10 Jeffrey Dahmer Facts

  1. Dahmer had become so well known for pranking in high school that his classmates would call it “doing a Dahmer”.
  2. At only 6 years old Dahmer had to have surgery for a double hernia. This surgery coincided with the birth of his younger brother.
  3. He was discharged from the army in 1981 for alcoholism. 
  4. Legal experts estimated Dahmer’s IQ to be around 145(borderline genius status).
  5. Dahmer was baptized in prison after becoming a born again christian. 
  6. As a young child his father showed him what happens to bones in bleach/ Dahmer would later use this same technique on animal bones he collected. 
  7. He committed his first murder 3 weeks after graduating high school.
  8. Some of his favourite movies were the exorcist films and he even tried to subdue and attack Tracy Edwards while watching the 3rd film(The Exorcist III)
  9. Dahmer was arrested in august of 1986 for masturbating in front of two young boys.
  10. Dahmer was given the honor of naming his younger brother, he chose the name David. His brother has since changed his name. 

Just wanted to note that last night at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, TX we were treated to an amazing 35mm print of Keita Amemiya’s 1195 film Mechanical Violator Hakaider. According to our host it had been struck to make the US DVDs and only screened once before at a private event.  This was the first time this gorgeous print had been screened publicly and it was flawless. I loved this movie before but I found an utterly new appreciation for it after seeing it as it was intended, on a big screen. There were moments when I found myself grinning from ear to ear.

Also, I just wanted to note that I met @cooldownnow at the theater and he was a really cool guy!  It’s so awesome to meet other tokusatsu fans who live in the Austin area! It’s even more fantastic because his first viewing of this film was the best way to see it!

Pompeii 32

“You know that our uncle is gonna be pissed if he finds out what you said,” Shisui commented, watching as his cousin stalked ahead of him once they touched down.

Talking mid fight was possible but not suitable for when someone wanted to have a serious enough conversation that required reading body language. Shisui didn’t need to read Itachi’s body language, but his words felt empty without the reaction.

“Which one?” Itachi murmured dully, brushing the dust off his shoulders as his wings slipped out of space, folded into the shadows.

Shisui paused, thought on it, and shivered at the visual image. “Ah, yeah, Izuna is quite fearsome when he wants to be.”

It didn’t help things that Izuna had so few things he could actually be fearsome for. He cared for his family, but seemed to understand they were all powerful enough to stand on their own. Even when Sasuke had been hurt as a youngling, Izuna had never been moved to defend the boy or coddle him like he would when he was with Sakura during their appointment times. Sakura was the first person who stepped into Izuna’s world that he could treat in such a pampering way.

“I still think Madara is the scarier one. He’d chase us down the mountain if he got that angry, but Izuna wouldn’t be able to…Madara would just do it for him. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to that,” said Shisui.

“Agreed. He need not know.”

Shisui flapped his own wings once more before pulling them up and tucking them away. “Hey, yeah, but that doesn’t excuse you from, you know, doing the wrong thing. You crossed a line back there, and you still need to apologize for that.”

“We were pursuing all possible leads on an open investigation. I need not apologize for doing my job,” Itachi answered sharply.

Shisui reached out and grabbed a handful of black fabric and yanked Itachi back. Not expecting it, the younger Uchiha stumbled and Shisui was able to pull Itachi to the wall and pin him there.

“Asking invasive, embarrassing questions in front of others who are not your intimate is not your job! Hurting the girl you like when you’re embarrassed and don’t know what to say isn’t your job either. You got an ego my cousin, I do too. It’s an Uchiha thing we all have to deal with, but you don’t ever let it become an excuse for hurting others emotionally.”

There wasn’t a struggle as Itachi allowed himself to stay pinned up against the wall. Both cousins were caught in a stare that hurt to hold too long, and Itachi looked away first, ears going red. He swallowed and ducked his head, shifting on his feet while still remaining pinned by Shisui.

“I-I didn’t meant to embarrass.”

“Yeah, well you did. That Hyuga brat was watching and everything. I don’t care what you’ve heard from Pein or the others about her being a disenfranchised god that can cast personal barriers, we don’t assume anything. There are any number of reasons she could have not been able to defend herself so well.”

“My aim was not to imply any form of …victim blaming,” Itachi whispered, face contorting at the words as if they were hard to hear in his own voice.

“Yeah, well you’re not the only one who wanted to know more about our cute new doctor, but there are better ways to go about it.” Shisui let go of Itachi and stepped back. “And for goodness sake, don’t jump to the stuff newlyweds ask.”

“I didn’t mean for it to come across like that!”

Shisui cracked a secret sort of smile. “Yeah, yeah, you can’t fool me. Don’t tell me you haven’t had your own sort of secret fantasies of our cute little doctor dressed all in white for you, church bells ringing for the service.”

Shisui leaned in with his arms crossed and grin wide, eyes flashing in delight as he saw his famously stoic cousin reduced to a simpering mess of red faced embarrassment that couldn’t string two words together without a stutter.

“She’d look terrific in white, I think,” Shisui pressed.

“Y-you’re teasing.”

“I’m sorry!” Shisui laughed. “My adorable straight laced cousin is getting this flustered about a fantasy of the girl he likes in a wedding dress. I mean, that’s a little too pure for a hot blooded male, don’t you think?”

Itachi’s flush abated and a look of indignance came over him. “No. Absolutely not.”

Shisui fitted his hands over his hips and tilted his head back to stare down his nose at his younger cousin who was also an inch or two shorter. “Hey, hey, we’re not hermits anymore. We can indulge our eyes enough to get past such over exaggerated reactions to such little things.”

“Sakura in a wedding dress is not a little thing.”

Knowing their deep history as an all male family of hermits that used to view the mere sight of a female as an impure thing, it made sense that some of that tradition stuck to Itachi longer than others. But it had been centuries since their transmigration to Pompeii, and it was far too much fun to indulge in the sights and sounds of life among the people, regardless of their sex.

Some birds took to it faster than others, but Shisui liked to think he took to it fastest, even if Sasuke was the youngest to hatch. Sasuke could still be teased into a red faced mumbling mess with a few lewd suggestions easily enough, but for Itachi it was far rarer to see him perturbed.

It made Shisui want to be a little evil and see how far he could push this newly discovered emotional button on the other Uchiha. It wasn’t his fault it was this fun to see Itachi lose it over a few ideas and fewer words.

Shisui’s grin stretched wider. “Does her wedding dress come with a garter you envision removing?”

Itachi’s wings slipped out, Itachi’s concentration slipping. The bones from his back shivered and black feathers shook all around Itachi as he fisted both hands and tried to not let his imagination run much further.

“That is indecent to the unmarried lady,” Itachi hissed, sounding more like a whine as he glared up at his cousin and folded his wings back, out of sight. “Aside from that, I don’t think Sakura herself would appreciate the sentiments.” Itachi straightened the front of his uniform and the flush ebbed away and control came back into his face. “Don’t repeat that sort of language around our uncles… or Sasuke.”

“You’re not going to warn me about Obito?”

Itachi’s reply was a simmering stare.

“Yeah,” Shisui amended. “You’re right, I wouldn’t.”

“Even you are not so dumb,” Itachi muttered, pushing ahead and walking into the main hallway ahead of Shisui.The soft footsteps that followed was clue enough that he followed.

“That would be terrible to see,” Shisui finally whispered as they passed another rice screen door. “Obito would chew my head off.”

“Obito would be right to chew you head off,” Itachi corrected with a raised brow.

The screen door to their immediate left rolled back with a smacking loud enough to freeze both boys in their tracks and stand wide eyed as Izuna looked down at the pair of them with dead black eyes.

“You two just got back from below?” Izuna asked coldly.

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andysanime  asked:

I have a prompt, if that's ok. Also I want to mention I absolutely love these stories <3. My prompt for weird Wednesday is Tony gets deaged and the guardians have to take care of him. Maybe they are on earth and Cap along with the x-avengers visit because they heard what happened and Cap thinks their better to take care of kid!Tony?

Of course its okay so send a prompt! And also thank you! :)) ALSO THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SHORT STORY. BUT IT HAS OVER 2.7k WORDS. So watch out for the cut.

I really hope you like it…

“So he stays like that?” asks Peter and looks down at Tony. Doctor Cho shrugs.

“I don’t have an answer for that. But mostly magic loses their strength after a few weeks. But i will contact Thor and Doctor Strange.” is her answer and Peter nods.

Tony sits on the floor and looks at some toy blocks, but he doesn’t touch them. He looks incredible sweet like that.

“Okay thank you so much for your time.” says Peter and then lift Tony up. He seems like around three years old and is healthy. To be honest that is the only thing that matters.

“You were so brave.” says Peter to Tony when they leave the building. She had to take some blood from Tony and Peter thought he would cry at all the examinations. But he was quiet and really brave.

“Otay.” says Tony and smiles a bit. Peter wants to cuddle him. What a sweet boy.

“And?” asks Gamora, when Peter enters the Tower and he shrugs.

“Nothing she can do right now. But maybe Tonys other friends can help.” says Peter and he tries to sound happy, so he doesn’t upset Tony.

“Alright. Well i send Drax with Rocket and Groot to buy some things for him. So he doesn’t have to wear that big shirt all the time.” says Gamora and Peter groans.

“Why would you send these idiots?” asks Peter and Gamora laughs.

“Because i have a date!” she answers and is gone. Peter chuckles. There was a time where he would be jealous, but it changed a lot in the last year.

“Yondu?” yells Peter then and a moment later Yondu comes into the kitchen.

“What?” asks Yondu and he sounds annoyed. Tony giggles and holds his little hands out.

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At only 7 years old he committed his first murder. By the age of 8 he was a serial killer. 

Amardeep Sada is the world’s youngest serial killer. He murdered his 6 month old cousin, 8 month old sister, and the neighbor’s daughter by beating them with a brick.He would take them out to a field and hit them over the head with a stone thus killing them.  The first two murders(those of his cousin and sister) were kept within the family as they were “a family matter”. When the police asked why he killed those children Amardeep just kept smiling and asked for biscuits. 


I just found out last night during a screening of the 1975 Sonny Chiba Supernatural Action Film Wolf Guy: Enraged Lycanthrope- (good movie by the way, check it out if you like 1970s Toei exploitation films) that the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX is planning a June screening of the 1995 Keita Amemiya (Kamen Rider ZO and Garo) tokusatsu film Mechanical Violator Hakaider as part of their Weird Wednesday series! This is among my favorite stand alone tokusatsu films from one of my favorite eras of the medium and from one of my favorite directors!  The chance to see this on the big screen totally made my night and has left me so excited!

More details to follow once I know the exact screening date!

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For Weird Wednesday, Wanda seems to think Tony is lying to her so she uses he magic to put him under a 48 hour truth spell. Peter finds him in this state

“So do you have anything to say?” asks Steve and Tony looks down to his feet.

Its exactly eight months after the last time Tony saw the avengers. And now they are back in his tower. Thanks to Fury.

The last hour Steve tried to apologize but it sounded more like he just explained his actions to Tony without saying sorry at all. Tony sighs. Well he couldn’t expect more…

“Yeah… i shouldn’t have tried to hurt you and Barnes.” says Tony quietly and he nods at his own words. He isn’t angry at Barnes anymore. Mostly he is just sad.

“So you are okay with us here?” asks Sam and he looks skeptical. Tony nods again.

“Of course. Its your home, too.” Tony grins or he tries, too. It feels weird.

“Okay Fury told us there were new…people here.” says Steve and Tony nods again. He can’t do anything else.

“Yeah…uhm Peter, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot.” says Tony and Friday shows them a picture.

“Well then i think we should all have a talk together. One hour?” asks Steve and Tony, who would have thought, nods.


“Thank you for coming. I just wanted to talk about how we are going to do this in the future.” says Steve when they are all in the conference room.

Tony gulps.

“Well i think you do your job and we do ours.” says Peter and shrugs. Tony knows that he doesn’t like the avengers…at all.

“And what exactly is your job?” asks Clint and he sounds annoyed.

“We are saving the fucking galaxy! And you only the earth.” answers Rocket and he looks up from his gun at that. Its a new one and Rocket always carries it around.

“Then why are you in this tower?” asks Barnes and Peter laughs.

“Dude! Why are you all here?” says Peter and Tony stay silent. Now his two teams are fighting great.

“I think we should all agree that you are going back to space and we are going back to our stuff.” says Clint and Steve nods.

“Yeah you want back on the team or do you Tony?” asks Steve and Tonys underlip wobbles.

“I…uhm…yeah sure.” says Tony and nods. Peter groans.

“Tony man we talked about this. You want to be on our team.” says Rocket and Tony nods again.

“Y-yeah.” he says and tries to breath.

“Well you can’t be on both teams!” says Steve and Tony starts shaking. He wants to go.

“Well he is still afraid of you, because of what you did to him.” says Gamora and she looks like she wants to kill a few avengers.

“T-thats not true.” tries Tony and shivers once more.

“I don’t think he says the truth.” says Wanda and Tony hides a bit behind Peter.

Oh no.

“What do you mean?” asks Sam and a moment later Wandas red magic is in the room. Tony gets nearly a panic attack and hides now behind Drax. But Wanda can round him perfectly.

When the magic hits him, it feels cold. So cold and then its over. Tony looks up.

“What did you do?!” Peter sounds furious. Tony doesn’t feel any different.

Gamora stays behind Wanda. Her sword on Wandas neck.

“I didn’t do something bad or did I Tony?” says Wanda and she isn’t scared of Gamora at all.

“Nothing bad? You scared me! Sometimes i still can’t sleep because i remember the vision you showed me before ultron! I see you all dead and its my fault! Whenever you use your magic i want to run a-away and you use it a-again on me!” says Tony and he surprises everyone in the room, even himself.

He claps his hands before his mouth. The eyes already bathed in tears.

“I used a truth spell on him. It lasts 48 hours.” says Wanda but now she sounds guilty. Tony doesn’t say anything he turns around and runs.


Tony sits at his workshop table and cries. He can’t breath so hard is he crying. Friday tries so soothe him, but it doesn’t work.

“Tony hey.” says Peter and Tony doesn’t even ask why Friday let him in, when he said nobody could visit him the next 48 hours.

“Are you okay?” asks Peter and then flinches. He is such an idiot.

Tony sighs and he sounds so sad, that Peter wants to hold him and cuddle him close.

“No…no i’m not.” whispers Tony and for the first time in his life he admits that. Tony sobs again.

“Nobody cares about me you know? I always try to make everything good and everybody happy but nothing works and they hate me! And i … i loved them so much.” whispers Tony sadly and Peter lays his hand on Tonys shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” says Peter and he means it. He is sorry that Tony always feels like that and he is sorry for that stupid spell. The last thirty minutes he tried to allure Rocket from killing anybody.

“Not your fault.” mutters Tony then and sniffles. He is still crying but not as bad as before. Peter starts massaging his shoulders. He wish he could do something to make that better.

“But you know i’m always here for you, right?” asks Peter and groans. Why is he so stupid.

“Wait you don’t have to answer that.” tries Peter but he knows Tony has no choice.

“Of course i know that! You and the Guardians are the best thing that happened to me in forever. And i know you are always here for me Peter. And i really appreciate that, but its not in the way i want and that hurts me even more.” babbles Tony and wait what.

Peter stops his contingencies.

He knows that Tony could easily hate him for this, but he has to know.

“What do you mean not the way you would like to?” asks Peter and Tony starts to cry again.

“Because i’m in love with you Peter! And your friendship has to be enough for me i know that, but i want so much more. And i know i’m not the best choice but…”

Tony doesn’t have to end this sentence. Because Peter kisses him. At the first sentence he had walked around Tony and is now right in front of him.

Tony doesn’t kiss him back, so Peter leans back a little.

“I know i don’t have a truth spell, but you need to trust me.” whispers Peter and he strokes Tonys cheek. Tony is so beautiful with his brown eyes, still wet and his now red cheeks.

“I love you, too.” says Peter and this time Tony kisses back.

Pompeii 36


“Where are you going, hag?”

Sakura turned, closing the door slightly. “Going back into the forest, Sai.”

He frowned slightly, lines puckering his forehead. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“There are answers in the forest, Sai, and no one else seems to be very forthcoming these days,” Sakura replied. She pulled the knife from the makeshift sheath on her belt. “Besides, you gave me a weapon for a reason.”

“I will accompany you.”

“No, you won’t,” she said firmly, shutting the door and moving closer to him. “You already have plans today. You said you wanted to get a job and you need to go to those interviews.” She paused, tucking the knife away and adjusting the collar of his shirt. “There. You look perfect.”

Sai looked her over. “You too look aesthetically pleasing, hag.”

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Pompeii 35

Nothing was ever perfect and nothing would ever be truly perfect, but sometimes Sakura started to believe things were as perfect as they could get. She didn’t need anything else but friends like family and quiet nights surrounded by a feeling of security. Stuff was growing more and more hectic with the allergy season ramping up and more people coming into the clinic to act like children about a runny nose, but Sakura still had the evenings to rest and unwind with friends closer than friends.

Behind her, Sai combs through her hair with his fingers, pulling apart strands into sections he would weave together later. He always took his time when she allowed him to play with her hair. Sakura readjusts her position on the floor, bumping one of Sai’s knees with her own before reaching to throw down a card atop one of Yamato’s.

“Go fish.”

Sakura groaned. “Are you going to say that every time? I messed up once, just once, and you need to remind me every chance you get. This is rummy, I got it, I know.”

Yamato’s smile was teasing.

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Pompeii 33


we interrupt your regularly scheduled supernatural shenanigans for a little neighborly fun. enjoy!

Sakura cursed softly as she fumbled with the dish, catching it with mitted hands. It had been a while since she last cooked a casserole and she could almost feel her grandmother cackling from behind her, laughing at her lack of grace. That’d never been a problem for Sayuri Haruno, who’d traveled in a circus act as a trapeze artist before settling down, but she’d never faulted Sakura for her shortcomings.

Sakura shook free of her thoughts, balancing the casserole between one hand and her hip as she knocked on the door next to her own.

She heard a loud thump and a few colorful words before the door was cracked open and a suspicious brown eye peeked out. Upon seeing her, Yamato’s countenance changed entirely, lighting up from within as he flung the door open.


Sakura shivered slightly, unused to the affection instilled within the single word. “Hey Yamato,” she greeted before thrusting the casserole out in front of her. “I made chicken divan.”

For a moment, he looked confused. Then he brightened, smile heartbreakingly happy. “For me?”

“A little housewarming gift,” Sakura said, returning his infectious smile. “Just a little way for me to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

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You found her, now go and get her ✘ Barry Allen and Grant Gustin Imagine ✘

✘ A/N: I’M FINALLY POSTING MY FIRST REQUEST, YAY! I’m sorry it took so long, anon. School kills. I hope you like it! As well you, guys!

I’ll tag WestAllen bc this one got Westallen, but it’s not a Westallen imagine. Tbh I ship it so fucking bad and MY HEART HURTED!

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta

 (Y/F/N) = Your fake name. (Y/L/F/N) = Your last fake name.

✘ Request: This might get complicated but can you do a Barry/grant imagine where Barry is trying to move on from iris (maybe they broke up or something) and he is either shown through Gideon or travels to our world where he sees the reader (singer actress) and grant have been together for awhile and are very happy so he tries to find the reader on his earth with the teams help

Originally posted by fyeahgrantgust

Things had been strained between Barry and Iris since the end of their engagement. They didn’t talk, they couldn’t stay in a room alone, and when their eyes met, before so demonstrative of love and admiration for each other, would just look away, making both people uncomfortable and any other human or metahuman around being able to feel the heavy breeze from the pressure in the air.

They loved each other, of course, they had loved each other since forever. And when they finally got together, Barry thought that maybe this time he had really won, maybe he’d gotten his happy ending, his peace.

Holy shit, how wrong he was.

Iris missed him more than anything, and so did he.

But it was clear that the Scarlet Speedster couldn’t say or show it more when Cisco entered excited on the cortex, saying that the future had changed. Iris would live. Savitar wouldn’t kill her.

“Actually, I saw her in the headlines. ‘Iris West, the youngest Central City’s journalist to win a pultizer award, public an article about metahuman medicine, with help from her old  friend, Caitlin Snow.'’ Cisco spoke in a forced tone of journalist’s newspaper’s 7, smile never leaving the his face. "Guys, Iris is alive and Caitlin won’t turn into Killer Frost!”

‘’But what changed?’’ Julian asked, but no one could care about what event made the tragedy go away, the focus was clear: the worst thing won’t happen anymore.

‘’We won Savitar, I knew it! I knew it!’’ H.R said exltedly.

Joe hugged his daughter with tears in his eyes as Cisco hugged Caitlin and HR ran out screaming something about coffee and cake to celebrate the occasion.

As much as Barry’s heart was relieved - Iris, the woman he loved, would live and have the success in journalism that she deserved! -  A persistent doubt struck the back of his head. Asking Iris to marry had not changed the future. Had breaking up with her done it?

Barry smiled at Iris as their gazes met, the first real smile from the end, she took a step toward him, and he could not help but try to reach her as well, but Caitlin hugged her just in time, happiness and relief filling the room.

Looking at the people that Barry Allen most loved in the world in such happiness, he couldn’t help but leave when no one was noticing and go to Gideon. Barry had to see if a certain event had reappeared.

His heart pounded, hoping he would continue with Iris, the girl he always wanted…

But he was not.

Flash missing vanishes in crise.

By Iris West.

No hyphen, no Allen.

Iris was alive, but she would only be like this if he didn’t have her.

A solitary tear fell down the cheek of Central City’s hero.

It was surprising how he could save everyone but himself.

But it was okay, if his happy ending was Iris at least alive, Barry accepted that.

He loved her too much to be selfish.


It was 3 months since Barry discovered he could not stay with Iris anymore. He was doing okay as much as possible. The thought that she would be alive made him try to move on, for Barry knew that if he didn’t, the West girl would die.

So the speedster was trying. The best he could, at least.

“This time, I’m 100% sure that the particle accelerator will not get you to another earth.” Cisco said while putting the device in Barry’s suit.

“100%?” Barry raised an eyebrow, doubting his friend’s statement.

“Okay, maybe more to 89%,” Cisco said as he moved to the computer. “Or 67%…”

“Oh, great! ”

“Earth two?” Julian asked Caitlin, trying to find himself in the conversation.

“No, it’s down to earth 4. It’s where Supergirl came from.” Caitlin explained.

“Who?” Julian asked confused as Caitlin began to gesture and explain about Team Flash’s interdimensional travels and friends.

“Okay, get ready.” Barry prepared to run, happy to do something that would always distract him from the world around him. “1… 2… 3… Go! ” The Flash ran, leaving papers flying through the cortex, Caitlin rolled sighed and went to pick them up while Julian approached Cisco to see Barry’s speed on the computer, until it simply disappeared.

“What was it?”


The Scarlet Speedster could feel in his breath that that oxygen was not that of his earth. He sighed and looked around, looking for some information on where he was or how to get help to get home.

As much as “home” was now all his relative happy, uncomfortable moments between him and Iris, the sure certainty that he would not have a happy ending and…

Barry shook his head from side to side, trying to hide his thoughts like someone throwing dirt under the rug. Time to gather information, find help, and go back to his earth.

The hero looked around again, he was on a street, one that seemed to belong only to the richest of any place. Hearing a loud noise as loud as hysterical screams, Barry glanced back, managing to see himself waving to a group of screaming people. Was that version of him famous?

He sped in the big place, looking twice, was a recording studio. The Flash sped through the room, studying everything until it found a trailer that contained clothes in his size.

Barry changed his clothes and grabbed a backpack, putting his uniform inside, starting to look around the trailer at human speed.

“Cool.” A smile appeared on his face to see a photo of him with two more dogs, he always wanted dogs. Barry finally found a computer and searched for the name on the door of the trailer.

Grant Gustin.

Thomas Grant Gustin, better known as Grant Gustin, is an American actor, singer and dancer. Best known for playing the role of “Barry Allen” in The Flash series from CW show.

Okay, what should he be most shocked about? The fact that he is representing himself  or that he can dance?

Anyway, Barry continued his research. Grant Gustin seemed like a completely normal guy, in fact, all of the team seemed to be normal. No metahuman activity here.

Indicated for the best chemistry award on TV: Grant Gustin and (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

This was a new one, he didn’t know anyone by that name. Barry clicked on the link of the story, basically they and 4 other couples competed for this award. The Forensic Scientist kept looking at the photo of himself smiling and hugging a girl, whom he couldn’t see, although he could not help but feel curious and even neediss to meet her.

Barry coughed, moving away from the computer. He had not felt anything like this since Iris.

Search: (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

Allen sighed and clicked on the first link to youtube that appeared, “(Y/F/N)” was talking and suddenly began to sing. He giggled, her voice was wonderful.

The next video was one of an interview with her, Barry clicked on the link and folded his arms, waiting for what could come.

Fully open mouth in ‘’O’’ was a euphemism for Barry’s expression. His chest was full of excitement, confusion… Hope?

His version of this earth was with this girl for years, and he seemed quite happy with her.

This was not Barry’s life, he knew that. But something inside his veins was begging for him, go get this girl.

For the first time after Iris, Barry Allen could feel something.

Just then, Cisco appeared, smiling relieved to see his friend well.

'’How about a vibe home, bro?’


“They were together for like three years and they looked really happy. I have to find this girl. I just have to. ”

“You’re like one of those in love Disney guys, are you going to start singing for no reason like them?” Cisco joked.

“And she was a singer actress!” Barry remembered.

“As lovely as it is, you know this was not your earth, right?” Caitlin said, wanting to make sure his friend’s head was in order.

As Barry opened his mouth to speak, the rest of the team entered the room. His heart ached a little to see Iris, she’s still Iris after all. The difference is that, this time, he accepted his new idea of destiny, Barry Allen was happy. He would have Iris at his side as his best friend, fully alive and amazing at job and someone to love, that was more than enough. It took some months to accept that he wasn’t going to be with Iris and a couple weeks before he came back from the other earth to accept that he could be happy with another person. But he did it.

Barry Allen accepted it and would hold onto this future.

“What were you talking about?” Wally asked with Big Belly Burger’s mouthful, Iris rolled her eyes at his brother’s attitude.

“About the girl that B.A is looking for! She and his look-alike, can you believe it? Look-alikes! - were together and kaboom! He wants to meet her here!” H.R said excitedly, not noticing what he was really talking about and in front of who.

“Dude, seriously?” Cisco chided him, H.R looked around, his mouth popping open and his expression showing surprise at what he had done.

Before H.R could stutter some apoloze, the reaction in the cortex was completely the opposite of what was expected. Iris smiled at Barry, a genuine smile.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Bear.”


“What do we have?!” Barry asked as he stepped into the cortex, already in his The Flash outfit. Cisco and Caitlin had called him to STAR Labs saying they had found something that needed to be resolved urgently, but the whole Team was there, which was weird for a wednesday morning.

“What do you have to get, bro.” Cisco said smiling, eating another of his candys.


“We found her.” Caitlin smiled sweetly. Barry looked around the room, his eyes wide and his crescent-shaped mouth resting like a smile. “Her name on this earth is (Y/N) and… ”

“And we’d say more information about how much work to find her we got, but I guess all you want now is to run for her.” Cisco interrupted and laughed at his friend’s expression, noting how excited he was but happy for him as well as his entire team was.

“Go get your girl, Flash.” Iris said, smiling in encouragement, he stared at her and nodded, running out as he received the information from her location by the microphone in his suit.

And then, the world seemed finally to stop when Barry laid his eyes on (Y/N). Nothing was fast or slow, everything was in harmony for the first time in centuries. Barry could swear on his knees that there were no wars or problems in the world, because… How could something bad happen in the world when her smile existed?

Pompeii 27

@thefreckledone Days later and Sakura was still reeling from the generosity of her friends. Gifts were one thing, but it was hard to shake the feeling that there was something more to her first birthday in Pompeii based on how they blessed her. There were flowers for her almost daily when she came down for work. Every other day someone came in during her lunch break to bring her food and sit and eat with her. Days before she had felt a lacking in the town as more and more people went ‘off’ on business she didn’t understand, but suspected to be tied to Orochimaru’s recent activity. She had mentioned it once and now it seemed all her friends in Pompeii were attempting to compensate for the few weeks she wasn’t bathed in affection.  

Sakura loved her friends, and loved the validation from their gifts and visits…but…

“It’s too much.”

Shizune nodded in agreement. “Well, the Senju dropped off flowers yesterday. It’s no surprise the Uchiha would want to outshine their good neighbors.”

Sakura grimaced at the gaudy floral display left on her desk. It was even more lush with flora than the one yesterday, left by sweet Kawarama Senju on behalf of him and his brothers. Sakura had forgotten the blackbirds who saw and heard everything when she took the flowers from the youngest Senju, and gushed to him about how happy she was and how much she loved them.

“The smell is overpowering,” Shizune admitted with a shy shrug. “But it’s still lovely.”

“Yeah, it’s gorgeous,” Sakura agreed, looking over the swelling display of a dozen different flowers artfully arranged. “It’s just too much. Even for a birthday present, I’ve never been so…spoiled. Is this normal? I mean, it’s been over a week already.”

“Yes, but it’s your first birthday here. Sometimes special celebrations can continue on for weeks. Weddings typically last a whole month when they happen here. It all depends on how important or valued that person is to the community. You have a lot of people in Pompeii who see you as a member who is treasured.” Shizune nodded, eyes rolling towards the window. “Plus, people would much rather celebrate you than the spring equinox celebration that’s coming.”

“What? Why is that not a good thing? I thought the spring celebration was for like…rebirth and new life.”

“Oh it is, but this is just the quadrennial spring celebration. Every four years the spring celebration is a little different and people just don’t like the traditions as much as the others.”

“Is there a reason for that?” Sakura asked.

“It’s important to preserve our history and remember the mistakes we and our ancestors made in the past. So, instead of every year we decided that every four years we would add an additional ritual of appeasement into our spring celebration. It’s no terrible thing and we enjoy ourselves well enough because it is a celebration, but it’s not as fun compared to celebrating the life of a person important to you. We would much rather just celebrate you, Sakura.”

“What’s the ritual of appeasement for?” Sakura asked, noticing how the crows outside her windows were gone and the room felt much larger than it should. The windows were far away and the doors even farther. If someone had been listening in on them there would be nothing for them to hear.  This was Shizune’s doing.

“It’s better you not know that much,” Shizune whispered sweetly, something sad in her eyes. She reached out and pat Sakura’s cheek fondly. “There’s no need for you to share in our penance. Forget I said all that I did.”

Sakura wanted to ask what the penance was for and what she would do if she didn’t have to share in it, but another part of her wanted to ask about the woods and if what happened to her last autumn was tied to the spring celebrations. She had been back to the woods only once since that last incident, but there had been no more stairs to nowhere or evil fires stalking her through the night.

But that had been before…

“Shizune, we don’t have anyone else for the next hour, I want to check on something in my room real quick. Holler for me if we get a walk in?” Sakura asked.

“Of course.”

With a grateful wave Sakura skipped back and doubled up the stairs to her room on the second floor. Inside, the book had been left on her bed and that’s where she found it once more.

“Heeeey, old friend,” Sakura chuckled, picking it up nervously. Sometimes it didn’t want to talk to her and sometimes it did. She hoped she could get something out of it today.

“What is it now?” the book groused, sounding tired.

“It’s not about Orochimaru this time, I have a different sort of question for you. Do you know what happened to me last fall in the woods? Do you know what that was?”

The book warmed in her hands, she knew it was awake, but it didn’t reply. Sakura held her breath and waited, knowing it could be temperamental with her if it wanted to be. She could feel it still awake, it hadn’t gone to sleep on her, she could tell that much by now. Finally, it shifted in her hands.

“I know what it was.” The book then went silent.

“What was it?” Sakura asked.

The next silence was even longer and Sakura grew afraid that was all she would get out of the book before it shifted and turned open it’s pages. Sakura saw one bleed with a sloppy hand of ink. The ink ran into words and Sakura mutely read.

‘The truth is in the forest. The trees know!’

“The trees know what?” Sakura asked, feeling the book grow cooler under her fingers.

“You’ll have to ask them that yourself, won’t you?” the book chirped before turning on itself and falling out of her hands onto her bed, closed once more.

When Sakura reached for it she could feel how cold it was and knew it was sleeping. There would be nothing more to glean from it after this. This time the book hadn’t answered her on its own, but showed her the answer someone else had discovered.  

“I have to go back into the woods again to find the answer,” Sakura said out loud. “Why does that sound like a bad idea?”

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anonymous asked:

To go with the Ricci shop pic: what do you think of Wednesday marrying a woman who at first glance doesn't appear to fit into the Addams' world?

I could be sold on it! Depends on the woman.

One of the aspects of Wednesday’s character – I think of all the Addams Family but her in particular because she’s a young girl – is that she’s not just the outsider, she’s also the voice of outsiders, she’s the speaker for the weird. She’s defiant but with a purpose: she defends the right to be different if different is who you are, when she is literally the person in the family who is most likely to be abused by the outside world for it. 

Morticia and Gomez and Pugsley just ARE weird, in a sort of confident but unconscious way, and Fester struggles with being weird but not always knowing if he wants to be weird, but Wednesday is targeted for being weird and is well aware of it and fights back consciously. Which is why she would never grow up to be, say, a Stepford Wife type of creepy – she’s the antithesis of that conform-or-die mentality, even though the Stepford Wives are 100% a form of horror. 

So I think she would be fine to marry a woman who didn’t apparently fit in at first, because “not fitting in” is who she is and it’s also what she does, aggressively. It’s why she’s instantly so likable, because she wins every fight she gets into about being a weirdo and a lot of us have repeatedly lost that fight. But I also think any woman Wednesday could love would still have to share the Addams family ideals of accepting the Other and unconditional love for family. She’s not going to marry the Queen Bee, she’s not going to marry someone cruel or normalizing, which is the immediate idea of “not like the Addamses”.

But I can see her marrying a woman who’s super awkward or not slim and slinky the way Morticia is and it’s sort of implied Wednesday will be, or even just someone who doesn’t quite get the point of The Aesthetic™ but okay hon, we’ll do the Dark Swing Dance, it’s not like I don’t LIKE the Dark Swing Dance. Or someone who’s really upbeat and cheerful and likes pictures of kittens and fuzzy blankets and wearing bright colors and the entire family is like “What…do you two even talk about” and Wednesday turns to her dad super deadpan and says, “Skeletons” and in the background her fiance-soon-to-be-now-that-she’s-met-the-parents, who also happens to be a forensic anthropologist, just nods super enthusiastically. (True fact, the most cheerful, upbeat person I know used to dig up bodies for a living.) 

And Morticia considers this very carefully and then announces, “It’s time she met Grand Nana Sylph” and they get the shovels and head out to the graveyard. Grand Nana Sylph had the best bone structure of the whole family, and after Wednesday’s Young Woman articulates her, everyone can admire it in the comfort of the parlor!  

And then she wears like, a BRIGHT RED DRESS to the Addams Family Reunion and everyone looks at everyone else in black Victoriana and then back to this ONE PERSON in bright red and thinks to themselves, “It fits. The Aesthetic™ is still served. Wednesday found her a keeper.” 

You guys I have a LOT MORE THOUGHTS about the Addams Family than I expected, wow.

Pompeii 34


Sakura placed her dreamcatcher downstairs, looking around guiltily as she did so. She knew that her friends would have a quite a bit to say about what she was about to attempt. Sakura covered the dreamcatcher with a sheet, hoping that her recklessness would pay off. It was a gamble, but for the answers she sought, it would be more than worth it.

Sakura climbed the stairs to her apartment once more, blinking as she saw Sai sitting outside her front door. He hadn’t been there five minutes prior, but Sakura was becoming accustomed to the abrupt comings and goings of those around her. Time and manners worked differently in Pompeii than they did in New York and she had to remember that.

“Hi Sai,” she said, pushing open the front door as he stood. “What brings you my way tonight?”

“Yamato and your neighbor are bickering again,” he said as he pushed past her, seeking the haven of her couch. He curled himself up there and watched her with unblinking, doleful eyes.

“Again?” Sakura repeated. She moved into the kitchen, rummaging through her drawers and grabbing a melatonin tablet. She chewed it, grimacing. It was just as well that Sai had arrived. Sakura was too keyed up for sleep at the moment. She might as well bake. “Have they been fighting often?” She paused in her search, thinking. “They did just fine at dinner the other night. It was awkward, but neighborly dinners often are.”

“Ours are not,” Sai pointed out. “They are conversing outside from their balconies. It seemed tense. Perhaps I misunderstood. You mentioned having dinner with them. Perhaps it is part of a specialized mating ritual?”

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Pompeii 31


Sakura noticed the Hyuga coming out of the shadows between trees first, but the Uchiha were behind her and Karin and Ino were instantly on guard while Hinata simply bristled at their arrival and drew herself closer to Sakura.

“Sakura!” Shisui exclaimed, touching down like an acrobat from the branches.

There was a split second when his shoes weren’t shoes, and his hands weren’t hands, but feathers and talons. He reached for her and held his hand back before it could extend close enough to penetrate her personal bubble.

Half a heartbeat later Itachi was beside Shisui, red eyes spinning and oddly fixated on the bloom of sick colors around her wrist. One second he was shadow, the next he had pulled himself out of it and taken physical form.

“What happened?” Itachi asked curtly.

“That’s not a concern we are unable to deal with ourselves, Uchiha,” Neji interrupted, coming up to stand along Sakura and Hinata. He shared a look with his cousin over Sakura’s head that was part blaming part questioning.

“As if,” Shisui sneered.

“We will not be dismissed so casually,” Itachi added, bristling.

Around his head the silken strands of hair seemed to electrify as his red eyes glowed brighter. In response Neji’s pearl colored orbs took on a new level of shine and the veins around his eyes started to stand out.  Several other Hyuga came up behind Neji and while Itachi and Shisui were not outnumbered, they did not back down.

“Is this why nothing gets done or solved around here?” Sakura asked, eyes narrowed as she cradled her throbbing wrist to her chest.

Shisui looked hurt first, but her words had an impact on each posturing male. The aggression drained. Both Neji and Itachi seemed to pull back and shift their attention from each other to her and the girls.

“You’re hurt,” Neji stated, trying to still sound matter of fact and not embarrassed about having to be told to stow his ego with a look. “We can get you ice for that. Come inside.”

“We’re going back to the clinic, I don’t need ice, I need to set it,” Sakura said, trying to keep her voice level. Neji couldn’t tell if it was the pain or emotions that made her words almost wobble.

“We still need to know what happened,” Shisui said, voice soft and apologetic.  

“Then add yourselves to the list, because I’d like to be the first one to get the memo on what sort of freaky business I keep running into,” Sakura snapped, turning to glare at the Uchiha. “This has happened before, and the Senju said they would be looking into it. Was that a lie? A cover up, or do none of you really know?”

Behind Ino looked down and away, ears burning. Hesitantly she reached out and grabbed a piece of Sakura’s shirt, something to keep them connected.

“The Senju are pursuing leads on Orochimaru.” Itachi glanced upwards at the tree behind her and the parts of it that were still bleeding gold. “He has been known to dabble in the manipulation of their tree craft for his own perversions.”

He didn’t say it, but Sakura knew he was talking about Yamato.

“This was Orochimaru? You and the Senju know that for sure?” Sakura asked, voice turning sharper and sharper with every passing minute the pain in her wrist grew.

Shock would only keep her pain free for a precious little longer before she would have to feel the full force of the break. She had less and less patience for their political bullshit and placating.  

Itachi didn’t meet her eyes when he answered. “We would have to confirm that with the Senju, but logically speaking… it stands to reason that this is his doing.”

Karin made a dismissing sound with her teeth and even Ino huffed a little louder in disbelief, neither buying Itachi’s story for what it was; a story. There was no proof and very little evidence to link the trees to the snake monster. But in addition to that, at least Karin’s gut told her that this was something else, something older. Sakura believed that more than she believed Itachi’s words.

“Then what is he doing targeting me? Why now? Why only in the forest? What the hell are his motives?”  Sakura felt herself shake with anger. “Why hasn’t anything been done?”

She didn’t say anything else about how angry she was that she wasn’t being included in the investigation or updated with the progress. They told her they would take care of it, pat her on the head, and then went out on their own in separate groups that didn’t work together. She wanted to be kept updated and informed about the thing that had nearly taken her life on more than one occasion, but didn’t feel like she was worth it by the way she was treated. They might like her enough, but they sure as hell didn’t see her as someone important enough to share information with. She wasn’t worth that.


“The Senju are working on it and have made significant progress with the leads available to them.”

“What have you done about it?” Sakura snapped, voice sharp, eyes sharper. Shisui almost flinched. “This is a problem for everyone I thought? I thought Orochimaru was that bad a guy. Why is it only the Senju working on it? And you don’t really mean the Senju, you mean Yamato, because he’s the only one doing anything aside from postering on the stage.”

The air turned stale and Sakura suddenly felt dangerous in front of the monster men of Pompeii. She felt inflated with her own sort of magic. She knew the dirty secrets hidden upon the undersides of their town and she wasn’t scared to bare them in the light. She wasn’t afraid of words when she was covered in gold ichor and blooming bruises. Her bone was broken, these secrets wouldn’t stay in the dark any longer if it meant she had to pay any more for them.

She felt dangerous.

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Pompeii Chapter 22

There were flowers on her desk.

Sakura blinked, setting her empty lunch container down and looking over at Shizune. “Where did these come from?”

“Seems that you have an admirer,” Shizune said, taking the box Sakura offered her with a word of thanks. “A delivery man brought it by.”

“Huh,” Sakura said, going around to the front of her desk.

She touched the petals of the sunflowers, frowning at the texture. They weren’t real. She lifted the note that accompanied it.

Thank you for your help! Bang! ~Deidara

“What?” Sakura said, examining the flowers more closely. They were made of clay and painted. Honestly, the level of detail was quite astounding. “What did he mean by bang?”

There was a sizzling sound. Sakura glanced down at the stems of flowers which were burning away, like a wick.

“Sakura!” Shizune exclaimed, leaping over her desk and knocking Sakura to the ground.

Sakura watched, breathless beneath Shizune’s protective stance, as the flowers ignited in a small shower of fireworks and sparks.

It was gorgeous and fleeting.

It had also been seconds away from burning her face.

“What was that?” Sakura demanded, brushing her hair out of her face.

“I had forgotten that Deidara has a reputation as a pyromancer,” Shizune said, frown severe. It is an intimidating look on her. She surveys the mess left behind, singed papers and black marks all over Sakura’s desk. “And he is something of a prankster. I will need to remind him that such acts are incredibly inappropriate. He could have burnt your face!”

Sakura stood, assisting Shizune to her feet. “Well you have my thanks for the quick acting,” Sakura said.

“I’ll be having words with Deidara,” Shizune said, eyes an unearthly green.

Sakura was extraordinarily relieved that she was not on the end of Shizune’s wrath.

Shizune gave her a brisk hug before turning to the mess with a sigh. “Go ahead and head out early,” she said, “I’ll call the janitor and track down Deidara.”

Sakura did not envy Deidara his position. “Alright,” she said, shutting down her computer and filing away whatever readable papers are left behind. “How are we going to fix these documents? We need them.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” Shizune said. “Our janitor possesses some lovely restoration abilities. I’ll put everything away after she comes by.”

“You’re the best Shizune!” Sakura exclaimed, bussing a kiss against her cheek and heading out the front door.

It was time for dinner.

“Here are your sunglasses,” Ino said, pressing a pair of aviators into Sakura’s hands. “Make sure you keep them on at all times, even when you’re in the bathroom or if you step outside.”

“Okay, okay,” Sakura replied, pressing a hand to Ino’s shoulder to show her appreciation. She put the blue reflective lenses on. “How do I look?”

“Absolutely lovely,” Ino said as she perched the cat eye sunglasses on the bridge of her nose. She hooked her hand through the crook of Sakura’s arm and strode down the street. “We’re fabulous.”

Sakura laughed, shaking her head but keeping pace gamely. Being with Ino was always an adventure.

They stopped outside a storefront with the name Mamushi in tasteful, if plain lettering at its front. The windows were wide and showcase a scene of long tables, plush seating and warm lighting. There was an open counter where the chefs’ work with the fish was clearly visible. Against the far wall was a bold mural of two women eating sushi in a traditional Azuchi-Momoyama period Japanese art style.

Sakura whistled, impressed. “Nice place.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty wonderful. Patrons just have to be a bit careful. Better safe than sorry,” Ino said, pressing through the door.

“Sakura, Ino!” Naruto called out, waving them down. The group was  seated in a corner. “C’mon over!”

Sakura took a seat between Hinata and Menma, ignorant to Ino’s pout.

“Here,” Hinata said softly, passing her a menu.

“Thanks,” Sakura said, taking a moment to appreciate everyone’s eyewear. “What’s good here?”


Sakura jumped, turning around in her chair.

A woman stood firmly planted in front of her. Her smile was wide and manic, eyes shaded by dark sunglasses.

Her hair was also made a hundreds of snakes.

The snakes were purple and writhing, hissing and turning to look at their surroundings.

“Anko Mitarashi,” she said, sticking out her hand to shake Sakura’s firmly. “I own this place.” She leaned in, scrutinizing Sakura intently. Then she plucked the menu out of Sakura’s hands. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about choosing! I’ll pick your sushi out for you tonight. You seem like an unagi, girl…”

Sakura watched, dumbfounded, as Anko walked away, whistling cheerily.

“Looks like you’re getting the eel,” Menma crowed, nudging her in the ribcage.

“I like eel,” Sakura said, smiling slightly. “I was just a bit surprised that she figured it out just like that.”

“Anko’s good at her job,” Naruto said. “A bit out there but she makes the best damn sushi around.”

“Maybe because she was around when sushi was invented,” Sasuke muttered, arms crossed.

“Oh hush,” Karin said, pouring herself a cup of sake. “You just don’t like the fact that she tried to feed you like a bird the first time we came here.”

“Karin!” Sasuke exclaimed, cheeks red. “Don’t talk about that!”

Sakura laughed, relaxing as conversations started up around her. She enjoyed this, simply being together and talking and enjoying each other’s company. She didn’t have the benefit of a shared history with those at the table, but sitting with them had started to feel like home almost as much as the actual town of Pompeii. There was a place for her here, and it was warm and welcoming. Maybe she was the newest in town, but she still felt like this was the home she was always meant to make and Sakura loved the feeling.

“Tayuya, have you heard anything about this whole fiasco that Kiri is starting up?” Menma asked in a low tone.

Tayuya frowned, thinking. “Not sure what fiasco you’re talking about. Kiri has fingers in just about every pie in town. You need to be a bit more specific.”

“The…recent incident,” Menma said, skirting around the issue.

“He’s talking about that Orochimaru thing,” Naruto said, breaking into the conversation. He was oblivious to the way Sakura flinched. “Dad’s gotten all up in arms about it but he’s keeping it very hush-hush.”

“Tsunade hasn’t mentioned anything to the coven but I know she’s only recently started to attend some city council meetings,” Tayuya said. “You think that’s what it’s about?”

“The clan heads have been to the meetings too,” Shikamaru said. “Dad is being pretty tight-lipped over the whole thing.”

“Mito-sama is involved too,” Karin said. “Whatever’s happening, it’s pretty serious.”

“Nah,” Naruto said cavalierly. “I think it’s Yagura just blowing hot air. He’s always been a paranoid bastard, especially since Akatsuki came around. Orochimaru died centuries ago; we all know it. Hell, Tsunade said-”

Something cracked behind them.

Everyone turned, taking in the sight of Anko bending over a broken tray. Sushi lay in disarray on the ground, ruined.

“Apologies,” she said, smile bland. “I just thought of something funny and I forgot my strength. I will be back shortly with your sushi. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Most of table’s occupants turned back to their conversation, albeit in quieter tones. Sakura, however, continued to watch Anko, catching the fine tremors in her shoulders and the drooping of her snakes.

The sake in her mouth turned to ash.

“I do not feel well,” Sakura said, standing up abruptly. “I’m going to head home and sleep it off.”

She heard the protestations but she bowed out regardless, offering platitudes before heading for the door.

A hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Don’t approach Anko, not now,” Shikamaru said, gaze steady as he stares her down. “She doesn’t possess the best control.” He looked at her drawn face and tightly pressed lips and sighed. “Troublesome. Look, Naruto may espouse his opinion the loudest but it doesn’t make it true. Talk to Anko another day. Ino and I will come by later with your sushi.”

Sakura nodded, squeezing the hand on her shoulder. “Thank you, Shikamaru.”

“Don’t mention it,” he said, waving her off lazily.

Sakura stepped out onto the street, buoyed by the cool night air. She patted her flushed cheeks, trying to let go of her anger. She didn’t understand the politics of Pompeii, not in full. How could she? She’d been here for a few months while some of the denizens had been here for centuries.

She began to walk, allowing her boiling emotions to fuel her brisk pace.

It wasn’t Naruto’s fault that he didn’t know, that he spoke out so carelessly on issues that he knew nothing of. Sakura had seen the terror in Yagura’s face, the lingering, stifling fear felt through the older residents when the name Orochimaru was invoked. She doubted that Yagura would dare to resurrect the horror of a seemingly forgotten nightmare without good reason.

Sakura huffed and stared down at the pavement, wishing for a way to understand the tenuous climate of Pompeii. She needed knowledge…

Sakura blinked as the concrete beneath her feet turned to pink brick. She looked up, gaping at the building that was in front of her.

It was a building.

In the middle of the street.

Sakura shook her head, unable to understand what she was seeing. She had walked down this street only half an hour ago. What the hell was this building? Sakura scrutinized the sign, which read Sarutobi Library.

Honestly, she wasn’t sure why she was surprised. This was Pompeii after all.

Still a library, right when she needed one.

Sakura walked up the steps, anger dampening as curiosity took over. She pulled out her phone, turning on its flashlight. She pressed her hand against the oak door, feeling the fine grains of wood beneath her shifting fingertips.

The door swung open beneath her weight.

“Hello?” Sakura called, peeking inside the darkened room. “Anyone there?”

Silence greeted her.

Sakura paused, warring with herself for a moment before valor got the better part of discretion and she stepped inside.

Her footsteps echoed against the marble flooring as she began to explore. She couldn’t quite make out the details of the walls, but it looked intricate, gilt murals and swirling images of legends she knew nothing of. Heavy drapes hung in the path before her. Sakura pulled them away, grinning at the sight.

Books lined every wall as far as the eye could see. Sakura glanced up, turning her flashlight toward the ceiling. She couldn’t even see it, it was so far away.

Sakura stepped further into the library, slightly overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Where should she start?

She shook her head, squaring her shoulders.

She’d just start somewhere.

The starting was the important thing.

She looked around and finally found the light switch. She flipped it on, gasping as the light allowed her to fully appreciate the beauty of the library. The books were gilded in silver and gold and shimmery colors of all sorts, bright and inviting. In the center of the room was plush sofas and plump ottomans and pillows, ready for any reading position. There were innumerable ladders along the walls, positioned in such ways that seemed almost impossible as one ladder connected to another and then another. There were moving staircases alongside the walls, allowing for easy access to the books. The lighting was nouveau in style, thousands of colorful glass shards making up mosaics of pure light.

It was strange and beautiful.

Sakura pulled back her hair, grabbed a conveniently placed basket, and strode toward the closest ladder.

It was time to get to work.

Sakura dodged the flailing tentacle, wobbling precariously on the high ladder as she fought to shut the book. Her shirt was soaked and she smelled of brine, peppermint, and honey, an odd combination to be sure. Sap clung to different portions of her hair, making it stand on end.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had this much fun.

Sakura reshelved 1001 Tomato-Based Remedies for the Apothecary. She wasn’t sure why there was a giant squid inhabiting this particular book, but she decided not to question its culinary tastes.

Instead she pushed against the handy brass rails on the wall, grinning as the ladder swung around the walls smoothly. She paused as a glint of silver caught her eyes, examining the title:

A Brief History of Preternaturally Inclined Villages.

Sakura couldn’t help a sound of victory as she carefully lifted her evil eye medallion, brushing it against the binding on the side.

There was no reaction.

Just to be safe, Sakura pulled out the ankh given her by a client and tapped the top and bottom of the book. (She had quickly learned to be cautious with books that often had a mind of their own.)

Again, nothing happened.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sakura tucked her talismen away and gingerly lifted the book. She added it to the basket that hung from one of the rungs of the ladder, appreciating once more just how wonderful this library was. Sakura glanced at her ladened basket, counting fifteen or so books.

With a satisfied nod, Sakura clambered down the ladder with an ease that belied her enthusiasm. She startled and nearly missed a rung when someone began to clap.

“Well done.”

Sakura turned, clinging tightly to the ladder as she surveyed her surroundings. Below her stood an older man, hunched and stooped with age.

Perhaps the librarian?

She swallowed, making her way down the ladder to meet the interloper. As she got closer to him, Sakura could make out his facial features: the craggy planes of his face and his warm, kind eyes.

“That was quite impressive child,” he said as she reached the same level as him. “I’ve never seen a newcomer handle herself so well with the more…rambunctious books. Especially considering that you did not use any magic.”

Sakura smiled wryly. “Well, Pompeii offers a steep learning curve.”

“Indeed it does!” the man said, seeming delighted as he laughed. “I am Hiruzen Sarutobi, librarian.”

“I am Sakura Haruno, new doctor here in Pompeii,” Sakura replied, taking his hand and shaking it firmly. “I apologize for barging in here unannounced.”

“No apologies are necessary!” Hiruzen said. “Truly, I am glad that the library chose to appear to you; it almost never comes to newcomers. Whenever you see the library, know it is open to you at any hour of the day.” He peered into her basket, a frown gracing his face. “What exactly were you looking for?”

“I want to understand the town better,” Sakura said, meeting his troubled gaze easily. “Things are brewing just beneath the calm surface and I am behind many other citizens by centuries. I need to arm myself with knowledge.”

“A wise method,” Hiruzen said. “And what is it specifically you seek knowledge in today?”

Sakura swallowed, remembering the reactions of the younger generation. Would this man brush off her concerns so easily too? She breathed deeply and said, “I want to know who Orochimaru was and his significance to this town.”

“Orochimaru?” Hiruzen said, voice high as he staggered back a step. “Yes…I suppose with the current unrest it would make sense to look into the underbelly of Pompeii. And Orochimaru certainly thrived in the darkness.” He sighed, drawing a shaking hand across his face. “Well, A Brief History of Preternaturally Inclined Villages is a good choice to learn about the significance of Pompeii itself but for Orochimaru…” He trailed off.

“Are there truly no books on the events in Pompeii?” Sakura asked.

“Actually, I might have something. Wait here.”

Sakura watched as Hiruzen doddered away, feeling a bit accomplished. It was good to be taken seriously in her concerns.

“Here,” Hiruzen said triumphantly, waving a book above his head. “I found it!”

He pressed a plain book into her hands, looking at her expectantly. She examined the blank cover, looking over the dark stains within the leather. She carefully opened the book, ready to find the title.

It was blank.

Sakura scowled, flipping through the pages. All were blank.

“What is this?” Sakura asked.

“It will reveal itself to you as time goes on,” Hiruzen said. “This should provide you answers on who Orochimaru is and what he has done within this town.”


Hiruzen shook his head. “It is late. You should head home.”

Sakura raised her hands in protest but Hiruzen faded away before her very eyes. She frowned at the spot he once was, not appreciating his cryptic advice. She wanted straightforward answers.

She glanced down at the blank book.

Perhaps answers were within it.

“I’m taking this basket of books with me,” Sakura called, guessing that Hiruzen was listening. “Next time I’m here I’ll get a library card, if that is something you have here.”

When she was met with silence, Sakura took it as permission and headed for the door.

She stepped outside, blinking at her surroundings which had changed.

She was in front of the clinic.

Sakura grinned, looking up at the library. She wasn’t sure how sentient a building could be, but this was Pompeii. She patted the library sign. “Thank you,” she murmured, before moving forward and pressing a key into her lock.

She frowned as something tugged at the space behind her bellybutton.

Her seal.

Sakura placed the basket of books inside the clinic before locking the door, responding to the call of the seal.

She sucked in a heavy breath as she landed in the town square, trying to reorient herself quickly. Blue hands landed on her shoulders, steadying her.

“Sakura,” Kisame said, gazing past her with concern.

“Sakura!” Zabuza was suddenly in her face, pushing Kisame out of the way. He paced in front of her, full of energy. “I…he was alone for just a minute… I can’t believe…it’s my fault!”

“Zabuza, what happened?” Sakura demanded, grabbing his face and making him stand still. “I need you to breathe and explain.”

“It’s Haku,” he said, eyes full of tears. Sakura brushed the saline away, listening attentively. “He…he was attacked.”

“Where is he?” Sakura asked tersely.

“Here,” Kisame said, carrying a slight body over to Sakura.

It was Haku, but he was in very poor shape, tensed in agony.

“Here, hold onto me,” Sakura said, offering her arms to Zabuza, Kisame, and Yagura. “I’ll take us back to the clinic.”

“I’ll do it,” Yagura said darkly, eyes glowing.

They landed in the middle of the clinic and Sakura immediately set to work, pulling on gloves as she gave orders. “Yagura, I need you to call Shizune; let her know it’s an emergency. Kisame, place Haku on the examination table. Zabuza, grab a glass of water and sit down!

“Now,” Sakura took a deep breath to center herself, “what happened?” Sakura asked, brushing Haku’s hair away from his face.

“We were going out to the lake,” Zabuza said, gaze unfocused and voice unnaturally calm. He was in shock. “Haku ran up ahead since I had to stop by Hidan’s for some hardware. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes…I came across him screaming, all contorted…He’s out of it now but he said something bit him.”

Sakura frowned, leaning in to examine Haku’s neck. There were two puncture holes, reminiscent of fangs. The veins around the entry wound were darkened and inflamed.

She frowned. “Kisame, I’m going to need you to call Chiyo and inform her that I will need her assistance. Kankuro’s too. Haku is poisoned.” Zabuza released a wet sounding noise. “Zabuza, you did the right thing. We are getting him treated.” Sakura wrapped a sterile bandage loosely around the wound. “What venomous animals are native to the area?”

“It was Orochimaru,” Yagura said, stepping up beside her.

“Have you seen this sort of attack before?” Sakura asked.

Yagura nodded. “Chiyo has dealt with it in the past.”

“Kisame, please let her know what we are dealing with,” Sakura said. She frowned as Haku began to scream. “We’ll need her expertise to handle this.”

Yagura stood beside Zabuza, hand on his shoulder. “Orochimaru will pay for this, in blood.”

everyone in pompeii is illiterate because the library is an asshole that acts like the room of requirement.


Weird Wednesday

Not scary per se, but definitely unsettling, these images screw with the brain, specifically the fusiform gyrus, the part that recognizes faces. As always, when the brain perceives something as foreign or abnormal, the natural response is to view the subject with hesitance and wariness. From there, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from fear.

Pompeii 29

Things go wrong and the world holds its breath. Sometimes the world holds its breath for minutes, sometimes for days, sometimes for years. In a land as ancient and mysterious as Pompeii, Yamato wouldn’t have been surprised if it held its breath for a century before people saw the fruit of their mistakes. If ever.

Something wrong had been done, but would anything come of it? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it wouldn’t come to torment them until most of them had aged out of their near immortal lifespans and faded to dust. There was always that hope, but that did nothing to remove the unnerving sensation of ‘wrong’ in his gut. It was a part of him now, and he couldn’t shake it.

He wondered if his Senju betters felt the same, or if they would ever admit to as much. He suspected if he asked all he would get would be lies. Hashirama was good at that, lying directly to Yamato’s face. For the rest of the world he was sunshine in the trees and softness from the down feathers of a dove’s wings, but Yamato was different. Hashirama would never be kind or soft or vulnerably honest with Yamato.

Yamato hadn’t been wrong when he saw fear in the older creature’s eyes. He knew that much. The Senju were unsettled by something, but neither had said anything after the ceremony and everything else went according to plan. The song had been sung, the fire had burned down, nothing was left of Sasori’s chair and everyone seemed happy and settled like they should be.

Almost everyone.

Yamato looked down at his fingers and remembered the moisture collected there on his fingertips. Her tears.

Something pulled painfully in his chest and he stopped to wince at the feel of it. It was still so odd to feel these feelings after growing into them. The fay took centuries to mature their emotions and for the first many decades of their physical maturity they expressed and felt precious few emotions. It was a sign of great age and maturity when the fay could feel something. Which made the younger ones who lacked such emotions excellent thespians.

It made Yamato smirk coyly to himself that at least he had come into his feelings far quicker and even Tobirama was still budding into new feelings. It was rare that Yamato could make the Senju feel anything other than disgust, but the idea that Tobirama might be jealous for something Yamato had….well that made him glad.

It was probably easier for Sakura to stand his company if he had more emotions and could feel things. Yamato hadn’t missed the way the younger Senju brother watched Sakura from afar at the afterparty  but held himself back from approaching her when it looked like she wasn’t going to seek him out. Yamato had never seen Tobirama look so dejected with so little facial expression.

Or maybe it didn’t have anything to do with how little emotion Tobirama felt. Maybe the reason he held himself back from reaching for her was the same reason so many others held their hands to their chests or broke their necks getting to her first.

Sakura was the ripple in their stagnant waters, and she was sweet to drink. It was more than just her being new, far more than just that. New people had come to Pompeii in the past fifty to one hundred years and Yamato didn’t remember any of them really changing the environment of their community the way Sakura had. Yes, she was a doctor, but it wasn’t her job that made the town take notice of her and then keep taking notice of her.

Yamato looked down at his hand again and tried to remember what it felt like to touch her tears. They had rolled off so innocently when he had been distracted, but now he wished they were still there on his fingers, connecting him to her. He wanted that little part of her at least.

What was she?

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