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my favorite weird historical coincidence

the U.S. Capitol and the Russian Capital were burned down within relatively the same period

The British burned down the US capital during The War of 1812 

(Interestingly, a huge storm hit the next day and put out all the fires and the americans were like God??? Loves us maybe??? :’)? To which the British replied something probably like ‘perhaps, but we still hate you’ and kicked their ass some more)

meanwhile, Napoleon was also on the march and in order to deny the French resources and tell them to go fuck themselves the Russians bURNED DOWN THEIR OWN FUCKING CAPITAL IN 1812, blowing up almost all of their own buildings and using scorched earth tactics on themselves

and that’s some shit right there

BTS when they hear from you for the first time after a long absence

This is totally not inspired by my own behaviour :D

Guys, please don’t expect me to write very regularly again, my master degree is keeping me so busy that I can’t even update the blog daily anymore :* I have scheduled another reaction for next Friday however~ It’ll be about dating ^^

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Jin: “_______! You must have missed … THIS [insert the cheesiest but also happiest flying kiss the world has ever seen]”

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Jungkook: “Hyung. what’s up? Did something good happen?”

Yoongi: “Just…I just got I text message from _______! That must mean her exams are finally over, I’m so relieved~ Jungkook, stop practicing, hyung is buying lamb today to celebrate!!”

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J-Hope: “[It’s like a spiritual awakening] My girl is back in town, yeeeesss!!”

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon: [Finally gets a text message from you after about three months of waiting]

Your message: “Oppa, I’m so sorry that I didn’t reply for so long! I read your message but forgot to reply in the evening. I was busy working double shifts. Did I hurt you a lot? I really didn’t intend to, I’m so sorry. I’m less busy these days, shall we meet up? xxx

Namjoon: [Quietly and very very relieved] Thank god! [insert gif] Thank god, _______ doesn’t hate me~ [Hurries up to reply and set a date for meeting you]”

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[The other members start spilling the secret when you’re meeting up with them after your exchange abroad]

Jungkook: “Not gonna lie, _______, Jimin missed you most~”

Namjoon: “He kept asking me weird questions about the U.S. like ‘Is American food healthy for _______?’ ‘Do you think the weather is okay for _______?’”

Jimin: [insert gif: shy cutie]

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V: “[After getting in contact with you again because of a class reunion] _______, look, I still have all the stuffed animals that we played with as kids! I even took them to the dorm in Seoul with me~ They make great friends when I’m lonely~”

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You: [Explaining why you decided to switch jobs and move back to Seoul] 

Jungkook: [Interrupting you] Nuna! Don’t lie~ You moved back to Seoul because you missed me, right? [insert gif~~~]

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Bonus gif that I found on the way:

@narika-a Thank you so much for this beautiful gif <3 I laughed so much :D 

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I find it so weird that the U.S is only just getting chip and pin in some places yet you can go up to Canada and they have contactless vending machines. Like how. I know Canada and America are different but...

  • Aries: It is illegal for more than five women to live in a house. (Ohio)
  • Taurus: It is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public. (Indiana)
  • Gemini: It it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors. (Pennsylvania)
  • Cancer: Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs. (Arizona)
  • Leo: Prison workers will no longer be allowed to have sex with inmates. (California)
  • Virgo: It is illegal to sell one’s eye. (Texas)
  • Libra: It is legal for a robber to file a law suit, if he/she got hurt in your house.(Michigan)
  • Scorpio: It is against the law to have sex with a corpse. (Illinois)
  • Sagittarius: Candy may not contain more than 1% of alcohol. (Massachusetts)
  • Capricorn: The penalty for jumping off a building is death. (New York)
  • Aquarius: It is illegal not to drink milk. (Utah)
  • Pisces: A person must be at least eighteen years old to play a pinball machine. (South Carolina)

The Loveland Frogmen are some of the most enigmatic humanoid creatures ever sighted along the Little Miami River. These humanoids were first sighted somewhere around 1955, and then in early 1972, and apparently may have resurfaced in the year of 2016.

The area in which the creatures were sighted was parallel to the town of Loveland, Ohio. I have been there personally, and It is a warm, and slightly pleasant community, but it seems to be more of a normal town more than anything else.

To start off, the first sighting of the Loveland Frogmen is very vague. The first person to have witnessed these creatures was Robert Hunnicutt. He first sighted these creatures in April of 1955. He claimed he was driving down Branch Hill road, which is about three miles southwest of the town of Loveland, Ohio. He drove down the road until approx. At 4:00am, he noticed a group of three creatures on the side of the road ahead of him. He was then confused by the sight, maybe thinking there was an accident, and then stopped his car. Then, within a moments, he noticed that the creatures, were inhuman.

When talking with interviewers and eager paranormal-ists, he would describe the creatures as being “troll-like” in physicality, wearing what looked like gray, tight fitting jumpsuits, grey skin, straight, lipless mouths comparable to those of a frog’s, lopsided chest, and wrinkles on top of its head, along with human-like eyes lacking eyebrows.

The most strange thing about these creatures was the fact that one of them was holding a dark object above it’s head, which shot out an arc of bluish sparks. Along with that, they also started heading towards Robert’s car! He then drove out of the area, and after he passed the creatures, he was reminded of the scent of “fresh cut alfalfas.” He later regained his senses whilst driving to the local police station, where he told his story to the police chief named John Fritz.

The second sighting seems to have mixed dates, but the creatures were either sighted in July of 1955, or August of 1955 the man who had seen the creatures was a truck driver and civil defense worker Carlos Flannigan. He had reported to have seen a group of strange men under a bridge. He was interviewed by UFO Investigator Tod Bloecher.

[Flannigan] stated that he had only seen four small men with more or less human appearance, approx. 3ft tall, and moving in an odd manner under the bridge, seen during no more than 10 seconds. He confirmed that there was then a “Terrible Odor at this place. He said nothing else.

The next encounter, or at least an occurrence, took place on July, at Loveland Heights as one of my sources state. A woman name Emily Magnone and her husband were awoken by their dog’s frantic barking. They then started to smell a stench that smelled like “A swamp.” Then their next-door neighbor said that they had went to their back porch to investigate what the dog was barking at, and then immediately noticed a 3ft “man” standing in the dark behind a tree. In order to see, the neighbor turned on their porchlights, only for the man to disappear, but when they turned them back on, the man would reappear …

Fast forward to 1972, the most significant encounter of a single Loveland Frogman would take place. Officer Ray Shockey was driving down a slick road (Some sources say it is Riverside Drive or Riverside Road, but it seems there is quite a few roads or avenues in Loveland starting with Riverside, so this is confusing.) when he noticed what looked like a dog at the side of the road. He slowed down, but the creature then all of a sudden leaped in front of the car. By then Ray was shocked to see what looked like an enormous frog in front of the car! Then, without warning, the creature rose up on its hind legs. Here time froze, and Ray was exchanging glares at the creature. Then the creature scrambled over the railway, never to be seen by Shockey again.

Then, on St. Patrick’s Day, an Officer Matthews, who apparently is not corroborated anywhere, and whose existence is now classified as humanoid, was driving into an unknown part of Loveland when all of a sudden he saw what looked like a carcass on the side of the road. Assuming it was just roadkill, Matthews proceeded to nab the roadkill, when the thing slightly moved. This prompted Matthews to grab his gun, and thereafter the sight, the thing seemed to proceeding to stand up, only to be shot by Matthew’s gun. The thing then hobbled over towards the fence, and revealed a tail.

The reports did not stop here, at least not yet. According to the Cincinnati Post, a high schooler had allegedly seen a “green, 120-pound, 3’11”ft tall” creature 2 months after the two officer’s sightings. This would later be a disputed sighting due to the precise estimates.

Another report was sent by an anonymous farmer, the same year in 1972, which he had claimed that he saw four bizarre creatures congregating near a river, in which sources claim is the Little Miami river. Same description as the other accounts, but with the exception of the creatures having teeth.

Now, lets fast forward to the year 2016. Sam Jacobs and his girlfriend were playing the hit game from the Pokemon Company named “Pokemon Go” near Loveland Madeira Road and Lake Isabella when they noticed a “giant frog” in the lake. Obviously, he stopped the app and immediately went to his camera and started taking pictures of the creature.

“We saw a huge frog near the water,”

“Not in the game, this was an actual giant frog.”

“Then the thing stood up and walked on its hind legs. I realize this sounds crazy, but I swear on my grandmother’s grave this is the truth”


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Stressing Out

s u m m a r y // Y/N is stressing out about school and Justin helps her calm down

Your Point of View

“Ugh,” I sighed loudly as I sat at on my bed with all different books and note books scattered all over the bed. Studying for finals wasn’t going that well, a lot to remember and no study guides were given.

I heard the door open and close knowing it was my friend Justin coming back with food.

“I’m back!” He yelled through the house.

“In here still,” I yelled back holding a book with a note book on your lap taking some notes down. You didn’t look up when he walked in your room and he laughed a little. “What’s so funny?” You huffed.

“You,” He chuckled. Your hair was a mess, you were still in pajamas and haven’t ate anything all day which is why he went out to go get you food when he came over here.You stayed silent not really being in the mood for his jokes and continued writing your notes.

Suddenly his face plastered with a cheesy grin appeared right under you blocking the view of your book and notes.

“Justin please, I don’t have time to play games right now,” You said starting to get annoyed. You’re usually annoyed with everything when your stressed out and Justin knew this.

“You don’t need to study Y/N, you’re going to get an A either way,”

“No I’m not. I’ll only get an A if I study which you are distracting me from doing by the way,”

“Take a break, eat please.” He pouted giving me a concerned look.

I thought about it for a second then said, “Okay.”. I got off my bed then sat on my floor with Justin as he put our food out in front of us. He decided on McDonalds. 

“Thanks,” I said sincerely putting my notebook in front of my so I can still read my notes.

“Hey you’re suppose to be taking a break,” He eye balled me.

I laughed for the first time this weekend and said, “Fine,” before tossing it on my bed with my book I set aside.

“What subject is the test for anyways,” He said with a mouthful of chicken nuggets.

I gave him a weird look and said “U.S world history,” after taking a sip of my Sprite.

“I hate history,” He groaned making me laugh.

“Me too buddy,”

“Then why are you studying,” 

“Because bieber unlike you some of us want to maintain an A-B honor roll instead of having straight D’s,” I joked stuffing some fries in my mouth.

“Yeah well you already have two D’s right there,” He joked referring to my boobs. I chocked on my fries making him roll over and laugh his ass off.

“We’re not friends anymore,” I muttered as he had a few tears running down his cheeks from laughing.

“No you love me,”

“Keep telling your self that J.”


annarchy666  asked:

Actually, in Wisconsin you can't leave out words. At our school some students said the pledge on different days over the loudspeaker for the whole school and one said "under peace" instead of "under god" and two others just didn't say "under god" and our school got in a lot of trouble because it is in the State Constitution that you have to say the pledge every morning exactly as it is written.

UUuugggghhhhHH…one of the weird things about the U.S. is that every state has different rules so, of course, one never knows what their neighbors are making their children do…

It’s going to be so weird when the U.S. leg of the 1989 tour ends, but it’s time for Asia and Australia to know the same joy and excitement we all felt for these last few months!

It’s actually weird that U.S. presidents (well, every U.S. president so far) are addressed as “Mr. President." 

You don’t call a doctor "Mr. Doctor,” you don’t say “Mr. Lawyer” or “Mr. Teacher,” or even “Mr. Senator” (do you?) You might say “Mr. Bus Driver” if you’re about five years old.

There’s got to be a historical reason for this, but I’m stumped.


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