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Aerith’s Dream Diary 🍑

Entry 52: Anthemly/ 6D00-0031-2515/ @anthemlycrossing

I thoroughly enjoyed my dream of Anthemly. Everything felt so cozy. I loved the greenery, the paths, the interiors, even the time of day. It was so well put together. I hope others dream of this town too!

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Welcome, New Harries!

I know that this is a strange place to find yourselves.  Yes.  You might be of any age (as are many of us!)   And you might find yourself in unfamiliar territory because he’s not your usual megastar.  

Yes.  He was in One Direction.  But now he’s solo.  And you have every right to enjoy his music and his lovely personality without connecting it to his past.   While we all appreciate that his past has led him to this place, we also appreciate that he’s his own person.  

And DAMN!  Harry is talented and beautiful and perfect in ways we can’t even begin to describe. There are plenty of lovely Harries around here who have been holding on for years to support Solo! Harry.  

It’s okay to ask questions.  We will be patient with you.  We will welcome you!  We will indulge your screaming because we’ve been screaming for quite a while now.  

So welcome to our Harry tribe.  Please let us know what would make you feel more welcome!  Because we know this fandom is going to explode, and we want you to know that we will be here to support you and nurture you and steer you away from the negativity that exists out there.  (There’s plenty of history that is not worth your time or energy.)

Above all, please know that we love Harry and will support him no matter what.


Fandom: Jurassic World

Pairing: Owen Grady/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Here it is! My first Thirst Party Saturday foray into another fandom! Tagging @toxiicpop naturally and I’d like to give an enormous thank you to @im-an-octopus, their Chris Pratt character headcanons (the Pratt Pack, if you will) are incredibly thought out and articulate. Enjoy!

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Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello performing Bad Things at WELCOME!

- Chat why are you wearing sunglasses over your mask that’s–

- It’s called style, ma chérie.

- …

Welcome our new members!

I’d like to thank everyone who applied (we had so many applications holy SHIT!) and I’m sorry for those who weren’t selected.  I had 30 people I wanted and I had to cut that down, so I went by whoever could contribute most.  I promise I’ll reopen apps again in a few months if anyone leaves, and I’ll keep my list of 30 in mind ;) 












I’ll be contacting you all soon!  Congrats :)