weird things with bacon

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Could you do a movie night with the 104th boys and their s/o?


Eren: He would be the guy that brings the weird candies and stuff to eat. Things like bacon flavored jelly beans or wasabi flavored taffy. He likes action movies so expect lots of explosions and fight scenes. But he can get into mystery movies or thrillers, he would be like a little kid seeing all the cool effects. He can watch just about any genre of movie and enjoy something about it, even romance movies despite not liking all the sappy emotional stuff. After the movies are over he would talk his s/o’s ear off about all the things he liked and hated about the movies. He would also really really regret eating the wasabi taffy.

Armin: This boy would absolutely love mystery movies or si-fi movies. He likes the thrill and suspense. He would get really into the story and all the twists and turns. He probably wouldn’t talk much since he would be so captured by the film on screen. He would be the type to over analyze whatever movie he watches, he can find something to enjoy in whatever he watches.

Jean: He would like westerns and the casanova type movies. He actually likes love stories and romance movies, but not the sappy kind full of over dramatic acting and bad attempts at the sexy cry. He would like complex relationships and challenges that the characters work through. Jean would be the guy that brings really good take out food, like the kind you absolutely love but never get to eat that often. He doesn’t care if he had to drive a while to get it or if he had to pay a little extra.

Marco: He would like fantasy movies animated or not. He just likes the whimsical and enchanting vibe. He’s an easy going kind of guy and movies that are just fun and entertaining are his favorite. That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy other types of movies, he likes comedies the occasional thriller and even an action movie or two. Marco likes the movies that make you feel all fuzzy inside and make you want to cuddle your partner. 

Reiner: He likes those movies that are raunchy movies that are funny and stupid like “there’s something about Mary” or “American Pie” He has several different types of humor. He likes those movies that have jokes and subject matter that are in poor taste and make you feel bad for laughing at. I can see Reiner liking nachos and other game day type snacks.

Bertholdt: He would like old Disney movies, the classics that molded your childhood. He likes to snuggle up in a pile of pillows and blankets and snuggle with the person he loves. I can honestly see Bertl being the type to fall asleep during a movie, he’s just so comfortable and relaxed plus he’s with his s/o how could he not get sleepy? 

Connie: Comedies, he loves to watch movies that make you laugh your ass off. He likes the sub-genres to, horror-comedy romantic-comedy parody etc. He likes to laugh and he absolutely loves to hear his s/o laugh so clearly these kind of movies were perfect. Connie would bring lots of junk food. Cookies, twinkies, jelly beans and so on. It’s just that kind of mood ya know? Connie takes you to that little kid frame of mind.

Edd - “I..uh..Wanted to see how you were doing.”

Edd - “And..Uh…Sorry. About your eye?”

Edd - “Bacon does…Weird things to people. Hehe..Heh…”

Tord - “Don’t worry about it, Edd. I mean…It’s just like old times, no? Anyway…”

Tord - “I need to meet up with an old friend, it’s…Important.”

Edd - “Oh uh…A-alright.”

Edd - “C’ya…”

Edd - “…”

i am about to make a controversial post

i love cranberry juice, pineapples on pizza, and sparkling water. my #1 favorite breakfast is cheese grits

slightly unrelated but another weird thing i really like is dates wrapped in bacon