after i’m with you i feel like i’m on cloud nine
i feel like i’m floating and i feel like even if you were here
i wouldn’t be able to stay on the ground

I like to think Lance never really had a problem finding out he was pan. He kinda always sorta knew he was, he just didn’t know the word as a kid, but then becoming a teen he found out about it and he was like “oh yeah, that’s me!!”

But I wonder how well he took to finding out he was also poly? Like, it was one thing crushing on Hunk in the garrison. With Shiro he always brushed it off as just a huge admiration and with Keith, he never even considered it a crush, he thought they were just good friends enjoying their rivalry? It only really dawns on him much latter that this whole time he’s also been crushing on both Shiro and Keith and it’s… weird? That’s not normal, right?

He goes through a lot of bad thoughts, trying to put the pieces together. He’s awful, he’s disgusting, he’s weird, he’s broken. Then comes the part where he tries to figure out which one is the “real crush”. He’s known Hunk for longer, surely it had to be him. But also why does his heart flutter the same way with Shiro and Keith?

Anyway, Lance coming to terms with his poly ass is something I sometimes think about.

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lets take this googly eye thing to the next level. After Hana gets her boy of choice, their googly eyes pop off and they get to enjoy the rest of their lives giggling at everyone (bonus shane doesn't have googly eyes cause of Emily)

i was actually thinking about that, like its some kind of a true love reward, you know? like ‘yep you found your love here enjoy your life to the fullest with them now while everyone else continues to be weird’


Thought of the Day

If the suffix “-er” is meant to make things *more* than normal (ex: green into greenER), than why is it LESS offensive to describe someone in that way?
Don’t call that person “old,” call them “older.”
Don’t call them “big,” call them “bigger.”
Don’t call them “dead,” call them “deader.”
Okay, well the last one doesn’t work but do you get my point?
You’re actually insulting them an extra amount, not less.


bittersweet // panic! at the disco


Visit weird, wild, wonderful, and otherworldly Tomobiki town! Every day is a new experience!

Rumiko Week Day Four  ♡ Favorite Scenery ♡ Tomobiki Town [Urusei Yatsura]

[My response to this theme was to pick a setting that I liked, and Tomobiki is by far my favorite. Rumiko’s imagination has never run wilder than it did in Urusei Yatsura. No matter how off the wall an idea, it’s probably not as weird as something that ended up in this manga, and it was for the better for it. Tomobiki is the most ridiculous yet delightful town in Japan. It’s the only place where you’ll be temporarily turned into a giant meatbun, which I’m sure is on everyone’s bucket list right?] 


So um. My 10k on saturday was 1 minute longer than my 10k last year. This really doesn’t say anything at all, since the course we ran was TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM LAST YEAR (mmo course: very flat. gbg course: SO MANY STEEP AS FUCK HILLS) -_-’ 

So… um… I had to sign up for the mmo course this coming saturday :D That’s two 10k races 2 weeks in a row! :D I am very confident that I will be getting a better time this time around, as I will be running the flat course I am used to. And next year’s gbg course will also be better, as I will have done the half-marathon a few months before. 

I AM A RUNNING MACHINE and right now maybe not as much of a zombie as I usually am :D

So yeah. There will be more 10k selfies coming up in 6 days :D

tiberius cont.

inspired by pixieknight10805’s post here

warning: emotional abuse

last on tiberius

Things don’t immediately change between them, which is weird.

Normally there’s kissing. And sex. Lots of it.

Although, Tony’s not sure anyone’s ever asked him out, not the way Steve did.

Dating Steve is almost exactly like being friends with Steve, except now he kisses Tony’s cheek and tells him things like, “Wow, you look great in that jacket, Tony,” and, “The way your legs look in those jeans makes my fingers itch.”

It’s a little jarring, especially when compared with Tiberius’ comments. Tony can’t even count how many times Tiberius has told him what a great ass he has, but he also says things like, “Your hair is getting shaggy. It looks stupid, get it cut.”

Steve’s only comment is, “Your hair is getting long.” Then he reaches up and combs it back out of Tony’s eyes with his fingers, his smile soft. Tony shivers all the way down to the tips of his toes.

Maybe Steve’s just on his best behavior. Honeymoon period kind of thing. Tony decides not to take his compliments without a grain of salt.

They still make him feel good.

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future interaction on voltron:
  • Shiro:By the way, Pidge, do you want us to go back to calling you Katie?
  • Pidge:Well.. actually, pretending to be a boy felt... right. I felt like I was finally the person I was meant to be.. I don't know how to describe it I'm probably weird nevermind.
  • Shiro:Pidge. You're not weird, you're normal. And we will always consider you our brother.


You couldn’t really remember how you ended up being pulled into this whole other world but somehow it had happened. Nowadays your every day life consisted of werewolves and vampires. It should have been a little weird but it felt normal, like that’s how it was supposed to be.

You smile as you lie on top of Paul, your head resting on his chest. You can hear his heart beating and feel the slow rise and fall caused by his breathing.

You were fascinated by it. A few years back you had dated Emmett, which had been totally different. There had been no pulse or warmth anywhere.

“You’re so hot…” You mutter, letting your fingers trace over his body.

He chuckles a bit and runs his fingers through your hair, “Thanks you’re not so bad yourself.”

“Ugh.” You groan and roll your eyes at him, “That’s not how I meant it and you know it.”

“Well it’s how you said it.” He answers, smiling at you.

“You’re a little smartass.”

“Hmm.” He laughs and flips you around, pinning you under him, “What do you want to do today?”



“Yes I want to stay in bed.”

He bows down and presses a kiss to your forehead. You take the opportunity to flip him around again and sit on top of him, smirking slightly.