Serve and Protect

//A thread based on this photo by weirdoinyourtardis\

A sealed letter was placed in the King of Arendelle’s hand. He studied it before breaking the seal to read it’s contents. 

A frown formed on the king’s face. The advisor’s of Arendelle were requesting a man of noble birth to act as the Queen’s protector. It was quite nervy but they were allies after all and the king did have one of the strongest militaries in all of Scandinavia. 

Writing a list of names between dukes and his son’s he narrowed them down one by one. The most useless of his two sons were Linus and Hans. Linus had no formal military training and while Hans did he had no true purpose other than to strengthen an alliance through an insignificant marriage. It was decided then.

Admiral Hans received the official orders to embark for Arendelle on the morrow. Confused, he requested a meeting with the king who refused to meet with him. He’d just returned from a long voyage in India patrolling the Southern Isles territories and now he was being sent to a Norwegian kingdom with no rhyme or reason? The orders lacked detail which angered him the most. 

The following morning his ship and crew departed on the four day journey to Arendelle.