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Tf2 fandom, hear me out

Merc work is full of unsavory, morally questionable crap. However, we’ve seen some guys go to heaven upon death. 

Despite any sins they may have committed, they’ve been welcomed to the good beyond.
 Now, Medic has surgically affixed the other eight souls of his teammates to his own.

 What I’m saying is: essentially, Medic has, in taking their souls, absolved them of sin and assured them a peaceful afterlife. And if that ain’t the sweetest, most selfless shit you’ve ever seen, I dunno what is.

Okay, my slightly deeper thought is that Jyn/f!Cassian would be the greatest thing ever. A pair of haunted, iron-willed women against Tarkin and Krennic? Yessss.

A pair of haunted, iron-willed women who keep leaning in very intensely? YESSSSS

WEEK 1-Beyond Romance

Welcome to the first week of Nirvana in Fire Fanworks Fest- Lightning Round! 

Our first weekly prompt is: 


Don’t get us wrong; we LOVE romance (and cry about it all the time). But romantic love is just one type of love. This week, we encourage you to go ‘Beyond Romance’ and explore different types of love, amongst the varied and complex bonds these characters share with each other. 

Here are some ideas to get you started! The possibilities are endless! 

+FAMILY FOCUS: familial bonds of the Lin fam? the Xiao fam? JR’s fam? THE YAN FAM!? Jingmum and JY ;___; 

+FOUND FAMILY/SIBLINGHOOD: Found Family amongst JiangZuo and/or Chiyan? The XuanJing Bureau’s season “siblings”? The Hua girls and their bonds of kinship? 

+ FRIENDSHIP AND FEALTY: The Parents Generation and how they grew up together? Li Gang and Zhen Ping? JY-LS-NH growing up together? LIE ZHAN YING and his Prince Jing??? Meng Zhi’s unwavering support of MCS? /lies down


Schedule Reminder: 

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The podcast hell collage is finally done. There aren’t nearly as many as I’d like to include but these are just the characters I draw head canons for. This just took 2 hours of my life and I hope you appreciate the fire space background I managed to edit together of stock photos. I really wish I could add more but the file was already pretty big on my computer and I didn’t want to crash SAI with more layers. 

The characters are:

Wolf 359

  • Hera
  • Doug Eiffel
  • Renee Minkowski
  • Isabel Lovelace
  • Alexander Hilbert

Thrilling Adventure Hour 

  • Beyond Belief:
  • Sadie Doyle
  • Frank Doyle
  • Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars
  • Sparks Nevada
  • Croach the tracker

Welcome to Night Vale

  • Cecil Palmer
  • Carlos the scientist
  • Kevin

Eos 10

  • Ryan Dalias
  • Doctor Horace Urvidian
  • Nurse Jane Johns

Ooohhh my God~ I is a happy punk today~

So heads up, the artwork is NOT mine. I commissioned a friend some time ago for a Cecil and Carlos drawing and I just love this sooo much <3 definitely made my day and this…this just amazing~!

The artist in question can be found right here~: http://obiri-art.tumblr.com/ / @obiri-art

Thanks so much again for this! I really love it and everyone should definitely check out her other artwork too! :) Give her some love~! NOOOW~!

new podcast sideblog

ok this is extremely belated but i’ve been posting A LOT about podcasts recently (primarily ohc) so in order to maintain the sanctity of my feed i’ve created a podcast sideblog called castblast  

i’ll likely be posting my podcast headcanons, fanfictions, theories, etc on there now. will for the most part be night vale presents stuff, but thrilling adventure hour may leak in there occasionally

will be following back so go check it out~ i love the teeny podcast family and want to get to know everyone better. 

Welcome to California - Spacedogs ABO series

Welcome to California and Beyond - drabble for your reading pleasure :)

amazing art by the wonderful @theadventurouspancake

True Mates

It’s rare that Adam is still asleep when Nigel wakes up. Usually Adam serves as Nigel’s human alarm clock - nuzzling into him, climbing over him, squirming around until he can’t wait any longer for his alpha to wake up. But there are the few occasions like this, that even after a year together, Nigel finds melts his heart.

They’d had a late night - dinner out with Lynnette and Angela to celebrate the anniversary of when they got together. Adam had insisted this be from their first date. Nigel had initially wanted it to be from when they had bonded, but Adam’s heat - much like the man himself - was pretty much cycled to a firm routine and so their anniversary would have fallen during his heat, not really allowing them to celebrate it in the same way. Nigel had conceded but with the proviso that they would also celebrate their bonding privately. He’d whispered the sort of ways in which they might do that which had made Adam blush and giggle before kissing him passionately… for starters.

Nigel was mesmerised by his little omega, he’d only seen him like this in the morning light a few times, and every time it took his breath away. The dark curls falling over closed eyes, porcelain skin looking like it would turn to milk and flow away as soon as he touched it. The curve of his body as he lay not quite face down in the over stuffed pillow, with the bed sheets gathered low on his naked hips.

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I have a headcanon that the Night Vale Community Radio Station is close to a railway, as there’s occasionally a sound like a slow train passing over tracks in the background of certain episodes.

Or maybe I just love the idea of a train rolling on through a sleepy desert community only for unsuspecting commuters’ audio devices to be hijacked by a certain deep, soothing voice. 

Welcome! I’m the Eagle Knocker, Guardian of the Ravenclaw Tower. Did you forget your Charms book? I’ll make my riddle easy then.

“At the sound of me, men may dream
Or stamp their feet.
At the sound of me, women may laugh
Or weep.
What am I?”