weird thought tuesday

Thor’s gladiator costume reminded me so much of Luffy’s gladiator disguise I’ve spent most the day imagining Thor in an aloha shirt telling Loki dressed up in a rediculous flamingo pink feather coat that they have to take the Hulk with them when Loki comes to break Thor out because Loki’s lost control of Asgard finally

So today I was just kind of minding my own business when I thought:

What if Black Goku or whatever he is was the reason Universe 6 lost its Earth and so when Beerus wished it back, it wished Black Goku back into existence?

And then it got me thinking about how the world must work and how Trunks actually might come from another Universe like say Universe 5, and so he doesn’t really go back in time so much as phase into Universe 7 thinking he’s gone back in time because Universe 5 and 8 are that many years off Universe 6 and 7 (maybe they have shorter callenar years or something idk, which is why they’re now seventeen years off each other or something).

Anyway, so it makes me wonder like what if Black Goku originates from Universe 6 since it’s a complementary world to Unierse 7 and Black Goku phased into Trunks’ universe.

I mean we are kind of working on our way to a multi-universe tournament so who knows. It’s just a stray thought that I needed to empty out of my head. Would also explain the reason that Black Goku has green Kai earrings like the Kais from Universe 6 possibly.

Then again maybe Black Goku doesn’t come from Universe 6 but say Universe 8 if Trunks is Universe 5, or something.

It’s probably wrong since Trunks’ machine seems to use dates to find its way around, though maybe it connects to a Universe who recognizes the date he puts in as its current date.