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anyways tumblr is fucked up bc the concept of “call outs” have been completely appropriated by rich white kids with low social interaction who use it as a platform to handle any and all slightly messy conflict. like? the purpose of a call out post should first and foremost be centered around warning others about a potentially dangerous user. and that can mean different things (such as abusive ex partners where you cant contact the police/authorities or violently racist/misogynistic/homophobic weirdos) but it definitely shouldnt mean “this user vagued me last week and is friends with someone who is mutuals with someone who did smth mildly microaggressive two years ago”

and ik jokes about “show me the receipts” are over done but godfuckingdamn there is some value in actually showing what the person did directly so other ppl can judge for themselves. like its a very easily manipulated tactic used often by abusive ppl as a way to isolate their victims. and more recently its a very easily manipulated tactic used as a way to fuck around w ppl who pissed u off mildly.

like if yr using call out posts as a way to handle yr interpersonal drama uve already fucked up. if ur going around and messaging ppl abt a “dangerous user” bc they vagued you once and has some tentative connection w some other user nobody knows or cares about uve double fucked up. these are aggressive fear tactics being used to keep a group of friends in line. these are abusive tactics being used to punish and subdue anyone who has a disagreement on the simplest shit. and overall its a really dangerous way to handle shit bc it opens up the person to attack and harassment.

and also, like lol sidenote: yall are annoying bc cant we just go back to middle school where we get in arguments and fight someone and then its chill? that was so much fucking easier.


My cats Jack and Jill, they’re both a bunch of big idiots but I’ve never loved two cats so much. Very un-photogenic weirdos, and very thicc™. Lost them a year apart, Jack passed last week. Miss em a lot.


✿ Ishihime Week 2017 ✿   Day 1: A Soft Realization // Quicksilver

I always thought these looks held a special meaning, like they realized something important about the other. 

My Little Fairy (Simon D x Reader)

This was requested by anon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by youngkaezy

You were always the shy one, the “baby” of the group of friends. No one really knows why, you were acting like that since you were a young kid, you would smile and play kindly with the other kids, it wasn’t your thing to run around and make a mess like most kids.

As you got older that didn’t change. You preferred to listen to others than talking, you had few friends that you loved but not many, sine you always doubted yourself and could barely say a few phrases when you first met someone.

Kiseok saw you sitting on a bench on the park right across from his office window every day at 11 p.m to 2 p.m. and it was always the same bench and the same time. You would always bring a book and something to drink, you always looked so peaceful and happy, a ghost of a smile was on your lips, he noticed how you replied to anyone that talked to you with a smile, how you would pet the dog that passed by with their owners, how sometimes you would stare at the kids playing with a glimpse of melancholy but also excitement.

After weeks of being a weirdo, he decided to work the courage and walk those stairs, cross the street. He froze, what was he going to say to you? he couldn’t just start talking to you. As he walked with his mind completely off, he didn’t see the bump on the grass and tripped down.

“oh my god”

you said and left your stuff to run to the man that fell down kind of hard.

“are you alright sir?”

“physically yes, emotionally i want to crawl to a hole for the rest of my life”

you left a small chuckle as you looked at him. You knew those eyes, if it wasn’t for the mask you may have been more successful at recognizing him.

“we all tumble”

“not in front of the girl we wanted to flirt with

Kiseok loved how pure you were, how you would blush every time he made a flirty or dirty joke. How you would play with your fingers when you got nervous around him, your genuine smile when he complimented you. He was so used to women that tried to take advantage of him or girls that were just seeking a good night sex, he almost forgot that women that would blush and hide their face after a single kiss.

AOMG took you in as family. Even though you were younger than their “baby” Hyuk-woo they could tell that your feelings for Kiseok were 100% real, so they accepted you and enjoyed having you around.

Of course you had to be there for Kiseok’s birthday. You were happy for your man no doubt, but his birthday was one more reminder that you had a big age gap. You had just blow out your 25th birthday cake, Kiseok was turning 34 in Korea. They were plenty of times you were scared to seem childish and unattractive to him, that he would realise how much of a baby you are and leave you.

No matter how you felt, you got dressed in a A line princess sweetheart beading sleeveless short mini organza dress in lavender colour, you did your heart in loose curls and put it up in a ponytail and your make up soft and summery, you even put on heels and got to the club.

You were not happy to see a sea of women that looked much more sexier and older than you, most of them around Jay and Kiseok. Of course when Kiseok saw you, he politely excused himself and got to you. He swiftly wrapped his arms around your waist and gave you a kiss on the forehead

“Happy birthday”

“Thank you babygirl, come on and drink with us”

He saw how your smile dropped when you saw the women that were in the V.I.P area, so he made you sit right next to him and took your hand in his.

“Ladies, this is (y/n)”

None of them spoke, they just kind of nodded at you with displease and got to talking with Kiseok, completely ignoring your entire existence.

As time went by your insecurities catch up with you and ate you from inside out, you clearly stood out with your girlie dress, you felt like you look like you just left prom. All the women here wore sexy dresses that showed up their glamorous bodies, Their hair flowed down like a waterfall and their make up was done to perfection. Kiseok seemed much more interested in them than you, so you did what everyone here hoped you would do, you picked your bag and walked away without saying a word and looking at the ground.

You heard your name but didn’t turn around, you just kept walking towards the exit. You almost made it to the car until a hand wrapped around your elbow and pulled you back

“y/n, what happened? are you ok?”

Kiseok asked concerned. He thought you got sick or something, when he saw you leave the worst case scenarios bombarded his mind. Your eyes avoided his and looked at the concrete.

“I just want to leave”

“why? who hurt you?”

you got silent again, there was no one to blame except you. Kiseok placed his hands on your cheeks and made you look in his eyes

“tell me what’s wrong”

“it’s me ok. I am a baby, i showed up in the club like i’m going to prom, and all those girls, they are so glamorous, now look at me Kiseok. I…. don’t belong here”

Kiseok could do nothing but hug you. The reasons that made you feel insecure were the reasons that he wanted you by his side. When you showed up in that dress you looked like a fairy, he was actually worried about your age cause you were so young and full of energy, he was getting old and could not really keep up.

“I love your dress, i love your youth, i love everything about you. Do you love the old man?”

“i love you and you’re not old”

“Give me a kiss”

He requested and you pulled away from his shoulder to give him a quick peck.

“Don’t worry about those girls we got way bigger fish to fry. I want you, my little fairy to be there and no other girl will change that

anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all, I love your blog! Second of all, could we get some hcs for Inasa please? Big overenthusiastic windsock child is adorable <3

Yoarashi Inasa

  • He was never a little kid. Like when he was born he was the size of a Christmas ham. He was like 5 foot 9 in third grade. He’s never had to look up at a person
  • Coffee calms him down but he hates the taste of it
  • When he was a kid he had a hamster but he accidentally blew it away once and they never found it again. He still gets sad whenever he walks by a pet store (the hamster, however, was fine. It lived for two more years)
    Inasa: this is going to hurt you much more than it’ll hurt me
  • He has a dartboard with Endeavor’s face on it. He sends a picture to Todoroki whenever he gets a bullseye. Todoroki, in turn, sends him a picture of him aiming a dart at the real Endeavor
Your Love | Tom Holland

Tom Holland x Reader

Request: (by anon) “Omg your love by little mix with tom!!! pls pls its literally been a dream of mine lol”

Summary: Based on “Your Love” by Little Mix. Tom shows you he loves you in all kinds of situations.

Word Count: 839

Warnings: sickening fluff and mentions of shrek whoops

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve written on this blog and I hope it doesn’t suck lol also I hope this didn’t disappoint you anon :’) Also Tom says darling so much in this because I love it. If you want to request go here, and if you want to see the song fic request list go here

Luxurious lovin’, like Egyptian cotton

If I ain’t got nothin’, least I got you

Tom realized just how much he loves you after one of many nights spent at his apartment. You were laying in bed after he had a long day of filming and he couldn’t take his eyes off you, no matter how much they threatened to close from exhaustion.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that, babe?” You asked him as he brushed a strand of hair away from your eyes. His cheeks turned pink and he gave a small smile.

“It’s just - I don’t know,” he said quietly. “Sometimes I wonder - if I weren’t a celebrity, would you still be with me?”

You almost laughed, the question sounding absolutely ridiculous. Tom frowned, “No, (Y/N), I’m serious.”

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I know people are expecting Day 7: Ocean/ Forest of @daisugaweek2017 to be some kind of fluffy domestic Daisuga vacation nonsense, or training camp shenanigans or whatever… but I basically just used this as an excuse to write fantasy DaiSuga. (AKA just another scene from an AU I want to write someday.) SO SUE ME.

If the “read under the cut” thing doesn’t work then please let me know.

And please enjoy my final DaiSuga Week story. (It was a lot of fun. Thanks for reading, nerds.)

Daichi knew that crossing the border was a bad idea.

The Kingdom of Miyagi was an absolute hellhole. The small towns and villages that dotted the countryside were forced to rule over themselves after the fall of the royal family to Darkness just three years previous. Bandits, thugs, and an all manner of violent monsters were a constant source of terror for the kingdom’s citizens, making the roads nearly impassable.

No one slept peacefully in a place like Miyagi.

Which made it the perfect place for Daichi to transfer.

After all, monsters were Daichi’s job.

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Just A Little Attention

Cute shit, as always. Your local trash human thought it would be fun to do a little fluffy cute Baddies (ex-Baddie too). Below is a short list of our beautiful boys and girls desperately trying to get their SO’s attention while they’re working. Widowmaker, Sombra, McCree, Junkrat, Reaper with reader. Nuetral “You” used. (Lots of lap sitting in this bitch and I hope y'all are about it) (cause I aaaaaam)


For some reason my inbox doesn’t accept asks and I don’t know why! However my personal messages are always open for requests! I am happy to keep you anonymous!

Broken up into 3 part! Cause they just long enough!

Part Two; McCree and Junkrat


° Scares the shit out of you when you’re suddenly lifted out of your chair. Literally, one arm snaked behind your knees while the other went behind your back and you were lifted out of your office chair. It takes you a second to stop scrambling angrily, your heart beating out of your chest and your training ready to be put to use but when you finally see a cowboy hat and a gruff smile, you relaxed and hit the cowboy on the shoulder roughly. “You scared the shit outta me, Jess!” You hit his shoulder again as he chuckled.

° “You know, most people woulda been excited when their boyfriend comes ta surprise them at work, Y/N? Instead you hit me!” He chuckled, hugging you tightly, not setting you down just yet. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave his strong jaw a big kiss.

° “That’s because I almost pulled out that Reyes Patented training I’ve gotten so much of and I needed to take it out on you,” you kissed his lips this time before you tried to squirm out of his grasp but he held onto you tightly, “I’ve got to get back to work, okay,” but he turned on his heel and was walking away from your desk. You looked over his shoulder at your desk getting further and further away and your scrambled again. “Wait wait, I’ll be shot if I don’t get this stuff done, Jesse. It won’t be much longer! Pleeeeease!” You stated as you managed to wiggle your legs down but he maneuvered with you and you were suddenly kicking your feet as he held you up by your waist, you pressed against his body tightly. You looked up at him with large eyes and a pouting lip, “You want Gabe to shoot me. So you’re finally single again,” you fake sniffed as if you were really upset as you saw him roll his eyes but he was chuckling.

° “Honey,” he stated firmly as he set you down on your feet as he put a finger under you chin, “One more hour,” he stated in a stern voice. The voice made you nod seriously, knowing he wasn’t afraid to actually drag you out of the building. He leaned down and kissed you warmly, and a smile was on your lips before he pulled back. He grabbed your shoulder and turned you around and gave your butt a quick swat and you quickly began to walk back to your desk with him quickly in tow.

° You guys are actually disgustingly cute together, everyone gets sick of you guys because you both are so perfect for each other. Finish each other’s sentences type of couple. You guys are so in tune with one other, which is why you didn’t sit down right away and instead he sat in the chair and pulled you into his lap and scooted the chair close to your desk as your hands went back to your keyboard and went back to work as his arms wrapped around your waist, face nestling into your back. You’ll eventually pull your legs up and cross them in his lap and he’ll go to rubbing your shoulders with strong rough hands. And he whispers cute things into your ears and tickle your neck with his facial hair. Kisses all over your neck. But you stayed focused on your computer and he couldn’t help but feel proud of you. He respected all you did and knew how much you put into your job, emotionally and physically.

° “Its been an hour,” he stated gently in your ear. You leaned back from your desk, looking at all the files scattered all over your desk. You leaned all the way back into him, his arms going around your waist again as you rose your own hand and pinched the bridge of your nose. He nestled his face into your hair as you spoke.

° “I still have so much to do,” you stated with a tired tone to your voice. “This week has been so long,” you finished, sliding your hand down your face before resting your chin on your hand.

° “Ya’ve already been here 14 hours, Y/N,” he stated gently and you nodded in response. He looked down at your paper work on your desk. He gave in a little bit, “Do ya want to stay and finish this stuff?” He asked, an understanding tone in his voice but he held onto you tighter. You sighed gently, looking down at your work then back at your computer screen. You really had to think about it. You needed to finish this. You looked over to McCree’s face. He looked tired just like you, but he had his little half smile on his lips as he looked back at you. You thought a little longer before you waved your hand in the air as you leaned over and shut off your screen.

° “It’ll be there in the morning. Take me home, cowboy,” you stated with a bright smile as you hopped off his lap and he happily stood up from the chair and wrapped an arm around your shoulder and gives a large kiss on your cheek as the two of you walk out of the office together.

°Extra for McCree°

° You snuggled into your boyfriend, bodies completely naked as you both slept happily in each other’s arms. Both oblivious to the world around you until your phone began to buzz loudly as a dark ringtone came ringing through the room. You sat up quickly, hair a mess and eyes wide. You know that ringtone, you set it. It was the Darth Vader. McCree groaned and turned over as you scrambled over to grab your phone but as your fingers touch the screen, you accidentally pressed the reject symbol. The phone went silent and your heart thumped in you chest as you rushed out of bed, and began to get dressed as you raced to get ready.

° You just bitch bumped your boss and you were in it now. You quickly spread kisses all over McCree’s face, him smiling and stretching before flopping across the entire bed and mumbling “Have a good day, honey”. Sliding on your work boots, you ran out the front door. You closed the door, turned around to lock it, and turned to leave when you ran into a hard chest and fell back against the door. You looked up and saw Reyes looking down at you. You hid your face with your hands as he picked you up by the nape of your t-shirt.

° “Sorry boss, I overslept. I won’t do it again,” you stated, kind of defeated, peaking through your fingers at the man in front of you. The mask looked at you before he set you back down. What were with these men picking people up constantly? Weirdos…

° “I don’t care if you’re late, Sombra is late 4 times a week. But always pick up you’re phone or I’ll send a search party next time,” he stated, arms crossed as you nodded and went on your walk of shame down your apartment hallways back to your office, black mist of a man walking right behind you.


° When the glass broke next to you in the break room of Talon, you only looked down at it. It seemed something was always happening at Talon. As long as no one snuck up on y–

° The thing that broke the window suddenly exploded and black smoke filled the break room. The smoke however cleared and your face was covered in ash. Your eyes narrowed as you walked over to the window, probably not the smartest idea if it was a hostile attack. If anyone else was still in the building, they would be calling you an idiot, but you had a good idea who it was. You looked out the shattered window to see Junkrat standing below, him waving excitedly. You rose a single hand and gave only a small wave back, but your eyes look slightly annoyed. You already had enough work to do and now you had to add “Cleaning the Breakroom because of my idiot boyfriend” to the list.

° “Oi, wanna ditch and come ‘ave some fun?!” Junkrat hollared up to the window, wide toothy grin across his face. You shook your head and yelled back.

° “Jamie I have a ton of work to do!” You could see his shoulders slump from up two stories and he pulled out a mine and laid it on the ground. “Jamie Wait–” he stepped on the mine and suddenly he was soaring towards your broken, wild grin back on his face as hit burst through the window and tackled you to the ground. You laughed and pushed him off easily, sitting up from the ground but he pulled you back down playfully.

° “You are an absolute nightmare, do you know that?” You teased him, looking up at him as he held you down and he grinned widely down at you.

° “That, my dear, is why ya adore me, ennit?” He stated with a giggle but he was quickly thrown off as your legs wrapped them around his waist and tossed him off. He still giggled as he looked up from the found where he had landed and you stood up from the ground quickly and looked down at him with a smile, putting your hand out to help him up. However that playful grin stayed on his lips as you pulled you back down. You rolled your eyes as a smile stayed on your lips, your hands slapping at his hands before you got ahold of his wrists and you held his hands down to the floor, looking down at his face with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

° “Done yet?” You asked playfully, as he rolled his head from side to side for a moment before giggling uncontrollably.

° “Not till ya buy me dinner,” he stated with a wiggle of his eyebrows before he snaked his hands away from your grasp and he sat up and wrapped his arms around your waist and looked up at you, chin resting on your chest, “You’ve been 'ere for hours, mate. Ya promised,” he stated with a slightly more serious tone, big pleading eyes and pouting lip. You looked over at the clock. You had been there for 14 hours and the number seemed to never be enough as more and more paperwork was given to you. You looked back down to Junkrat and smiled before kissing his nose playfully.

° “Alright, alright. We’ll go get something but I have to come back and finish up okay?” You state seriously, as you get up from him and offer him your hand again and he takes it and actually gets off the ground with your hand in his as he hopped on a peg leg excitedly as he led you out your break room. He knew just how to get what he wanted and you couldn’t help but hate him for it… But also kind of love him for it at the same. He could be as clingy as clingy could be. But you didn’t mind it too much.

°Extra for Junkrat°

° You looked out your office window as the sun began to peak through, you sighing quietly but eyes turned back to your computer, your hands typing on the keyboard tiredly. Junkrat was curled up in your lap, arms wrapped around your neck and face resting against the crook of your neck, his breath tickling the little hairs at the nape of your neck. Occasionally you would take a hand and rub it up and down his back and type with one hand for a little while. Dinner was enough to appease to Jamie, him basically curling into your lap as soon as you sat at your desk. You had covered him with your Talon jacket, and he had been snoozing on and off since then. He stirred as some stomping came towards your office and an angry Reaper showing up in the doorway, but Junkrat didn’t awake. You were about to get your ass chewed out for the state of the break room. However when Reyes saw the tall lanky man snoozing in your lap, he just stared for a moment.

° You look a Reaper with a slight spin of your chair, looking at him and holding a finger up to your lips to make sure he stayed as quiet as he could be. He drifted over, looking at Junkrat’s face and then at yours with the mask showing no emotion.

° “He is so innocent looking when he is sleeping,” Gabe stated quietly, leaning down to look at you, mask unmoving.

° “He doesn’t sleep well when I’m not home. He just passed out here,” you answered, smiling gently.

° “Did you get your paper work done?” Reaper asked seriously.

° “Yeah about 4 hours ago. I didn’t have the heart to wake him though so I just started on today’s stuff… Also my legs are asleep, I’m pretty sure I can’t walk,” you joked, but were half serious. A gentle chuckle, a weird sound to hear honestly, before you recieved a gentle hair ruffle and Junkrat got one as well.

° “Good work.”

° “Thanks, boss.”

° “You’re not leaving until that break room is spotless.”

° “Yessir.”

Originally posted by taraevyn

It’s not even 7:30 yet and I’m already in bed.

I pulled a muscle in my shoulder last week and it picked yesterday to flare up and kill me.

My mother called me yesterday and was incoherent and disoriented.

She keeps thinking the funeral last week was for her father and wasn’t my dad’s.

My grandfather died ten years ago.

She told me she is angry the nurses didn’t call her when there was a report on my dad and I told her that’s because they never met her and don’t know her. She’s more upset that they think she’s shit than that my dad died without her.

I leave for Jamaica in 19 days. A friend messaged me and offered to add me to her room and it was too good an offer to pass up.

So, now I’m focused on work, rent, and costumes for my Halloween trip. I might be excited.

I broke my front tooth yesterday and need a root canal and cap and crown and now I’m terrified it won’t be finished by the trip and I’m just a hot blubbery mess who can only eat soft foods because she’s terrified she’ll be toothless if she chews anything harder than baby food.

Today I opened my Hulu for the first time in weeks and broke down like a weirdo when I saw all the shows my dad queued up to watch the week he died and I laugh sobbed at Wicked Tuna and Naked and Afraid and Celebrity Family Feud. Only him.

I ordered his urn and a bracelet that holds his ashes. They come Tuesday and I’m a little exited to complete that task. It’s been slow going these last two weeks.

I just want to sleep and rest and wake up happy again.

That’s it. That’s all.

Day 11

You reach a point after seven hours on shift where everything becomes suddenly and vividly surreal. Time seems to slow down. You look at the words popping up on your register but you swear they’re not written in any sort of language you can understand. And the store lights–have they always been this scorchingly bright?

And the customers suddenly become only that much weirder. 

Today near hour 6 of my shift, I swear to god two military men dressed in full camo fatigues materialized straight out of the dirty store tiles like some kind of unwanted genies. Each of them were buying the exact same products–a single Rubik’s cube. 
The lingering rational part of my mind wondered if this was some sort of weird military trend or something—buy yourself puzzles during your free time to help distract from all the ghosts you had made earlier that day. The other part of me (the majority, to be honest) was convinced that there were faces hidden in the camo pattern of their clothing. 

Things only got weirder as they aggressively started trying to recruit me for the US Army. One of them even gave me his fucking business card. They spent a good 10 minutes giving me the speech about how gratifying it was to serve one’s country. 

My only response was delirious laughter, which only seemed to offend them. 

Nice try, Uncle Sam. 
I’m not quite so dissatisfied with my life where I actively want to die yet.

Try again in a week. 

Ruined Surprise

“But you can’t tell Joe. It’s a surprise.” Joe flinched at those words, guilt instantly flooding him. He had just managed to ruin Y/N’s surprise for him for Valentine’s Day.

Not that he did it on purpose, she never warned him not to watch the vlog, and so when he saw it in his subscription feed, he had simply clicked on it.

Now though, nearly two weeks before Valentine’s Day, he knew what was coming. And he could tell how excited his girlfriend was about her surprise.

Maybe he could pull off acting surprised.

“Are we doing anything for Valentine’s Day?” Joe asked casually a few days later, watching Y/N’s face for any reaction.

“I figured we’d have a nice quiet evening in.” She shrugged, looking over at him, “Unless you have something planned?”

“Am I a shit boyfriend if I say no?”

“Of course not,” She laughed, leaning over to kiss him quickly, “I know you’ve been busy. I’d be surprised if you did have something planned.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He mumbled, pulling her closer.

“I know, I’m pretty amazing.”

Yeah, you are. Joe thought to himself as he remembered her surprise.

“Nothing?!” Zoe stared over at Joe and Y/N in surprise. It was a week prior to Valentine’s Day, and they were visiting her up in Brighton for a day or two.

“Mate, you’re a shit boyfriend.” Alfie laughed, dodging the pillow thrown at him.

“I am not!” Joe protested.

“But you have nothing planned for Valentine’s Day…” Zoe muttered, looking between the couple.

“We don’t need to do anything special.” Y/N shrugged, and it took everything in Joe to not show is guilt, because he knew something special was coming.

“We’re going to have a nice quiet evening in. That’s special.” Joe said instead, avoiding looking at Y/N, in fear of her discovering his guilt.

Maybe he was a shit boyfriend, because he ruined her surprise.

“But, there has to be something planned. A special gift for her?” Zoe asked Joe.

“Well, I’m not going to admit to it here, now am I?” He laughed, risking a glance over at Y/N, but she just smiled up at him.

He was a shit boyfriend.

Two days prior to Valentine’s Day, she started dropping hints.

And if Joe didn’t actually know what the surprise was, they would be teasing hints, ones that would leave him wondering what his girlfriend was up too. But he did know. So the hints only added to the guilt he had.

It was clear that Y/N had worked hard on the surprise, and him having ruined it, there was no way he was going to be able to make up for it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!” Y/N greeted him cheerily on the morning of the fourteenth.

“And to you as well, love.” He grinned, pulling her in for a kiss. “I already can’t wait for this evening. Just a night in with you.”

“It’ll be wonderful.” She sighed, relaxing against him. “And I have another little surprise for you as well.”

“Oh?” Joe tried to act like he had no idea, but his stomach tightened uncomfortably.

“Mhm,” She smiled, running her fingers through his hair, “But you have to wait until tonight to find out what it is.”

“I can’t wait.” He told her, watching as she slipped from bed, humming happily to herself.

Why do you keep lying to her? He thought to himself, pulling a pillow over his face. You’re such a shit boyfriend.

The day dragged by, and Joe’s guilt only intensified.

He was looking forward to having a night in with Y/N, something that was long overdue for the both of them, but he would have to come clean.

It was only right.

Neither brought up the surprise until after dinner was cooked, eaten, and cleaned up. They had both settled into the couch together, ready to choose a movie to finish their relaxing night with.

“Oh, do you want your surprise first?” Y/N asked, sitting up on the couch to look at him.

He had to come clean now.

“It’s not really a surprise…”

“Because I mentioned it this morning? Well, you don’t know what it is. So it still counts as a surprise.” She smiled so lovingly at him, that Joe’s heart sank even more.

“Except I do know what it is. I’ve known for the past two weeks.” He admitted weakly, watching confusion spread across her face.


“Your vlog.”

“But,” She shook her head, “You don’t watch my vlogs.”

“Huh?” It was Joe’s turn to be confused, “Of course I do! I watch every single one of them!”

“You told me that you don’t.”

“I was joking, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I watch your vlogs?”

“Oh my gods,” She groaned, falling back against the couch. “You’ve known for two weeks?!

“I’m sorry, love.” Joe reached over to wrap his arms around her, burying his face into her shoulder. “It’s a really good surprise, though.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Y/N mumbled, fingers running through his hair.

“Because you looked so excited.”

“I was. I should have never mentioned it in my vlog…”

“I’m kind of surprised none of the fans accidentally spoiled it.”

“Me too.” She laughed, and he felt a weight lift off of him.

“You aren’t mad?” Joe asked, lifting his head to look at her.

“Of course not,” She smiled at him, “But you could have just told me you knew. And maybe next time tell me that you do watch my vlogs.”

“I watch all your videos, you should know that.”

“Hmm, well I don’t watch all of yours, so…”

Laughing, Joe leaned down to kiss her. “I know you don’t, because you screamed at me for giving you nightmares with my gaming videos.”

“They were terrifying!” Y/N pouted.

“That’s what makes them so fun.”


“You love it.”

“Yeah,” She sighed, “I do.”

A week later, Joe tweeted a photo of the two of them on holiday, praising her for her wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise.

He decided against telling the fans that he knew about it all along.

2. “You’re too good for this world.”

A/N: Wassup weirdos. As promised, here’s day 2. Happy finals week to some of you, I’m supposed to be studying right now but LOL but when am I ever obedient?? that’s right, never.  Again, I’m going off the Fic Meme list here! You can also read #1 “Oh My God. You’re in love with her.” here. Lets have some fun with drunk Beca, shall we?

“She’s so pretttyyyy though, Stace.”

“I know babe. I know.”

Beca wasn’t usually a lightweight. Beca didn’t usually get trashed off her ass just for the hell of it. And Beca wasn’t supposed to have told any of the girls that she’s been with Chloe now for months. Oops?

Chloe was gone for the weekend with Aubrey for some conference thing. She had mentioned to Beca what it was for and where it was but she obviously wasn’t paying attention to that particular conversation. I mean, if Chloe Beale was laying across your bed flipping through a magazine wearing nothing but a towel, would you be paying attention?

No. And neither was Beca.

Moral of the story, Chloe was gone for the weekend and left Stacie in charge of the girls when they went to the Trebles party that Saturday night. Leaving Beca in charge of eight intoxicated girls was “obviously out of the question” per Aubrey’s request.

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Passing the Time on Shift Tip #3:

All that random food lying around abandoned in the break room? That shit is yours. See what you can make by combining different things. Think of it as an exercise in creativity!

Perfectly eatable combinations I’ve made with left-over unclaimed food:

1. A root beer float using flat Mountain Dew shoved in the back of the fridge instead of root beer and some freezer burnt chocolate ice cream. 
7/10: the perfect combination of sludgy, cold, and mysteriously crunchy.

2. Shish kabobs that use a fossilized Slim Jim instead of a skewer, stabbed through canned peach slices.
2/10: Not worth all the ensuing bathroom trips. 

3. Nachos made from stale corn chips and a drizzle of marshmallow sauce, eaten out of an empty ramen packet because you don’t have any containers and the break room tables are probably covered in Staph bacteria. 
6/10: Salty, pathetic, and weird. To be fair, I can see this being a hit with college students. 

Pro Tip: Don’t feel like talking with your coworkers? Make any one of these concoctions, sit in a corner, and make unsettling eye contact with anyone who even so much as glances in your direction. People won’t try to talk to you again for weeks

Fan Reality (Seth Rollins X Reader) Chapter 2

AN: Here’s chapter 2!!! I hope you guys enjoy. Sadly, there are no steamy scenes in this chapter, but there will most definitely be some in chapter 3.

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I’ve been staring at my phone for 10 minutes straight. I was excited, anxious, confused, and not even sure if this was real or not. Seth Rollins just messaged me. The Seth Rollins. The message read, Hey.

Hey, really? Anyway, I was still shocked that it was sent to me. Was it a mistake? Did a hacker send it?

I was a bundle of nerves at this point. If this really was Seth Rollins and for some reason on God’s green Earth that message was meant for me, obviously I had responded to it. 

(Y/n): Hello, is this really Seth Rollins?

It’s been about 3 minutes since I sent that message. I was basically counting every second. Finally a notification dinged on my phone and I saw that he responded. 

Seth?: Yes, it is

Okay, even for some strange reason this is Seth, why and the hell would he be messaging me?

(Y/n): If you really are Seth Rollins, why are you messaging me?

Seth: I can honestly assure you I’m Seth

Seth: And I wanted to message you cause I’ve seen some of your comments on my stuff before. They were very entertaining.

Oh, fuck. I write some of the most cringey, horny, fangirly things on his stuff. I don’t intentionally do it. I usually console myself with the thought that he’ll never see it, but that reasoning has come back to bite me in the ass. He must think I’m some whore.

(Y/n): Are you talking to me cause of some of the shit I say? I’m really not that kind of girl.

Seth: I’m not up to any funny business. You caught my attention and I just want to get to know you, if you’re cool with that.

I felt myself release a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding. Was this really happening? Does Seth Rollins actually have some sort of interest in me? I was more than a little nervous and I still wasn’t completely sure if this was Seth. Maybe I was being paranoid, but it’s understandable after what I had been through a few years before.

(Y/n): K, that doesn’t sound too bad. I’m still iffy about whether its you I’m talking to or not.

Seth: What can I do to make you believe me.

I thought about telling him I’d be going to a WWE Live event next week, but if he was some weirdo, that wouldn’t be very smart. Even though I’m going with a group, I still don’t like that idea. Should I get him to send a picture?

(Y/n): Send me a picture of yourself rn and I’ll believe you.

Seth: Fine

A couple of seconds later I get another message from him. I was expecting to see a picture, but I got a video instead. Once I clicked on it, Seth popped up.

“Hey, (y/n). I thought that sending you a video would be more persuasive than a picture, so tada!” He finished with a smile. I was speechless. He looked so damn good. His hair was tied back, and a pair of glasses sat above his nose. He had on a royal blue t shirt and some pajama pants I’m assuming because there were bed sheets covering his lower half.

I watched the video multiple times, trying to take in every little detail. The adorable, yet shy smile that was on his lips, the piece of stray hair that kept trying to get in his eye. Especially the cute little laugh he did at the end. How could a person be that perfect?

(Y/n): K you convinced me. I still don’t know why you would want to talk to me.

Seth: Why wouldn’t I?

(Y/n): You’re THE Seth Rollins. I’m just a nobody compared to you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A nobody? You could never be a nobody to me, Seth thought to himself. If she knew just how much Seth thought about her over these past few months, she’d probably think he was some creep.

Seth: You’re not a nobody. You seem pretty remarkable.

Seth broke out in a sweat after he sent that. Was that too forward? Was that not the right response? Should I have said cool instead? Fuck, I feel like a damn teenager again.

(y/n): Thanks that was really sweet 😊

um I have something to finish up before I go to bed so I’ll have to leave now. Can we possibly do this again tomorrow?

Seth felt his cheeks warm as his heart started beating like crazy in his chest. She actually wanted to talk to him again?

Seth: Sure tommorow is fine.

Seth knew she had a story she was posting on her blog tomorrow. He didn’t want to get in the way of her completing it, especially since it was one about him. If it was one about someone else, then maybe he would’ve tried to convince her to keep talking to him.

(Y/n): Goodnight Seth

Seth: Goodnight (Y/n)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was on cloud nine when I finished my talk with Seth. I couldn’t believe he agreed to talk to me again tomorrow. I felt feelings in me that I hadn’t felt in a long time start to bubble inside me when I replayed what happened in my head over and over again.

I wanted to ditch my plans to finish up my writing in order to keep talking to Seth, but I would feel like shit for lying to my fan base.

I’m an author for a dirty wrestling blog. There are some people who might look at me with disgust because of what I do in my free time, but I enjoyed it.

I started the blog about 3 years ago. I was going through some tough times and starting this blog was my escape from reality. I desperately needed a way to escape then. I still needed it now if I’m being honest with myself.

I was currently working on a Seth Rollins oneshot right now. How ironic, I thought to myself. I was almost done, but I was struggling to find a way to end a steamy sex scene.

I walked over to my workspace table and took a seat in the chair in front of it. I opened my lap tap, and found the Seth Rollins story. Feeling extremely inspired, I started typing away. “How embarrassing it would be if he actually saw these.” I mumbled to myself, slightly chuckling as I became immersed in the tale I was currently writing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seth sent me that message 2 weeks ago and we’ve been talking to each other everyday since.

Halfway through the first week, we exchanged phone numbers. Seth was such a cool guy. It felt as if we’ve known each other for years instead of weeks.

We’d talk about everything and nothing at the same time. At first, it was just general information exchange. Stuff like age, occupation on my part, family, even favorite color.

I got to learn a lot about Seth the more we talked. Even though he came off as cocky and brazen on TV, he seemed humble and even shy when we had conversations. I found myself leading most of our talks at first until he gained more confidence in our quickly forming friendship.

Friends. I think that’s what we are, or at least what were heading for. And I was fine with that. That’s what I kept trying to convince myself of. Truth was I really didn’t know what I felt for Seth. I knew it was entirely too early to start catching feelings, but Seth was bringing forth those feelings fast. He was incredibly sweet and funny. Anytime he would like my latest Instagram photo or tweet (I gave him my other social medias, too) I would feel my heart flutter.

I knew we’d never be a couple, though. I wasn’t even ready for a relationship. My last relationship was 2 years ago and those were the worst 2 years of my life. I still had scars that hadn’t healed from that mess. I didn’t want to even think about jumping into another relationship until I could official move on from that train wreck.

My phone ringing startled me. I picked it up and saw it was a call from Seth.

“Hey” I answered with a smile planted on my face.

“Hey, (y/n). You getting ready for tonight?” I heard him ask. Tonight was the night I’d get to see Seth live and in action at the event in my hometown. I was extremely excited and beyond nervous.

“Of course I’m ready for tonight! I’m waiting for my brother to pick me up right now.”

“What are you looking forward to the most tonight?” He asked.

“Finn Balor, duh.” I answered, barely containing my giggles. I knew he was jealous because Finn was my favorite wrestler.

There was silence on his side of the line. “Do you enjoy hurting my feelings?” He asked dramatically.

I laughed. “Oh buck up! I’m also looking forward to you and Dean kicking Shesaro’s ass tonight.”

“Nice save.” He responds, smile evident in his voice. He goes quiet again. “Do you still want to meet up tonight?” He asked worriedly.

I was looking forward to that more than anything. When he first brought it up 2 days ago I was hesitant. What if he saw me face-to-face and was unimpressed. What if I did something stupid? The question stressed me out, but I eventually agreed to meet up with him after the show. I would be a real idiot if I passed up this opportunity.

“(y/n)?” I heard Seth speak nervously.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Seth! I was in a daze for a moment. Anyway, of course I still want to meet up. Maybe that’s what I’m looking forward to the most…” I shyly added, face heating up at my admission.

“That’s a relief to hear. What’s the address of the bar again?”

“I’ll text you the address.”

“That’ll work. I gotta finish getting ready for the show. I’ll see you soon.”

“Ok, bye” I finished, hanging up shortly afterward.

After I hung up the phone, I threw it on my bed and made my way to the full length mirror in my room. I fluffed my hair and adjusted the Burn It Down shirt I had on. Maybe this was too much. I quickly took the shirt off and found a plain purple tee. I slipped it over my head and adjusted it over my gray skinny jeans. I kept looking in the mirror. Maybe he’ll like seeing me in his merch. Oh, fuck it, I thought as tugged the shirt over my head and pulled the Seth shirt back on.

Perfect. I had to fix my hair again after all that shirt changing. I took one last look in the mirror, appreciating how my jeans hugged my hips and back side, before I turned to slip on my black converse. As soon as I slipped my shoes on, my phone started ringing again. It was my brother. “You outside?” I questioned.

“Yup.” He responded. “Hey auntie!” I heard my little niece yell. “Tell your kid I said hey and I’m coming.” I said, hanging up.

I quickly grabbed my keys and my purse before I left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The ride to the venue was very loud. That was to be expected when traveling with my brother’s family. His wife was naturally loud and their daughter seemed to pick up that trait.

“You excited for tonight?! You ready to see your ‘husband’ Finn Balor?!” my niece excitedly asked.

“Can you not scream in my ear, brat? And obviously. And don’t make fun of my crush. You’ll probably faint when you see Roman.” I snickered, poking fun at her obsession with the Samoan.

“No, I won’t!” She defended hotly.

“Calm down, children!” My brother yells mockingly at me and his daughter. 

“She started it..” My little niece muttered. I smile in her direction. I loved being around my brother and his family. They fit together so well and they had their shit together. Being around them made me feel like I had mine together as well. I used to be jealous of what my brother had built for himself, but now I have nothing for respect for him. Maybe one day I’ll have my own family to be proud of.

“We’re here!” My sister in law stated excitedly. 

You can do this I told myself still trying to mentally prepare for meeting up with Seth later that night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seth was currently standing by the gorilla, waiting for his cue to make his entrance. He was trying to stay focused on his upcoming match, but he was failing miserably. I hope she still wants to meet up afterwards. Did she make it. Will I see her out there? Questions of those nature kept popping up in Seth’s head. 

“Hey, you OK there, brother?” His partner Dean asked, taking in his friends worried face.

“Yeah, man. I’m fine.” Seth answered hurriedly

“You sure you gonna be able to focus out there? You look like you’re about to be sick.”

“I promise you I’m fine Dean. I’ll be able to keep up out there.” Seth answered, growing annoyed with Dean’s constant badgering.

“Alright, man. Just tryna look out for you.” 

“I know. Thanks for having my back.” Seth said, giving Dean a pat on his.

“Anytime. That’s my cue, so I’ll see you out there!” Dean finished, making his way past the gorilla in order to make his entrance.

Not long after, Seth’s music starts to play. Focus, Seth Is his last thought before he steps up to make his entrance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The show had been amazing so far! I was in awe at the performers. I was always impressed by the stunts they did on TV, but seeing it live gave me a whole new appreciation of their art. Plus, my brother managed to score us some good ass seats. We were 3 rows behind from the barricade. I saved up for a few months in order to purchase these seats and still came up short. Thank God for my brother’s generosity.

Once I saw it was time for Seth’s match, I broke out in a sweat. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God I kept thinking to myself. Dean made his way to the ring first. My sister-in-law was cheering loudly.

“Don’t you think you’re cheering a little to loud?” My brother asked side eyeing his wife.

Before she could respond, Seth’s music hit. I jumped out of my seat cheering.

“Why aren’t you telling her she’s being to loud?” I heard my sister-in-law ask.

Seth came bounding down the ramp. There was a swagger in his walk and a cockiness in his smile. I was screaming my lungs out at this point.

He made his way to the steel steps and fist bumped a kid before climbing them. He then made his way into the ring.

Once he made it in the ring, he took his shirt off and tossed it randomly in the crowd. I’ve never seen this many beautiful male bodies this up close. I greedily drunk in the flesh he bared to the crowd and his ass looked even better in person than it did on TV. I felt my lady parts begin to throb at seeing him like this. Down girl, I thought to myself.

While Seth and Dean were waiting for their opponents to make it down the ramp, you could see Seth was scanning the crowd, looking for something or someone. He turned around to scan the side I was on and it didn’t tale long until our eyes met.

Once his eyes locked with mine, it felt like time stood still in that moment. There was no noise, no crowd, nothing but me and Seth. All previous insecurities I had about him seeing me vanished because when his eyes met mine, it all felt right.

I quickly averted my eyes, not liking the train of thought I was having. I barely knew the guy and now I’m sounding like some lovestruck idiot. “Don’t be stupid.” I quietly mumbled to myself. I couldn’t allow myself to be caught up in the fantasy that was Seth Rollins.

I chanced looking in his direction to see that he was still staring at me, but his eyes held a question in them. He was probably wondering why I looked away as quickly as I did. Soon, Dean was tapping on Seth’s shoulder, motioning for him to go stand on the outside of the ropes, by the side closest to me.

Throughout the whole match, Seth and I kept making eye contact. My nerves were on edge throughout the whole thing. Every time our eyes caught each other it felt as if electricity was running up and down my spine.

“Why is Rollins making googly eyes at you?” My niece asked with a smirk planted on her face.

“Shut up, twerp!” I hissed at her. Out of all the things she just had to comment on she had to choose this.

“You know, she’s not lying. That man has been watching you ever since he stepped foot in that ring.” My sister-in-law added on.

“Is it really that obvious?” I asked insecurely.

“Yes!” The family added in unison. I felt my cheeks heat up as I sank lower in my seat.

Before I knew it, I heard a bell ringing, signaling the end of the match. I quickly got up out of my seat. “Great, you guys made me miss the end of the match!” I exclaimed annoyed.

“Girl, please. You were watching Seth, not the match.” My sister-in-law stated, throwing a sly smirk in my direction.

Before I could respond, my attention was grabbed when I saw Seth make his way over to where we were standing.

As he was high fiving and signing stuff for the kids in our area, including my niece, his eyes never failed to connect with mine. He took a little longer to sign my nieces signature book compared to the other kids. Once he was finished, my niece came rushing over with a huge smile on her face.

“ Look!” She screamed, practically shoving the damn thing in my face. I grabbed the book and made a face at her. What I saw sent my heart beat sky rocketing.

Bellow his signature he wrote, you look even more beautiful in person. I looked up to see if he was still close by, but he was long gone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was more than halfway through the show now. After drinking 2 large fountain drinks, my blatter was nice and full.

“I’m gonna go to the restroom!” I tell my family.

“Be careful.” I heard my brother respond.

The trek to the restroom was a long one, but it was well worth it once my blatter was empty again. As I was washing my hands, I heard my phone vibrating in my purse. I quickly dried my hands and then grabbed the phone out of my purse to answer it.

“Hello?” I answered, not even looking at who was calling.

“(Y/n),” I heard Seth say.

“Oh! Hey, Seth.” I responded, confused as to why he was calling me right now.

“I’m glad you answered. I didn’t think you’d be able to hear with all the noise out there.”

“I was just in the restroom. Did you want something?” I asked walking out.

“Actually, I do,” he started, “Do you mind if we meet up right now?”

“Right now? The show isn’t even over.” I stated, amazed that he wanted to meet me so badly.

“I know, but I just…..I don’t know. I’m sorry if I’m making things weird.” Seth finished, sounding discouraged.

“No, it’s fine. Seeing you was the highlight of my night anyway. I honestly wouldn’t mind skipping the rest of the show if that means I can see you again.” I internally groaned at how that sounded. I sound so cheesy, I thought to myself.

“Really?” Seth asked, sounding excited. “That’s great! I mean, um, yeah…” I heard him let out an exasperated sigh. “I’m sorry if I’m coming off as cringey as I think I am.”

“You’re not the cringey one here! I feel like I’ve been given that word a whole new meaning tonight.” I giggled, amused at how our conversation was going.

“Maybe two cringey people equals no cringiness? Isn’t that how math works? Anyway, let’s get back on topic. Me. You. Meet up. Now where exactly do we do that.”

I laughed at his earlier logic. “I didn’t know you were so good at math. And how about the parking lot?”

“Sure, that sounds good. We should make it the one where the superstars are, though. And there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me sweetheart.” He finished in a flirty tone.

“Are you flirting, Mr. Rollins? And OK, that works.”

“I don’t flirt. Maybe I was foreshadowing some future learning of me on your part. You know, on a more personal level.

I felt a fire start in the pit of my stomach at the words.

“You,” I started off making my way closer to the exit of the building, “Are too much, Mr. Rollins.”

“Maybe…” He trails off. “Maybe I’m just enough.” He answered, cockiness evident in his voice.

“Oh, by the way!” I heard him say, a sudden change in his tone, “Are you gonna be able to make it to the parking lot?”

“I have my ways. I grew up in this city, remember?” I used to sneak in this building all the time as a teen and I knew the best ways to go around the building undetected.

“Really now?I’ll leave you to it then. I’ll see you soon.”

I was already outside by the time I hung up and walking toward the left side of the building. This was the direction of the parking lot usually reserved for any performers or VIPs when events were held in the building. I stepped over the low chains that bordered the parking lot and made my way inside easily.

Damn, I should’ve asked where he wanted to meet up specifically in the parking lot, I thought to myself, growing annoyed as I was aimlessly walking around the lot, looking for Seth. I grabbed my phone and tried calling him, but there was no response.

“Where the hell is he?” I muttered to myself. I was about to abandon my search and head back until I heard someone call my name.

“(Y/n)? Is that you?” I heard a growingly familiar voice ask.

I quickly turned around, and smiled at the sight that met me.



I hope you guys enjoyed the second chapter! From now on I’ll be full speed ahead with this fic cause I know exactly what direction I want to take this baby in. Let me know what y'all think and thanks for reading!