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my favorite overwatch experience has got to be when i was friended by a kid who must have been like, 10-12?

so he goes on the game chat during a match and he adds me and afterwards we join in a group together. and i was like whatever i’ll do a match with this kid for the extra xp and then log off

then he adds me to this ridiculous 2 on 2 custom match with 2 of his friends who are ALSO small children

and they must have confused my feminine voice with an underdeveloped male voice because they thought i was a male child too and referred to me as “he” as replaced the “ms.” in my battletag as “mr.” and it was just a fucking delight for 30 minutes i was one of the guys

so i have a weird question .. is that just me or does anyone also open the window at night before going to sleep ? then i look up to the sky and talk to god for a while ik it sounds very weird but in that moment everyone is sleeping expect the nature and God and this makes me happy and i really can sleep better after that

YESTERDAY WAS REALLY WEIRD. And I woke up with such an epic case of meat-hangover (seriously. Headache and everything ^^;;) that my morning has been mostly me balled up in blankets whining about my head.

New Guy was fired. He’s been a dubious and semi-useless assistant, but not a bad kid or anything. Just someone who made the mistake of being pretty brazen about how long he intended to stay in a position that needs some there permanently. He was hired under he pretense that this was going to be a Job. Instead he treated it like an internship where he would be gone in “six months” leaving my bosses pissed and me extremely resentful that all the training I was doing would be basically flushed down the toilet - and once again I’d be stuck training someone to take over for the person I just finished training. I don’t have time to babysit. And he was such a linear thinker, that if anything deviated from the letter of what he was told (in everything. There were times when I was highly aware that there really are such things as dumb questions. He asked once if the date on a child’s teeth model that was dated 1/20 meant he needed to document it as January 1920. Like…omg I facepalmed. I actually had to stare at him and go “…seriously, dude?”) he wouldn’t know what to do. There was no creative thought process or initiative and certainly no earth logic to step in and take over. I couldn’t trust him to hold down the fort when I was gone. I want to say he was around for eight months and he was just…kinda useless for anything more than cleaning models and scanning. Again, not a bad kid at all, but he didn’t even acknowledge any body beyond myself in the whole lab, and generally had his headphones turned up so loudly that I could hear them not just across the room, but so clearly I could pick out the song, sing along to it, and still not be able to hear what I was listening to in my own headphones. When he took lunch, the headphones and the volume stayed the same, and people were having hard times having actual conversations around him because his music was so damn loud. I honestly don’t know how the kid wasn’t completely deaf.

He wasn’t a slacker or anything, he just did thugs at his own pace and once he hit a wall, he just couldn’t ever seem to get past it.

So we lost this big account that we were doing - which was basically all he did every day. It was the only thing that kept him busy because if there was only a little bit of work, I was going to be doing it. So he scanned all day long, every day, all week. I think that gave the bosses the opportunity to let him go finally - they weren’t impressed with him or his work or how he had sort of weaseled in on a job that he wasn’t intending to stick with from the start, and since the one thing he did was gone, so was he. I was told about ten or fifteen minutes before it was going to happen; yesterday we had a half day, everyone was supposed to leave no later than four hours from when they clocked in. I dunno how I feel about it. Bosses are gone till Wednesday, and I’m gone Friday and I was hoping to leave early-ish Thursday, and all I wanted was to keep him for the last week. But I’m back on my own again upstairs, and there’s a part of me that’s really relieved about it. He was an odd kid, one I could never really figure out how to talk to or interact with. Luckily my friend will be learning what NG was ultimately supposed to learn and she’s someone who is smart and creative and knows what things are supposed to look like since she’s been here about three or four years altogether. I’m looking forward to that, but this week might be a little more stressful than usual. (I’m hoping not. I’m trying to look at this positively. I have way too much fun stuff next weekend and I just have to get back in the groove of things)

Then, our 3D printer started acting up and freezing on me about four or five times when I was trying to get a damn job printed, and I was on the phone with support for an hour and 45 min past my “leave by four hours” limit (boss okay’d it, and I got it fixed, but it was frustrating as fuck and I felt all weird about New Guy leaving and I had plans with my friend who works with me and she had to wait around while I fumed at this printer ><)

Dunno. It was a really weird day. We did eventually manage to get out of there and watch an entire series of anime (Norn9, based on an otome video game I had just finished playing on my Vita haha) and stuffed ourselves with way too much meat and kimchi.

I have a bunch of cosplay stuff to finish this weekend, and I should really take more stuff for my head and get up to start my day - but I see a nap in my future. Ugh.

You ever feel like watching weird stuff but there’s not much market for it so you don’t know how to find it? Like Dark City, Ink, The City of Lost Children, Mirrormask, stuff like that. It’s like an itch I can’t scratch because I can’t figure out where it’s coming from lol

follow up to this

I mean, Mercy is a pretty good dead ringer for Flonne… and her imp/devil skins could liken to Etna…

in other news I just found out Disgaea 1 is on steam!! And that 2 will be ported over in January!! exciting.

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

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