i’ve been thinking alot in past week or so annnnnd i’ve decided to stop doin hobonichi V: WELL IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE ANYWAY. i’ve kinda consistently been at least a couple days behind and i don’t like the feeling of playing catch up D: capturing moments or feelings that are precious to me before they’re too far gone to see clearly in my head – that’s much more important to me, yanno? i value that above and beyond simply recording events or filling up pages for the sake of doing such V:

i am also not particularly fond of the hobopaper: it wrinkles easily and ink takes forever to dry so i’m constantly smudging stuff and i already prefer paper with a bit of tooth to it so when i’m drawing in the hobo it feels really gross to me so i either end up with something i don’t like so much or i have to draw on different paper and end up cutting and pasting back into the hobo and HNNG IT’S ALOT OF TIME TO INVEST FOR A DAILY THING AND I WANT TO DO SO MUCH IN THESE NEXT FEW MONTHS! i have all these ideas and goals that i’m really excited about and i’ve just been terribly worried i’ll never get to anything because of this thing i feel obligated to complete @_@;;;;;

BUT IMEAN IT WAS SO FUN! REALLY FUN!! and i’m definitely still going to do these types of pages – just not everyday, and more in the way i described above, instead! i’ll still be creating and thinking and learning each and everyday but i won’t be confined to hobospace is all \n__n/ i really adore the onett cover i have too, so imma be on the lookout for a nice softbound a6 unruled notebook for inside :^D if you know of anything that would make a nice fit, lemme know!


my witchname would be WEJAW maybeshort for wejawsire or something cool and my FRIENDmiliar would be a sweetass caterguy named challah! he can size shift which is pretty handy but he is otherwise super awkward and goofy like me V: burdhair turned braid and ribbons and mosshair and well YEAHOKAY i would be a really clumsy witch always getting potions and stuff wrong and exploding crap up in my own face and getting my treehouse golem all mad cause im burning up his insides and stuff since i live in there V: but me and challah would have great adventures where i’m riding on his back or he’s ridin in my pocket! n____n