The Collective Nouns of SMITE

A scorch of Agnis
A swarm of Ah Muzens
A fester of Ah Puchs
A cave of Amaterasu
A pride of Anhurs
A plague of Anubises
A smooch of Aphrodites
A banter of Apollos
A scuttle of Arachnes
A brofist of Ares
A quiver of Artemises
A taunt of Athenas
A surge of Awilixs
A belch of Bacchuses
A rasp of Bakasuras
A pounce of Bastets
A scourge of Bellonas
A bellowing of Cabrakans
A colony of Camazotzes
A torrent of Chaacs
A waltz of Chang’es
A stable of Chirons
A jiffy of Chronoses
A flutter of Cupids
A pin of Erlangs
A hoard of Fafnirs
A howl of Fenrirs
A flight of Freyas
A pebble of Gebs
A charge of Guans
A blight of Hadeses
A sploosh of He Bos
A burst of Hels
A labour of Hercules
A sunset of Hou Yis
A barrel of Hun Batzes
A gust of Isises
A sickle of Izanami
A byte of Januses
A giggle of Jing Weis
A lash of Kalis
A dawn of Khepris
A zephyr of Kukus
A sloth of Kumbhas
A skulk of Lokis
A slither of Medusas
An enthusiasm of Mercurys
An ambiguity of Ne Zhas
A titter of Neiths
An injustiiiiiice of Nemeses
A night of Noxes
A cloud of Nu Was
A leap of Odins
A jumble of Osirises
A pool of Poseidons
A cluck of Ras
A riff of Raijin
A snipe of Ramas
A scurry of Ratatoskrs
A prana of Ravanas
A crush of Scyllas
A surprise of Serqets
A pack of Skadis
A lurk of Sobeks
A supernova of Sols
A journey of Wukongs
A storm of Susano
A grove of Sylvanuses
A mumsnet of Terras
A murder of Thanatoses
A thunder of Thors
A shrewdness of Thoths
A court of Tyrs
A glory of Ullrs
A cradle of Vamanas
A forge of Vulcans
A sneak of Xbalanques
A fling of Xings
A boom of Ymirs
A drift of Zeuses
A bag of Zhongs

hestiajsa  asked:

hiii! im trying to do a Gou cosplay, and i have a limited budget. Do you have any places i could get like quality wigs/contacts for a cheap price? Thanks!


First of all, wigs are not cheap. Most of the time, If they are cheap, then that means they are bad quality. But, I tried to find ones that weren’t too expensive, same for contacts, and this is what I found:

SR Circus Doll did a Kou cosplay with this wig. If you want to check it out go here. And also you can go here and ask them questions about the wig or the overall look.

As for the contacts, Geo-Lens House has these Ruby Red lenses that I think are perfect for Kou.

Please, watch this video before you do anything with your contacts!!!!!!! It’s very important info!!!

I’m going to recommend you the same eye makeup tutorial I recommended in the previous ask because I think it works for Kou too.

Here is also my favorite Kou cosplayer, weisa. (in case you need some inspiration)

I’m so sorry it took me so long to answer, sosumako. School is keeping me really busy. Finals make me feel very stressed out and I wanna die 

Was this of any help? Anyways, good luck with your cosplay ♡♡♡