50% me obsessing over gmw and wanting rowan and the rest of the gang to have more projects (movies & tv series) outside disney because they deserve the world and theyre talented and the world needs to know them

but 50% of me also doesn’t want to share rowan and the gang with other people a.k.a the f a k e fans and don’t want them to be THAT mainstream

i’m a fucked up human being

And before I head to bed once again...

Some random questions which required my opinions on things!

Meh, I don’t think it would work. I mean, would that be like a DC vs Marvel? Cause, I don’t think we would be able to keep those DC characters in a Marvel game. It would be cool in theory, but not really doable, if you know what I mean.

Related (kinda) to the first Anon’s question! Uhm… I have a thing for villains. But both the Squadron Supreme and the Thunderbolts are villains… ARG! OH! I KNOW HOW TO ANSWER! Whichever has Nighthawk! (I just love him because in italian his name is Nottolone. And while it is the name of the same bird, it’s just too funny when you say that name. It really sounds like a name you would give to a teddybear, not to an evil mastermind.)

Uuuh, I can pick anyone, @avengersacademyfunmember? Let me think… Gosh this is hard. I think I would like a really crazy band so I would pick Rocket Raccoon (I can imagine him “singing” some quite dirty songs), Green Goblin (in my head he’s smashing the third guitar of the night while trying to throw himself off the stage for the sixth time), Doc Ock (he’s playing the drums while preventing Norman from killing himself) and Red Hulk (he would have a blast at his keyboards, just smashing on them with his fists). That would be a hell of a rock/metal/more noise than music band!
PS: Madame Hydra would try to be their manager, but she’d give up in like 30 seconds.


           By Fortune’s adverse buffets overborne
               To solitude I fled, to wilds forlorn,
                  And not in utter loneliness to live,
                     Myself at last did to the Devil give!” 

                                                 C A I N     +     A D E L A I D E 
                                                     [ for @southern-queer ]