welcome back nathan

Welcome Back Baby Nathan Sykes Imagine

Welcome back Baby:



Nathan James Sykes.

He was all you’ve been think about the past couple of months. Your boyfriend of two years now, left to go on tour about three months ago. Due to you being in UNI to be a children physician you couldn’t go with him. Since the day he left you’ve been counting down the days for his arrival back home.’

His arrival is all you’ve been talking about the past couple of days, you went out and made sure everything was perfect for his welcome back. You even toke it upon yourself to make sure the flat you’ve both shared was spotless for his return. You went grocery shopping stocking the cabinets with all of his favorites. 

“Okay, everything’s perfect..” You mumbled as you placed the neatly wrapped box in the middle of the bed. Looking around the room you squealed before taken you bag and running off to the car. 

After an hour or so drive, you were finally at the airport. You walked in without being by the thousands of fans that were waiting outside, anticipating the arrival of their favorite band and band member. You giggled to yourself as you stood a couple of feet away from the gate where Nathan would soon be walking out of. 

Biting you lip, you looked down at you iPhone, only to discover you had a couple of minutes to burn before his plan landed. Sighing, you unlocked you phone and went straight to your favorite game.

Candy Crush. 

Giggling, you thought back to the times, when you would sneakily download the game on Nathan’s phone just so you could play when you lost all your lives. You missed Nathan’s constant nagging, to leave the game alone and come and cuddle with him. 

Just as you were about you win the game, someone cam up behind you. “It’s always good to keep on a look out love, you never know what you may miss..” His sweet voice filled you ears as you squeaked and let your phone drop in the process of hugging him. 

“Oh my gosh.. I missed you so much..” You whispered as you hide your face in his neck, feeling the tears wet his hot skin. Chuckling he pulled you closer to him, as you jumped up and wrapped you legs around his waist. 

Pulling you face away from his neck you, smile through your tears and crashed you lips on his. Sighing in content he gripped tightly onto you thighs as he pulled you higher. The kiss was perfect, magical. It was worth every single second he was waiting for. Having you back in his arms, just the way he liked it. 

“As hot as this is love, we have to go before I ripe your clothes off right here..” He smirked as you squealed as he let you slide down his body. Smiling you picked up your bag and phone as the two of you were escorted out to your car. Once all of Nathan’s stuff was in the truck the two of you were speeding off towards your flat. 

Smiling, as he intertwined your hands that were rested on the counsel, you toke your phone and quickly snapped a picture and placing it instgram. You loved that fact that he was back, you’ve missed his sweet smell, the way his strong arms wrapped around you in the middle of the night. The warmth he brought onto you when you were cold. But most importantly you just missed having here with you. 

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HD video of Nath’s comeback :’D



I am so proud of him for staying positive & never giving up! It’s just another thing I would love to thank him for. I’m over joyed to see The Wanted as a 5-piece once again, because let’s face it, The Wanted just isn’t The Wanted without Nathan, or Jay, or Tom, or Max, or Siva….it will forever be Tomax McSykeswaran…..forever together or not at all.

It’s such a great day to be apart of the #TWFanmily xoxo