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you know one of the things I love most about yousana is how they have pretty similar fashion styles that sana could easily steal yousefs hoodies and jackets and the only thing weird is that it’s a little too big for her,,,,,, but in hoodies and such since she likes big hoodies some of them would literally look like they’re hers,,,,,,,, and that’s adorable and yousef would love to see her in his clothes and sana would love to wear his clothes and wow,,,, they are so in love,,,,,,,

Creepypasta #1227: I Just Encountered A Kapre Last Night

Length: Medium

I live in the Philippines, and if you don’t know anything about the country, well, that’s okay. To give you a little background, Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, just below Japan and immediately above Malaysia. The country was once forest land until we were colonized and industrialized by the Spaniards, and later by the Japanese, and finally by the Americans. Although we do have our own share of ghosts, monsters are more common since the Filipinos are basically tribal societies before our colonizers came.

One of these monsters from our folk legends is the kapre. A kapre is a huge, hairy giant that usually hangs out on equally huge trees. They like to smoke tobacco, and although not entirely evil, they are really mischievous. They have the power to confuse people, and one of their favorite hobbies is to get people lost on forests. Well, the folk legends say forests… but I don’t know if that’s true anymore. How do I know? Well, I might just have encountered a kapre yesterday.

My condominium is on the middle of bustling Manila, the Philippines’ capital. It’s an old rickety building, and the paint on some of the outside walls are already peeling away due to age. I’m surprised it even has a working elevator. It’s convenient though, because it’s beside my school, and the rent is quite cheap even though I live alone. It’s not too bad actually, if you can look past its obvious age.

Before yesterday, I already encountered a few weird events, none too scary but certainly odd. Here are some of them:

1.    The condominium association has a rule to turn off the elevators after midnight so if you want to go, you’ll have to use the stairs. I never have problem going down. It’s when I go up that some odd things happen. 

One night, around 4AM, I was going up the 3rd floor after some rendezvous with a friend outside when I curiously landed on the 2nd floor again. I scratched it off as something that my tired mind might be hallucinating, but a week after, at around the same time, I skipped from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor altogether. It’s hella convenient skipping an entire floor if you ask me, but I wish I get a little notice before someone or something teleports me.

2.    My unit is adjacent to an unoccupied unit. If I look out of my window, I can see the window and the room on the another unit, since my unit and the other basically form an L-shape. I hope I make sense. 

Well, every 2AM, and for exactly eleven minutes after that, the lights on the other unit turn on. I know there might be a simple reason for it, but I don’t know. I never asked our landlord about it, and as far as I know, the guards never leave their posts on the lobby. And I never ever watched the room at exactly 2AM. I’m afraid that if I stared on that unit’s dark room once its lights turn on, someone might be looking back at me. So nope, fuck that shit.

3.    I always smell smoke when I visit the fire escape to drop my garbage. Although of course some tenants might be using the narrow staircase to smoke, I never ever encountered someone smoking out there.

Well, now we go to my feature story, to what happened yesterday. It was 3AM, and I was studying as usual (if you’re starting to ask why I’m still awake around these times, it’s because I study from 6PM to 4AM, and sleep from 5AM to 12NN) when I heard some crying outside. I ignored it, until the crying became louder. I got up and used the peephole on my door to check what’s happening on the hallway. To my surprise, the lights outside are turned off. I immediately picked up the phone on the wall and rang up the lobby. The guard answered it.

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Anxiety/Depression Girlfriend - Jungkook

Part 1 of 1

Jimin / Hoseok / YoongiSeokjin Part 1 & Part 2 /


I felt really bad for making Kookie out to be the ‘bad guy’ in Heartbreak Girl, so I did this to make it up to him and show soft, loving, caring boyfriend Jungkook.

I only have Namjoon and Taehyung left to do for this series and then I’m done with this too. Who would you like me to do next?

Let me know what you think please?

Oh, and everyone please make requests or send me a message HERE, my Ask Box is empty! I’ve only got the one part of Heartbreak Girl left to do, two more members for this series and one member left for my Weird 3am Texts series - so please send in requests so I have things to work on while I finish all of that up.

I do, have something in the making for when I am done with all of that, but I really would love to see your requests.

Enjoy my lovelies!

Team Fortress 2 is the greatest metaphor for groupwork we will ever have…

there’s a medic who’s trying to keep everyone peppy no matter how hard the task but might lose their shit at the first inconvenience, predominantly bc no one is keeping THEM peppy (except the heavy maybe), so little negativities and issues start to get to them, especially if people start doing stupid shit or leaving everything on the medic type… core of the group bears the largest portion of blame whether they want it or not

the heavy who is ready to tackle the problem head on and take no prisoners but he will provide a sandvich -literal or figurative- for people at random intervals to keep them alive through the process. likes things to be fair, will listen to everyone’ss ideas in turn and then provide a good answer, simple and effective, an amalgamation if possible… tends to surprise other group members. also sometimes just fucking obliterates teammates who are wasting time or saying stupid things…

the must-do-well soldier type, who try to take command and sometimes succeed but mostly cripple themselves trying to be the leader with the perfect plan when really everyone on the team is just fumbling around in confusion as much as he is… will shout encouragement, provide general platitudes, has no idea what the fuck is happening

the clever guy engie who doesn’t want to fucking do anything towards this unless he has to, bc he knows from experience he’d end up doing it all if the team ever realised just how smart he was… and that’s not in the blueprints for this project, pardner! Will dispense insight and information if asked right…

the demoman of groupwork tends to randomly appear and bomb you to damn death with Ideas and Thoughts and Concepts but quickly runs out of ammunition and fucks off again without warning… then return, no matter the plan you’ve formulated, and toss down a rain of metaphorical hellfire in the form of new ideas that may or may not be entirely removed from the main topic… it keeps everyone on their toes, but can sideline or demoralise theose affected…

the scout is the one who is 3000% invested in getting it all bullshitted in under an hour, so they can do something the fuck else more entertaining… maybe they hate the course, maybe they’re energetic/excited for this assignment, maybe they’re anxious and just blitzing through it works for them…. the one who just speeds through their portion of the project and complains when the rest can’t keep up, tends to jump from topic to topic too quick… can be annoying, or a blessing, depends on the situation. usually an oddly positive person

the sniper, the dude that works from a distance… as in, you’re sure they’re part of the group bc they’re getting the emails and responding to texts, but you only see them rarely…. he never says much, but when the guy contributes, it’s usually a bloody brilliant point… and this is the one with the external perspective so important to academia, most often offers to edit/proofreader your final work for mistakes…

the pyro… is the one person in the group who is just sunshine and rainbows until you realise they’re capable of outperforming everyone if they’re so inclined, and they will cut you down in the most adorable of ways, if you argue with them bc they know better, more. sure they’d like to have group cohesion, and this is fun for them, the work and the group combined, but never mistake their gentle complacency about any task given… for anything less than what it is, assisting you all to commit cold-blooded academic murder on the rest of the class’s grades. something about them, even if they’re quiet, makes you listen… bc you feel like if you don’t… you’ll fail

and the spy, he knows exactly what you need to do and how to do it… unfortunately, he’s also the one dude who fucks off to who knows where but his name still ends up on the paper/presentation as if he did all the work, the teachers are all charmed and tend to attribute your blood, sweat, and tears, to this dude.


overall it starts as innocuously as all other things do. you are randomly slotted into a group, different skills and abilities, to see what you can do in a specific task…

and sure, you might start out with a plan, but godamnnit, after the first three seconds something’s on fire, several teammates are dead, you can only vaguely remember your sense of purpose and the timer is ticking down

Jack Maynard Imagine- “I don’t remember that!” “Are you hitting on me?” “Was I really that drunk?” “Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night!”

Wow that’s a lot of prompts 😂💗 Hope you like this Imagine 💗💗 Also I just wanna say thank youuu to @iheartbuttercream for answering my dumb question earlier 💗😂

You woke up at 3am from your phone blowing up with texts. You groaned and rolled over to see who was texting you.

Jacky Poo: You know how ligers (lion and tigers) are a thing, don’t you think that’s so weird.

Jacky Poo: Like lions and tigers did the thing like wtf!?

Jacky Poo: I just think that’s so weird.

Jacky Poo: OMG I just found out chihuahua and Great Dane mix is a thing.

Jacky Poo: That is the definition of fucked up!

This ladies and gentleman is what it is like to best freinds with Jack Maynard. You had about another 15 texts from him about how disturbed he was about these thing.

Y/n : WTF Jack! Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night!

Jacky Poo: Well actually it’s early morning soo.

Jacky Poo: Do you want to come to the club with me tonight? None of my other friends can come.

Y/n: Wow so I’m your last choice thanks so much.

Jacky Poo: Whatever. Is my name still Jacky Poo in your phone?

Y/n: Possibly.

Jacky Poo: Change it!

Y/n: Hahah never!

Jacky Poo: Y/n! Change it!!

Y/n: Goodnight Jacky Poo.

Jacky Poo: Not funny.

Y/n: Hilarious*


You were stood outside the club waiting for Jack to turn up . You were wearing a stunning black dress that hugged all your curves perfectly.

Just as you were about to text Jack to ask were he was you saw him get out a taxi.

“Hey” You greeted him.

“Hey!” He replied, you felt his eyes scanning over your body.

“My eyes are up here Maynard!” You laughed.

He blushed slightly.

“Lets go get drunk!” He exclaimed as you both walked into the club.


“Heyyy hot stuff!” Jack slurred.

He was very drunk currently.

“Dude you reek of alcohol!” You said.

“Your dress is hott!” Jack slurred completely ignoring your comment.

“Are you hitting on me?” You laughed.

You were rather confused by the situation. You had no idea Jack found you attractive at all.

You weren’t sure if he was complimenting you because he was drunk and horny or what but his compliments gave you butterflies. That you were trying to pretend weren’t there.

“Sure ammm, why don’t you come back to m bed.” He winked.

“Come on lets get you home.” You laughed and dragged him outside.

You woke up the next morning to find yourself on jacks sofa basically laying on top of him. Your head under his chin and his arm was wrapped around your back.

You got up careful not to wake him and fetched water and headache tablets.

As you put they down on the coffee table you saw his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Good Morning” You said quietly.

He groaned and rubbed his eyes.

“My head hurts so muchh” He grumbled.

“Here drink water and take tablets” You said handing them to him.

“Thanks” He mumbled.

“So what did I do last night?” He laughed.

“Well you did start hitting in me at one point” You explained.

Jack internally face palmed.

“I don’t remember that! Was I really that drunk?” He laughed.

You felt hurt by his words. Did he mean he’d never hit on you if he wasn’t really drunk.

“What?” You asked.

“I mean I was so drunk I was hitting on you.” He laughed again.

“Wow thanks Jack” You said harshly.

Jack realised what he said.

“No y/n thats not what I meant.” He sighed at his stupidity.

“Well then what did you mean?! Am I too ugly to hit on unless your almost passed out drunk?’ You snapped at him.

“No!” He insisted.

“What did you mean then Jack?” You hissed.

“I mean I’d never have the confidence to hit on you if I was sober.” Jack admitted.

You were shocked.

“What?” You said.

“I like you y/n, I like you more than just friends.” He looked up to gauge your reaction.

“I-I I like you to.” You admitted.

He got up, wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close.

“I love you y/n.” He whispered before connecting your lips.

As he kissed you, it felt like fireworks were going off in your stomach

"Statues Don't Break Into People's Bedroom!"

"How what?”
“How are you here and not where you always are?!?! A-and fleshy too!!”
“Yeah! You’re suppose to be as hard as a rock!”
“Well, if you give me a minute with my hand, I’m sure I can-”
“Stop stop stop stop!! Too much information!”

A OngNiel AU where Seongwoo has the kiss of life, and Daniel has chiseled abs, literally.

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Some space au thoughts before I go to bed.

The chlorii get all their nourishment from absorbing water through roots and photosynthesizing sunlight, right?
So they’d probably find the idea of eating really weird.

“Let me get this straight. You put things. - dead animals, dead plants - inside your body. You mash them up with bones inside your mouth. And if you don’t do this several times a day, you die.
That’s freaking weird.”

Although now that I think about it, carnivorous plants do exist, but it’s 3am and this thought was amusing to me so I’m posting it anyway.

Fic Author Self Rec

@phd-mama tagged me to do the fic author self rec, where we rec our own fics and then tag other authors. Anyone who knows me knows that I start to freak out if people actually… get excited about my fics. So this is good practice! Love thyself. Love thyfics.

5. Six Weeks. This was my Big Bang from last year, and also the first fic I ever started planning. It’s also the closest I’ve ever gotten to something like angst, and by reading it you’ll be able to tell that yes, I am apparently a fluff fiend at heart.

4. Down the Backs of Tabletops (and ticket stubs in the attic). I wrote this for a fiction writing class, and every day when I had to bring it in to class for discussion, I just did a mass name-change from one direction to random names, ahahaha. So approximately 20 English majors read this and sort-of approved of it (except one asshole who drew memes all over it and told me that it shouldn’t have a happy ending because that’s “expected” and “drab” like, fuck off). It’s weird and you’re not going to understand what’s going on until, like, halfway through? But halfway through 7k isn’t that far! I believe in you, dear reader!

3. Record Your Fate (and Write Me In). This fic makes me think of watching Frozen at 2am with my roommates spooning on the couch next to me and talking in their sleep, because that’s when I wrote 90% of it. One thing that you need to know about me is I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort, but also for weird fantasy, and I was somehow able to squash both of them into this fic. It’s weird. You should read it.

2. For the Love of Honey. This was all written between the hours of midnight and 3am, and by reading it I think that’s obvious. This fic reads like something that someone who never sleeps and also has just drunk a venti caramel macchiato sans-milk would write. Personally, I think it’s funny. But maybe that’s just me.

1. I Don’t Love You I Want in Your Heart. For some reason I’ve become so… attached to this fic. If you want something else to make you laugh, this is (hopefully) it. It’s also a/b/o, which I know is not a lot of people’s cuppa tea, but I’ve been told that it’s good even if you don’t like it! High praise, let me tell you.

Okay I have NO clue who has and hasn’t done this at this point (but damn I’m always one of the last ones to do this, how inconvenient!) so I tag @lululawrence, @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed and @hrrytomlinson

Sleepless Night | V x Reader

Rating: General
Word Count: 769
Genre: Fluff
Summary: You have a short conversation with V in the chatroom.
Note: I only realized after I saved the chatroom conversation to .JPG that I should have removed the “Name” part of the reader and was too lazy to fix it. I’m sorry. ;;

“Make sure you go to bed early.”

That concerned message directed towards you was sent on the messenger hours ago, yet for some strange reason, somebody always had to be awake at 3AM and talking about the randomest things. Then again, it is 3AM, and almost everybody always has something weird to say or think about at this ungodly hour.

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Watanabe family headcanons
  • You got her name because her parents thought that they were getting a son (“You” can be used for both males and females). The exact origin of the name is a combination of the phrase that Mrs. Watanabe associates the most with her husband (“yousoro”, which would later on become You’s own catchphrase) and the term that Captain Watanabe associates the most with his wife (the kanji for You’s name is associated with “sun”, “glorious”, “bright”, etc.).
  • You’s dad was actually a little disappointed when he found out that You was a girl, because he had hopes of going on father-son adventures with his firstborn. Then baby You’s first word turned out to be “Papa”, and he instantly fell in love. You also grew up to be quite the tomboy, so You’s dad ended up having adventures with his firstborn anyway, with the added bonus of having a daughter who looked really cute in a sailor uniform.
  • Captain Watanabe taught You self-defense techniques because no way in hell are any perverts gonna have their way with his precious daughter!!! He made sure that she could even fight back against someone as large as him (a fully-grown muscular man), so it’s no wonder that You easily overpowered Mari in Episode 11.
  • You’s dad is a fantastic cook - especially when he’s drunk. He’ll get very odd cravings which, when combined with his drunken state, leads to strange but delicious new recipes. You has a very good sense of smell (*sniff sniff* a uniform!) so no matter what god-awful hour it is in the night, she’ll wake up when her dad starts cooking. Over the years, she’s picked up a lot of his techniques. This is why You was able to improvise a dish from Mari’s Stewshine and Yohane’s Tears of a Fallen Angel in Episode 10.
  • Mrs. Watanabe is actually terrible at household chores. You loves salisbury steak because it’s one of the few dishes that her mom can make without creating an utter disaster. You knows her dad’s curry recipe by heart because she learned it at a very young age out of desperation. She’s pretty much in charge of doing the sewing when Captain Watanabe needs his uniforms fixed as well.
  • You tends to bicker a lot with her mom, since Mrs. Watanabe is the stricter parent (out of necessity: Captain Watanabe is gone most of the time due to his job as a ferry captain, so he endlessly spoils You in the rare moments that he’s home). Mrs. Watanabe is the classic “screams-when-she’s-angry” type, while You, of course, takes after her dad and gets very quiet and withdrawn when she’s upset. Their fights tend to be about minor things though (e.g. staying up late, sub-par test scores), so they’re usually resolved pretty quickly and the two will be back to normal after a day or so.
  • You inherited her wavy hair and sunny disposition from her mom. When she was younger, Mrs. Watanabe was very self-conscious about how frizzy her hair would get whenever it was rainy or humid, and used to be bullied because of it. Then one day, the stoic boy who sat in the back of the classroom suddenly walked up to her and said, in a quiet but deep voice, “I think your hair is beautiful, so please don’t let it keep you from showing that bright smile of yours.” No one dared to tease her again after that.
  • Even though that was years ago, Mrs. Watanabe is still a little sensitive about her hair. When she found out that she passed along this trait to her daughter, she made sure to keep You’s hair short because she didn’t want her daughter to go through the same thing. Luckily, You didn’t mind since she preferred having short hair for practical reasons (i.e. easier to manage when swimming).
  • If you couldn’t tell from that clichéd-sounding romantic line before, You picked up her charms from her dad. They’re both naturals when it comes to making girls swoon.
  • You’s dad and mom were each other’s first love (You’s dad was a bit of a playboy so he dated a number of girls, but You’s mom was the first person he truly loved) and their story is basically straight out of a shoujo manga: happy-go-lucky heroine falls for the strong-and-silent boy who will do anything to protect her.
  • You’s parents started dating in high school, but had to separate for a few years because You’s dad went to work aboard a ship in order to gain experience for becoming a captain. Before he left, he told You’s mom, “No matter where I go, my heart will always be with you, so…will you wait for me?” and then bent down on one knee and reached into his pocket to pull out a small box and oh god I’m grossing myself out with the amount of cheese here so I’m just gonna stop lol.
  • Later on, when You’s parents find out that their daughter is gay, Mrs. Watanabe smacks her husband and tells him, “See, this is all your fault for being so overprotective! Since you insisted on sending her to girls’ schools and kept threatening to kill any boys that got close to her, you’ve turned her into a skirt-chaser. Just look at your daughter’s shameless flirting with her 17 girlfriends, goddamn it!”
  • You’s dad is very conflicted about this. On the one hand, he had always been lowkey worried that You would fall for some cocky sailor boy because of her obsession with uniforms, so he’s glad that this nightmare will never come true. On the other hand, he now fears that one day his daughter will get lynched by the fathers of the countless girls who’ve fallen under the Watanabae spell.
  • The next father-daughter late-night cooking session has Captain Watanabe awkwardly clearing his throat and saying, “Look, you know I’ll always support you…so if you ever want any advice on dating girls and, er…other things…I’m here for you…”
  • You contemplates taking her dad’s shot glass and chugging down his drink because this is not a conversation that she wants to have while sober.
  • “…please Papa, let’s just finish frying this kiwi.”
  • Later on when You does drink, her cocktails of choice are things like daiquiris and mojitos and long island iced teas. Everyone is somewhat bemused by this since they’re such fruity drinks, until they remember these all have a hearty amount of rum and other hard liquors in them, and You usually gulps down glass after glass of these “girly” concoctions.
  • You’s personal favorite was introduced to her by Mari, and contains gin, rum, tequila, vodka, Blue Curacao liqueur, sweet and sour mix, and 7-Up. The name of this cocktail: “Adios Motherfucker”.

It’s weird how at a time in your life you were so close to someone. When you’re with them you wish it won’t ever end and you’re sure that it won’t. You never think that the last time is the last time, it comes unexpectedly and that’s what’s so weird about it you can’t explain how all those emotions all those times you were sure about it just ended. like remember it wasn’t even a few months ago we used to do the craziest things together I mean you can’t forget about the deep conversations we had like around 3am we just said everything on our mind, but it sucks because you did forget everything and today I don’t even know how to say hey. This isn’t supposed to happen but it did and there’s nothing I can do about it. I guess everything does happen for a reason, I wanna know how you feel about this whole situation, it’s like I want to forget everything between us but I’m also waiting on the day you talk to me again.. I don’t hate you and I never will I just act like I do because it seems much easier than missing what we had.

hiistiger  asked:


asked     and still accepting!
from this with @hiistiger

surprise surprise soph sends me the meme because she sends me every meme and look that’s reason #1 she’s the best ever out of my 1000 reasons, some of which are:

    always takes my crazy and weird headcanons seriously and then runs with them so we plot out entire universes based on the weird offhand comment like sebastian not believing in ghosts WHICH IS JUST DANGEROUS SEB

    finds the most fucked up and angsty things we can think of and then leaves me crying and if that’s not a sign of real friendship I don’t know what is

    is willing to scream at me about morans any time of day about the most minute character details which to anyone else would be ridiculous but when I message at 3am asking if sebastian has strong feelings about cream cheese I know I’ll always get the most well thought out answer  -  and #moransupportsquad is a treasure 

    has the most intriguing dynamics with other writers, I’m always addicted to your threads even if they’re not with me

    idk i love everything about you and seb bc ur the fukin best

bioinformaticians-roar  asked:

What a great ask and thank you for giving us the opportunity to get to know you better. When you get the chance, #24 (Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.) please.

Thank you, and thanks for being interested in what I have to say!

Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.

Honestly, I don’t really remember a lot of stuff people tell me but I remember this conversation I had with my older brother a couple months ago at like 3AM or some weird hour like that, and he told me something along the lines of, “You think that because you can’t seem to do something big, you can’t do anything at all or whatever you do will mean nothing, but a smile can go a long way and a small stone can cause a lasting ripple, so I think that’s how you will make a difference. I’m going to do great things one day, but I would have never been here without you, so you’re a part of something bigger whether you realize it or not.”
I doubt he even remembers that conversation, but idk it really stuck with me because sometimes I feel so insignificant and what he said is a good reminder that we’re all part of something, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Wrong Number (Jr.)

Originally posted by younglordswerve

Plot: Hey you called me at 3am and we talked about some pretty deep stuff do you remember that? AU

Length: 1,470 words

Genre: Fluff

*A/N: This is Volda’s scenario prize for winning my scenario contest :-) Hope you like it, girlie!

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