weirdislovely replied to your postAh… /smiles/ *Good bye*! It’s nice to *see you again*!

*Yes, we had!*. And I’m really *busy* right now, so we *can’t* talk. I’m Sophia, from Sharance Town. And you?

E-Eep!? My! So well, nice to see you again, Sophia! /awkwardly smiles/ um… /stares/ (do I really have an acquaintance named Sophia…? Say Turnips, i’m getting older now). Ah, really? That’s okay then… /sighs/ Uh- I’m Mist, seems like i’m your really old childhood. And i’m from Kardia, maybe you know that place? Or maybe it’s the place where we had our first meeting? /giggles/ but i’m living in Trampoli right now!

Ah, Sharance? I’ve heard about it. The one where has a super-luper-extra-mario-expert-amazingly-special-strong-pretty big tree, right? Goodness!

Winter Thanksgiving


 weirdislovely said: “*Bad*…” Sophia slightly blushed. She couldn’t tell why, there was no reason to be embarrassed about that - not with him. “I know it’s *in time*, but…” She handed out the little package filled with chocolate “*un*happy thanksgiving…”

Relieved that his love was doing well, but curious to her random visit, he was about to ask her purpose when she pulled out the present. “Whoa!” His eyes widened in surprise while his cheeks simultaneously went red. Happy she had personally hand delivered a sweet gift, he took the package from her, saying a warm “thanks, darling,” as he leaned down slightly to kiss her. Looking down at the present in his hands he admitted, “I actually thought this was next week, but I must have been reading the calendar wrong… I actually do have yours, but it’s in my room and not wrapped…”


Good bye, Popuri! It’d really been a short time. How have you been?

Eh? Oh, that’s a bad question, at least. Mn… /thinks a little/ I do hate to see the Icy Rosebush in Vale River. It’s really horrible and dull! And Mineral Town also disgusts me. It’s so fancy and dirt! And… I think I like to remain after all!

Popuri laughs lightly at Sophia’s greeting, then says, “You know, your way of talking opposite is actually pretty cute - everyone has those things that make you different than all the rest and one of yours happens to be pretty cute. Oh! I’ve been pretty well, I suppose… Busy, which is to be expected when one’s brother slacks off - I think he’s chasing after Karen~ I wouldn’t have guessed, but what do I know? Afterall, I wouldn’t have thought that Trent and I would have gotten together…” looks sadly down at the ground. “Did you hear he left town? So we decided to break up…”

“The Icy Rosebush? I’ve never been there, but I’m sure that if you like, it’s beautiful. Oh! I’m so glad to hear you like Mineral Town! It is a very nice place once you get to know it; that’s what I think.” She smiles at Sophia kindly. “It’s great to talk to you - I feel terrible for not visiting you more!”


Underneath the hat, Gray was a ball of wound up emotions. Thank goddess he had this hat. It was funny to think something he had wanted to burn, to rip into shreds, to throw away was so valuable to him now. But that’s another story. The hat was very useful when it came to hiding his facial expressions. And his expression right now was similar to that of a tomato. Red. Red. Reeed. He was standing outside the door to Sophia’s mansion, trying to collect himself. He couldn’t remember the exact day they had met, and it had taken him a couple of days to straighten out his words, memorize them, and work up the courage to do this. He ran through the words one more time, the hand in his pocket curling around an important ring.

“Sophia… Just a little over a year ago, we greeted each other on a lonely morning. Since then, I’ve come to realize I don’t want to give you to anyone else, and that I’d give anything to be with you for my entire life. *cue going down on one knee* Soph, I love you. Will you marry me?”

Taking a deep breath, Gray adjusted the hat and then knocked on the door of the De-Sainte Coquilles, hoping it would be Sophia who answered the door.