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Fic: Kisses on the door step

Part 4 of Heartlines AU

Part 1 - Whiskey on a pink dress

Part 2 - Breathing in the half light

Part 3 - Walking in the deep blue night


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She had him pinned against the door. Considering her size she was startlingly strong. She was on her tiptoes, one hand tangled in his hair, her other  had a very solid grip on his arse. His own hands were tangled in her her soft brown hair. They kissed with fervour and she relinquished the grip on his backside to have another attempt at getting the key in the lock. This time she was successful and the front door swung open with the force of their combined weight upon it, depositing them very messily on the hall floor.  Giggling they attempted to untangle themselves from the other.

“Well, Sassenach, you know how to make a fella feel welcome” He staggered to his feet and extended a hand to help her up. She swayed slightly and he caught her by the elbow.

“Mi casa es su casa” she waved an arm airily, and drunkenly around the hall way. She dragged him down the hall and into the living room. She walked over to a trolley and poured them a very intemperate measure of excellent single malt.

“I reckon you’re worth the good stuff” she smiled at him, holding the glass out to him. He took it and raised it to her. She looked a little worse for wear. Her hair was a riot around her head, no doubt from him having his hands in it, her face was flushed with a combination of whiskey and desire. He suspected he might be in very much the same state. He felt like a teenager. Excited and a little bit afraid. He had never felt this way and to be hit at thirty eight years of age with such a cri de coeur, his heart and soul reaching for another with such intensity, it made his blood pound and his breath catch in his chest.

They stood in the center of the room, glasses in hand. Her eyes never left his. As if drawn like magnets they both closed the gap between them. He took her glass from her and set both on the sideboard. He drew her to him and kissed her again. Whilst it lacked the bruising force of their kisses at the front door, he sought to convey exactly how he felt through it. It was too soon for words, for declarations, but his actions could say what he could not speak out loud. It went on for a long time. His hands were on her face and he gently stroked her cheeks with his thumb as he kissed her. Claire, in turn, melted into him, one hand warm on the back of his neck whilst the other moved softly through his hair. They broke apart and they stood, foreheads pressed together, eyes closed breathing each other in. Her hair smelt of of something vaguely citrusy, and he caught the scent of her perfume, a light, fresh scent.

“Mo Nighean donn” he murmured, running his hands through her hair. She leaned back slightly and cocked an eyebrow questioningly.

“It means my brown haired lass” he said this with such reverence that her color heightened.

“Will you stay, Jamie?”

Her words seared through him, the thought of staying the night, of being in her bed. God, he wanted to her. He wanted to sweep her off of her feet and carry her up the stairs and lay her down and worship her. He wanted to feel her soft skin against him as he made love to her. He wanted to hear her cry and sigh and moan his name. But it was too soon. Had they not had so much to drink it might be different, but he was drunk enough to botch it and she was drunk enough to regret it. When he had her first he wanted to be present, physically and emotionally. And he wanted her to be too.

He took a step back and stroked her face.

“I dinna think that’s wise, Mo Nighean Donn. We’ve had a lot of whiskey aye?”

She looked hurt. “Oh, oh, I see” Jamie could see she plainly didn’t.

“Sassenach. Claire, I want you more than I ever knew it was possible to want another person. I want ye so much I can scarcely breath. And I want to know you feel the same way. When the time comes, I want to know it’s no just because ye’ve had too much whiskey.” He lifted her chin so that their eyes met.  She nodded shakily and he kissed her again.

“Will you have dinner with me tomorrow, Claire? I ken it’s not much space but.. “

“Yes, yes, I’ll have dinner with you, Jamie” she answered before he could finish.

“Will you come to my house? Or would you rather go to a restaurant?”

“It depends” she retorted starting to recover her humour “can you cook?”

He laughed. “I’ll have you know I am an excellent cook. My mother made sure of it”

“Well in that case, I’d be delighted to sample your culinary talents”

She walked him to the door where they kissed again and he very nearly took back his earlier decision not to take her to bed. This was woman was more intoxicating than the whiskey.

The kiss broke and she gave him a gentle shove.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jamie.”

He wasn’t sure why, but he turned and gave her a little bow before blowing her a kiss and walking out into the cool, damp night.

“Back in my day we used to write our shitty headcanons on stone plates” W2H headcanons
  • Jonathan suffers from a bit of social anxiety/depression and Sock has caught him on some occasions sitting in one of the boy’s bathroom stalls breathing hard almost as if he’s about to start screaming and silently crying or whispering to himself, etc.
  • Jonathan finds intense-kissing and sex a bit gross and intimidating to him at times and prefers cuddling or soft kissing. 
  • Sock decided the first time he heard Jonathan laugh that he wanted to at least try to make the boy laugh once a day– truly really laugh. That’s a bit hard considering the demon thing…..

    Summer is almost here—>
  • Jonathan always begs his mom to send him to his grandparents so he could go beach-crawling and get back into surfing the waves. 
  • Whenever Jonathan returns back to Florida for the summer, he’s discovered that living in a dreary state for so long had taken away his reaction to the intense sunshine; instead of tanning really well at first he burns up and ends up looking like a crab with yellow hair before being able to gain that awesome surfer’s tan. It makes Sock laugh and Jonathan fume.
  • Besides burning up a little bit now, Jonathan tans way better than Sock could ever; being a bit of a redhead Sock is very acceptable to burning up like a marshmallow
  • At the beach, whenever Jonathan is out surfing waves, Sock can feel a little left out and envious. Now and then Sock will ‘’attempt’’ to push Jonathan off his board mid-wave. Of course his arms only go right through Jonathan but the feeling Jon gets from it still gets him falling head first into the rolling waves. A couple of times it has almost gotten Jonathan killed; he was not amused.
  • When Sock was little, his parents would take him to Disneyland for the summer and Sock would have a blast; his favorite ride was the Little Mermaid ride due to Ariel’s singing and red hair. 
  • Sock’s parents would also take him to the beach and he’d have a blast trying to catch little crabs and stab them with sharp sticks if he could find any.
  • Sock and Joan would often play in little kiddie pools together and whenever their parents weren’t looking the two would attempt pushing each other under.
  • One summer Jonathan’s older brother joined him on the visit over to Florida; the two spent more time sneaking into local bars getting drunk and competing with each other over everything than anything else. That’s probably where Jonathan got his second tattoo. It was great bonding but man did they get grounded.
  • Whenever Mephistopheles goes swimming he has a bad habit of raising the temperature to boiling, especially whenever he sees Providence sporting a lovely swimsuit. That’s why he doesn’t very much like pool-parties but very much does.

[ Possibly to be continued ]

Fake us - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Fake us

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 3,232

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hii can u do one kinda like the french mistake but in reverse where J2 are sent to the spn world (dean and reader have feelings for each other but don’t know yet) and in the “real world” jensen is married to the readers actress and dean is jealous xo

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“What the… hell?” Jensen breathed out, moving around frantically.

“This- something’s not right” Jared frowned, looking around him “Wasn’t the scene supposed to finish at this?” he added.

Jensen nodded his head “Yeah but- forget that. Where the heck is everybody? And where did they take the cameras?”

“More importantly- what is… this?” Jared breathed out, pointing to the wall right in front of him. Ure he knew what it was but he knew it wasn’t supposed to be there. connected to another wall and then another and in the end forming a complete, closed room. And even worst than everybody being gone along with the cameras, this looked so realistic to the point it scared them.

Jensen laughed nervously to cover up for his discomfort “Bet Misha decided to play some really messed up joke on us”

“I am actually really hoping it’s that because if it’s not then-”

“No, no this is messed up. It is too messed up to even think about let alone-”

“Dean? Sam? Oh hey guys! Didn’t know you were here” you smiled at them as soon as you entered the bunker. You frowned for a second as you took a look at them. The way they were standing was different from normal.

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Self-Insert Week 2016 | Hustle Cat

Hey fellas!! Welcome to self-insert week here on my blog lol.

I started off with a Hustle Cat self-insert. She’s a smol artist that’s had trouble finding a job as an illustrator, and she likes cats, so… Why not work at a cat cafe? Probably actually reads the contract and thinks the cat thing is an elaborate joke. Cool, sarcasm. Sarcasm is good.

She’d be a little munchkin cat.


written by @bryanabrybre

As a WOC often times white men feel intimidated or nervous about approaching me so all they just do is stare 😒.

Here’s what I do,

I walk directly up to them smiling and looking them in the eyes.

Then I ask “ Do you have the time? Handsome 😊”

By doing this I break down all the barriers it’s normal to ask someone for the time and 98% of the time they will respond because “time” is of vital part of life and by throwing in the compliment “handsome” at the end you let them know that you are attracted to them as well and they do have a chance. Making them comfortable to make an advance as well.

Your Welcome ☺️
P.S. Fellas you can do this too just replace Handsome with Beautiful.

anonymous asked:

hi I'm new to reading fanfic, I've only read two so far. can you suggest a few explicit/sexual Clexa fanfics if you have any to suggest? (#noshame) lol sorry

No shame at all fella! And welcome to fanfic!!! :D it’s a black hole, you are never getting out of it.

The Chronicles of Sexually Frustrated Clexa — this is so so so good

Jealousy — Lexa is jealous, basically :p and when she gets jealous, things get steamy haha

(Blood)lust — post-Mountain smut, basically, and it’s good ;)

Reciprocating — well, Lexa reciprocates a massage Clarke made her earlier. Only this time… It includes front and upper body too ;)

And I also made a post some time ago:


College AU

Friday nights sucked ass.
After nine, the place was full of college kids who did things like put tips in half drunk glasses of beer, or in leftover food, cute shit.
But… if she smiled, Friday night tips usually padded out the amount she could save that week, so she smiled till her fucking face hurt.
“Your turn to wait the douche table.” Maria smirked, pointing to a group of six or so who’d just sat down.
“Well crap… don’t that make me blessed now.” She groaned, picking up menu’s and heading over.
“Hi fellas, welcome to Giovanni’s, I’m Audrey, I’ll be your waitress for the evening, so you need anything you just ask for me…”
She handed out the menus as she spoke, always smiling but never catching anyone’s eye.
“The specials today are spinach and feta Calzone, and Pollo alla valdostana… Can I get you drinks while you wait?”
It was then that she looked up properly and saw him watching her, frowning slightly before widening his eyes in recognition.
“Nate?” She whispered, ignoring the askance glances and sniggering from the others..

He’d seen her walking around, but honestly it didn’t register that it would be her. Why would she be in Stanford?…she would have ran far far away from him. 

He looked down at the menu as she handed them out then back up when she said his name and it was unmistakably her, right in front of him. 

“Audrey..” He smiled, looking her over. She looked good, better than he half expected if he were ever to see her again if he was honest. “Hey..” 


As a WOC often times white men feel intimidated or nervous about approaching me so all they just do is stare 😒.

Here’s what I do,

I walk directly up to them smiling and looking them in the eyes.

Then I ask “ Do you have the time? Handsome 😊”

By doing this I break down all the barriers, it’s normal to ask someone for the time and 98% of the time they will respond because “time” is of vital part of life and by throwing in the compliment “handsome” at the end you let them know that you are attracted to them as well and they do have a chance. Making them comfortable to make an advance as well.

Your Welcome ☺️

P.S. Fellas you can do this too just replace Handsome with Beautiful.

- @bryanabrybre

Dirk Story Time

TT: Welcome fellas.

TT: First of all.

TT: Why the fuck am I wearing this?

TT: Because it smells hella good.

TT: But, did you know.

TT: Yeah, you right there.

TT: That you lighten up my day?

(TT: I’ll not thank you.)

TT: That was everything for today, yo.

TT: Have some sleeping to do, I guess.

TT: Haven’t slept for three days now.

TT: You know; have been busy.

TT: With other things.

TT: Bye.

TT: What are you still doing here?

TT: God dammit, I said bye.