weiss' collarbone appreciation club

haratkins-deactivated20140310  asked:

It seems now that the RWBY fandom here's made a "Weiss Schnee Collarbone Appreciation Club" or something. It took surprisingly long for hiatus to take its toll here.

I…..probably shouldn’t look that up, should I?

What about the “Ozpin’s Sexy Voice Appreciation Club?”

[11:30:04 PM] King Nothing: some people just look at her collarbones
[11:30:08 PM] King Nothing: and just collapse into orgasm
[11:30:19 PM] King Nothing: the first time it happens in public Ruby is so confused
[11:30:28 PM] King Nothing: but Weiss is just like “they’ll be okay in about 3 minutes”
[11:30:40 PM] King Nothing: she even has a separate pamphlet “So You Saw My Collarbones”