weird things

Odd things I've noticed about the signs(personal observations)

Aries: They go from being quiet and tired one second to being some loud hyper little child the next. Like how fast does that change even come about!?

Taurus: They have food in like weird places and are so sly to hide it. Or they might even run of with you food. I had this one Taurus who came and said hi to my friend and then ran of with her Pringles.

Gemini: They have like perfect hair but they all seem to hate their hair. WHY?! You can swap your hair with mine any day! Or they keep on raising their eyebrows. ALL Geminis I know ALWAYS move their eyebrows no matter what expression their giving.

Cancer: When they make a point or something they will just stare at you, WITHOUT BLINKING, as to say yep I’m right. HOW DO YOU NOT BLINK FOR SO LONG!?

Leo: When their alone they are all calm and don’t talk to anyone just walking about like their lost or something. But they moment they see a friend BAM! They transform into some talkative lion.

Virgo: They can’t pronounce their T’s properly. Idk ib noticed so many Virgos and they just don’t pronounce their T’s properly. They’ll be like DAT instead of that. Like no! Its T-H-A-T

Libra: When they walk alone they walk about like some classy ass little thing. They walk so calmly and look all soft but its there! They walk around looking at the people they don’t like with dirty looks and with a straight face and the moment they see their friend BAM! Your amazing smile shows up. Like if someone didn’t know you they’d think you never smile!

Scorpio: They can be So So hyper active and childish and loud and omg. These guys look so normal and like they don’t talk but get them in a group of friends and they are just so immature! Like all your teachers think your all good and stuff talking to them all sweetly but the moment your placed with your friends all your class hears is you laughing!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius people I’ve noticed are wow when their angry! They will storm into the class and just wow. You won’t want to go near them. But then they can just be all sweet to other people when other people are upset. Oh and not to mention these people have am issue about drawing on other peoples things. LIKE! NO DON’T DRAW ON MY FOLDER!

Capricorn: These people seem so immature and everything but then you see their social networking sites and the way they talk to their friends. Wow. Its just flirt, insult,flirt, threat, flirt oh another insult. They cannot talk properly to their friends on social networking sites. Just no.

Aquarius: These guys are always so amazing in the way they talk! How do you talk so formally with perfect grammar and perfect vocabulary! AND AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THESE GUYS ALL HAVE AMAZING SMILES?!

Pisces: These guys just think on and on and on about what happened they a month ago. You’ll be sitting their eating your lunch and out of no where their just like “I can’t believe she spoke to me like that! I should of said this to her!” And your all like “to who” and then Pisces says “*inset name* and your just like ” THAT WAS 3 WEEKS AGO!!!”

but I love everyone despite their odd little things - well maybe I like them cause of these odd little things.

*this is like personal observation so I’m not sure if its like everyone but all this I’ve noticed from at least 5 people of that sign. What do you guys think?*

things i have seen during my time in the american education system

  • a kid in a batman cape running through the halls, yelling incoherently
  • some kids dealing drugs in the back of class… health class… during the unit on drug abuse …
  • three feet of snow and yep we’re still going to school 
  • the ballroom dance team performing the entirety of ‘Thriller’ in the lunch room on the day before Halloween
  • the fire alarm being pulled not one, not two, but three times during one class period
  • the teachers making the entire 5th/6th grade go out to recess, even though it was around 30 degrees F, snowing, and some kids didn’t have their coats
  • a group of kids climbing onto the school roof…for no apparent reason….
  • like five-ish seniors sitting on a couch in the middle of a hallway..also for no apparent reason (no one is sure where they got the couch)
  • the drama kids all holding wooden boards and smashing them into the ground????
  • a kid riding around the halls on his scooter. you go kid.
  • kids duct taping their teacher to the wall???
  • someone handing out tissue boxes during end of year testing
  • SBO EleCTioN WEeeeEeK!.!>!
  • a kid getting up on the lunchroom table and yelling that it was his friend’s b-day so the whole lunchroom sang to the poor embarrassed guy
  • some kid doing freaking parkour to get from the second floor to the first floor
  • many fight. too many.
  • on that note, there was this guy and this other guy and they just kind of looked at each other??and said something like ‘do you wanna fight’ and so thy did???during lunch???for no reason???
  • a girl showing up to school in full hogwarts uniform(from the movies)(wand included)
  • the woodshop teacher just letting his class have full reign of the dangerous!!!!workshop while he scrolled through stuff on his computer??

things i have not seen during my time in the american education system

  • whatever the male equivalent of a lunch lady is
Things that I've heard the signs say
  • Aries: I'll slice off your head and shit down your neck
  • Gemini: *shaking head* water and I... we're not friends.
  • Cancer: u piece of shit *death glares*
  • Leo: *shouting at classmate, pointing finger* I toLD YOU, I TOLD YOU!! AHH! I TOLD YOU, I KNEW IT!!! TOLD YOU!!!!!
  • Virgo: what are you now, a sleep guru? -_-
  • Libra: *flexing* guns in the sun... the chicks dig it ;)
  • Scorpio: fight me
  • Sagittarius: *gives character a dramatic, scarring backstory when playing with toys*
  • Capricorn: idc if I have offended u. my opinion, idc if you don't like it!!
  • Aquarius: because I am an even-tempered Aquarius, that's why
  • Pisces: I am NOT an easy target