Golden Hour - Kickoff!

Hello, everyone! We’re a four-person team (of friends who live relatively close to one another) who play otome games (yes, we were willing victims of the Cybird and Cheritz games) and VNs (yes, we are also victims of Steam sales). After a couple of conversations about what we liked about VNs and the tropes we’d use if we made our own…we decided to work on a game!

Golden Hour is our second game and first VN, and we’re planning to make it a free-to-play game for iOS and Android. Please cheer us on *u*!!!

Also, any feedback at this point is greatly appreciated as we are still in early development! Feel free to reply or drop a note!


A young girl transfers into a new school just as the term is nearing its close. With summer approaching, she is tasked with photographing the preparations for the school’s year-end tradition: a grand festival of lights. With her camera at the ready, she dives into a tangle of friendships, rivalries, courtships and conflicts—but the longings of troubled young hearts can’t be captured by lenses alone.

Golden Hour is a mobile visual novel/otome game that thrusts players into the exhilaration of high school romance to capture the fleeting, vibrant colors of youth. Set over a period of ten days, the game follows the protagonist’s attempts to find her place in her new city, especially through her encounters with four remarkable young men.

Caught up in the currents of their lives, she comes to learn their dreams, joys, fears, and obstacles. As she peers into their worlds, she finds her own horizons expanding with knowledge of the city they all call home: developed and all but controlled by a family of old wealth, the city is as full of gentle light as it is of cloying shadows.

Golden Hour is a story of romance, and coming of age; of finding solace in others and certainty in oneself; of lovers, friends, rivals, and family.


Main Character
[Player-named], Second Year

Our story’s protagonist is used to switching homes, owing to her mother’s career, but she’s hoping this move is her last for a while. Thanks to her frequent relocations, she’s used to dealing with a wide variety of people–but isn’t too quick to open up, and would rather view the world through the lenses of her trusty camera.

Mr. Shutter-Shades AKA your academic fairy godmother

The Media and Visual Culture teacher seems a bit.. strange. But not in a bad way. The student social networking system was something he developed to ease the kids’ daily school lives.
Likes: The Internet. Tabletop games. Students developing meaningful friendships.
Dislikes: Bullies.

Bachelors and Rivals

Coming Soon (4 Bachelors, 4 Rivals, and a sizeable supporting cast)!


Branching Storyline

The game follows four main storylines that span a few days, each with multiple endings and unlockable CG scenes.

Multiple Narrative Modes

[*] Class Schedule
Gameplay happens in blocks of time: morning classes, morning break, midday classes, lunch, afternoon classes…more classes… you get the picture! Checking the calendar and attending classes diligently gives the protagonist a better chance at hitting her stride in her new school. The protagonist can also schedule hangouts with friends or go on dates during the weekends!

[*] In-Game Chat App

What, high schoolers need some way to talk long into the night, right?

[*] Ayara High Student Social Network
A place for Ayara High students to take note of school announcements, post about their day, and advertise their club events. Everyone has an account right from the moment of enrollment.

Stretch Goals

There are a few things that would be nice to have, once we finish with the main storylines!

[*] “Rival Stories”
What happens to everyone else when the protagonist has chosen a character route? We’d like to take a deeper look at the friendships, rivalries, and romances that spring up among the rest of the cast. (ie, if you pick Kouya’s route, Nagi will romance someone from the student council throughout the route playthrough!)

[*] That One Teacher…
This is an extra storyline we’d like to develop, focusing on, well, that one teacher.You know, the one with the weird glasses (someone reeeeally should tell him that Shutter Shades went out of style years ago). 

Brought to you by Matchaa Studio.


So y’know that weird glass decoration that drunk!Sherlock was checking out at the Mayfly Man’s place during the stag night?

It’s totally in his hospital room in TLD.

In the background, by the window. I don’t think you ever see it much closer than in this screencap (apologies for my literal cell phone pictures of screens), but it looks exactly the same, down to the black metal/wire frame that suspends the glass over the base.

Sorry for tagging people that don’t know me (Hi, I’m new!), but I follow you and think you’re awesome! Don’t have many followers myself, so just wondering if this has been noticed before… @jenna221b @inevitably-johnlocked @theelephantglassintheroom @marcespot @teaandqueerbaiting

With All My Heart - Part 6

Word Count: 2636

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Illness. There it is. 

A/N: Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. Tags for this series are closed. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

When your eyes finally fluttered open again, the afternoon sun was peeking in your hotel room window and shining on your face. You rolled from your stomach to your side, lifting yourself up on one elbow and running your hand over your face and through your hair. You felt much better than you had earlier, more like yourself. When you moved to get out of the bed your hand landed on a sheet of folded paper with your name scrawled on the front in Jensen’s handwriting.

I had to run down and get ready for the con. Breakfast will probably be cold by the time you get it, but it’s in the tray on the desk in the living room. Text me when you’re awake, please? If you feel up to it, we’d love to have you down here.


- J


You decided to surprise him instead of texting him and quickly showered, ate your breakfast, and got dressed. You ran down to the convention and walked into the open green room door. Rob saw you first and waved, but you put your finger to your lips to shush him as you walked up behind Jensen, wrapping your arms around his waist and resting your head on his back.

“Misha?” He teased and you kneed him in the back of his thigh. He spun in your arms, wrapping his arms around you and leaning down to kiss your forehead. “Feelin’ ok? I was worried.”

“Just massive jetlag I think.” You shrugged. “I feel normal now.”

“Ok. Are you gonna watch this panel? I’m gonna warn you…Daniela gives us apple juice and things get…weird.” You sniffed the glass he was holding and scrunched your nose.

“That ain’t apple juice.” You took the glass and downed a large gulp. “But it’s good.”

“Jensen?” Adam Fergus said from across the room. You both turned to look at him, his own glass held firmly in his hand. “Keep her.”

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Park Chanyeol//The Rhythm of Hate - Part 2

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Summary: You hate each other, even though you’re soulmates. You try and stay away from each other, but a shared course and a project is determined to keep you two facing off. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: Soulmate!AU, college!AU
Word Count: 6,726

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Dating Chris’ characters:

Malachai ‘Kai’ Parker: This guy is batshit crazy. He would literally kill for you and maim anyone who insults you and then draw hearts on the walls with blood for you. He will call you just to say hi and listen to your voice. He will take you on an airplane ride and take you to his childhood home just so he can cook you thanksgiving dinner (his favorite holiday). He’ll look at you with those sexy eyes and whisper to you with those plump lips. He would push you against the wall and do all the right moves. He would buy you a teddy bear on your birthday. This is the kind of guy that would totally be turned on by the idea of you chaining him to the bed to ‘punish’ him.

Mon-El: This one is an actual outer-space stray puppy that is obsessed with red vines. This guy will be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, cuddle you and plant kisses on you forehead. He’ll stare at you those big blue puppy eyes and take you dancing. He’s the kinda guy that will bring you carrots for flowers on your anniversary because he liked the color orange. He will call you blobby babe any chance he gets and compare your eyes to the stars. He will help you make pancakes only to accidentally throw flour all over both of you. But you can’t possibly be mad at him so you just kiss his white flour lips.

Jake Riley: Oh tortured Jake Riley. He’s the kind of guy that will fall for you but will not admit it because he believes he’s not good enough for you. He’ll flirt with you wearing a pair of weird glasses. He’s the kind of guy that will take a bullet for you. You’ll stare as he changes from his hot sweaty police suit and get in the shower with him. He’ll ask you out on a date and the date will consist of a cute little picnic on the roof and him singing to you. This is the kind of guy that will grow old with you and hold your hand and tell you how much he loves you on your last day. You’ll tell him to smile more because he doesn’t know how beautiful he looks when he smiles. He’s basically a ball of sunshine that you can’t live without.

(P.S Not my gifs)

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i think i have a p good idea of the layout from the lil phil told us and house hunting shows. So basically its a split level with a divided den (the weird lounge and the glass door thingy) and a bedroom (gaming room) then the second level is kitchen, bath, bedrooms. I watched enough HGTV to know basic split level duplexes.

dam ur fuckin right.. i only watch hgtv on the weekends so i didn’t realize.. the layout is #decided

A character concept I had for a game of Changeling: The Lost

Drawn by

Basic concept was: Laura Hardy was your typical hard-working farm girl. Born and raised on a dude ranch in Northern Oklahoma, Laura was a spirited and kind girl who just wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps of raising horses. Course things got… complicated one night when she woke up to some lights in the field, wandered outside and got totally absorbed by them. Next thing Laura knew, she was on board an “alien spaceship” and put inside one of those weird glass tubes.

Laura doesn’t remember much after that… then again. Laura stopped being Laura for a while. She became an android known as L-1391. L-1391 simply followed orders and did as she was told, until an accident on the ship allowed Laura to momentarily remember herself and make an escape. Just like that she returned to earth, albeit a much different person.

Laura/L-1391 are the same person but very different. They’re not so much alternate personalities as much as they are personas she puts on depending on company. When in the presence of strangers, people she’s never met or weirdos, L-1391 activates as a defense mechanism. In this mode Laura speaks with absolute perfect cadence and precision. She never abbreviates words like this and will sometimes pull out longer and more scientific versions of certain words she otherwise would not know.

When with friends and family, L-1391 can relax a bit and her natural cowgirl accent slips back in. This can be more than a bit disconcerting for those listening to hear a robot suddenly talk like she came out of some rodeo-show. Imagine a robot finishing a 30 minute breakdown of the statistical likelihood of certain actions only to then turn to an old friend and say “Howdy!” that’s the kind of bizarre disassociation she has going on.

The BMC boy friends barista fanfic nobody asked for

Yep you heard right a fluffy boyf riends coffeeshop!AU which you can find on AO3 or under the cut!

Name: The way he looked like they were best friends    
Rating: General
Fandom: Be More Chill
Ship: Jeremy/Michael(boyf riends)
a college/coffeeshop/internet friends/no squip AU
Summary: Jeremy and Michael have been best friends since they met each other while playing a shitty game online.
Even though they have never met each other they tell each other everything, that includes meeting the cutest barista they have ever seen.

Chapter 1/?

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BTS | Their s/o Wears Glasses Around Them For The First Time

Anonymous said:

can you pls do the “seeing their s/o with glasses for the first time” reaction for bts ???

‘Why does the universe hate me today????’ you thought as your last contact tore. It had been a horrible morning to begin with, what with your coffee pot dying and then the hot water going out in your apartment and the landlord saying he would ‘get around’ to fixing it. Then there were the neighbors who were constantly fighting….

Having to wear your glasses was probably the last thing you really needed to be complaining about at that point. But what with the stress at work and now all the stress at home…this was not working for you.

“When you got the job I didn’t think you would change your look too,” Jin said when you walked into BigHit.

“What are you talking about?” you questioned.

“You know, becoming a PA and doing the whole slacks, blouse, and…well the glasses are a nice touch,” he replied.

You sighed. “I didn’t do it to change up my look Jin, I normally wear contacts but I ran out.”

“Oh….well it looks good…lemme take a picture cause this may never happen again.”

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Because of the fact that Yoongi wears glasses when he reads you figured that for the most part when you showed up at the dorm with your glasses he would be indifferent about it.

“Why are you wearing glasses?” he questioned as you walked into the living room where he was lounging on the couch.

“I’m out of contacts,” you said, “I ordered some but the doc said they won’t be in until next week. So unless you want me to start bumping into things…”

He was silent as he stared at you, trying to take in the fact that you were wearing glasses. “God we’re both gonna be blind by the time we’re eighty, aren’t we?”

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“Why would you hide this from me Y/N you look so adorable!” Hoseok said when he saw you in your glasses.

“I wasn’t hiding anything…I just never ran out of contacts and needed to wear my glasses,” you said.

“You never even told me you wore contacts…” 

“It never really came up…why are you staring at my like that?”

“I just…you look so cute and adorable…you should wear your glasses more often,” he said.

“Another reason I didn’t say anything is because I knew my ball of sunshine would do this…” you said, “They get in my way Hoseok…please stop with the look….”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“This is why you’ve been avoiding me the last couple of day?” Namjoon questioned as he walked into your apartment, seeing you wearing glasses for the first time in your two and a half year relationship, “And how did I not know you were glasses this whole time.”

“I told you I wore contacts and you kinda gave me a ‘that’s great’ and continued on what you were doing and so I figured you would either remember or you wouldn’t,” you said, “Anyway…I wasn’t ‘avoiding you’ I was avoiding my glasses getting broken.”

“….I would’ve been careful,” he said.

“I know Joonie…anyway my new contacts just got here so I’m gonna go put them in, then we can head to lunch,” you said, setting your glasses in their case and heading to the bathroom.

‘I wonder how bad Y/N’s vision really is?’ he thought, carefully picking up your glasses and holding them up to try and see out them.


“Namjoon, what was that sound?” you questioned.

“Um…well…Y/N, don’t be mad at me….”

Literally my worst fear

You were actually comfortable in your glasses, to the point where most of the time when you wore them you actually forgot they were even there. However, when working at a restaurant when going from the cooler front of house to the warmer back of house, the constant fogging up of glasses was not very helpful.

That in mind you really only wore your glasses when you were home alone or out of your contacts. So when your boyfriend Jimin Facetimed you late one night you didn’t even think about the fact that you were wearing your glasses.

“Whoa, Y/N did I tell you the them of our photo shoot?” he questioned.

“What?” you asked.

“Glasses….you’re wearing glasses,” he said.

You reached your hand up to your face and felt that in fact you were wearing your glasses and you laughed. “No Jimin…I wear glasses when I’m not wearing my contacts.”

“Oh…well they look good,” he said smiling, “Hey Jungkook, come look at Y/N…”

“Now you’re just gonna embarrass me.”

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“You do not look weird,” Tae said after he saw you in your glasses for the first time, “You are the most beautiful creature on the face of this planet and you should know this by now.”

“That’s sweet of you, but you’re only saying that cause you’re my boyfriend,” you said, “I’ve always looked weird in my glasses…that’s why I wear contacts.”

“I’m serious Y/N, you don’t look weird,” he said, “If anything you should wear them more often.”

“That is not happening….”

“Why not?”

“I already told you.”

“Y/N…if you want weird, I’ve worn weirder things than your glasses could ever possibly be,” he said before leaving the room and returning with a shark hat on his head, “Now this is something that’s weird. Your glasses don’t come close to this.”

I want that hat

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“You can quit staring,” you said, looking up from your food. After a horrible turn of events that included; your bag, the small child you were babysitting, and your contact case…you were stuck wearing your glasses. And apparently the fact that you were wearing glasses was intriguing to your boyfriend.

“I just never expected to see you in glasses…I mean you had told me once that you were contacts, but never that you had glasses too,” he said.

“That’s because I don’t like wearing them and they’re only back ups and I’m only wearing them because I’m tragically out of contacts,” you stated, “I know I look awful so-”

“You look great in glasses,” he said, “Jagi, you look hot.”

“I do not look hot…for me…this is not hot,” you said.

“Well…it’s your decision not to wear glasses but…I still think you look hot.”

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Things I like about this episode

-Walking Dead/JDMorgan reference
-Sam is able to distinguish which pieces of monster are which on Dean
-Sam knows how much underwear Dean packs
-Sam has the BMoL in his phone as Frodo because Mary and Sam are helping him
-How great of a LotR pun that is
-Sam refusing to get in the car until Dean showers
-Cas getting better at faking being an agent
-The Man in Black, well beige
- “Hi my name is Sam, this is my much handsomer brother Dean… you’re cool so peace out”
-Mark Pellegrino
- “hmmm. Kinky.”
-Dean throwing Sam under the bus “it was his idea”
-Dean’s blah blah blah hand motion
-this hot ass Kelvin dude
-it can always get weirder> cut to Lucifer mouth gagged
-“take care of her”
-Sam realizing Dean is actually referring to the car
-Crowley “ew”
-Mark Pellegrino
-“See now you just made it weird”
-Bringing back the glasses on Dean 👌
-“they really bring out your eyes”
-Crowley mimicking Dean
-Winchester Man Pain
-“I’ve rubbed off all over you”
-Crowley giggling
-Dean’s ew/ugh shoulder roll
-Crowley singing
-Crowley not wanting to be hugged
-“He seems nice”
-Mark Pellegrino
-Powerful Crowley speech
-Crowley’s genius
-Dean knowing the difference in Cas’ voice
-Sam owning up
-Dean’s forgiveness
-Dean willing to try anything for his little brother

Things I don’t like about this episode:
-Sam lying to Dean
-Kelvin saying ‘casteel’ and not castiel
-Dean feeling and knowing his entire family, even Sam, is starting to trust BMoL and not acknowledging is fully rational distrust of them

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Hey Peter! Does Craig have any bad habits as far as being a roommate? Like leaving his underwear in weird places or piling glasses up on his nightstand, anything like that?

PETER: Nah, he’s pretty cool.
PETER: He does leave shirts kind of everywhere, but it’s on his side of the bedroom, so no fault.
PETER: If anything I’m messier than he is!
PETER: I leave like, wrappers and dishes all over.
PETER: I haven’t seen Craig really… eat much of anything, in front of me? So if he ever even does, he’s really clean about it.
PETER: The only time he’s ever really here to do anything is when he comes home at night?
PETER: Man, there was this one time! He was so out of it, he passed out on my bed. It was hilarious.
PETER: He told me I was his best friend. It was so sweet, I was like guy, I’ll just sleep on the couch.
PETER: So no, he’s a good roomie.

more hunk w/ glasses

just imagine: 

hunk needed glasses ever since he was younger, but always opted for contacts because he thought glasses looked weird on him

being in space doesn’t provide new outlets for contacts– he suddenly has to switch to glasses or he’ll be blind as hell

keith awkwardly tries to realize why hunk looks different without actually asking the question

shiro, allura, and coran all compliment the new look

pidge is blasting “I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, THE RAIN IS GONE” over and over because FINALLY there’s a new “cool kids with glasses club” and of course hunk is an amazing candidate

lance doesn’t even hear the stupid song. he’s just like “wow hunk. huNK WOW WHAT YOU’RE STUNNING”

     - side note- lance’s internal monologue might run like so:  “goodBI to all thoughts of being straight” like the glasses are probably helping him see more clearly than they’re helping hunk tbfh

please i need content for this!! art, fics, ANYTHING! i see a bunch of stuff with lance having glasses but i mean imagine HUNK IN GLASSES

send help