welcome back to india!

Kansas Tower, this is Whisky India November Golf 401 ready for takeoff. 

Whiskey India November Golf 401, line up and wait via Runway 22, left. It’s gonna be a fifteen minute wait until takeoff. 

Roger, Kansas Tower. Line up and wait via Runway 22. 

Or get drinks with me next time you’re in Kansas city and I’ll let you cut in line and leave right now. 

Negative, Kansas Tower. Whiskey India November Golf 401 in line and waiting for proper takeoff. 

You sure know how to sweet talk a guy, Captain Novak. 

Affirmative, Kansas Tower. 


Kansas Tower, this is Whisky India November Golf 401 requesting weather conditions at the Kansas City airport. 

Welcome back Whiskey India November Golf 401. Weather conditions are fair. Not a cloud in the sky and crosswind at five miles an hour. Perfect weather for a date. What’s your ETA?

Thank you, Kansas Tower. We’ll be arriving in twenty-seven minutes. We’ll be stopping for fuel and heading straight to Chicago. 

You did that on purpose didn’t you, Cas?

 Apologies, Kansas tower. You’re signal appears to be blocked. How do you hear me?

Loud and clear, Captain Novak. You’re cleared to land. 

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“I’ve been coming down to Little India for the last three weeks on my own - after work and on the weekends. I got the T-shirt printed as well as some flyers with the same message. And a shopkeeper told me how to speak a little Tamil. I want them to know that they are welcome and we appreciate them. Let’s hope Little India gets back to normal as soon as possible. Merry Christmas!”