weird walks

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If you dated CEO! Tom, and you came into office all the time that ended up in him locking his office door and having a quickie. You two would think you were so subtle, but you would both have sex hair and disheveled clothes, you would be walking weird, and you would have hickies all over your neck that you didn't realize were there yet. You always wondered why his secretary gave you a knowing look when you walked in.

i wish you could see my face now because it looks something like this: 


alec lightwood fluffy rune ceremony hair + black suit appreciation post (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Friend: …you’re going to wash that jacket afterwards, right?

me, shoveling deer teeth straight off the ground and into my pocket, with no intentions on washing said jacket: yeeeeeesssss?

Walking in the Wind is such a paradox of a song because you’ve got that light, airy rhythm that kind of sounds like summer and warmth and soft smiles, but then you’ve got the most bittersweet lyrics that follow, which shouldn’t fit with the tune but they do. You’ve got hope, you’ve got redemption, you’ve got loss, you’ve got promises all wrapped 3 minutes 23 seconds. It’s a masterpiece. It’s thought provoking, and it makes your insides feel mushy

Don’t you think it’s hilarious that at the same time as we have this serious plot about murder *lighting* and dark forces, somewhere in the mansion there are two Jims just snooping around, one with that weird-ass walk and the second one just following him with a camera


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