mark’s grandpa passed two sundays ago, somewhere between 2 and 3 am. i’m not exactly sure why i haven’t spokenup about it until now but he was a goodkind man, one of mark’s favorite people, and someone whose mind i wish i couldhave known before it was made a frightenedbarren place by disease.

it’s hard for mark, not having to take care of him anymore. ithink he’s unsure about what should fill that immense hole in his life, what things go into the timespace. sooomuch timespace. but ultimately so little timespace, so these matters are of the utmost importance.

grandpa was burned up and put into a box. i thought urns looked different so when i went to look for him in the tv in my mind was !!!GENIE BOTTLE!!! but on the tv was prettywoodensquare with a person inside.

ithought being in a room with a deadperson you just saw die would be scary or weird but it wasn’t much of either. i sat there for a long time after it happened waiting to feel something different — i didn’t even cry until grandma came in and sat beside him and nestled herhead against his and her arms were sprawled over his chest and i wasn’t thinking about him being dead somuch because well he was allbutgone for days, in a morphinesleep to makethings more peaceful and less painful and foreversleeptime. i thought about how she must feel instead, to lose a face you’ve seen everyday for sixty years, a voice you’ve woken to every morning, hands and arms that helped you down the hall everynight before bed because you are toostubborn of an old woman to wear your damned hearingaid which would totally help you walk because of that inner ear imbalance and stuff. i don’t mention the most importantpart of a person since there was so little of that left and she resented him for it. evenso, i was shaken and i can’t even begin to imagine what she felt in that moment and has been feeling everyday /everymoment/ since.

this is a sadpost and i’m not sure whatelse to say except that it’s good that he isn’t suffering anymore and didn’t have to live in a place amongst shadows and strangers for years while also being a prisoner of his own mind . ___. /01162013



this is the longest comic i’ve ever done sofar in my life and i worked SUPERHARD on it, so despite its flaws i am superamazingalotVERY PROUD OF IT AND MYSELF :^DDD GO MY SELF YOU MADE A THING HIPHIPHUZZAH

OHYEAH, i laughed alot while drawing it so i hope maybe it can help you smileandlaugh and stuff too! THAT IS IF YER EYES DON’T BOIL AND BURST FROM THE COLORS FIRST :^D!


i’ve been thinking alot in past week or so annnnnd i’ve decided to stop doin hobonichi V: WELL IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE ANYWAY. i’ve kinda consistently been at least a couple days behind and i don’t like the feeling of playing catch up D: capturing moments or feelings that are precious to me before they’re too far gone to see clearly in my head — that’s much more important to me, yanno? i value that above and beyond simply recording events or filling up pages for the sake of doing such V:

i am also not particularly fond of the hobopaper: it wrinkles easily and ink takes forever to dry so i’m constantly smudging stuff and i already prefer paper with a bit of tooth to it so when i’m drawing in the hobo it feels really gross to me so i either end up with something i don’t like so much or i have to draw on different paper and end up cutting and pasting back into the hobo and HNNG IT’S ALOT OF TIME TO INVEST FOR A DAILY THING AND I WANT TO DO SO MUCH IN THESE NEXT FEW MONTHS! i have all these ideas and goals that i’m really excited about and i’ve just been terribly worried i’ll never get to anything because of this thing i feel obligated to complete @_@;;;;;

BUT IMEAN IT WAS SO FUN! REALLY FUN!! and i’m definitely still going to do these types of pages — just not everyday, and more in the way i described above, instead! i’ll still be creating and thinking and learning each and everyday but i won’t be confined to hobospace is all \n__n/ i really adore the onett cover i have too, so imma be on the lookout for a nice softbound a6 unruled notebook for inside :^D if you know of anything that would make a nice fit, lemme know!


dedicated to all the kids who keep doing the shit they love despite familyfolk being unsupportive as balls :^D


also bowlcut dedicated to kdubs like all bowls i drawls forever and ever <B



email me a picture of your character/self/whatevs and i will make a thing! 760x760 pixelses! paypal only! wait for me to confirm before sending any monies though! (: email is sunbrineATgmailDOTcom! and it’ll help to put “avahed commission” in the title so i know what’s cookin V:

THANKS FOR LOOKIN ☆≡ \ n ___ n / ≡☆


MEET BUDDUM BIRCH :^D i made her for doodle republic and willbe sharin sommore creatures in the near future, hopefully! bageltown has been taking up quite a bit of my time but iam no longer and am gettin used to the new schedule so MORE ART MAKE SOON YES RIGHT \n__n/

i just wanna say that i am megathankful for the people who like what i do (the old AND the new folk) andwho support me and mystuff in various ways. mad props to inechi specifically though here. also i would like to thank shiva, quezacotl, and also mark for drivin me to bagelpalace everyday. MEGATON FURIOUS PROPS YO V: