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I don't know about hh but don't you think Ta o a SH had some weird vibe going on? Their friendship always looked strange to me, maybe not dating but they were different among the rest, like ta o had a sweet spot for sh.

i think th had more potential to be ‘real’ than hh. but th plays into a theory of mine. idk if anyone remembers how chinese media outlets wrote about how th were lovers and stuff. now, if you realize they were literally saying there’s a gay couple in ex_o. yix_ing even went on multiple tirades about how manly e x o are.

i think the outlets knew the couple was in ex_o. they suspected. but they didn’t know who exactly. so they fished and fished incorrectly imo *they had the wrong pairing*. claimed it was th. then it all just disappeared.

i’ll explain on this more after work.

I wonder if you’re gonna get Cosmog early on in the story and have to protect it from the Aether Foundation which let’s you gain it’s trust and love and that somehow causes it to either evolve into Lunala or allows Lunala to leave it’s sealed state as Cosmog and become Lunala again. Speaking solely from the Moon aspect, because, just a hunch honestly, if that’s how it is, then it might be the reverse with Solageleo’s counterpart. As in, get weird football baby Solgaleo and protect it from Team Skull and then you see how it pans out from there. 

Although, it is likely on both ends of the spectrum that you’ll have to protect it from the Aether Foundation and its weird experimentation on the Pokemon.

I don’t know. That’s just a weird vibe I’m getting.