Il Nobel per la Fisica alla scoperta delle onde, le correnti gravitazionali

A Thorne, Barish e Weissle, mezione a Ligo e Virgo., applausi e brindisi dei fisici italiani… Ma anche un po’ smemorati  questi del Nobel che  si  sono  dimenticati  di Battiato… visto  che aveva trovato  la cura…

“Ti solleverò dai dolori e dai tuoi sbalzi d'umore, dalle ossessioni delle tue manie. Supererò le correnti gravitazionali, lo spazio e la luce per non farti invecchiare. E guarirai da tutte le malattie, perché sei un essere speciale, ed io, avrò cura di te”.


㊐ - It wasn’t an actual ticking, yet she could almost feel it in her bones. That constant track of time that was kept within the back of her mind. It moved constantly, like a watch that she never wore. Accurate enough that she wouldn’t need one.

   At least, until recently.

   It was in moments like these that things went a little… awry. The pulse in her veins faster than normal, the constant passing of time no long in sync with the rest of her body as it swept into a cascading torrent of reactions that she couldn’t control.

   She blamed it on nerves, for the most part. The rolling feeling of tension that coiled tight within her chest. Not without reason, she thinks. Faunus, she had never gotten along well with them.
   Yet here she was, in Beacon. A teammate to one and tutoring yet another one. She shouldn’t be afraid. She told herself she wasn’t. Yet what else was it that caused a heat down her collars and the tremors in her grip as she stood there in the empty room that she had reserved for this very purpose.

   The time tick. Her gazed fixed upon the door. They were late.

Kiss N' Tell

㊐ - Games. Everyone played them, though every definition of the word and why separated itself into a multitude of possibilities that were pretty much limitless. Limitless in the way that this particular ‘game’ had sold itself to be. A virtual reality, a second world, set apart from the one they were in now.

   If anyone had asked Weiss when she had been older if she would ever be considering on wasting her time in such a thing, she would have scoffed. She had enough to handle in her life. Responsibilities and obligations to fulfil, goals to meet and all that potential to bring about.

   Yet here she was now, the bustle of others around herself. The skies above a clear blue unlike the darkness that she had fallen asleep to only moments before. Her eyes fixed upon her hands, turning them over and wondering at the feel of the air here.

   It felt… clean.

   A deep breath, a quiet hum from within her throat that caused her to pause for the longest moment before she finally shook it off. A smile that tinged upon bittersweet as she took her first steps into this new world.

   Limitless potential. The question now was where to start.