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I found some posts on a forum of a woman claiming she went to high school with Randy Stair, here’s what she said:

‘He was the year ahead of me and I had a couple of classes with him. He was a loner and I maybe heard him speak once. Never saw him with any pony or Danny Phantom stuff but I do know that his other autistic obsession was the Dallas Cowboys. That’s pretty much all I know about him.’

‘Oh, and I just remembered that my friend claims to have seen him jerking it in the library once, which seems like a pretty important detail to include.’

‘He wasn’t in special ed classes to my knowledge, in fact one of the classes I had with him was an honors class. And he never did try to present as a woman in high school, but if he had he would have been bullied mercilessly so it’s not that unthinkable.’

‘The jocks and bullies did tease him sometimes but he didn’t have it particularly bad and to my knowledge he never got beat up.’

Charles Manson – 11/12/34 - 11/19/17
Ted Bundy – 11/24/46 - 1/24/89
Ed Kemper – 12/18/48 - [still alive]
Richard Ramirez – 2/29/60 - 6/7/13
Jeffrey Dahmer – 5/21/60 - 11/28/94
Eric Harris – 4/9/81 - 4/20/99
Dylan Klebold – 9/11/81 - 4/20/99
Adam Lanza – 4/22/92 - 12/14/12
Randy Stair/Andrew Blaze – 9/17/92 - 6/8/17
Dylann Roof – 4/3/94 - [still alive]
TJ Lane – 9/19/94 - [still alive]

these people have coexisted at some point. not all at once, but some have been alive at the same point in time as others. fucking crazy, right?

some thoughtish things about some murderers (kind of an extended version of the one i did on my main blog)

Jeffrey Dahmer: one, hOW THE FUCK DID YOU MANAGE TO SLEEP WITH OVER 200 FUCKIN DUDES WITHIN THE SPAN OF LIKE 5 YEARS???? two, why do you always look dead inside. did you even feel anything at all dude

Dylan Klebold: you were a fucking terrifying 6′3 school shooter yet you were afraid of do g s (also you’re 1/3 of my killer crushes why)

Eric Harris: you were considered the short friend but you were like 5′9 - 5′10 you weren’t even that fucking short what the hell (you’re one of my killer crushes too, w h y)

Randy Stair/Andrew Blaze: your youtube vids were great ok hon you were doin great why’d you have to shoot up a store (hey you’re killer crush number three i wanna die but i love you princess)

Kip Kinkel: i’d ask if you’re okay but you’re a murderer that cries a lot and i can relate so probably not

Elliot Rodger: r/niceguys to the extreme (also your name’s spelled weird why’s there only one t)

Richard Ramirez: dude you have the same last name as my dad are we related (i’d say my last name instead of my dad’s but for some reason i got my mom’s instead (as far as i know they never married oof))

Adam Lanza: you’re good at DDR but can you actually dance?

Dylann Roof: you only look good when you smile tbh

TJ Lane: we all know you’re a sub bottom you smelly bitch (btw nice eyebrows) (also you sound like a fucking twink, i’m not even saying this to fuck with you you really do sound like it)

Ted Bundy: certified diva™. also you weren’t that attractive ok you were like average sit the fuck down

John Wayne Gacy: the OG killer clown

Charles Manson: man you could’ve been a singer why’d you have to let the world get you down like that

Ed Kemper: how the fuck does one grow to be 6′9. h o w



listen as much as i love her and wouldn’t want her hurt this is funny as shit

Randy Stair’s OC “Mackenzie”.

He drew many pictures of her, and described her eyes as “full of love, innocence, and loyalty”. His backstory for her included being raped and brutally murdered in 2013.

He said he thought of her very, very often and “talked” to her occasionally. He said he wished her goodnight many times.

One of the last things he said about her is that she had “been there for him more than anyone else has, and cares about him more than anyone else could.“ 

She was one of the two OC’s that he named his guns after, along with Rachel.

He also said he’d probably shoot himself in the head with Mackenzie after the shooting was "over”.