confusion.

“Really? Because everytime I see you and Calum together, you have this bright look in you eye. The only look you get when you see strawberry lemonade and god knows how much you love strawberry lemonade. Not only that, but you look at him as if he’s your world. You give him undivided attention. Whenever he needs you, you are there for him faster than you are there for us, which by the way we kinda get ticked off by it. Point is, maybe you do love his just as much, but you don’t realize it.”

Y/n was speechless. She never knew she was that much of an open book. Easy to read and with every single word out on display for everyone to take a look at. She wasn’t sure what she felt at this point.

Everything inside her was a jumbled up mess. 

She thought back to the touring times with the boys and all the fun things her and Calum would do. The late night talks they had, endless movie nights and sleepovers.

Maybe she actually did feel the same, but was too blind to realize it.

“But how-”

“It’s easy to tell. What I want to know is, why didn’t you realize it sooner. What are you so afraid of? Is it the commitment.”

She took a big breath before replying. “No. I’m not scared of commitment. Not with anyone, but with the cons of it. I know I go on tour with you guys, but I can’t be there forever. Especially with my new job. And it’s not to say I don’t trust Calum. I don’t trust myself. I cave in and I’m needy. I don’t want to tie him down.”

“You won’t.” Michael’s voice rang out. “Just come. Talk to him.”


A knock was heard on the wood of Calum’s door. He sighed before burying his head in his pillow. It only grew louder and Calum angrily tore off his bed sheets and yanked the door open, but was surprised to find a puffy eyed Y/n.

“What are you doing her-”

“Let me speak” She pushed past him and into his room. He closed the door and turned to face her.

“Look, I know I did bad. Walking from you and neglecting you these past two weeks. I feel awful, Calum. Awful that I broke your heart and worse that it literally took me this long to realize how I really felt about you.”

Calum opened his mouth to speak, but she held up a hand to stop him.

“I do love you. But I was scared. Being far away from you and being more than friends would make me feel needy. I don’t want to weigh you down. I don’t want you to miss out on things because of me. I guess I’ve always engraved that into my head everytime the idea of you and I being a thing passes my mind, but it’s not true. I’m utterly in love with you too, Calum Hood.”

It was now Calum’s turn to be speechless. He never really thought she’d come here to declare her love for him, always thinking she’d just say they’d be better of as friends.

But now that she’s here and in front of him, her heart on her sleeve and open arms awaiting, he walks forward and gives her a great big kiss.

She wraps her arms around his neck and melts into the loving kiss. 

The moment is interrupted by the boys barging in. They jump apart and stare at them expectantly.

“Yeah, we made this happen. You’re welcome.” Michael smugly spoke. Luke gave him a weird look and looked at the couple.

“It was all me, thank me later.”

Ashton sighed. “It was all of us. You’re welcome. Well, now we know that you two are happy, we’ll be out of your hair.”

They all walked out leaving the two in the room.

“You’ve just made me a very happy man, Y/l/n.” Calum chuckled. Y/n reciprocated and looked down before looking at him in the eyes. 

“And you’ve made me a very happy woman, Hood.”

Couldn’t Be Happier (Michael Clifford)


Being around Michael’s family was such a relaxing and calm atmosphere. You were always welcomed with open arms, and Karen treated you like you had known her since you were a child.

Michael was off in the living room with his dad while you and Karen sat in the kitchen, chatting over a cup of tea.

“I’m so happy to see you two,” Karen sighed happily.

“It’s really nice to finally get back here. It’s been really hectic but now that everything’s done, we can finally relax and spend time with our families,” you beamed.

“I can imagine,” she chuckled, glancing in the living room to check on her boys.

You heard Michael laugh out and continue to talk, your own smile appearing on your face. Karen looked back at you and smiled softly at you.

“He makes you really happy doesn’t he?” she asked softly.

“Yeah he does…” you nodded your head without any hint of hesitation.

“And you love him?” she continued.

“More than anything…” you looked back at her softly.

“I see how happy you make him… whether you’re here or not, he’s always so happy…” she shook her head slightly. “He always has been a happy kid, but he’s had his problems. He still does, but he always talks about you and I can see all the worry fade from him. It’s like there’s this sense of security he gets from being with you, and I can’t thank you enough for being in his life.”

You looked at her in awe. You felt your emotions building up inside you and you felt so honored to know that that was how she felt about you.

“Karen…” you started but she cut you off.

“I love you, his dad loves you and above all, he loves you. You’re such a good match. We don’t see the arguments and everything, if there are any, but you two are happy together at the end of the day and that’s what matters.”

“We have our fair share of disagreements yeah, but we always say we fight hard and love harder,” you grinned.

“I love that,” she smiled widely at you, sipping her tea.

“Thank you, for letting me into your family and being so wonderful,” you spoke from your heart, setting your mug down.

“You’re part of this family as far as I’m concerned. And you always will be. And by the way Michael talks about you, I don’t think you’re going anywhere anytime soon,” she said.

Blushing slightly, you looked down and giggled to yourself, shaking your head.

Michael waltzed into the kitchen, messing up your hair slightly before walking to the fridge and pulling out another couple beers for his dad and himself.

“Hey,” you raised your eyebrow at him, adjusting your hair again.

“You two having a nice chat?” he asked, stopping behind your chair.

“Yeah, lovely,” Karen nodded up at her son.

“Good,” he chuckled, kissing the top of your head. “My dad and I are gonna have another beer and then we should probably be heading home,” he said to you.

“Okay babe, take your time,” you grinned, leaning back into his kiss. “I’ll be here chatting with your mum. No rush.”

It’s Complicated (A Michael Clifford Series)

A/N: So I wrote this very long, very cute blurb a while back and I thought maybes I should turn this into a series. So, here is the first chapter. Hope you like it! x


First Chapter: Your P.O.V.

***10 years ago***

“Everyone, please meet (Y/N)” Miss Roberts, my new form teacher, calls to the class, “She has just transferred here and is joining our class. Please, please welcome her with open arms and make sure to be nice to her”

She smiles at me, before I choose one of the spare seats in the class to sit in. Nervous is an understatement. When my parents told me we were moving to Sydney, I cried and cried. I would have to make new friends, go to a new school, live in a new home, sleep in a new bed…it terrified me. I was most worried about making new friends. What if no-one likes me?

Five minutes later, the classroom door swings open and a blonde boy appears. He glances over to Miss, and grunts an apology for being late, before walking over to me, “You’re sitting in my seat” he says.

“Oh…err…I’m sorry…I didn’t know” I stutter

“Michael…you can sit somewhere else. Go on!” Miss shouts over to him.

He tuts, “Fine!”

Well, if that encounter was anything to go by, me and him aren’t necessarily going to end up friends. At least he’s gone to sit next to some other boy, and away from me. 

First lesson finishes at ten, and then it’s break time. This could be the worst part of the day. I don’t know anyone. And the most anxious thing for a ten year old girl, is not having someone to talk to. 

I sit on the benches placed in the corner of the yard, when that blonde boy, who I now know to be called Michael, approaches me.

“Hi” He says to you, looking me up and down.

“Hi” I repeat, waiting for his next comment.

“So…you’re new here, then?” He questions, placing his gaze directly on your eyes.

I nod, making sure to smile so that I don’t seem rude or stand-off-ish, “Yeah…I just moved to Sydney last week”

He nods, “Cool. Erm. I’m Michael, by the way”

I smile, “I’m (Y/N)”

“You can come sit with us if you want” He shrugs, awkwardly.

I hesitate, is he being friendly? “Erm…I don’t mind…it’s okay”

“No honestly, come sit with us! Me and Cal wouldn’t mind someone else’s company” He insists

“Well…erm…okay” I agree, jumping up off the bench and following him over to where he and ‘Cal’ were sitting.

“Hey Cal…this is (Y/N)…(Y/N)…this is Calum…or Cal, for short” Michael smiles, introducing the two of us.

“Hey” Calum smiles at me, as I sit down opposite him.

By the end of break, we’ve already agreed to sit with each other in lessons and at lunch. I’m surprised that I seem to be fitting in with them so well. This morning, when Michael came in, I was sure he wasn’t going to be a friend. Maybes I was wrong.


That was the day I met my two best friends. No. I never expected to become best friends with a couple of boys. Before I had moved to Sydney, I had only ever been best friends with girls. But I suppose, gender has nothing to do with it. You befriend whoever you befriend. Friendships just blossom; they just happen. But befriending Calum and Michael has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. So that day, has become one of my stand out days; a day I would never forget. How could I forget the day I met my two best friends?


                                                                                    CHAPTER 2 >

5SOS Preference: You’re pregnant and he doesn’t want the baby Part 2

Calum: It was getting closer to your due date and Luke has not left your side since. Of course having Luke in a band with Calum meant being in the same room as him. He tried talking to you but you just ignored him. Like today, Luke had to go in to record but he wouldn’t leave you alone in your apartment so he brought you into the studio. “Are you going to be fine?” Luke asked you before he went in to record his part. You only nodded, trying to mask the pain you were in right now. Luke looked at you warily but proceeded to walk to the booth. Another contraction hit you and this time you let out a little yelp. Ashton ran quickly towards you and asked you if you were alright. “Of course she’s not, you doofus! Look at her, she’s in pain” Michael whacked Ashton in the head which caused them to have a little argument. “Not the time, guys.” Calum spoke out. He carefully made his way towards you and asked you what’s wrong. “THE BABY IS COMING!” You moaned out in pain. At this time Luke saw all the commotion and made his way out of the booth to see you in pain. He immediately ran towards you and asked the boys what was wrong. “The baby is coming!” Calum yelled as he ran to grab his car keys. Luke and Ashton helped you to the car and they both got in the backseat with you. Calum went slightly over the speeding limit. Once the doctors saw you, they immediately rushed you to the delivery room. You were screaming your head off and the boys were trying to drown out you’re screaming. You were feeling a bit dizzy and the nurse noticed. The machine that shows your heartbeat started going crazy. “I need you guys to get out of the room! Now!” The doctor yelled. The boys were worried and were hesitant- especially Calum. After Calum left the room, he started crying. After a couple hours the doctor finally came out. “Who’s Calum?” The doctor asked the four worried boys. “That would be me.” Calum stood up. “She told me to tell you to take good care of the baby for her.” The doctor sadly said. Before Calum could response, Luke spoke up. “She didn’t make?” The doctors shooked his head. “You have a beautiful baby boy, son. Take good care of him.” “May we see him?” Calum asked. The doctor nodded and lead them to the room where your baby boy was. On the way there, they passed the room you were at and Calum tried to choke back a sob. “We’re sorry mate.” Ashton whispered. “Here we are. Oh and she also wanted you guys to know that she loves you all very much.” The doctor said as he handed Calum his baby. The baby looked so much like you and Calum tried to hold back tears. “Hi baby. I’m your dad, your mommy is not with us right now but I promise to take very good care of you. Tyler. I’m going to name you Tyler.” He spoke to the baby. “My beautiful baby boy.” Calum whispered.

Ashton: He’s gone. He really didn’t want the baby. I can’t do this alone but hell, for this baby, I’ll try, you thought. *16 years later* You ended up having twins. A boy and a girl. Connor Daniel (Y/L/N) and Jessie Angel (Y/L/N). Ashton has tried to contact you but you didn’t let him come back that easily. You made it sixteen years without him and you certainly don’t need him now. You three were at the mall looking for early Christmas gifts to get everyone. You stopped to get some coffee at a small coffee shop in the mall. While you were waiting in line you made small talk with your children. “Uh mom, there’s this dude looking at you. He’s behind you.” Connor said slightly annoyed at the dude. You turned around and saw the one person you never wanted to see in your life. “(Y/N)?” Ashton asked. You gave him a glare. “What?” You spat out. “I’m sorry.” Was all he said. You were red with anger. Connor being very protective of his family since he grew up without a father, stepped in. “Look, I don’t know who the hell you are but leave us alone. My mom obviously doesn’t like you so just take a step back because I will not hesitate to beat the shit out of you.” Connor growled. You put your hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down. Jessie was just standing in the background, scared of what was going to happen. You then noticed the other boys a few feet behind Ashton. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). Please.” Ashton begged, tears welling up in his eyes. “I was pregnant and you left me. Do you actually expect me to welcome you back with open arms?” You exclaimed. The twins looked shocked at your outburst but then stared at their father with pure hatred. Calum, Luke and Michael were debating wether or not to step in. They decided on the latter. “So you’re the bastard that left us? Do you not understand how hard my mom had to work? She worked her ass off to give us food and shelter, while you’re living your fucking dream traveling across the world and shit.” Jessie spoke with pure hatred. “I tried to beg your mom to let me be part of your lives but she denied.” Ashton explained desperately. “You left her when she needed you the most. Something like that is not easily forgiven. And the three of us made this far without you, we certainly don’t need you know.” Connor replied. You stood shocked. You smiled slightly at your kids. The twins turned around and started walking away, when they were a few feet away from Ashton, they stopped and waited for you. “You should’ve known what you were giving up, Ashton,” you looked behind Ashton. “Looks like they’re waiting for you Ashton. Oh and don’t ever try to contact me ever again. I needed you once but not anymore.” By now Ashton was crying and to be honest, it broke your heart but now you were stronger. Tears welled up in your eyes as you walked back to your kids. “Did he say something?” Connor asked once he noticed you were almost crying. You shook your head. “We love you mom. For everything you’ve done for us.” Jessie smiled. You smiled at her. “I love you guys too.”

Luke: Luke was lost for words. He did want a family, but his career was taking off. He just laid in bed looking at the ceiling and thinking of what he said. You were right, he wanted a family and now that he had the fucking opportunity he’s leaving them. Luke tried calling you, but you didn’t answer. Eventually he fell asleep. A couple hours later he was woken up by his phone ringing. He looked at the caller ID, hoping it was you even though he knew it wasn’t. (Y/F/N). He wondered she was calling. “Hello?” He spoke in a tired voice. “Listen here you little shit. How dare you leave (Y/N)? Especially when she needs you the most. (Y/N) is the most caring and kindest person ever. That’s rare to find in this fucking world. (Y/N) is crying her ass off. Why because some dumbass made her believe that he wouldn’t leave her, no matter what the cause. So you’re going to bring your ass over here and apologize. You’re going to bring her flowers and chocolates and a fucking huge ass teddy bear and you’re gonna apologize for being a dick. There’s a chance that she won’t forgive you but at least you apologized and maybe eventually she’s going to let you back in.” And with that she hung up. She was right, (Y/N) deserved the world, Luke thought. After he got all the stuff (Y/F/N) told him to get, he made his way to her house. He nervously knocked on the door and (Y/F/N) opened the door. “She’s in my room.” She said in monotone. Luke was slightly scared of her now. He made how way up to her room and he could hear faint sobs. Luke felt guilty. He pushed the door opened and saw you lying in the bed, clutching a pillow. “(Y/N)?” Luke asked. You looked up and saw Luke approaching you. “What do you want?” You replied much harsher than you intended. Luke winced and said, “I’m sorry. I know something like this isn’t easily forgiven but I’m truly sorry. I do want to start a family with you and there’s no excuse for the way I acted. I’m begging you to please let me be part of the baby’s life.” You sighed. You weren’t completely sure if you should let him back that easily. “Listen Luke, I don’t want the baby to grow up without a father but I can’t forgive you. I know it’s your baby too but I don’t think you’re ready for this. Your career is just taking off and a baby is not what you need.” Luke’s heart broke once you said that. “(Y/N) please I what to be in your life, the baby’s life. Our baby.” Luke sobbed. “Fine. You can be part of our baby’s life but there’s no guarantee that we will get back together. This is your baby and I’m expecting you to be there whenever the baby needs you.” You smiled slightly. “I will show you that I’m ready for this. And I will fight for our relationship. You both are the most important things in my life and whatever you need, I’m just a call away.” Luke said as he embraced you in a hug. I won’t have to this alone after all, you thought.

Michael: You sat in the coffee shop looking out the window at all the happy people. You just found out you had a miscarriage. You lost your baby. The one person that mattered to you the most is dead now. What did I do wrong? You thought. Tears were silently sliding down your face. It’s also been around five months since Michael left you. “Um, miss are you ok?” You heard a familiar voice ask. You turned around and saw Calum. “Oh hi (Y/N)! I haven’t seen you in so long. Uh the boys miss you a lot. Michael misses you the most.” Calum said. You rolled your eyes. “So how’ve you been?” Calum asked. You took a deep breath before you spoke. “I lost the baby.” Your voice cracked. You just started sobbing not bothering who saw you. You felt arms wrap around you. At first you thought it was Calum until you looked up you saw Michael. “What do you want Michael?” You asked as you pulled away from him. You didn’t care what his intentions were, he left you and you couldn’t forgive him for that. “Stay away from me. You don’t just leave someone when they need you. You left me broken, the only thing that kept me fighting was my baby.” You cried. Michael looked guilty. “I’m sorry (Y/N). The band was taking off but I’m here now. I want to help you and the baby. I know it’s too late for an apology but I’m willing to show you I’m sorry for the rest of my life.” Michael said sincerely. “Michael, I lost the baby. I’m sorry but the baby is gone.” You sobbed. “What?” Michael asked shocked. You nodded. “I’m sorry, Mikey.” You said. Tears kept on streaming down your face. Michael hated seeing you vulnerable. He hated himself more for not being there when you found out you had a miscarriage. Just then you wrapped your arms around his waist and continued to cry. “Shh, I’m not going anywhere. I let you go once I’m not dumb enough to do it again. I love you, (Y/N). I promise you I’m going to help you get through this.” Michael said into your hair. “I’m sorry, Michael. I’m so sorry.” You continued to cry. The other boys felt sorry for you, but they decided to let Michael comfort you. “You have nothing to apologize for. I’m the one that’s sorry and if you let me be part of your life again, I promise you that we can try for a baby and I won’t leave you alone like I did. I won’t let you go.” Michael tried his hardest to not let his voice crack. You nodded slowly. “I love you Mikey but please don’t ever hurt me like that again.” You whispered. Michael lifted your chin up and looked at you directly in your eyes. “I love you, (Y/N)”

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Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 11

Photo not mine (Though I did edit it a bit)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,443

I had no idea what living in a perfect world felt like until this week past by with being Luke’s girlfriend. Of course no one in my family was too thrilled about the idea of me dating Luke, but it didn’t change a thing about how I felt about him. The day after the hospital I came back over to his house for a visit. Liz of course was the one to open the door welcoming me into her warm arms then telling me that Luke was downstairs playing video games with Calum, Michael and Ashton whom I learned were the three boys in the photo I was so fixated on the other day. I remember entering the games room and being ambushed by the three of them as if they’ve never seen a  a real live girl.

The thought of that day made me laugh as Luke held me in his arms, his leg making a speedy recovery while I sat in between them.

“What?” He whispered in my ear kissing the skin just under it.

I shook my head, “Nothing.” I whispered back to him. We were sat on a torn sofa that was placed in the middle of Michael’s garage. Luke invited me for the first time to their band practice and I finally got to hear his voice. It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. He was so incredibly talented that it hurt my heart. Luke was literally the definition of perfection. “It’s just the boys.” I told him as we both studied the three of them.

Ashton was behind his drum set turned around taking a selfie with Luke and I in the background. Calum and michael were sitting on the floor in front of us arguing over why Spiderman is better than Superman.

“They’re definitely something alright.” Luke commented causing me to let out a soft laugh.

“You kinda fit here though,” I began. “I mean even though they’re no rebellious, tattooed bad boy who enjoys getting high and ripping apart gangs, they’re still dorks.”

“Are you calling me a dork?” He asked raising his eyebrows but I only gave him a shrug not answering.

“Guys I have to get going,” Ashton said. “I forgot to pick up Harry from swimming lessons and my mom’s gonna freak.”

After Ashton was gone, we all decided to call it quits knowing that not much would get done without a drummer. I waited by the garage door as Luke put away his guitar in its case and made his way over to me.

“Wanna come back to my house?” I asked him but he shook his head.

“I can’t,” He told me wrapping his arm around my waist to guide me over to his car. “I have other plans today.”

“Oh,” Was the only thing I could manage out my mouth as we both got into his car. The drive back to my house was quiet and awkward with the thought of why he didn’t tell me about his plans today or that he didn’t ask me to tag along came running through my mind. Finally he turned on the street that my house was on before pulling into the drive way. “Thanks for the drive.” I told him unbuckling my seat belt.

“‘Course, babe.” He smiled leaning in to kiss by lips but I swiftly turned my head so his lips met my cheek. His jaw was tense when he pulled back from me knowing something was wrong. “I’ll call you tonight.” He yelled from the car while I made my way up to the front door.

I hummed back to him in response though I wasn’t to sure if he heard it before letting myself inside my house and closing the door tightly behind me.


“So how much trouble did you get into?” I asked Ash who was on the other end of the phone line.

“Not much surprisingly.” He told me. “I told my mom that Luke’s car broke down so I had to drive you and him back home before I could pick up Harry.”

“Good save, Irwin.” I smiled hearing his soft laugh through the phone.

“Lets do something tonight.” Ashton ordered.

“And what do you have in mind?” His end went silent for a moment as he went into thought. 

“Got it.” Ashton began. “There’s this really cool club downtown that plays amazing music.”

“Are you forgetting I’m underage?”

“Did I forget to mention it’s super sketchy and they have no bouncers checking for ID?”

I sat there on my bed for a long moment thinking about the idea. Partying was never my thing and almost everyone knew that, but I guess a bit of clubbing with a friend while your boyfriend was who know’s where wasn’t that bad.

“Okay fine.” I told him firmly.

“Calum owes me twenty bunks.” Ashton laughed. “He told me you’d never agree to go.”

“You made a bet out of me?” I foreigned outrage.

“Maybe…I’ll pick you up in thirty.”


I decided on a pair of high waisted, black dress pant shorts and a formal printed crop top that revealed a bit of my toned, tanned stomach. I decided to slick my straight, brown hair back into a high ponytail that fell to the center of my back before slipping on short heels that were pointed at the front. Checking myself in the mirror for the third time I heard the doorbell go off sending me flying down the stairs.

“Hey,” I smiled opening the door finding Ashton standing behind it.

He looked me from head to toe before smiling too. “You look incredible.”

“You don’t look all that bad either, Irwin.” I told him before yelling into the house, “I’m going out for a bit, I’ll be home by midnight.” When I heard no argument I took that as my que that it was alright to leave.

The club was a 10 minute drive from my house. Ashton parked the car in a parking lot across from the building that was pulsing from the loud music as we both got out and made our way to the entrance. In no time we got inside without anyone asking for ID or money. As if Ashton knew I had no idea what I was doing he pulled me into the center of the room taking my hands in his and beginning to move to the beat of the music. I followed him laughing as we danced around like idiots in the sea of random people.

“Do you want something to drink?” Ashton asked me after the third song that we danced to came to an end.

I nodded my head. “That would be nice, just water though!” I added before he began making his way to the bar to get our drinks.

In the meantime, I got enough courage throughout the night to continue dancing letting random people take hold of me and follow my moves. Never in my entire life had I felt as alive as what I felt tonight. It was like a fire was burning inside me not wanting it to go out. After the song ended I tore myself away from the two people who’d joined me when Ashton didn’t return yet with our drinks. From memory I tried remembering which way the bar was only to look up and find a giant sign that read “Bar” with an arrow pointed to the right. I began moving in that direction pushing past people hating how short I was in this moment. When I finally merged from the crowd I took in a long breath as though I was being suffocated back in the sea of people.

My eyes began scanning the bar trying to find the curly locks that belonged to Ashton but my eyes stopped on someone else.

I watched as Luke leaned down to a girl whispering something in her ear before kissing the skin underneath it like he did to me this morning. The giggling that erupted from her told me that he was being flirtatious. I began to feel my heart being torn away from my body continuing to watch on as the love of my life was slipping through my fingers.

At that moment it was like Luke felt me watching him as he looked up and locked eyes with mine. For a minute all we did was stare at one another, not even a single tear escaped from my eyes. Then he began making his way over to me but with his leg still healing I knew I was faster than him and I ran.


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The better kisser (a Bad boy! Luke Hemmings imagine)

mrshemmings26 :Hello!Can u do one where luke is the bad boy at school and he kinda hates me but at a party we are at a game of truth or dare and stuff happens between him and I?

Masterlist l~l Work in progress

Entering your room, you placed your bag near the door and shrugged your jacket off your shoulders, quickly throwing it on the office chair.  Eyeing the bed, you headed towards it and opening your arms you fell on top of it, embracing the comfortable cushions and the soft blanket.
Grabbing a pillow, you brought it underneath your head and pulled the covers over your chilled body. Your eyes closed slowly, your breathing slowed down and your tired body fell into a deep slumber.
Two hours later, your eyelids fluttered open and your hand dipped into your back pocket to retrieve a vibrating phone. Squinting your eyes at the screen, you saw the name ‘Ann’ printed boldly in the middle and you swiped right.
“Yello?” You mumbled, your voice groggy from sleep after you pressed the phone to your ear. The other hand was massaging your refreshed orbs, taking the crust that had formed in the process.
“Hey, Y/N. What are you up to?” Ann asked, her cheerful tone bringing a small smile on your face.
“Nothing much. Was taking a nap. But it’s a good thing that you woke me up, or else I would have probably slept till tomorrow.” You paused, yawning loudly and Ann laughed. “I have to get started on that English assignment too.” You continued and threw the covers off, an icy shiver traveling thru your body, making your skin prickle.
“Oh, come on, Y/N! It’s Friday! Are you really going to spend your entire weekend doing homework? Again?”  Ann said disapprovingly and you chuckled, flipping yourself on your stomach and propping your head on your hand, the elbows pressing into the fluffy pillow.
“Well, it’s not like I have anything better to do!” You responded, faking indignation and your legs started swinging back and forth.
“And that’s why I called. You surely heard that there will be a party tonight. And Max and I were wondering if you wouldn’t like to tag along?” Ann asked hopefully and you could practically see her big doe eyes widening even more.
“Be the third well again, huh…” You laughed out loud and the tan girl at the other end giggled.
“So, is it at Luke’s house? Because you know I am not ‘allowed’ at Luke’s parties.”  You said dryly, remembering the time when Luke threw you out of his house right when you were dancing with a boy in your year, saying, and you quote, that ‘teacher’s pets should stick to homework and kissing the teacher’s ass.”
“No! No, no, no.  It’s at Calum’s place. “Ann quickly added, the incident flashing before her eyes as well.  You snickered, shaking your head and rubbing your face lightly.
“How is that any better?” You asked sarcasm laced into your voice and bitterness radiating from your scrunched up nose and heavy frown.
“It is. Calum doesn’t hate you. Plus, Michael is going to be there.”  Ann said, putting an accent on the second name and smiling wickedly, a knowing glint sparkling in her eyes.
“Pfff, girl, you know I don’t like Michael anymore.” You chuckled and you were glad Ann wasn’t there to see the red blush staining your cheeks. Although you really were over Michael, you couldn’t help but blush when somebody brought up your previous infatuation with the boy, which you knew from first grade.
“Ahaa, tell that to whoever believes you.” Ann teased, and you pouted, clicking your tongue a few times.
“So, you coming?” The girl asked one last time and your frown turned into a smile.
“Pick me up at 9.” You answered, making kissing sounds into the phone, before hanging up. Staring a few moments at your school bag, you contemplated if you should get some tasks out of your way before starting to get ready.
But seeing that you had 3 hours to get ready, and you felt like dolling up today, you shook your head and called your dad to inform him about the party. The conversation was brief and after you said your goodbyes, you quickly jumped into the shower, to freshen up and shave.
With only a towel covering your body, you paced in front of your wardrobe, sprinkling water drops on the hardwood floor. Flickering hangers to the side, you finally decided on a red dress that you just bought, and after you laid it on your bed, you proceeded into drying and styling your hair and putting on makeup the best you could.
Careful not to ruin your make-up or stain your garment, you dressed up. Looking in the mirror, you smirked at the modern symmetrical cuts covering your upper chest and the ones baring your waist, as you smoothed the flaring skirt.
A honk was heard outside and you jumped a little, before snapping your head towards the window. Grabbing a purse, a leather jacket and putting on your black pumps, you trotted out of your house and got into the back seat of an old Nissan, greeting the pair of lovers in front.
Ann turned around in her seat, and ignoring Max’s bickering about safety, she complimented you on the outfit chosen, gushing about the hair and perfectly done make-up. You laughed and observed the sleek jeans and her silky shirt, returning the compliments wholeheartedly.
The drive wasn’t long since the Hood family lived rather close to you. But as expected, the near vicinity of the house was filled with cars, so Max had to drop you off in front of the house while he went to look for a parking spot.
The music was booming, making the windows tremble and light was oozing from each crevice of the house, except a few rooms upstairs that were probably ‘occupied’. Teenagers and half empty beer cans were littering the front lawn, and the cobbled path to the building was stained with alcohol and soda.
Entering the house, you immediately spotted Mali Koa’s tall frame, leaning against a wall near the stairs with a red cup cradled in one of her hand, carefully observing the teenagers around her.
Patting Ann’s shoulder, you pointed a finger towards the tan woman, and Ann nodded, understanding that you wanted to go and talk with your senior and friend. She shoved her thumb towards the kitchen, signaling that she will be there, and you gave her an ok, before moving on to Mali.
Approaching the young woman, you saw her eyes lighting up when they fell on you. Placing her cup on a nearby piece of furniture, she opened her arms and embraced you tightly, asking you how things were going and letting her coal like eyes skim over your body.
You smiled and leaned closer, bringing your face closer to hers and beginning a conversation that you would have preferred to be unfolding in a more quiet environment.
Not even 10 minutes into your conversation, Calum appeared, followed closely by Michael, and threw his arm over his sister’s shoulder. Mali threw her little brother a disapproving stare and shook her head in a scolding manner, annoyed that she got interrupted right when she was relating a funny story about one of her professors.
“Hey, Y/N. Glad to see you could come!” Calum shouted, his voice covering the music briefly, before getting lost in the ocean of sound.
“Yea, I figured I need a break.” You said, not struggling at all to be made heard by the two boys. You didn’t knew if Calum understood you or not, but he nodded and his arm dropped from his sister’s shoulder.
“Good, good. Well, have fun. And I’ll make sure Luke won’t see you.” Calum shouted, only mouthing the last part, but reading his lips, you understood and furrowed your brows in annoyance. Opening your mouth to say that you would gladly leave if not welcomed, Michael quickly interrupted you by inching closer and sneaking his arms around your bare waist.
“Don’t mind them.” Michael whispered into your ear and a deep red blotched your foundation covered skin, making it radiate heat.
“Hey, want to dance?” Michael’s hand detached from your waist, but his hand grabbed yours and pulled you slightly towards the living room. You shrugged, throwing Mali a questioning look and the tan woman nodded enthusiastically, fluttering her hand towards the dancing area.
Throwing Michael a toothy grin, you allowed him to drag you in the middle of a group of intoxicated grinding teenagers and his arms came round your waist, making you move with him.
You continuously talked about different subjects, Michael making funny faces and joking about the teachers and you felt a pang of nostalgia hit you, remembering how close you guys were before he befriended Luke.
“Hey, Y/N?” Michael asked, his eyes fixed on a point above your head.
“Yea?” You responded, your head raising slightly to look at him better and his green orbs settled on your face, a smug smirk adorning his face.
“Don’t be shocked.” He suddenly said, before lowering his head down, stopping mere millimeters away from your lips. Your eyes widened and you wanted to back off, but Mike quickly whispered you not to.
“Bite your lips.” He ordered and after he saw your lip being sucked between two rows of teeth, he did the same.
A few seconds passed and Michael straightened his back, looking at the exact same spot from before and let out a sardonic crackle. Turning around, you saw Luke pinned on the stairs, his lean body decorated by the famous leather jacket, with tattoos peeking from the collar of his shirt and hands clutching the wooden rail tightly.
Your eyes connected with his baby blue ones and even from this distance you were able to notice the anger swirling around, darkening them intensely. His orbs fell on your cherry lips and he clenched his jaw, chewing the gums, before turning around briskly, stepping down the stairs and fleeing the house through the front door.
“What’s with him?” you asked Michael, who just shrugged his shoulders, a silly grin still stretched across his face. Biting your lip in confusion, you gazed at the front door once more, before shrugging your shoulders and heading towards the kitchen in hope to find Ann.
But neither Ann nor Max could be found in the kitchen. Sighing, you poured some coke into a red cup, and getting your phone out, you texted your friend, telling her that you were heading home.
Sipping from your drink three more times, you placed it on the counter and exited through the back door. The garden was kept in darkness in order to stop people from ruining Joy’s precious flower beds, but people, mostly couples still ventured outside, hoping to find a  bit of privacy.
Illuminating your path with your phone, you walked carefully till you reached the side of the garden, where the green grass was divided from the cemented pavement by a small picket fence. Throwing a leg over it, you managed to get on the paved side that was lighted by street lamps.
Taking a few steps forward, a cold voice stopped you dead in your tracks. You clenched your purse, your ears perked up and your eyes skimmed the surrounding area, struggling to see in the darkness.
“Leaving so soon? And here I thought you were having fun.” A puff of smoke came from the shadows of a solitary tree and Luke stepped forward into the light, holding a cigarette limply in his hand.
“Yes…I’m feeling tired.” You said, taking in the shadows elongating on his sculptured face and the awkward position he kept his cigarette in.
Luke took the cig to his lips and inhaled the smoke deep into his lungs one more time, before crouching down to squish the bud on the cold pavement. He looked up from his position, and you had to admit you liked seeing Luke down at your feet.
“Well, if you wouldn’t mind, I have places to be.” You snickered, and continued walking.
“Like Michael’s bed, for example?”  Luke’s voice boomed from behind and you whipped your head towards him, widening your eyes.
The blonde stood now tall and proud, his lips fixed in a thigh line and his eyes blazing with something different than anger, but akin to it. Your breath came in short, heavy puffs and your heart pounded in your chest, almost as if it wanted to get away from your body and finally, you  understood why Luke was so feared and respected in your school.
You stayed silent, and obviously, that wasn’t the response Luke was waiting for.  He scoffed and seeing him inching closer, you backed away. But the boy was faster than you and he easily caught up, his hand shooting out and grabbing your wrist.
“Answer me! Are you… are you heading over at Michael’s?” Luke licked his lower lip, his pink tongue bumping the piercing and making it glister in the poorly illuminated street.
“So what if I am?” You asked smugly, a smile twisting your lips upwards in defiance. “It’s none of your business anyw-…”  you couldn’t continue, because Luke’s lips crashed onto yours.
Your immediate reaction was to pull away, but the blonde’s hand cupped your cheek, holding you in place. His lips mashed against yours, and although you remained impassive at first, the softness of his lips contrasted by the hard piercing made you lose yourself in the feeling.
The reaction was slow are first, but Luke was stubborn, and sensing just the slight movement he increased his fervor.  You moaned when Luke dragged his teeth over your lower hip, and the blonde smiled triumphal, not breaking the kiss.
Furrowing your eyebrows and not liking the advantage he had, you began to move your lips sensuously, slowing down the kiss at a pace you felt comfortable with. Snaking your hands in Luke’s hair, you pulled harshly and when he gasped, your tongue traced his lower lip, earning an immediate moan.
His hands slipped on your bare hips, and his touch, so different than Michael’s, burned your skin, making a shiver shake your body from head to toe. He brought you closer to his body, your chest pressing deliciously to his and his thumbs rubbed small circles on your skin.
His pink muscle darted out of his mouth and caressed your lips, hoping that you would open up to him. And you did. Your tongues met in a battle for dominance that you won, only because you tugged Luke’s hair again. Licking his piercing, you taunted him, asking him to come and play again, and he gladly accepted.
Your tongues met again, twisting together and rubbing each other. Moans escaped from both of you, but you no longer cared.  You felt intoxicated by the feeling of Luke’s lips on yours, of his fingers digging into your flesh, of your body, pressed tightly against his and unconsciously, you realized that you might actually like him.
“I-it is my business…because, because… I’m the one who likes you! “ Luke said, finally breaking the kiss. his hair sticking out and his lips glisten and red. He licked his lips, a nervous habit that you remarked and he quickly let you go,  trying to regain his composure.
“And I’m a way better kisser that Michael” He said finally, stepping away and with one last glance he disappeared into the shadows, leaving you speechless.
Shaking your head, you laughed and looked after him a few seconds, before continuing your trip home. Now this was definitely not another boring Friday night.

Ok, this is not exactly a truth or dare game, but I have seen that idea in some other fanfics and I thought that I should change it up a little. So here is jealous, bad boy Luke and a mischievous Michael. I hope you liked it, review are always welcomed and I hope you are having a great day/night!

His child is scared of another band member 4/4

A/N: I got this as a request and tbh I loved writing it a hella lot, I hope you like it too, thanks for reading! x


Cal: You were visiting your husband on tour, joined by your 2 and a half-year-old daughter. That night they were playing a big show, but before that they had to do soundcheck.

With your daughter on your arm, you took a seat in front of the stage, while Calum and his band members fixed their instruments.

The little girl hadn’t been to many shows yet because of the noise and stress but she had often waited backstage, saying goodbye as the boys left for stage and jumping into their arms when they returned afterwards. Luke, Ashton and Michael were like uncles to her, who often insisted on babysitting her and spending time with her, which you gladly accepted.

“What is daddy doing?”, your little daughter asked, looking up at the stage curiously.

“Luke, Mikey, Ashton and your daddy are gonna play and sing some songs for us, just watch!”, you explained, laughing a little.

Through the songs, your baby daughter laughed and clapped while Calum kept looking over at you, smiling happily at his little family.

At the end of the last song, She Looks So Perfect, the boys played their instruments for the last few seconds, jumping around, jamming out one last time, which would normally make the crowd go absolutely crazy.

Suddenly, your daughter pointed at Mikey and shouted “Uncle Mikey, noo!”, a horrified look plastered on her face.

“What’s wrong, honey?” you asked, watching her as she covered her eyes with her tiny hands.

You didn’t get an answer, instead she started crying, burying her head in your shoulder.

The boys had finished playing and were all getting off the stage, but their chirpy expressions changed when they spotted yours and Calum’s daughter.

“I think she got a bit scared at the end”, you told them, still trying to cheer the little girl up with stroking her hair soothingly.

Abruptly, she lifted her head and looked at Michael, still with some tears in her eyes.

“Mikey, no!” she said again.

“Aww I’m sorry I scared you baby come here.” Michael opened his arms towards your daughter. At first she looked at him hesitantly, but then she let him give her a hug while the rest of the boys laughed at them.

Luke: “How are you feeling, hm babe?” Luke asked, giving you a welcoming hug followed by a kiss on your forehead.

He took your bag from the counter and looked around the rather small hospital room one last time.

“A little exhausted to be honest, but other than that, I’m happy.” You smiled up at your husband.

A week ago, you had born yours and Luke’s baby boy, and today was the day you were finally taking him home, which also meant, the rest of your husband’s band was coming over to see him for the first time.

Luke carried your stuff while you held the baby carefully, trying not to wake him up.

During the car ride, you closed your eyes and leaned your head against the seat. Having a baby made you incredibly happy, but unfortunately it was also extremely exhausting, and you were glad you were going home now, where you would get help from Luke and his band mates, who spent a lot of their time at yours and Luke’s house.

When you pulled up the driveway, you saw Ashton’s car parking in front of your house.

“Looks like we have guests already”, you noticed, laughing a little.

As soon as Luke had unlocked the front door, you heard feet shuffling towards you and voices ringing through the house.

“Awwwww, look, he’s so cute!” “Oh my god, he’s so tiny!” “I wanna hold him!”

You chuckled lightly as Michael, Ashton and Calum watched the little baby boy sleeping peacefully in your arms.

The five of you made their way to the couch, where you carefully handed your baby to Calum.

The boys commented everything, from how small his fingers were to how his nose looked exactly like yours’ and how desperately they wanted to see his eyes, but they couldn’t because he was still asleep.

The last one to hold your son was Ashton, and this time, your baby’s eyes fluttered open, examining all of the boys’ faces, his crystal blue eyes looking up at them interested.

“Luke, he totally has your eyes!”

All of a sudden, the little boy’s expression changed, and his curious eyes squeezed shut as he started crying.

“Look what you’ve done, you’ve already made him cry!” Michael laughed at Ashton, who looked at you helplessly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to make him cry!” Ashton said, the little baby in his arms moving around nervously.

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Here give him to me, I’m sure he’s just hungry”, you reassured, taking the crying little boy from Ashton’s arms, trying to calm him down with softly rocking him in your arms.

After a while, he had stopped crying, but you had to tell Ashton another ten times everything was okay before he finally stopped apologizing.

Ash: It was the 31st of October, Halloween. You didn’t have much plans for that night, other than the fact that Ashton’s band mates were coming over to play some silly games and dress up as monsters and other creatures.

You were busy painting the face of your nearly 4-year-old daughter, making her look like a witch, but “not too scary”, as she had instructed you.

From downstairs you could hear Ashton’s cheerful laughter as he greeted his friends. He was dressed up as Superman, you wore a Cat-woman costume.

“I think that’s it, what do you think, sweetie?”

You led your little girl to the front of the mirror, where she looked at herself, her eyes getting wide and a smile spreading across her face.

“Mommy, you made me look so pretty! I wanna show daddy and the others!” she said, pulling on your hand.

You made your way downstairs, spotting Ashton, Michael as Spiderman and Calum as, what a surprise, Cal-Pal.

“Hey little princess, wow I’ve never seen such a pretty witch!” Michael greeted your daughter, giving her a big hug, while she giggled.

“Cal-Pal!”, she laughed, turning to Calum, holding out her hand to receive a fist bump from him, who then bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, getting one back from her, making you laugh a little.

“Where’s Luke?”, was the next thing she said, looking around for him.

“I think he was in the kitchen, you should go and see him”, Ashton suggested, grinning mischievous.

So she made her way towards the kitchen, you could only hear her tipsy steps as she walked around the corner, suddenly followed by a loud roar that sounded more fake than anything you had ever heard, but obviously it was enough to make your little daughter scream and run back into the living room.

She looked terrified as she clung to her daddy’s legs, whimpering a little. Seconds later you saw Luke walking around the corner, a regretful look on his face as he took off the, actually scary looking, monster-mask.

“Hey, look it’s me, Luke! I’m sorry I scared you, look it’s just a mask!”

He bent down to the frightened little girl and handed her the mask, which she took after some hesitation. She looked at it for a while, confused, but then she looked back at Luke.

“You’re supposed to dress as someone nice!” she claimed.

“I know, I’m sorry honey. Let’s get upstairs and I’ll let you paint my face, how does that sound?”, Luke suggested, making your daughter smile in agreement.

Mikey: “Is daddy home?”

Your 2 year old daughter looked up at you with a questioning expression as you unlocked the door to yours and Michael’s apartment.

“Yeah, he is, go look for him!” you encouraged her.

You didn’t have to say that twice and she was already running down the hall, calling Michael with her cute, chirpy voice.

“Aw look who’s home! Come here princess!”

You smiled to yourself when you heard Michael’s voice, seeing him and your daughter together was, in your opinion, the cutest thing in the entire world.

You hung up your coat and made your way to the living room where you saw Michael and your daughter sitting on the floor, taking off her small shoes which she had left on.

“Hey babe, how are you?”, Mikey greeted you.

“I’m good, I missed you”, you replied. You hadn’t seen him much lately during the many writing and studio sessions.

You walked over to Michael and kissed him, then you pulled the three of you in a big hug, making your daughter giggle.

“Hey, do you wanna talk to Calum?”, Michael asked her after you’d pulled away.

“Cal is not here”, she noticed, looking a bit confused.

“I know, but he’s there, on my laptop, on Skype. Do you wanna see him?”

He picked her up and sat down on the couch, placing her in his lap before pointing to the laptop screen.

You took a seat next to them, waving and saying hi to Calum.

“That’s not Cal!” Your daughter had a frightened look on her face. “Why is he in there? I don’t want that! That’s not Cal!”

Laughing a little, you tried to explain the whole thing to her but she only started crying and burying her head in Michael’s shirt.

“Hey, sweetie! It’s really me Cal, you don’t need to be scared I’m okay, nothing’s wrong!” Calum spoke to her softly, making her turn her head around slowly.

After some minutes of talking to the “unreal” Calum, your daughter wasn’t scared anymore.

“But you’re gonna come out of there again, aren’t you?” she asked unsurely, making everyone laugh as she looked at you confused.

Michael Imagine: ATL and 1D Tension at Your Wedding

Author: Rhine


It was supposed to be your happiest day - a day full of nothing but love and light, carefree joy and ecstasy because you were finally marrying the man of your dreams. You were finally marrying Michael, and you were more than ready to pack your bags up and just run away with him forever; to claim him as yours in every possible way and to have the whole world know that he has your heart just as you have his.

But there was just one problem - you weren’t completely bliss-free on your special day. You had all your worries about the dress not fitting and tripping down the aisle or losing Michael’s ring or getting your dress dirty or looking strange in your photos. They all nagged at you, nipping at the corners of your mind every time you started relaxing a little bit.

But nothing worried you more than your guest list.

It was all rather fine and dandy for the most part, you think. It wasn’t too big of a wedding - you and Michael weren’t ones for a huge media coverage anyways - just a few of your closest relatives and friends on both sides. The total guest list was just shy of seventy people, and that was already quite big for you.

It wasn’t even that - it was just a few select people on your guest list. Rather, two select groups that tempted you to bite your perfectly manicured nails.

All Time Low and One Direction.

You were huge fans of both groups - you loved their music and respected them as people - and Michael was set on having them all be members of your guest list. You definitely weren’t complaining; you had met both groups a few times in the past and you got along with them all fairly well. Besides, you knew they were some of Michael’s closest friends and you definitely weren’t going to say no to him any time soon.

It was just that the two groups together - that might be a bit of a problem.

You knew that the two groups were extremely close with 5SOS, but there was always some sort of underlying tension between then. Michael always expressed a bit of his concern towards his two closest music groups not being as close as he’d hope, but he never did elaborate on why and you never asked.

Was it because of the music genre difference? The age gap? The position of 5SOS’ closest musical friends? Or was it just a simple clash of personalities? 

It could be anything, and quite frankly, you weren’t very good at guessing. 

However, you pushed the guest list - and the rest of your worries - away as soon as the ceremony started. 

You didn’t even notice that the two bands were sitting on complete opposite sides of the church - you were too busy staring at Michael. At his smile and the faint glisten of tears in his eyes as you walked closer to him.

All your worries melted away as soon as you saw him. They always did.

You were walking towards your future, towards your husband. Nothing but thoughts of your love and the possibilities and of Michael was in the your mind.

This moment belonged to the two of you, and nothing could penetrate the little bubble of paradise that the two of you had.

You exchanged your vows, tears in your laughter and love in your eyes. The words echo loud enough for everyone to hear and respond with the appropriate ‘aww’, but there’s an underlying tone that’s only meant for your ears. For his. 

He slips the ring on your finger, and you can’t help but to feel complete; his hands warm and gentle as they hold yours, a tender smile on his face. 

You do the same for his ring, and you feel as if you’ve just given him a piece of yourself.

It’s alright though - you were always his for keeping.

When the five magic words were spoken - you may now kiss the bride - Michael doesn’t hesitate to meet his lips with yours, crashing on you like the cool ocean on a hot summer day, dipping you to the floor, his hands wrapped securely around you waist with one hand on the small of your back.

You hear the whoops and the cheers and the claps and the whistles, but it’s all in the distance, a million miles away.

What you hear is Michael’s breath and the beating of his heart against yours and his mouth pressed on your own, breathing you in as if you were his oxygen. As if without you, he’d die - or as if he’d die at any moment and wanted to make this one his last.

When you finally break apart for air, you see Michael smiling down at you. You were still leaning back, but with his arms securely around you, you knew you would never fall - least, not without him by your side.

“Why hello there, Mrs. Clifford.” He teases gently, a tender look in his eyes. “You’re looking quite lovely today.”

“Haven’t you heard?” You tease him back lightly, touching your forehead with his, a smile playing on your lips. “I just married the man of my dreams.”


By the time you’ve reached the venue for your wedding reception, your worries started to bloom again. 

This time, with the worries of the ceremony out of the way, you were mostly focused on the situation at hand with the two groups.

Michael, who was standing next to you, noticed the concerned expression on your face, despite your best efforts in trying to hide it.

Michael could always see everything in you - the good and the bad and everything in between - you were an open book to him, and you couldn’t shut him out even if you wanted to.

“What’s wrong, babe?” He whispers, his breath tickling your ear.

“It’s nothing - I’m just overthinking the whole thing between All Time Low and the One Direction boys.” You whisper back to him, trying to give him a reassuring smile.

It was hard not to notice the tension between the two groups of boys. With so much fame surrounding both bands - fame of different kinds - they had garnered much attention from your other guests. You noticed how they chose to stay as far away from each possible, only meeting up when one of the 5SOS boys were there, talking to Calum or Luke or Ashton but disappearing with a slight frown once a member from another band decided to join the conversation.

The 5SOS boys clearly noticed the slight hostility between the separate groups, and were clearly a bit lost on what to do. 

You had made sure that the two groups were seated in the far ends of the room, complete opposite of each other. This was supposed to be a happy occasion, and you didn’t want any drama to start up - at least not tonight. You didn’t want to deal with any of that tonight.

“Just married and you’re already thinking of nine other guys?” Michael teases you, giving you a mock gasp. You smack him playfully on the arm and he laughs lightly.

“Don’t worry about it, Mrs. Clifford.” He kisses you softly on the forehead, careful not to ruin your hair. “Let’s just focus on us tonight.”


You and Michael walk around to every table when the guests are nearly done eating their last course, smiling down at all of your family and friends with Michael’s arm wrapped around your waist.

Each table is filled with various phrases of congratulations and praise for the two of you, with many wishes and blessings and gifts.

You squeal excitedly with your closest girlfriends, Michael grinning at your little group in the back as they all held your hands and fawned over you, talking over one another and running on enthusiasm and happiness.

You kiss the cheek of your mom and dad, hugging them tight as they whispered their I love yous into your ear. When they pull back, there are tears in their eyes because you were their little girl and now they were giving you away; you weren’t fully theirs any more because now Michael had your heart. They tell you how proud they are of you and make you promise to visit them every now and then.

You watch as Michael leans in to give your parents a warm bear hug, watch as your mom tries to straighten his ever-tousled hair, hearing your dad say gruffly take care of my little princess. You hear Michael say I’ll love her like a queen and you can’t help but to smile when Michael calls them mom and dad too.

You circle past your relatives and greet them all the same, making sure to pull Michael quickly away from your grandmother before she rambles on about grandchildren again.

When you reach Michael’s family, they welcome you with open arms, wide smiles on their faces and nothing but sweet words from their lips. They tell you how beautiful you are and welcome you into their family, marveling over how Michael managed to nab a girl as wonderful as you. Some of Michael’s cousins joke about you not reading the fine print to your wedding documents - there’s some gross stuff there, I mean it is Michael after all - and Michael merely smacks them a little too hard to be completely friendly, steering you away quickly.

 Your last stop is the one with all the 5SOS, All Time Low, and One Direction boys. The circle is terse to say the least, and you can feel the anxiety start to kick in. 

No one talks until they see you and Michael near, suddenly chatting to the two of you their blessings and congratulations, but there’s something a little off in their enthusiasm.

“Alright guys, there’s no need to hide the love you have for each other here.” Michael announces when they’re all done with their wishes and talking, though their smiles never quite reach their eyes.

“I know we won’t be having sleepovers and doing each other’s hair for a while.” Michael grins. “Which is a shame, because I'd love to style all of your hair.”

You see a flicker of fear pass through every single boys’ eyes, and you can barely contain your giggle.

“Listen, I don’t know what there us between us - it’s a complicated relationship, I know - and not everyone is as perfect as my lovely wife here.” He smiles and turns to you, drawing out the word wife as if he likes the way it tastes in his mouth. “But let’s put that all behind us tonight. Just one night. Get drunk, kiss an aunt, dance with a plant - I don’t care what you do. Just none of this god-awful tension and awkwardness, okay?”

Everyone’s silent for a moment, all eyes on Michael. They’re slightly apprehensive as the two group members’ eyes flicker to each other, weary.

“If not for me, then for this lovely bride here.” Michael kisses your temple softly, eyes lingering on you. “She deserves the best night of her life, and while I’ll mostly be responsible for that, it’d be really nice if you guys could contribute by having a little fun. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

Michael’s little announcement is quickly supported by the 5SOS boys, their enthusiasm evident in their bright smiles and nodding heads. The All Time Low boys and One Direction boys slowly nodded as well, mumbling their phrases of yeah I guess and I suppose one night won’t hurt and we could do that, sure until their mutters turn into small smiles that morph into something that resembled the buds of a blooming enthusiasm.

We wouldn’t want to see the beautiful bride frown, now would we? You’re too pretty for those worry wrinkles. 

The boys give you small, apologetic smiles and you return them with a bright one of your own that said I forgive you. Seeing the groups relax and start to disperse without purposely avoiding each other made your shoulders loosen up. 

When everyone went their own ways, the atmosphere no longer strained and tense but light and carefree like how it should’ve been - Michael turns to you, a grin on his lips.

“See? No need to worry.” He murmurs, pulling you close for the thousandth kiss that night. “There’s that beautiful smile that I was looking for.”

“Now let’s go enjoy our night, yeah?” You whisper to him, your mouth just millimeters away from his, smiling. “We’ve still got a few hours left.”

“This night and the next night and the next night will be ours, darling.” Michael smiles. “A few hours is nothing compared to the forever I plan on having with you.”


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efflorescence ; tattoo artist!michael au pt 4

part three

She had been counting down the minutes to her lunch break. She hadn’t seen Michael all morning, and she couldn’t wait to see him when they went to lunch together. She finished primping the bouquet she had for pick up later, before tucking her shears into her apron and untying it.

She stepped behind the counter, letting her associate know that she was going to take her lunch break. She checked her reflection in the mirror, fixing her hair before grabbing her wallet and striding out of the shop.

She took the two steps down from her shop to find that Michael was already waiting for her outside. He was sitting on the bench, his arms outstretched on either side of the seat.

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baby news

You and Calum have been secretive about getting pregnant, just because you both love to keep your personal life, private. One day, you both were wanting to leave the flat and just go be out there, like before you got pregnant. The paps and fans started to swarm around the both of you. The paps kept screaming, “Hey look over here, miss y/n/h. Smile.” You grabbed Calum’s arm and you knew he was getting furious. You whispered, “Baby, its okay. Lets just give them a photo and hopefully they will just leave us alone.” You smiled and posed for the camera, then a rude pap said, “No wonder you stayed indoors, you are fat!” Calum went up to that pap and sucker punched him. He told the paps, “You never tell a lady or girl no matter the age that they are fat.” He intertwines your hand with his while wrapping his other arm around your shoulders and started to walk with you towards the ice-cream parlor. You looked at him and smiled saying,“How did I get so lucky with you?” He laughed and said, “More like, how did I get so lucky to have the both of you!" 

Ashton and you were very open with the pregnancy. Since the get go, you both agreed that you’ll post the ultrasound saying, "BABY IRWIN ON BOARD!” You were craving some fried pickles and fried Oreos. Ashton said, “Lets go to the pier, they sell good food and after we could go to the beach.” You laughed and responded, “Really babe, I don’t think it would be pleasant to see a fat pregnant lady in a bikini.” He looked at you furiously and said, “One you are not fat, two you are pregnant, three you are glowing, and four you are perfect!” You laughed and said, “I suppose you got a point. Lets go before I change my mind.” Ashton said, “I love it when  you talk to me like that! All demanding and all!” You laughed at how goofy he was. As you approached the boardwalk, you found a cute spot that captured the beauty of the beach. Ashton snapped that photo of you and said, “Looks like we are going to be here a bit longer than I thought. She just looks so beautiful, don’t you agree?”

You and Michael were expecting your first born. The both of you were ecstatic but frightened. What would you need, what will the baby need, what will you have to do before going to the hospital, well lets say you both were feeling the anxiety of having a child. The both of you asked your mums and instead of them telling you the exact things that the both of you will need to care for the child, they went out to buy every single thing from pacifiers, bottles, carriages, cribs, diapers, and unisex clothes. You both were getting so overwhelmed that you both found yourself in the middle of the baby’s room with everything scattered. The fans started to get worried about the both of you, just because you two haven’t been out of the house for ages. There was a trend, #wemissmichael&y/n/h. The both of you laughed as you read through the trends and laughed. All the anxiety went away and Michael posted that picture on his twitter saying, “Guys, guess what! We have a new edition to our family. We love you and our little human in the oven!”

You and Lucas, it was really an easy going pregnancy. You both didn’t expect to be pregnant, but everyone welcomed the little one with open arms. Your little sister was actually the first one to say, “Sissy, you are having a little boy!” You laughed and said, “Bubs, what are you talking about?” She said, “The baby!” She ran off laughing doing her little things. You looked at the mirror and said, “I can’t be pregnant.” Later that day, you were walking your dog and a fan approached you saying, “Wow, y/n/h, you are glowing! Are you?” You looked at her shocked and said, “No honey.” You laughed it off. At your doctors appointment, the doctor did the normal routine but added a urine test. As the results came back, he said, “Congratulations!” Six months later, that same fan saw you and Luke walking in a park with a huge belly! She came up to you and said, “Congratulations!” You laughed and said, “Thank you lovely!” Later on the social networks, you found that same photo posted all over the sites with such loving comments!

Here is the preference that I promised ages ago. I am sorry if it is lousy!