I honestly love the idea behind Disney’s Descendants and I swear it gives me so many ideas for what else might have happened that it’s enfuriating.

Like, what about the Disney characters that tend to be overlooked in those kinds of things? What about Meg and Hercules? Milo and Kida? (I’m sorry, but a human version of Scamp from Lady and the Tramp 2). What about characters that weren’t princesses and things, Tarzan and Jane? Oh my gosh, what about Esmeralda and Phoebus?

And this is why I need to stop heading to Youtube and watching random videos.

@jayandcarlos, Do they? That’s awesome! Thank you for telling me that… Wait, there are books of these? That’s epic.

@weird-ismy-world, Exactly! There really are so many questions and possibilites with it.

I have a weird problem with my world building in that there’s too much I want to do with this new universe…

Like I could write a serious, edgy fantasy book series and that’d be awesome, but part of me wants to write a kid friendly cartoon series set in this world????? and another part wants to write an audio-based/podcast series set in said world???

And that’s too many things to want at once????

I am weird, you are weird. Everyone in this world is weird. One day two people come together in mutual weirdness and fall in love.
—  Dr. Seuss

George Miller Reveals Fury Road Sequel Will Feature a “Urine-Oriented Society”

George Miller has spent decades creating the weird, wonderful, high-octane world of the Mad Max franchise. The series’ last installment, Fury Road, featured paint-huffing adolescent “war boys” who worship the car engine as a deity, but Miller says the next movie – which remains untitled – will go even further.

“What we’re looking at is essentially a urine-oriented society,” says Miller. “They separate themselves into two castes, the pee boys and the troughmen, and the troughmen treat the pee boys pretty roughly. It’s clear who is in charge.”

This society was actually founded by a relative of Immortan Joe, the last film’s main antagonist, Miller goes on to say.

“You know, with Joe, we took the idea that all his children have something wrong with them, some deformity,” he explains. “That’s why he was so upset in Fury Road when he lost his child – it was his first perfect child, his first suitable heir. The founder of the piss society is one of Joe’s sons who got the shorter end of the stick. He was born with twice the piss of a normal, healthy human.”

Miller goes on to say that this “piss society” has been fighting against Joe’s regime for decades, though this wasn’t addressed in Fury Road. Joe’s death has left a power vacuum in the area, he explains, so the pee boys are rising to take his place.

Read the full interview on VICE Entertainment here.


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Planets in Retrograde

What impact do they have in our natal chart?

It isn’t unusual for a person to have at least one retrograde planet in their chart.

Planets in retrograde are usually compared to a mirror. Their energy is reflected right back at us, interiorized and expressed backwards. Having a planet in retrograde forces you dive deeper into it’s energy while being slightly fearful of it at the same time. Making it a constant struggle between acting or giving in to the fear.

For example, people with Jupiter in retrograde are fearful of expansion and taking risks, so instead, they retreat into their minds, expanding themselves in a mental and spiritual level.

Whenever you are about to express the energies of the planet, you refrain yourself, many times not doing it, whether it is out of fear or just the sensation of just not being able to do it. For example, if your mars is retrograde, you hesitate before expressing anger and assertion, usually ending up in an outburst after containing yourself for a certain amount of time.

Also, many times when a planet is in retrograde, it’s because things done to you as a child. For example, a person with mercury retrograde may have been told they weren’t smart enough, or forced to think in a certain way, paying no attention to what their true opinions may have been.

Do they affect aspects?

Yeah, in some way they do since the planet’s energy is redirected, causes confusion and changes the way aspects are expressed.

For example: saturn in a challenging aspect to mars (conjunction, square, opposition) makes people be (or believe to be) usually critiziced on everything they do, but when saturn is in retrograde, it might change it in the sense that they aren’t critiziced constantly by others but by themselves. It makes very self critical and perfectionist people and in the worst case scenario they can become unsatisfied with everything they do.

Are they karmic?

Yup. They tend to emphasize the lessons we didn’t learn in past lives and force us to focus on them by making them more reflexive. Some people carry past lives memories from the planets they have retrograde in their charts.

Retrograde Individuals

What makes a retrograde individual?

1. 3 or more retrogrades on the natal chart

2. Any personal planet in retrograde

3. One or more retrograde planets near the ascendant (1st house) or midheaven (10th house)

How does it affect the native?

It makes very introspective people, natives may be thinkers more than a doers. It’s good because they are very cautious and don’t rush into things, but can also lose some great oportunities and be prone to overthinking.

They may be very melancholic, since they are usually reminiscing the past.

Retrograde Planets

Mercury: this natives may fear telling people what they think, or even speaking at all! They have a very unique way of seeing things, and are very innovative. If you have this, you probably give a lot of thought to the most mundane tasks and may have a very quick wit, even if they don’t say anything. If it’s afflicted, you may have had problems speaking, like a lisp, for example.

Art is a great outlet for mercury retrograde people.

Venus: expressing love is hard for them, they hesitate to the point of overthinking before showing affection and there may be an inner desire and fear of commitment. Their minds are constantly imagining and creating (even if subconsciously) but they can’t take it to paper. They may feel they weren’t loved as children or that they were rejected when they tried to be affectionate.

This natives love very deeply, but they internalize it, originating a lot of pain.

Mars: they have a very hard time expressing their anger, or even repress it to the point of exploding. Having low energy is very common with this planet in retrograde, as well as a lack of ambition or drive to get what they want. Sex may have been taboo as children, leading to a strong difficulty to express a healthy sexuality. People with this need to be attentive not to forget to take care of their bodies. There’s a tendency to blow things out of proportion.

They may have grown up in a household where anger wasn’t well taken or were taught to be very pássive.

Jupiter: very philosophical and prone to procastinating, they keep thinking and planning but their intentions never come to shore. Optimism and beliefs are hard for them to express, and there’s a constant confusion with faith. They may have been disappointed by religion from a very young age, leading to resent and holding grudges towards God/church/etc.  

There is a discontent with life that’s held in the subconscious. Having this planet in retrograde is a great opportunity to expand spiritually.

Saturn: these people feel very limited and disapponted on life, there’s a constant sensation of  being trapped and just like with mars, lack ambition. They are very controlled, to the point of self-destruction, and can have a very bad image of themselves. Natives are talented and like creating things from scratch.

It makes serious and responsible people. Anything that requires self-discipline and patience is a good activity for saturn retrograde.

Uranus: natives have a tough time showing their weird side to the world, but feel somehow alienated from everyone else. They may dislike being around crowds and somehow desire to be unique, as paradoxical as it may be. It’s common to lack individuality and be influentiable by others. There’s a need to be original and experience new things, and they seek it in an unconventional manner, to the point of being chaotic in the old uranian fashion. Uranus retrograde has an internal despise towards societal norms. 

As a child you could have been made believe that you were strange in a bad way, prompting you to try to be as common as possible.

Neptune: having this planet in retrograde makes very intuitive and spiritual people, that are in touch with their inner selves.  It leads them to dissociate from reality and can even take them to the point of delusion. They bury their dreams deep within themselves, and rarely share them with anyone, maybe their parents dissed out their dreams since they were little, making them believe they were impossible to achieve. 

Daydreaming is a common thing among this people, and even with their great creativity, is very difficult for them to express it. 

Pluto: this is a very strong retrograde, it gives a great desire for control, as well as deeply kept secrets. Natives have learned since a very young age not to trust anyone, and carry that paranoia and suspicion everywhere they go, making them really good at seeing through people’s lies. They experiment a constant transformation of the inner self, becoming who they need to be in order to survive. Great resilience. May use sexuality as a weapon and love power games.  

Prone to psychic abilities.

Hey guys, hope this helped u understand retrograde planets a little more! It’s a pretty complicated theme, but I like it very much.