Strange alignment

Back in 2008, our tour group stopped in Venice, Italy for a few days. Our group was together for one final night after two weeks travelling around Italy, sampling local foods, catching local transport, singing, taking photos, drinking wine, and eating gelato. A few people were due to leave as the rest of us continued to travel for another week. We had dinner by this canal and I just happened to be standing there taking a few shots when the sun, an aeroplane, and a seagull lined up. No, I didn’t insert them using some app, because, well why the hell would you! It would look much better with a unicorn and a pug. Despite years of waiting, no other alignment has come my way….. Here’s to you, Venice!

8 things meme

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One insecurity: its prolly my back bc i have rlly bad posture and its kinda aligned weird

Two fears: butterflies and moths

Three turn ons: no school, sleeping in, spaghetti

Four life goals: fuck, bitches, get, money

Five things i like: hoodies, kuroo Tetsurou, vacations with my (entire) family, dusk

Six weaknesses: public speaking (speeches in general), running, the inability to control my anger, this one kid who’s got my heart in their hands, money, short films (one good one bc all of these are bad weaknesses)

Seven things i love: biting my nails, playing with my hair, not wearing pants, staying up late, skype calls (preferably late ones), putting on makeup/cosplay, being admired

Eight people: @dadchii @lovely-bunns @tsukshimas @yram @yshiqeru @pokemon-trainer-jj @brunomods @oikws

X files episodes to rewatch seasons 1-5 and a little bit of 6

- the ice worm one where you get to see scully in her bra
- The super freaky human fluke hybrid that made me afraid of porta potties
- Luke skywalker is my baby daddy/ shapeshifter ex boyfriend
- Sorority girls, mulder getting seduced, and weird planetary alignments
- The one with jack black and that one dude from avatar
- 20s AU/ first onscreen kiss hell yeah HELL YEAH. Also scully kissing skinner this is upsetting. Also known as when I officially started shipping the ot3
- Frankenstein actually happened, some poor sap has a pig for a dad, and mulder and scully dance together while simultaneously taking Frankenstein’s monster (whose really agent spender) to a Cher concert
- cigarette douches backstory
- “He just likes to take his clothes off and yell about aliens” (backstory of the fav nerd trio)
- Hamilton porter from sandlot is definitely a vampire
- Okay but all of the camping trip ones including that hot lesbian park ranger and also the one with the poisonous green tree goo
- Scully gets drunk and gets a tattoo and has a one night stand with a dude with a talking tattoo who almost kills her
- Jewish golem one that breaks my heart
- Amish aliens/ scully getting flirted at FUK yeah
- All the Eugene tooms ones bc he scares the pee outta me and is a great villain
- Werewolf Neanderthals in season one those were cool
- Also the necrophiliac one even though it’s super gross bc I love scullys internal monologue more than I love myself
- The circus one with the jigsaw puzzle dude and the super pretentious size challenged guy
- Loch Ness monsters are real and they’re eating people because the frogs are dying
- The fucking cannibal one that has to be set in Arkansas
- Old guy psychic
- Skinner and the bees poor bab I was way to drunk when I watched that for the first time
- Creepy internet stalker guy who turns his victims into goo
- Both the episodes with the dude who can tell people what to do bc he was funny
- The one with the dude writing the book and interviewing scully
- Definitely the Jamestown parallel one with the koolaid and mulders past life
- el chubacabra really just exacerbates your athletes foot far enough to kill you
- Apple orchards and abusive parental figures
- The one with scully getting her memories back because and only because Gillian Anderson makes those wonderful noises
- Scully throwing an emotional fit about poor Emily and the upside down cross dude
- Oh man I think that kid might be telekinetic Bobby Fischer


I just realized I’m going to be inn the alderwood mall area tomorrow. I can’t afford a Wii U now ( THANKS CAR FOR NEEDING BRAKES TOO! ) but I can buy A TON of those pastries I super love from Daiso!!!! =D