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Not Northside Material - Part 3

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A/N: I actually love all of you so much, hopefully you continue to enjoy this! I always get nervous posting bc I’m always worried y’all wont like it and i’ll disappoint you, so any feedback is amazing, replies, reblogs, likes, all of it! (also i go through every reblog and check tags btw)  I’ll try to tag anyone but there’s a lot of you so if i forget anyone I promise it’s totally accidental and I didn’t mean to! (Also some peoples URLs didn’t tag properly last time but I couldn’t fix it so I’m also sorry to those people!)

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Summary: With Y/N settling into Southside well, and Sweet Pea constantly eager to see her for some reason, she’s noticed Jugheads distaste of the relationship. Will she still come when he calls?

Words: 3,038

Warnings: It’s always just gonna be Swears and Serpents (for now)

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Summary: Alex has always made Jughead smile but now he makes her smile :) 

Pairing: Alex x Jughead Jones

Fandom: Riverdale

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

A/N: the end is cheesy but whatta gonna do ‘bout it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

“Jughead, Juggie, Jug.”, purred Alex trying to get the attention of her best friend who was too wrapped up in his computer to notice her. Alex vibrated with anger. “Jughead Jones the Third.”, she commanded finally catching the beanie-wearing weirdo she called her best friend. Jughead jumped, surprised by the girl’s sudden burst of aggressiveness. “Wow, wow, calm down there, Alex.”, Jughead raised his hands in surrender, “Just got lost in the writing.”

“Well, I am so sorry to rip you from your clear, passionate relationship with your computer.”, Alex quipped and Jughead smiled which made Alex think about the first time she met Jughead.

A young Jughead Jones scurried across the 1st grade playground in search of hiding spot. His best friend, Archie, and him were playing hide and seek and Jughead was determined to a spot that would have Archie looking for hours. The boy scanned the huge playsets and jungle gyms as he knew the clock was ticking and Archie would search for him soon. He settled on the nook and cranny between the slide and rock wall. The space was small and almost made Jughead claustrophobic. A sharp sound of a shoe sliding off the concrete spiked the interest of Jughead as he turned his head cautiously. His eyes searched for the culprit, intently listening. A raven-haired girl’s head popped out of nowhere. Jughead recoiled. ‘Who is she?’, his young mind pondered. The girl quickly climbed herself into Jughead hiding spot as he watched with questioning eyes. She didn’t even seem notice him while her eyes gazed to the outside. “Who-” “Shush!”, the girl motioned furiously. The girl rested her head on the back of the rock wall and breathed. She again ducked her head outside the hiding spot and retracted back into the space, breathing a sigh of relief. She turned her head towards Jughead and extended a hand, “Alex”. Jughead shakily took her hand and responded, “Jughead.”

“Jughead. Hmmm, different.”, she hummed which made Jughead frown. He had always felt self-conscious about his name, that it was too different.

“I like it.”, she piped up and a grin appeared on Jughead’s face. And boy, did Alex love to see Jughead smile.

“Come on, Jug!”, Alex insisted cocking her head to the side. “Archie’s going.”

“I’m sorry, was that supposed to encourage me to go?”, the sardonic bastard remarked.

“Aren’t you tired of focusing of the dark, mischievous secrets of this god forsaken town?”, Alex asked, “Don’t you want to just want to have fun?”. Jughead looked at Alex pensively.

Fine! I’ll go to your stupid dance.”

Alex’s jaw slacked and stunned expression spilled on her face. “Really?”

“Really.”, Jughead confirmed nodding his head.

Alex let out a squeal and hugged him tightly. A grin appeared on Jug’s face. “On one condition.”

“Name it.”, Alex sat up with pride.

“You go..”, Jughead paused, “as my date.”

The immediate regret seeped into Jughead’s mind as soon as he said the words but as soon as he saw Alex smile it was all gone.

“I thought you’d never ask, Jug.”  


“Can you do one where she thinks haz is in a different country but suprises her by walking into her college class and takes her for the day and lots of fluff pretty please thank you. Love your blog btw xx” & “ Hi!☺️I really love your writing its very good I was gonna ask if you can make an imagine where y/n is dating Harry and and he is on tour while y/n has school and y/n is in class and she is called to the office where Harry surprises her by returning from the tour and takes her out on a picnic 😆😆❤️Thank you”

Thank you both :) xx

You made your way through noisy crowds and busy hallways to your first class of the day: health and wellbeing. Nothing could prepare you for this class each Friday morning, considering your subject choices were mainly art-based. Nonetheless, your college made it mandatory to sit like school kids and learn about keeping fit and having a healthy lifestyle for two hours each week.

As you approached the room you saw a queue outside and asked the girl who sat two seats in front of you what was going on.

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