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Imagine Viktor and Yuri doing hilarious mock versions of Yurio’s selfies just to send to and annoy the hell out of him. 

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personally, for the voltron au, i think: cinder is the black paladin, scarlet is red, cress is green, winter is yellow, iko is blue, thorne is coran, kai is allura, wolf is a galran genetically engineered as a soldier who defects, jacin is a galra guard who's secretly part of the blade of marmora

totally!! Though i think Thorne would rather be a runaway space criminal like Rolo and Nyma? THough Thorne does suit Coran’s personality, I think the role suits Torin better 
I love the ideas for the rest of the guys! esp Wolf and Jacin

The boyfriend tag

I’m like 100 percent sure Dan would be the boyfriend to know all the little things about you and the relationship….

“Hi!” You cheered towards the camera propped up on your tripod, “Welcome back to my channel. Today, if you can’t tell, is the boyfriend tag! Obviously, I need my boyfriend-”

You stopped talked, waiting for Dan to pop up from out of frame and smile. But he didn’t instead he sat on the floor grinning up at you with his overly excited smile.

He cheekily crawled around your feet, so he was sat right in front of the camera just below the frame.

As you started to speak, he let out a low sush. Slowly and then quickly standing up with his face in the camera, “Hi!”

Dan fell back onto you with laughter. Although he was crushing you allowed him to continue.

“Dan,” you grumbled, “move you’re crushing me.” Shoving him lightly, he rolled over onto he bed beside you and sat grinning at the camera.

“Anyway..” you huffed, “The boyfriend tag has fifteen questions. So let’s see how good you are at this. The first question,” you glanced down at your phone, “What’s my full name?”

Without even thinking Dan shouted, “Y/F/N, but you preferred to be called Y/N/N.”

He grinned at you, knowing he got that right.

“Easy question. Next one, when did we first meet?”

“January third, two thousand and fourteen.” Your heart started to flutter, “It was at the little coffee shop downtown. I remember you were with Jack and Dean, you wore this blue tank top and it was really cold so I gave you my jumper.”

Stunned. Abbsalotly stunned, were you? Dan had remembered every moment of the first time meet.

“And bonus,” Dan grinned lacing his hand through yours, “The jumper I gave you is the same one you have on right now.”

It was true. You hadn’t realized it before, but the (you decided what jumper) you had put one this morning was, in fact, the first thing he gave to you.

“What was the first time you asked me out?” You stumbled over the words.

“You consider the coffee shop our first date.  But I consider the time we went to see big hero because I kissed you.” Dan’s voice was lower than normal as he brought up the moments you almost forgot, “It’s not the first date unless the guy kissed the girl.”

“When we started dating?”

You leaned your head on Dan’s shoulder. Honestly, this video was turning out to be sentimental that you had thought. You would never have thought Dan would remember these details.

“February third!” He laughed, “I would never have got the courage to ask you out if I hadn’t noticed I was in love with you.”

“What,” you mumbled. You’ve been with dan for two years now and never heard him say he loved you. It was always I adore you.

“Bonus clip for just us, Y/N. When was the first time I said I loved you.” He whispered into your ear, “I love you.”

The ‘40s Charmer

Characters: Bucky x reader (heck yeah i’m starting this back up with some good ol’ bucky)

Word Count: 949 (it’s a short one to begin with but don’t worry, we’ll get there)

Warnings: Swoon-worthy 1940s Bucky, get ready for it

Author Note: I was gonna write a whole story on this but I had no idea how to make the au work…so basically Bucky comes back from the war(I don’t mention HYDRA meddling in here, so don’t worry about it), and as tradition, all the soldiers run up to the women and kiss them whether they know them or not. All those famous WWII photos of soldiers kissing women? Yeah, some of them could have been complete strangers to each other. But anyway, it’ll hopefully get clearer in the fic. Enjoy!

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You can barely believe it. The war is over. The soldiers are coming home, and soon everything will begin to be okay again. The country will rebuild itself, and hopefully things will return to normal.

The war is over.

You can hardly contain your excitement, but it isn’t an issue, as thousands of other people around you are shouting in delight, whooping, cheering, sobbing, and overall grateful that the hardships have come to an end. Soldiers will return to their families, their loved ones, and they will never have to go back again.

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Clothing Swap Tag

“Hello everybody, and welcome back to my channel!” Jack claps his hands together in front of him, grinning over at the camera. “As you can see, I am joined by the one and only, Joseph Sugg!”

“Hello,” Joe smiles and waves at the camera, his hands moving to clasp behind his back.

“Now, you may wonder what we’re doing,” Jack continues, “Or not, because the title of this video. But it’s a pretty big tag, and many of you have been asking for it!”

“Although I still don’t see it turning out very well…” Joe mumbles.

“They just want to see you in my stuff, babe.” Jack winks over at him. “Joe and I are doing the clothing swap tag!”

The other man lets out a small groan, his head falling down, “Wasn’t doing this with Caspar torture enough?”

“This is different, because we’re actually dating. Everyone just thought you two were.”

“Can you just finish explaining?”

“Alright,” Jack faces the camera again, “We have each chosen three outfits. Casual, gym, and random choice. Neither of us have seen the others choice, so it’ll be a surprise.”

“And it’ll be a surprise if you fit my clothes.” Joe adds.

“Are you calling me fat?”

“What?!” He stares over at Jack, “NO!”

“Relax, I’m teasing,” The younger man laughs, “It’s kind of obvious we’re different sizes. I’m excited to see you in my stuff though.”

“You’ve seen me in your jumper…”

“That’s just a jumper,” Jack rolls his eyes. “Go put on the first outfit!”

“Alright,” Joe laughs, heading for the guest room.

When he walks out a few minutes later, Jack’s clothes hanging off of his slim frame and a small frown on his lips, his boyfriend starts giggling.

“What?!” Joe snaps, trying to push the sleeves of his shirt up, only for them to fall back down.

“You look adorable.”

“I look like a child,” He rolls his eyes.

“How are my pants staying up?”

“I tied the belt.” That sets Jack off again, and he throws his head back, laughing loudly.

Joe just glares over at him.

“Alright,” Jack giggles, “My turn.”

“Good. Have fun.” Joe smirks, watching Jack head to the next room to change.

And when he appears, it’s Joe’s turn to laugh, because Jack is holding Joe’s jeans in his hands, and the shirt is pulled tight across him, but he’s also got Joe’s shoes on.

“We need to talk about how small your jeans are.”

“I have skinny legs!” Joe protests, his eyes falling along Jack’s body, his laughter slowly fading away. Because there is a lot of Jack on display, and since Joe’s shirt is tight, the muscles on the younger man are made more prominent.

“Yes, you do,” Jack rolls his eyes, “I couldn’t even get a foot into one.”

“Sorry.” Joe replies, not sounding sorry at all, because he knows how much Jack likes his jeans on him.

“Go put your second outfit on.” Jack throws the jeans at him, pushing lightly on Joe’s shoulder.


“These are comfy.” Joe announces as he walks into the room, wearing some of Jack’s gym clothes. “Why don’t you wear these more?”

“Because they’re for the gym, not for everyday.” Jack replies, scanning his boyfriends body. The clothes are still loose, but there’s more skin on display. Like Joe’s collar bone, exposed by the collar of the shirt hanging low on his chest. And Jack loved that part of Joe, because of the delicious sounding noises he could draw from the older man when he sucked along a certain spot.

Clearing his throat, Jack shook his head. “Right, my turn.”

“Yes, it is.” Joe smiles over at him, noticing the look in Jack’s eyes. He glances over his shoulder when Jack walks out of the room, his own eyes watching Jack’s ass as it leaves.

And when the younger man walks back into the room Joe feels his cheeks turn red and his body warm, because Jack isn’t wearing a shirt. Only some tight basketball shorts and shoes.

“Did you choose like all your smallest clothing?” Jack asks, running a hand through his hair. “I couldn’t even get your shirt on.”

“Oh, no.” Joe shakes his head, looking anywhere but at Jack.

“At least I got your shorts on.”

“Because I chose my loosest fitting ones.”

“Calling me fat again?”

“Stop thinking that.” Joe snaps, his eyes meeting Jack’s, but they fall to the exposed skin again, and he has to drag his stare away. “I’m going to change.”

“You do that,” Jack smirks, catching on to what Joe’s feeling. Mostly because he’s feeling the same way.

“Oh gods,” Jack groans lightly when Joe walks back into the room, hand holding the swimming shorts up, his feet bare along with his torso. Jack knew Joe had been working on getting more in shape, but hadn’t really noticed how much he’d changed until now.

“Really?” Joe asks, “Swim wear? It’s March.”

“Your point?” Jack mutters, his eyes slowly moving down the length of Joe’s body, his body responding immediately.


“Huh?” He looks back up at Joe, his face warm as his boyfriend smirks at him.

“Time for your last outfit.”

“Right. Outfit.” Jack nods, but it takes him a minute before he finally turns and heads for the guest room.

By time he comes back into the room, Joe has shifted hands that are holding up the clothing, and the shorts are hanging lower on his hips. Jack feels his mouth water at the sight.

“So we had a problem,” He calls out, and Joe glances over his shoulder, eyes widening when he realizes Jack is wearing nothing but his boxers. “I couldn’t get anything on.”

“Oh?” Joe says softly, his eyes falling on the clothes in Jack’s hand, hanging in front of him. Hiding something.

“I didn’t feel like ripping your clothes,” Jack tells him, moving to stand beside him. “Especially since I really like this shirt on you.”

“Thanks,” Jack laughs, but its weak sounding, his mind too distracted.

“I think that’s it for the video,” Jack mumbles, his free hand snaking around to the small of Joe’s back, his fingers dipping under the waist band of the shorts.

“Yeah, I think so.” Joe replies breathlessly, his body shifting towards Jack’s. “End it.”

“End what?” Jack asks, looking at Joe’s rapidly darkening eyes.


“Right.” He shakes his head, facing the camera. “Uhm, that’s it guys. Sorry I wasn’t able to wear more of Joe’s clothes, but I didn’t feel like making him spend money on new clothes.”


“Remember to subscribe to me, and Joe, his links are below. I’ll see you all in the next video!” He rattles off the rest quickly, tossing the clothes onto the ground so he can pull Joe’s body against his, their lips crashing together.

Joe’s own hands move to around Jack’s neck, the shorts falling off of him, but neither care, because they wouldn’t have been on much longer anyways.

personal achievement: getting my phone’s camera to recognize this lazy drawing as a person

anyways i dunno why but i can’t stop doodling welcome to hell’s sock and it’s becoming a problem

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