weirdo beardos


Sweaty jiggly running weirdo with a beardo gif! And a little dumbbell press gif!

Had a good run this afternoon with sore legs and a decent little lifting session afterwards! I have never had a strong bench, my legs have always been solid but my bench weak sauce! I am trying to fix that with massive amounts of presses. I have heard that the control it takes for dumbbell press helps when you move to a straight bar! My goal of 80s by the end of April is in reach!

I am happy to be able to run and workout even feeling a little under the weather! (I feel much better than yesterday!) I think my biggest problem was lack of sleep which NyQuil and gingerale fixed!

Hope y'all are having a fantastic hump day!

There is a level far past Silly Billy, Weirdo Beardo, past even Nutzo Buttzo… 

BEHOLD: Psycho Bikeo

During Psycho Bikeo, the barks are so energetic and all-encompasing that they run like waves down his body, lifting his feet from the ground with the exertion it takes to make the noise.

This is usually the last hurrah of energy after a big walk if he thinks it’s even remotely near dinner time (which is wasn’t) before calming down and sleeping for hours.