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hae soo has always made him feel normal.

he’s been treated as an outsider, a monster with a scar, not capable of love. Hae soo didnt judge him on the scar, or care about him. Treated him as a friend and as a loved one.

we’ve seen it time and time again, haesoo helps make him think hes not weird. That he is normal, eg not liking your younger sibling, makeup to cover his scar

even when he becomes king and baekha keeps calling him majesty, hae soo gives him looks (lets have some fun), he gives a look back agreeing

then he gets to laugh, be normal enjoy down time.

hae soo still treats him like her wang so 

he needs that to know that he hasnt lost her due to his new job since that his great fear 

the next scene demonstrates that 

when he loose’s a man who was more a father then the king, haesoo consoles him. I was suprised when I saw her sit on the throne no one ever does that, but its what shows him hes not alone, hes the same wangso whos girlfriend will sit with
the way its shown as well that in between them but haesoo takes the gap and sits with him

no matter where they are - its them. one unit, one team that doesnt change

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tbh i am 100% convinced ed knows oswald loves him. First when oswald chickened out and pretended to have forgotten the 'very important thing' ed looked really disappointed and.. sad? And then when oswald asks him to have dinner w him also to tell him something important, ed doesn't even ask what this thing is this time and just offers to buy wine? This was so weird. ed normally would at least show a little curiosity about the 'thing'. He didn't. I'm telling you.. He knows what's up. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yeah he definitely hoped for Oswald to say it or show it so many times by now, from last episode too! Aaaah. He knows what’s up!! I think he did fell for Isabella though genuinely too but that doesn’t mean he dropped Oswald. Isabella just brought so much feels back to him in the love of gotham twisted way. 

if polyamory were normal

“So, wait - you only date one person at a time, on purpose? Okay. But - FOREVER?! On purpose? You both talk about it and agree to that? You both WANT that? Is this - I think I saw this on TV one time. Is this, like, part of a religious sect?”

“Rhonda, I just realized - I don’t think I’ve seen your husband out with another woman for, gosh, it must be years now. Is everything ok with him?”

“Aren’t you worried you’ll become totally codependent and wrapped up in each other and not be able to put energy into other important relationships in your life, like close friends and family?”

“Monogamy, huh? Kinky.”

“Want me to set you two up? … oh, my bad. I don’t know a lot of monogamous people. How does that work, anyway?”

“So you never date anyone else? Ever? Do you at least have sex with other people? … wow. I could never do that.”


Who the hell give BamBam too much sugar 😂😂