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My house is haunted. Partly by humans, partly by Something Else. I have had a staring competition with the human spirit as he appeared as a reflection in my glass door. He is a rare presence. The Other spirits are friendly. The small ones flit about my vision as both lights and shadows. They like when I try to catch them. The large one appears human but is Not. He is 6 ish feet tall and peers around corners. He is not Allowed in my room. I tell him this and he listens. I am lucky he does so.

You are more lucky than you know.

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I just saw the post with the mirror cutouts and I wonder, did you ever do any traditional chaotic evil scot stuff to ETD?

Listen there’s enough weird shit going on in my house without me adding to it. Also he’s a bigger troll than me, I have no desire to bring that wrath down on myself.

Fun Story

So when I was around 13 and first getting into witchcraft, I did a spell to ward off negative spirits, and by doing so I accidentally invited positive spirits to come on in. Like, I basically put a flashing neon sign that said “GHOSTS WELCOME” and then weird shit started happening in my house for months until I asked them all to leave. Needless to say, I learned an important lesson to read spells VERY carefully before doing them.

What was your first early witchcraft experience like? Did ya learn your lesson the hard way? Let me know in the reblogs!


i found some super weird shit in my parents’ house this weekend. here’s a teaser: DO YOU HAVE A SMALL AND ODDLY SPECIFICALLY SHAPED OBJECT THAT NEEDS ~HIDING? then i have a fish for you.


ofgeography is doing something about weird shit in our houses? I don’t really know what’s going on but I do have some weird shit in my house…
1. An ancient pacman game. Shit goes down at parties when this is involved. My mom gave it to my other mom when she graduated from Kellogg and we’ve had it ever since.
2. That’s Dave. He’s my mom’s. She has an unhealthy obsession with despicable me.
3. This is part of “the elephant room”
Don’t ask me why we have a room dedicated to elephants. I don’t know.
4. They don’t seem to realize there is another pillow about 2 feet away. I could describe how odd they are but you’ll have to trust me on this one.
5. I bought a sword at a fair. It was pretty blunt but I sharpened it. I am now safe from monsters under the bed.


Here are five weird things in my house ofgeography 

1. This pretty sweet Lady Gaga toothbrush. I’m just going to assume it’s made of real gold. 

2. My roommate’s cat. His name is Carols and he is named after the baby from The Hangover. He sits like this all the time and makes unflinching eye contact. It is very disturbing. 

3. My collection of television memorabilia which includes one picture of Jim from The Office that my mother gave me for Christmas 10 years ago and two Farscape pictures bought for me by my uncle when he attended Comic-Con 12 or 13 years ago. 

4. A decoupaged suitcase that my mom made for me for me. The middle picture is a drawing she commissioned of me from a friend of a friend’s daughter. 

5. Finally, my prized possession. A melted croc top handle that looks like a mummified vagina. I will never part with it. 


A bit late for the big thing, but ofgeography wanted to see weird shit in people’s houses, and all of the weirdest stuff in my house is in my room. (Except for this authentic Confederate flag my dad got for history geek reasons, but we don’t display that for we’re not frothing racists reasons.)

1) An authentic KATANA (or, more accurately, SHITTY ANIME SWORD). From my weeaboo phase, it’s a model of Kenpachi’s sword from Bleach. It cost like $30, I swing it around like a spaz sometimes.

2) This Batman figurine has been in my room my entire life. It used to be my dad’s I guess? I don’t know where it came from beyond that.

3) A couple gargoyles. They’re the right size to be bookends, but they aren’t? Again, I don’t know where they came from beyond the fact that my dad put them in my room on my stereo one day.

4) This isn’t exactly weird, but at least I know where it came from. It’s a kaleidoscope my grandfather who is a retired shop teacher made for me. INTERESTING FACT ABOUT MY GRANDFATHER: at some point in his career (I think during the Cold War?), he worked on R&D for the government. Top secret subs, he helped invent the Catamaran. Some of the stuff he did still isn’t declassified. Also, when I was young, I thought he was Santa.

5) I got this stuffed platypus doll at a zoo, though I can’t remember which one. His name is Platypus, because I can’t think of a better name.


I lived in a trailer park in CA when I was in kindergarten, and I stole this action figure from my neighbors. I have no idea who he is or what he’s from, just that he can also do this: