Ghosts and Aliens


The Doctor pushed the lever back into place, feeling his time ship settle again as they landed. He had traced the signal bleeping away on the monitor back to this time…New York apparently. 

Somewhere other than England… 

Bit of a vacation… 

Who knows how long the alien had been here without him, time travel a tricky thing after all. 

He poked his head out the door, beginning to look around for whatever he had been chasing through the vortex

  • Rylei:Do you not see something weird in this drawing? *Signaling something in the drawing*
  • Me:No, why? I just see... sketches?
  • Rylei:Uhm... are you sure? *drawing red signals in the drawing*
  • Me:Uh... I'm quite sure, I only see a number in the right top corner, and nothin' more.
  • Rylei:........ ARE YOU SURE???? *Circles an important thing*
  • Me:YES, I AM???? Are we even seeing the same thing? *Sends a screenshot*
  • Rylei:OHHHHH Lag in the stream, cool. NOW?
  • Me:OH MY GOD