This is what de Beauvoir means when she speaks of ‘becoming a woman’. She is talking about the deliberate mechanisms by which females are enslaved. A process that begins in childhood, carries on through adolescence and culminates in enforced heterosexuality, marriage, intercourse and motherhood. This is no pomo playground. This is the fucking nightmare that almost every female on this planet has been forced to live for the last 5000 years.
—  weirdward, One Is Not Born…

Jack asked for us specifically by name.



and Barrel!

We had a great time today at Holiday Matsuri as Lock, Shock and Barrel. Stick around as more photos go up throughout the week - and thank you to everyone who stopped and wanted pictures of us, or paid us compliments! It means a lot to us :) 

Lock: skydongcentral

Shock: valsindar

Barrel: spellementary

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I’ve been thinking about doing a Crystal Gem sticker set to match the Sailor Moon ones I did last year, and after a lot of consideration, I took the first step into the set. 

& I started with who might be my favorite gem, Garnet. Garnet is stoic and very mysterious at the beginning of the series - in charge, fierce, but loving and compassionate with Steven. I really love how Garnet has developed throughout the series, and choose some of her own words for this sticker.

Look forward to a set of stickers coming soon to Weirdward Wares. If you can’t wait, hit me up and I’ll hook you up!