weird shit i find at work

dream recall and initiations

My focus over the past week or so has been three-fold, maybe 2.5-fold.

I’m trying to get back into dream recall with the hopes of making it all the way to regularly lucid dreaming. In the past at around day 7 or 8 it’s gotten too weird for me to want to continue, and right now I’m at day 5, so we’ll see how the next couple of days go. Thus far I’ve hard largely dreams with similar themes: me lusting after a new person or trying to find a space that is my own. Surprise, right?

The second thing I’ve been working on has been initiating my friend into Real Magick Land. They’ve felt disconnected since the beginning and haven’t found their footing yet so they let me throw random shit at them with the hopes that something would beat the shit out of them and then pick them back up and say “let’s do this”. No guarantees yet, but we’re only about half-done.

The third thing is a discordian project i’m working on with a couple friends. It’s still in its preliminary stages but I like where it’s going. Gives me a reason to exercise my lying and my conspiracy theory muscles.

things I’ll do to get “the shot” : be inspired by a similar photo and google the shit out of weird phrases to figure out the location, get lost while attempting to find it, hang out the window of a moving car going uphill, and when that doesn’t work, run out into the middle of the road and get honked at while waiting for the trolley and the perfect moment. 🚃 missing California every. single. day. #nowhereinparticular #sanfrancisco #california #westcoast #baybridge #norcal #keepexploring #adventure #travel #vscocam #canon6d (at San Francisco Bay Bridge)

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weird have you ever had a CATastrophe with one of your cats

OOC: I only have one cat, Kiki, and while she’s a sassy shit that goes insane when I get home from work (like she’ll be calm all day, second I get home it’s like she’s snorted all the crack and runs thru the house like a little horse), she’s actually really good. 

She doesn’t tare anything up or poop where she shouldn’t. Only ‘bad’ thing she does is when we’re sleeping too long, she’ll be an asshole and find some plastic to chew on. xD

At conference. It has made me realise I don’t give a shit about my PhD. Which is weird. I just don’t care about it or find it interesting. Seeing people enthusiastic about their work makes me take a step back and see how little passion I have for my topic…. not sure what to do with this info. Gonna be a weird week.

My group of players are amazing, but most of them haven’t played before.

I’m running this weird homebrew/Dragonlance mixture of a world, and I sent them down into Xak Tsaroth because the organization they worked for wanted to see what was left. 

So, they get there, things are going fine. They find the ruins of where an old dragon’s lair was, which is mostly caved in. They’re outside of the room, down a hallway. 

“We’re going to send the bards down, they’re going to sneak!”

The two bards (and one rogue, I think) like Parks and Rec. They began to sing ‘Don’t be suspicious’. As they go down the hallway, I make them roll progressive sneak checks.

At the same time, they all roll fails. At least one 1, and nothing above 5. When it had all started, I’d asked how they were walking down the tunnel. They were in a row.

Player 1: Shit!

Player 2: Well, fuck!

Player 3: TITS

The first one falls, and the other two trip over each other. A loud crashing of armour and weapons, making the rest of the group cringe and the enemies start coming.

I’m still laughing over this. We discussed getting tshirts made. 

Okay, I actually find it ridiculous that they’ve given a medical label to being able to sleep a full 8 hours but you only go to bed later at night. They call it… Get this… “Delayed sleep-phase disorder”.

DISORDER? What the fuck!? Hahah. It’s only a “disorder” because it doesn’t go with fucking society’s factory designed work schedule of waking up before 9am. Who the hell constructed all this shit?We’re just making up reality as we go along.

We’re turning ourselves into fucking robots though, dude. This is literally, to me, the most hysterical thing the human race has conjured up.

Human beings are ridiculously funny creatures, and I’m one of them. This is why I love you all.

( holy shit getting into the swing of things has been hard, but hiiii~ )

( I’m trying to find more RP blogs to follow, but a bunch that I used to follow are no longer active? so it’s a work in progress! I’m probably slick gonna start looking at people’s follow forevers and go from there so I can make more partners )

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( and THEN I’m gonna go with the flo which is what i do best honestly )

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Wouldn't be surprised if those two perverts are a parody of his fans which I find somewhat hypocritical considering that he use fan-service of lesbians and Spinnerette's ass, the two planned hentai comics he working on, the desktop backgrounds of the female casts, a bust chart, and the fact that Evil Spinnerette is 16 years old with a upper body of an adult woman.

Uh, yeah. That would be the same if Chalodillo ended up doing story arcs that shit on his fans for doing porn. Kraw is weird.

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Cowgirl as in a girl who works with cows, or as in a cow furry?

I was basically thinking ‘huasa’ actually but… no, I couldn’t. I couldn’t go full furry. Monster aliens OR cow woman, sure, but both? And I’d have to find a way to make a cow furry girl that wouldn’t feed into weird shit that gross dudes write. I mean not to be judgemental or anything I’m just saying there is a lot of misogynistic stuff existing at the intersection of ‘human woman’ and ‘cow’.

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i never actually tried riding a pillow so this thing is just theory(ive read some shit tho)but i guess you gotta find something that makes you horny(read smut etc)when you get a weird feeling in your belly you can yk sit upright on the pillow and move. you can try different things like back and forth or circular motions and i think figure eights also can continue doing whatever you were doing to get to that point. that weird little feeling will eventually grow until its on its high

!!!! thanks anon
to the other anon, hope this helps!

I was working on my family tree the other day. This is just my father’s father’s line of kinfolk. I was surprised to find that someone had already deciphered a lot of my family tree and put the info online. Apparently, my great grandpa fought in the civil war and my great-great-great grandfather fought in the revolutionary war! This shit is fascinating and weird and I feel like I ought to have a stronger opinion on Brexit considering where the oldest branch in the tree ended.

My great grandfather

Just waiting for someone to come out of nowhere and hit me with a story like this——>

Story time: I just got home from work and hopped in the shower to wash away the grimy existence of farm residue, right? Well, I’m just chillin’, doin’ my own thing and thinking about weird shit… When a spider drops down and startles me. Immediately, I shout out “HOE DON’ DO IT.” because that little shit was gettin’ way too close to my forearm.

My brother comes in ( There’s no such thing as privacy or a locked door in this house because ~CHILDREN~ ) and says,”What happened? Why are you yelling? Did you get shampoo in your eye?” And then I explain that this “Asshole lookin’ motherfucker of a spider just dropped in to say hello like the lecher he is.” So.. He brings up Jon Snow. Now, I had a little wolf spider that chilled in the corner of my bathroom, didn’t bother anyone, and just respectfully did his own thing. I named him Jon Snow. Dad squished him. “Is it.. Jon Snow?” He said while snickering, knowing Jon Snow was dead and that I missed that little shit.

And… I just, without a second of thought, shouted “NO THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS NOW NAMED AIZEN BECAUSE BOTH OF ‘EM ARE ASSHOLES WITH NO CONSCIOUS RECOGNITION OF PERSONAL SPACE.” So now I’ve got an asshole spider named Aizen living in the shower rings of my curtain in my bathroom.

Fri 7.15.16

Weird day. Left by myself about 11:30 with 4.5 hours to be at work. Bussed to Independence, determined to find some food for me and my pregnant girlfriend. I needed to donate plasma but I technically had until Sunday

My first stop on my short list was on Paseo but wasn’t a pantry. They had lunch every weekday, though, and that shit was tasty. They had volunteer kids acting as servers

Bussed all the way down to Bennington and sweated uphill 10 blocks only to find out that they don’t serve North Kansas City. Got no real leads on who COULD help me. One was actually open tomorrow but it was near Lee’s fucking Summit and no busses go that way on weekends

Back down to Independence. Decided to check out a place on St.John (uphill!) and Winner Road. They were real close but no help

Went to the plasma center. Every single person who ever went was there. Work was at 4 so there was no way I’d make it. Finally found a place up North but they closed in an hour at 3:30. No way I was making that. Happened to check Google Maps and I actually could make with 7 minutes to spare. I’d be late for work but it’d be the first time ever at this job

Doubtful I waited for the late-ass 121. 15 minute trip, 10 minute ride. Naturally, my handlebars were suddenly loose and extremely wobbly. I made it but no one was answering. When some one did come to the door she said that they weren’t open.

Only way I got in was by telling her that the lady on the phone had told me they were. After she took all my information we walked from the church to a house. In the basement she really hooked it up. I got 3 paper grocery bags full and a small box. She was gonna take the stuff to the bus stop in her car and meet me there but ended up taking me aaaaall the way home!

Cakes couldn’t believe it, especially that there were Pizza Rolls, beef raviolis and tuna for the cat

I chilled and ate then headed for work. Ended up being an hour and a half late but on weekends they have 2 dishwashers. No sweat. Typical weekend shift: enough to do if you stretch it out

Grace was gone as usual when I got home. Read and watched “Bill Maher.”

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my name is queenie! and since i can't pick here are two things about me: sometimes i'm late to start work because i find dehydrated/hungry bees and spend time nursing them. i also have cried at at least ten announcements about space to come from any space exploration agency in the last twelve months.

hey queenie !! nice 2 meet u !! and that is so sweet omg, did you see where nasa like. ended a livestream early bc there was some weird interference ??

"Eh hard work"

Is it weird I find this fun but boring
Lately I’m snoring
Most people lightly toasting
When claiming they roasting
God, people think they take the biggest shots at each other
I could think of so many worse things you would feel smothered
Shit I’m so fucked up I could probably have you scared
But instead
They stay in my head
Under my bed
Till that shit builds up
And causes so many cuts
And it bleeds out of me
and no one can see
And no one cares
How fucked up I am
And how I don’t give a dam
About shit
Or nothing at all
Hay hay stay away
That’s a fair call
Hate to cause you to ball
And have to crawl your way out of this conversation
I really have a missed up mind
Or a hole
I think I left it behind
So if u find it
Feel free to keep it
In the sun it shines
It will leave you blind
From the creativity
And the exclusivity
I mean of your getting me
Or not letting me
Shine through
Oh but don’t mind you
You just found
The insane
Probably in a drain
And I let you keep it for your own
Personally gain


Weird shit my coworker has found tonight, starting from less creepy to most creepy:

Hair clip attached to a reciept from either an orca card payment or a light rail payment wrapped in a strip of large ribbon. Written on the back of the reciept: Good Bye Veitnam 1-1-2014 To 9-5-2014

Empty box that used to contain a blowup doll

And, legit, I wish I were making this shit up but jesus fuck… I wonder what else he’ll find tonight.

Btw, I stopped supporting Pharmercy the day I realized/found out Mercy was old enough to be her mom, or maybe older sis.

Idk, just feels very weird for me.