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Without any proof or evidence and only going on my killer instinct....hehe....I still contend that Kristen's lock necklace is HUGELY significant to her. She seldom takes it off - and I love how the photos you reposted below remind us of that - can we say Met Gala 2016? There it was. Reminds me of how much a piece of jewelry I own means to me - and I seldom take it off. It is the one story that I wish I knew the backstory on. Happy weekend MN - fo2

Hello Fishy!!!

I totally, 100%, am in agreement.  We know from the past just how significant jewelry is to Kristen.  We all remember the gold ring, the gold necklace etc.  All pieces of jewelry, if not explicitly confirmed to have been gifts to Kristen by Rob, inadvertently confirmed at the very least.

I know we are not the only ones in agreement that the lock necklace is a prized possession with much significance.  

The first time we saw Kristen wear this necklace was at Jillian Dempsey’s jewelry launch party.  Yes, it’s possible that it was a gift from Jillian.  And though I do believe Kristen and Jillian have a strong bond, I have a hard time believing that it’s the kind of bond that would garner that necklace so much love.

I believe that Rob purchased that necklace for Kristen.  One as a gift for Kristen and two to support Jillian.  So in some ways the piece has even more significance.

As you know Fishy, Kristen was also pregnant with SP when this necklace made it’s first showing and I’m not the only one to have noticed that the lock looks suspiciously like a diaper pin.  So we can another sentimentality to it.

Don’t you find it interesting Fishy, that throughout all of Kristen’s presumed girlfriends: Alicia, Soko, Alicia, Anna and now Stella that two things have remained constant in Kristen’s wardrobe?

Yep, that’s right the Welcome to the Jungle sweatshirt and her lock necklace.  We KNOW the first person to ever wear the sweatshirt was Rob, so I think it’s a safe bet that both these items are Kristen’s way of representing what’s really going on in her life and keeping what’s her’s close to her at all times.

As the fandom says sharing is caring and so is wearing.  LOL