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yunyu you should have shortened #2 to "rock lee" bc honestly thats all it is

Ok but there are like different levels of Rock Lee. You don’t fully realize how In Love with the Lee you are until that moment. Even if you think you do. You can’t.

Level one: who’s this weird kid?

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Level two: haha the weird kid totally humiliated Sasuke that’s pretty cool

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Level three: did he just save a fucking squirrel? and Sakura too but let’s be real we care more about the squirrel at that particular point

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After this you’re in forever.

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hi! love your account! could you do a scenario of what shinee would be like as preschoolers?

hello there! i’ll try my best anon! 


  • really likes legos
  • does NOT like sharing them 
  • lives for nap time 
  • chicken nugs for lunch all day eryday 
  • pororo band-aids all over him 
  • falls down a lot but never cries 
  • will pass out anywhere 
  • tried to eat a crayon bc he was hungry and couldn’t wait for lunch time 


  • really likes knocking over legos (”I AM GODZILLA”) 
  • therefore is at war with jinki 
  • crazy gelled up hair 
  • is not allowed to have apple juice anymore bc it makes him wayyyyyyy too hyper 
  • “jonghyun stop taking off your clothes”  
  • always has one of those plastic recorders in his hand (toot toot) 


  • adorable!!!!!!! in OVERALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stickers all over his folders and clothes
  • draws on his desk (and taemin) with a tube of lipstick which magically disappears when the teacher looks for it (”you can’t prove it was me”) 
  • learned a curse word
  • will not stop saying it
  • time out time forever 


  • ALWAYS running and the teacher is always chasing him
  • runs like naruto
  • the kid who actually prefers apples/carrots over oreos for snack time 
  • refused to come! back! inside! after recess 
  • buys extra pretzels to share 
  • named his hands and feet 


  • the bowlcut
  • carries around a backpack that is twice his size 
  • literally nothing in said backpack 
  • looks like an angel but is a menace to society 
  • flipped all the chairs in the classroom upside down, refuses to make eye contact when asked why he did that 
  • set the class hamster free 
  • hugs all the girls 
  • a fly landed on him and he was inconsolable for an hour 

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Ennoshita's "do it for Daichi" shirt is the best thing I've ever seen

it’s all fun and games until daichi sees him wearing the shirt and ennoshita decides to avoid him for an entire week

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we went to school together and u were my first girl crush ever just thought u should kno u hold that title to someone lmao

…………………..middle school? HS? College? jesus you need to PM me right now omg!!!

It’s funny because I always feel like i’m caught naked w my dick out whenever i get messages from people in my past even though my videos are literally out there like why am i like this.

anyway PM me do it