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Hi everyone, I had a dream that was good probably. It was pretty normal compared to how I usually dream. Anyway, I was at a club for fancy money people in the VIP section among other rich famous well-musxled celebrities. Among them was Arnold Shwarzenaergarg (sp?) whomst says to me with that stupid mouth “pepole sad yu wah fahnee luking but yowr at least a 6.5 in queer metrics” and Murdock Niccols, yes that one, chimes in and says “eat shit you old tosser” with a British accent then says some more stuff I can’t understand because I’m not fluent in Ancient English and I laugh really hard because I have become aware that my sleeping brain is making up fake words that sound English but with a British accent and calling it “Ancient English” and I laugh so hard I glitch and clip through the club and ragdoll after hitting an invisible barrier then YOU DIED shows up dark souls style. Shout out to my buddy @chibibox for inspiring this bullshit.

do you ever wake up from a nap and suddenly remember something you thought you forgot?

because i suddenly remembered the fact that for a circuitry project last year i salvaged a broken cat piano my professor had and made it light up when i touched it with a special glove. the thing didn’t play music. i literally just rigged it to light up. i saw it in a trash pile at my professor’s lab and went “I NEED IT” and took it for my project.

oh i’m approaching another Milestone™ and i wanna do something to celebrate but obviously trash can ri is still doing her 3k celebration so ?? what do y’all want? i’m feeling blog compliments bc i love spreading love but ?? lmk !!



why do i constantly wanna change everything about myself and my surroundings

ddadds hugging hcs

because i really love headcanons for the way people hug i think theyre super cute

- The strongest, most secure hugs ever. Makes you feel like you could survive an apocalypse so long as brodad is hugging you
- Does that thing where he picks you up a little when he hugs you
- Somehow always smells fresh even though he’s working out always

- Firm hugs that always last a little longer than normal but never in an awkward way
- Always smells like coffee and cafe pastries, even on his days off
- Keeps a hand on your shoulder for a bit even after the hug is over

- Always asks if he can hug you before he hugs you, like a gentleman
- Very gentle hugs, like he’s worried he’ll break you if he hugs any harder
- You’d think his Victorian style clothes would be kinda stiff but theyre actually really soft to the touch

- Either smells like fresh cookies or grill smoke, no inbetween
- Gives you soft pats on the back while hugging
- Jesus himself has blessed this hug probably

- A hug can’t get any softer than this
- Like Craig, probably picks you up when he hugs you. Good chance of spinning in a circle if he’s really happy 
- The most classic Dad Smell™ of some combination of old spice, irish spring, and home depot

- Usually very short, but fulfilling hugs
- Does that thing where he goes for a handshake and then pulls you into a quick hug 
- Gives you a really solid Two (2) pats on the back

- Usually very gentle hugs, unless he’s super excited about something then he’ll just pick you up
- Smells like old books all the time
- The kind of guy that’ll hug you every time he sees you once youre close enough