According to Allegiance, the Empire’s soldiers were entirely clones up until about 9 BBY, at which point they started letting volunteers in (who didn’t necessarily agree with what the Empire was up to once they saw it in action, but by that point it’s too late), but the implication seems to be that they still have a ton of clones around by 0 ABY, too

Stormtroopers intentionally shooting to miss is also a thing that happens, and something the ISB is specifically looking out for, testing recruits to make sure they shoot accurately


Type 89 Kai 2 Particle Beam

Manufactured by Rokuoh-Sha’s occult investigation hardware branch between 1933 and 1944 to match the advances of the Thule-Gesellschaft in paranormal defense prior to World War 2.
35mm 120MeV hydrogen ions beam.

People don’t often think about the underworld front of WW2.


DeLisle 1944 Silent Carbine

130 manufactured in 1944 by the Sterling Armament Co. in Dagenham, East London, United Kingdom.
.45ACP subsonic, 7-round standard pistol magazine, bolt action, integral suppressor.

This fascinating weapon was developed by William Godfray de Lisle, British engineer at the Air Ministry, between 1942 and 1944. Its suppressor, an improvement over Hiram Percy Maxim’s silencer, made it inaudible beyond 45m, a quarter of its effective range. It was an invaluable asset for British commandos and a much better alternative to the Welrod pistol that could only fire a few rounds at very short range before needing repair.


Mauser ‘Siderlatch Special’ 1910 Pocket pistol

Mauser Pocket pistol M1910 manufactured my Mauser in Oberndorf, Germany c.1910~1913.
6,35x16mmSR/.25ACP, extended magazine.
This interesting piece comes with a Wespi Lichtzielgeräte battery-powered torch-scope, an early precursor to the modern laser dot sights with rather macabre branding.


Johnson 1941 Light Machine Gun

Manufactured by Cranston Arms in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 1941. SN 1522.
30-rounds .30-06 side-mounted magazine, it also features a bipod and a dope front sight.
From the town that gave you eldritch abominations, the weapon to fight them with.

Sausage : James D. Julia Inc.


Danish Schouboe M1906 semi-automatic pistol

Manufactured by DISA or Dansk Rekyl Riffel Syndikat A/S as it was called in Copenhagen, Denmark.
11,35mm/.45 caliber wood and aluminium bullet, centerfire.

A little note for the newcomers among us, wood usually goes in the grip and metal in the bullets, not the opposite.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc.