wel idk

die muren om me heen
zijn gemaakt van glas
je kunt me zien en horen
samen lachen we in koor en
je kan slapen in mijn armen
tot in de vroege morgen
maar nooit zul je echt met mijn hart kunnen spreken
want om dat te doen
zal je het glas moeten breken


My heart is broke
But I have some glue
Help me inhale
And mend it with you

Seb, Clary and Jace, aka Team Evil

things i love about girls
  • when their hair is shiny and does the swishy thing
  • when they give a little smile and/or look at their outfit when you give them a compliment
  • when they have little baby hairs 
  • when they put their tongue through their teeth during a smile
  • when they wear really cute clothes that make you happy to see them
  • when they get excited over something they did
  • when they laugh
  • when they smile
  • girls

(fidgety gems for univaro)

(lapis nibbles her fingers and peridot shuffles her floaty digits.)

(with writing utensils, lapis chews the end and peridot twirls or taps.)