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Oh my gosh could you please draw grown up ruby with long hair and Weiss is just like staring at her all awestruck and Yang and Blake are laughing in the background.

That atlesian cold air.. always making Weiss’s cheeks blush

Weiss elegance in fanart

People who draw Weiss with her knees pointing inwards for ‘cute’ purposes, don’t understand that an heiress raised to be elegant and most likely made to take dancing classes to improve her balance and posture, would never, even accidentally, end up inwarding her knees or feet, because it would feel weird and unnatural for her. People who are pushed into elegance training, like ballroom dancing, in childhood years, carry that baggage with them through life.


The trainer sheets!
 Ruby was “Cute but Deadly”, Weiss was “Cold Grace” Blake was “Stoic Felines” and Yang was “Three Bears!”

I just decided to do two Pokemon each (with the exception of Yang, cause Goldilocks and Three Bears haha) as a throwback to the original “pairs” during the Team Building phase in Season 1. Plus, other trainers rarely seem to have more than 3 (what gives?). So, hope you like! I had a ton of fun making these! 

RWBY Volume 4 Timeskip Character Design
  • Ruby: Little red riding hood reaching lvl 99 and ready to fuck you up. Eats cookies made out of her enemies' tears.
  • Weiss: Started her own empire, became more rich than she already was, a responsible Elsa.
  • Blake: Achieved her bankai and became a Captain of a Gotei 13 division
  • Yang: Xiao Long