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Hopefully some people will see this: they limited signups to only 1000 and have reached that. With any luck they’ll do other rounds but for now it looks like it’s closed :(

eta2 3/25/13

THEY’RE OPEN AGAIN for round 2!


We’re returning to headquarters.



Soo! I don’t know if yoy know about this… But apparently there’s a channel on Youtube that posts the STRANGEST AND CREEPYEST VIDEOS I’VE SEEN! The tension and the fear on all his videos is just… TOO REAL.

And the worst thing, is, that all this is apparently REAL! 

Supposedly this is the channel of a guy who bought a set of old cassetes on a garage sale for $5. One day he gets too curious and wants to see what the betamaxes contains! And he gets so freaked with what he sees that he decides to digitalize and post what he found. The guy describes the story like this

”These are movies that we found in 10 rather large boxes at an estate sale for 5 bucks a box. It was being held in a barn about 15 miles west of Austin TX. There were some old records (which we also bought) some rusted tools, tons of paint cans, various other bits of old useless junk, and these boxes. The people running the estate sale didn’t seem to know that they were there and priced them for us on the spot. The films vary in formats ranging from old 35mm stock reels to betamax. We also see what seem to be the same people recurring in these movies as well. Many of the films are damaged beyond repair but we are trying our best to repair and clean them up. As we dig through the boxes, catalog, and digitize more videos and audio we will post more. Until then please share with us what you think might be going on with these tapes.”

This is the link to the channel!

And above is a little taste of what the channel contains.



This incident, known as the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion, is an actual television hijacking incident that occurred in Chicago in 1987 during a broadcast of the Doctor Who episode “Horror of Fang Rock.”

The hijacker was never caught.

Emergency Commissions!

Hey you guys! I’m really happy I just recently landed a job, but I still won’t be getting a paycheck for at least another 2 weeks. I still have a lot of bills to pay (mostly late fees I’m so bad at being an adult UwU;;) and really want to be able to visit my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in ~2 months because of distance. In total, I need about $150 to get me through the next few weeks, and would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out!

I want to offer cute blinky/winky babies like the above for only 5 bucks each. I can make one in a little over an hour, so ideally I’d be able to shell them out pretty fast. If you want extra animations, just let me know, and we can figure something out! I am also open to other commission types of course (full illustrations, tattoo designs, dress up games, etc.), feel free to drop me a note for prices if you are interested. If you don’t have money/aren’t interested in commissions in general, it would be so greatly appreciated if you could perhaps reblog and signal boost this post instead!

Thank you guys so much for all your well-wishes and support so far, I am really so grateful, you lovelies are the best ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥

Hello! My name is Bec, I am 18 year old transman, currently living in the UK. Currently I’m unemployed (other than occasional commission work) and attend college full time, but college obviously doesn’t pay me, and I’m not making enough on commission work to effectively save up for what I need, which right now, is a binder (or two).

I live with a family that is not exactly accepting of my gender, but thankfully not violent or aggressive about it, either, the worst I get is mocked and ridiculed, I’m not being harmed physically. This means that I can’t ask my family for help with getting a binder. The one I currently have is from ebay - the ‘lestomboy’ binders that are actually incredibly bad, and the effects of that have started showing.

Because I can no longer use that binder I need a new one, the place recommended to me has been underworks. Not only are the binders out of my price range right now, but so is the shipping (one binder costs $19 to ship), that and I would prefer to have more than one due to the fact I will have to wash the binder(s) in secret, and I am not often left home alone long enough to be able to wash and dry one very often. On top of shipping and cost of the binder is customs which could be anywhere between £10 and £25 (I purchased a Rage hoody from WhatPumpkin and was charged £17 customs charge), and I will need to buy my own washing tablets/detergent (though I can get that for £2) so my mom doesn’t notice hers is disappearing faster (as I will be wanting to wash my male clothing, too).

This is the chest binder I am hoping to be able to get, which for just one with shipping (and without customs) is $49.98 and getting two would be $79.97, on top of the higher rage customs charge that comes to over $130 just for two binders, shipping and custom fees.

On top of that I will eventually need to save up for male/androgynous clothing for two pairs of jeans and two shirts from Primark it costs roughly £36. I’m looking for cheaper places, though.

In total, just for the binders, I need about $130/£84 and for two shirts and two pairs of jeans is $56/£36 from the cheapest place I currently know of (if you know anywhere in the UK that is cheaper then please let me know).

I’m willing to draw for you, write for you, I just need the money to be able to get these binders so I don’t have to keep resorting to using the binder that is doing me more harm than good right now. My dA is here, my FA is here and my Ao3 is here.

My paypal is - thank you for reading and if you can’t donate, please reblog this and show your friends if you can! 

(If by some miraculous doing I manage to get the binders, the clothes, the detergent and have money left over, I will buy clothes to donate to transclothesswap and or put into trans/nb fundraisers)


(please full view!)

hello!! I am opening up commissions because it’s Summer and I have to cover some RL expenses!! LET’S GO


Fan art and OCs are ok provided you give me sufficient reference.

  • colored+shaded full body : 25$ + 5$ per additional character
  • colored+shaded sketch : 13$ + 4$ per additional character
  • flat sketch : 7$ + 4$ per additional character
  • detailed backgrounds : 35$ + 7$ per additional character

For more examples of what i draw you can go through my personal art tag!

Payment by PayPal only, sorry!

I will not draw NSFW stuff, gore, unrealistically huge breasts, fetish art, furry, etc.

if you’re interested please drop me an ask or email me at with the details of what you would like drawn :)

thanks for looking <3


Hi guys it’s Mikayla I decided to make a brand new commission post since I got a lot of new followers and I actually! Really could use some money right now to save up so I can (possibly) move this year! Reblogs and likes are appreciated too!!

  • PayPal only!! I prefer payment upfront also!
  • Please don’t contact me on tumblr because asks ALWAYS get lost. Send me an email at!!
  • I will draw most things so probably just ask me, if I’m not okay with it/think it’s not within my skill level I will politely decline
  •  The prices here are just kind of like general…gauge…of what you might pay but it depends on what you want exactly! (bust, fullbody, add a BG, etc)
  • It’s +%50 of the total price per extra character
  • I might be slow or I might finish really fast, I spend a lot of my day taking care of things for my parents so please be patient with me if yours takes longer than others!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! I won’t bite!

I am in desperate need of help; please signal boost if you can!

Hey there. If you’re reading this, first off, just let me say thanks for reading it. It’s really hard for me to ask for help, but I have nowhere else I can turn.

Here’s the situation:

Not too long ago, I lost my job because I got sick with food poisoning. We’d just had some really bad ice storms and I missed half a week of work, and I got sick with food poisoning just days before the write-up was to expire.

I spent the next few months trying to find a new job, while scraping by on unemployment, but never even got any calls for interviews. I’ve been shooting resumes off like crazy, trying to find even a simple, part-time anything, just to bring in some money. Well, a few weeks ago I finally got a call, and I passed the phone interview and landed an in-person interview as well. If you’re following me, you might’ve noticed me making a post jubilantly exclaiming that I’D GOTTEN THE JOB THANK HEAVENS I GOT THE JOB. I was so happy I was really to cry or sing or some other expression of happiness. It was going to be more than enough money to get back on my feet (and that’s not including the tons of bonuses and raises they seem to give out), and with their really excellent tuition reimbursement, I was going to be able to get back to school and get my degree.

The only obstacle was a drug test. I knew I’d pass it without trouble, so I wasn’t worried. However, at the moment I do depend on someone else to give me a ride places, and on the way home from the interview, I told them that I only had two days to take this drug test. As it was a Saturday, we had to wait until Monday, and they said we would go then. Awesome! However, there was a family emergency with my aunt (who has Alzheimer’s), and they couldn’t make it by. Not good, but we still had the next day, which wouldn’t be a problem. Well, the next day rolls around, and they know I’m waiting for them, and I never got any replies to my messages other than that they would be on their way soon. At 2:45, I look over at my drug test registration sheet I was given, and I notice that I only have until 3:00 to make it there, and they live about 20 minutes away - there was no possible way for me to make it.

I’ve called the company a couple of times, and they’ve told me that they’re unable to give me a new registration form for the drug test for six months - which means I can’t possibly work there. I lost my new job before I even started. I have some friends who work there, and one of them told me they had a problem with their drug test as well, but that they got a new registration no problem. I dunno what the deal is, but there’s nothing I can do to contest it or anything, especially without outing them and possibly costing them their job (which I can’t do).

As a result, I’m about to lose my apartment in about a week. At first, it was terrifying, but I talked to one of my friends, and he happened to be looking for roommates and was about to be moving in a couple of weeks’ time. The details were hammered out - there were to be four of us living together - and all that was left was finding a house or apartment. Unfortunately, they were turned down for the applications they put out, and two of them (including my friend) decided to just get a two-bedroom place and that was that.

As it stands now, I have nowhere to go (and it’s back to terrifying again). There’s not a lot of people in my family, and the only one who would let me stay with them for any period of time is my mom, but because she is sort of permanently housesitting for my aunt and uncle (the aunt with Alzheimer’s - my uncle is losing who he is as well), she isn’t able to let me stay for any period of time.

I’ve got an interview next week, but even if I get the job, I won’t be getting paid until after I lose my only place to live. Today is Thursday the 24th, and I have until the first to come up with $1200.

If you’re still reading this - thank you thank you thank you. I appreciate just that in and of itself. Unfortunately, I now have to ask you for your help. If you are in any way able to donate to help (and please, don’t put yourself at risk to do so), please, please help me - my paypal is If you’re not - hey, I totally understand. I’ve been there. But if you could, please just reblog this to signal boost?

I don’t have any actual talents to compensate you with - I can’t draw or do anything musical, and while I’ve been told I’m a great writer, I don’t know if writing fanfiction or something is a thing I can commission out. I do have a couple of friends who are awesome artists, and I might be able to talk them into doing commissions for you.

Thanks again just for your time, and please - if you can’t donate, a signal boost helps just as much.

Stay safe out there.

Dear Disney,
Please give me a job cosplaying as Sergeant Calhoun from Wreckit Ralph. We are pretty much twins and I’m sure if you gave me cool armor I would look just like her. My significant other also got eaten by a Cybug so I can relate. I do makeup and acting aside from channeling Ms.Calhoun and that could be really helpful too. Please get back to me. Pennsylvania is cold and gross and I’m taking your advice by wishing on a star, or on tumblr rather but that’s almost the same.

Love, krista
( sergeant calhound’s weird non digital twin )

Dear tumblr please make this tumblr famous and maybe Disney will give me the job!! Hahaha

A million roaches? Light the Tara Reid Signal!

4 Recent Headlines That Sound Like Bad SyFy Movies

#4. Roachsplosion

The Chinese town of Defang was rocked to its core when a million cockroaches managed to escape from a medical facility and spill out into the unsuspecting countryside. … Disease investigators have been called to the scene to devise a plan of attack against the roaches, so it is likely that three or four of them will be eaten alive by the chittering insects before the end credits roll.

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rhonnie needs help! ;o;

hi guys! this is kind of an update/continuation of this story - basically mum was somehow extremely unhappy with my year twelve results (i’m in the state’s top 10%?????) and is kicking me out to live on my own “learn my lesson” and pay for my own uni tuition and survival from next year.

so far i’ve found myself accommodation and have applied for a youth allowance from the government since i’m independent and studying but a) i’ve heard they’re extremely picky and i don’t know if i’m going to be approved/how much i will get and b) my research and calculations so far have shown that it’s going to be insufficient to cover all the costs of supporting myself.

on top of this where i’m moving (to be closer to uni) takes me too far away from my current job (which also poses issues as i work in my family’s business so mum will always be able to harass me if i stay) to be practical

so basically i’m unemployed for the moment and generally overwhelmed and worried that i’m not going to be able to handle this

and normally i wouldn’t ask you guys for money for nothing especially during the holiday season when most people are strapped for cash and like i know other people definitely need it more than i do but???? i don’t know how much i’ll be able to work on commissions or anything with the way things are at the moment so i don’t know what i have to offer and i’m frankly scared as heck.

in any case after some encouragement i decided to open up my paypal for donations in case anyone was willing and able to spare anything? for the moment you’ll have my unfailing love and gratitude but i definitely plan on finding some way to repay you when i can ♥ once i’m stable i’ll probably draw u a thing (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) 

but yeah anyway i don’t want anyone to feel obligated to help me or anything bc i’ll definitely be doing my best to handle this!!! if however you have gotten this far and still want to help me out (firstly thank you oh my gosh) you can go here or go through the donation button on my blog (ღo////oღ)

thank you for takin ur time to read this merry christmas and happy holidays ok

Fun Fact #45

There seems to be a City in Antarctica. No one’s actually braved the ice long enough to go check (JOIN) but whoever it is they’re sending messages to the other Cities with increasing frequency.

Despite this mysterious City having access to their private numbers, and emails, and addresses for some reason (Wellington found one message stuck in his sock drawer which- what?!) the City seems to be friendly. (VISIT ME) Nearly all its texts and emails finish with requests for them to visit and an endless parade of smiley faces.

Though that in itself, most Cities agree, (YOUSHOULDE VISIT ME. JJOIN ME. JOIN ME :)):)):))):)):), is a little creepy.