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Weird Girl - Ned Sanders

Weird girl, oh weird girl. You’re so weird, although.

I can’t explain why you appeal to me so.

Your weirdness intrigues, instead of repulsing.

What is it - weird girl - that makes you enticing?

Because you’re not quite like the rest of the crowd?

Obsessed with aesthetics and stupid and loud.

Because I can see you’re not part of the norm.

That you’ve actively chosen not to conform.

And you wear what you like and you say what you want.

And you never let anyone tell you, you can’t.

Cos you have the balls to stand up and say’

‘I am the weird girl and that’s okay’

What is it, weird girl? I haven’t a clue.

Why I’m falling in such complete weirdness with you.

Maybe it’s down to the fact that we’re both.

A little bit more insecure than most.

Though neither of us really want to admit this.

Deep down, we know that we’re both scared shitless.

Cos the future is a big vast expanse of unknown.

And I personally don’t want to face it alone.

So if I took a leap-of-faith into the abyss.

Would you come with me and give me a kiss?

And fight off the demons and baddies forever.

So we can survive and both be weird together.

  • For The First Time In Forever
  • Caleb Hyles, Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel
  • Frozen

so I edited a song again! now I joined and edited Caleb’s version of For The First Time In Forever with Idina and Kristen’s and this is the result! I actually edited it as if they were singing together so at some parts there is only Kristen singing, then Caleb, then Idina, then them all together.

this features Anna, male!Anna, Elsa and Male!Elsa (idk if they already have a name around the fandom)

hope you like it!