weiss' collarbone appreciation club

[11:30:04 PM] King Nothing: some people just look at her collarbones
[11:30:08 PM] King Nothing: and just collapse into orgasm
[11:30:19 PM] King Nothing: the first time it happens in public Ruby is so confused
[11:30:28 PM] King Nothing: but Weiss is just like “they’ll be okay in about 3 minutes”
[11:30:40 PM] King Nothing: she even has a separate pamphlet “So You Saw My Collarbones”

anonymous asked:

i do not understand its just a collarbone??? whats so special about it???? #ConfusedNerd

she’s the only rwby who has an outfit that exposes her collarbone and I think just a little bit more attention is given to it on her character model so I really, really like it

it’s one of the first things I noticed about her and I’m tired of keeping it bottled up inside


idk I just like her collarbone man idk what to tell you

peketo replied to your post:yang I love you but your collarbone game is weak…

… i’ll probably be killed for this but… I don’t see the difference between their collarbones? I mean, their 3D models’ body are pretty similar. The only thing that changes is breast size, height and texture…

no lmao you’re right I’m just making a big deal out of Weiss’s because her hunting outfit shows it off more often