I described Nux to my mom as, “the character is like that weird dog that they found on the side of the road thats trying to be fierce and defensive but its missing part of its ear and its so tiny and Capable is like “can we keep it dad look its so small and its so cute” and it licks her and Dad Max and Mom Furiosa reluctantly let her keep it because he does look really pitiful 

Nux is totally the tiny weird dog they find on the side of the road that Capable begs to keep because she finds him crying on the War Rig and Nux named his lumps Larry and Barry.  He’s a tiny injured puppy

jokes that will never be funny

  • holocaust jokes
  • fat jokes
  • racist jokes
  • rape jokes
  • transphobic jokes
  • homophobic jokes
  • sexist jokes

jokes that will always be funny

  • “that’s a weird looking dog”
  • mmm whatcha say
  • the audition meme
  • doge 
  • trolling beetles fans
  • dad jokes 

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Originally from Libya, Mimic dogs are raised by apes. They have the faces of hedgehogs and can imitate any behaviour they see, making them popular as servants in the homes of the poor.

One famously played dead before Emperor Vespasian of Rome by pretending to eat a poisoned steak and go through all the stages of poisoning before its “death”.

In 1403 an Italian man discovered a blind mimic dog that could find jewellery and gold which had been buried (Topsell:whereupon the common people faid, the Dog was a Devill or elfe poffeffed: and fo much for this Dog)

Normally I’d be all about how modern scholars think these are baboons naturalists got horribly wrong, but I’m busy imagining owning a giant puffball that can find my keys, find treasure, and do the dishes.