Weird Korea will be touring with Sirs this summer and they need your help. Below is the route they will be taking, and the ***** are the dates/areas that are currently empty. If you are from that area or know of any bands or venues that will book these 2 awesome groups, email or with any info. If you get in touch with us, we will send you in their direction.

May 20th: Binghamton, NY @ Bazz w/ Ida Sessions
May 21st: Fredonia, NY @ TBA w/ Ida Sessions
May 22nd: Buffalo, NY @ TBA w/ Ida Sessions
May 23rd: Barnesville, OH @ 323 W Main st.
May 24th: Detroit, MI @ The Lager House
****** Kalamazoo, MI or Lansing, MI *
May 26th: Chicago, IL @ Moving Castle w/ Coping
May 27th: St. Louis, MO @ LEMP w/ Family Might
****** May 28th: Louisville, KY or Nashville, TN or surrounding areas *
May 29th: Memphis, TN @ Stash House
****** May 30th: Birmingham, AL or Atlanta, GA or surrounding areas *
May 31st: Tallahassee, FL @ 721 California St. w/ Sleeping Spiders
June 1st: Gainesville, FL @ Wayward Council w/ Wavelets
June 2nd: Ft Myers, FL @ Cool Hand Luc’s w/ Trans-sans
June 3rd: Melbourne, FL @ TBA
June 4th: Orlando, FL @ Hoops w/ Wavelets + You Blew it!
****** June 5th: Savannah, GA or surrounding area *
****** June 6th: Atlanta, GA or surrounding area *
June 7th: Charlotte, NC @ Sewercide
June 8th: Greensboro, NC @ Legitimate Business
****** June 9th: Richmond, VA *
****** June 10th: DC *
****** June 11th: Philadelphia, PA *


Weird Korea


We like spooky things. Like houses. spooky, spooky houses. 

We like weird things. like korea. weird, weird korea.

The Weird Korea/Spook Houses split tape will make you yellanddanceandjumpandscreamandmissyourhomeandlaughandcurseandfightandpukeandcallyouroldfriendsandcallyouroldparentsandsingandfalldown 

just like any good music should.


spook houses - home

i could listen to this song on repeat for hours. so great / they’re really nice dudes as well. they also did a split with another cool band called weird korea. y'all should check that out too.

Show: SUNY Purchase’s FAREWELL to SIRS w/ Weird Korea, High Pop & Please

Once upon a time I was visiting Purchase as a high school senior with my friend Biff, who had friends in the area….the tour of the school highlighted all of the cultural outlets on campus, excluding The Stood…which would go on to be just the thing that sold me…

When the tour ended that day, Biff and I ran into a friend of his, Mike Caridi, who just happened to be heading over to The Stood for band practice with SIRS. He offered to bring us in to look around, and played one song, and that was all it took. Now I’m here.  

I didn’t know then that I couldn’t have seen a better light of what Purchase was really about. Sirs has shaped the Purchase music scene and will be missed greatly

Their final show at Purchase is TONIGHT


Weird Korea 


High Pop




Poster by : Dave Medina 

Mike Caridi gave a final statement to accompany this post:

It’s kind of a surreal feeling to be ending after a four year run as a band, but there’s no place we’d rather be having one of our last shows than the stood.

Purchase is the place we first found support as a band, and it’s a really nice feeling to end it all where we started.

The line-up is perfect and we wouldn’t change a thing. We managed to wrangle up our good friends Weird Korea for a sort of reunion performance, High Pop always rocks, and we’re honored to play with our friends in Please at their first show.

Can’t wait, it’s gonna be a great night : )


Weird Korea are a weird band that’s not from Korea. They are garage punk in the sense that they purposely lo-fi’d their noise on purpose in order to sound good. It sounds like they recorded this in a bedroom and ran it through rusted amps. I like it, though. They did a split with Spook Houses that you should also check out on their bandcamp as well.


Both the Weird Korea/Spook Houses split and Blackhawks/Radiator Girls split cassettes I ordered came this week. Down for for all four. I’ve posted Radiator Girls up here before. Here’s a track from Spook Houses. I ordered the Wild Ghosts - No Coast tape with the Blackgirls tape, but apparently the dub was bad and the dudes at MJ MJ sent this nice note with the tape. Personal. So down for those dudes. Help them put out Vacation Dad’s album and get rewarded here.