weird that i had drawn this though

so uh five years ago when I first played Psychonauts i started writing a pretty extensive fanfiction but I abandoned it after a while and I just started looking through it again and my thoughts went along the lines of “wow, this is pure gold why did I scrap this”

So I drew an excerpt from it.

Those snake things are called “bad vibes”

Touken and Jashi

Alrighty, folks there something that’s being on my mind lately that I want address. Romance, when competently, written is not bad nor does a female character falling in love make them a terrible character nor inherently ruins their character if they do. 

I wanted to talk about because of the black lash  that not only Jack and Ashi are getting, but also Touka and Kaneki because of recent chapters.  

Now, I feel weird taking Samurai Jack and Tokyo Ghoul in the same post, but whatever. 

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Oblivious (Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader)

Request: Anon asked: “jcj x female reader fluff? :)”

A/N: this is my first female x female fic which is exciting! I don’t know how I feel about this and I finished it at like 6 am who am i??? also don’t forget to send in requests! I will write anything! hope you enjoyed :)))

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(Y/NN)= your nickname

TW: uhhhh nothing I hope

WC: 1813

You heard your phone go off telling you that you had a new comment on your latest Instagram post. You smiled to yourself when you saw it was from Jazzy and immediately unlocked your phone to see what she had said. What you saw was a bunch of heart eyes and fire emojis followed by “how could anyone be THIS gorgeous???” Immediately other comments started popping up saying how much they “shipped” you with Jasmine. You blushed furiously, thankful that no one was there to see it and then reminded yourself that she was just being nice.

People often thought that you two were together because it seemed like every other post you two made on social media was about each other. You two would comment on every single Instagram post that the other posted with a compliment and plenty of emojis. You would also tweet about each other essentially every day. Every tweet about the other was always gushing about how amazing you were or how she was absolutely beautiful. The answer to those posts was simply that you two were best friends. However, that didn’t stop the fans from always saying that you two should be together and that you would be the cutest couple. It wasn’t that you disagreed, but you knew that she would never feel that way about you.

Since the moment you had met her, you swore you were in love with the goddess that is Jasmine Cephas Jones. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, but she was incredibly kind and a huge and absolutely adorable dork. She was adorkable. Everything about her was attractive to you. She didn’t even have to try. You were best friends with her which had happened just because you were as much of a dork as she was!


You were in your shared dressing room talking with Philippa when Jasmine was rushing past in her silk kimono. She stopped in her tracks and ran into the dressing room to hug you.

“Hello, lovely (Y/N), how are you?” she said, still hugging you.

“I am doing fine, Jazzy, which you already know because we have literally been texting since I woke up,” you laughed, “How are you?”

“I am doing pretty good! It’s a beautiful day,” she said, smiling and pulling back from the hug but still holding onto your arms.

“Yeah,” you said, looking into her eyes, but it came out as almost a whisper. “Really, really beautiful.”

You began to think of what it would be like to kiss her. Her lips looked really soft, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of them…

“Hey, have you seen all these comments and replies on our posts about each other?” the goddess asked pulling out her phone and waking you up from your daydream. “People have been saying that we should be together,” Jasmine said, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Yeah, I have,” you laughed, trying to shrug it off. “I don’t think you should take them too seriously.”

“Well, they’re not wrong!” Pippa chimed in. “You two would make a super cute couple!”

“Yeah, that’s true. Sadly, (Y/N) is too good for me,” she joked, before kissing you on your forehead and starting toward the door.

“Alright, well, we have a show to get ready for, so I’ll see you later!” Jazzy said gleefully, making her way out the door.

You stood there frozen for a few seconds unable to move, staring at the now empty doorway where Jasmine had just been standing. You were thinking about the comment she had made. Too good for her?

You then realized how ridiculous you must look and walked over to the couch unable to stop the smile that was creeping up onto your face. Pippa analyzed the situation and then realized exactly what was going on.

“Oh my God! You’re in love with her!” she said incredulously. You immediately put your hand over her mouth.

“Pippa, I don’t want all of New York City to know!”

“What’s going on here?” Lin asked, waltzing into the dressing room.

“Somebody’s in love!” Pippa proclaimed in a singsong voice.

“Oooo!” Lin exclaimed, “With who?!”

“It is no one’s business,” you warned, shooting a look at the actress who brought the character of Eliza to life.

“It’s Jasmine! She loves Jasmine!” she said then turning to run and hide behind Lin.

“Well, you have to tell her,” Lin said, turning to you.

“You can’t just tell someone you’re in love with them, Linnamon Roll. It doesn’t work that way.”

“(Y/NN), honeysweetiebaby, that’s really all you need to do with Jasmine. She absolutely adores you,” Pippa said, peeking out over Lin’s shoulder.

“But not in that way. Guys, I don’t know…” you trailed off.

“(Y/N), if you don’t let the cat out of the bag, I will force the cat out of the bag,” Lin almost threatened.

“That sounds a little violent, Lin,” you responded.

“Okay, well, if you don’t tell her, I will find a way to make sure she knows, dear sweet (Y/NN),” he said, giving you a look that showed you he wasn’t kidding.

“She doesn’t feel the same way. There’s no point in telling her if the only thing that will happen is that our friendship is ruined,” you said, mostly trying to convince yourself.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), Jasmine will know how you feel before the clock strikes 12,” he said ominously before exiting the room.

“You know he’s not kidding, right?”

“Yes, I know,” you groaned.


It had now been about 15 minutes since the show had ended, and there was no sight of Lin. You were relieved that he wasn’t coming up with any schemes to let Jasmine know how you felt. You were out of your ensemble outfit and in your street clothes, ready to go, until you heard voices outside your room.

“Come on, Jazzy! Keep up! (Y/N) needs to see you yesterday!” you heard Lin say as he was coming down the stairs.

You spoke too soon. You groaned internally while you tried to prepare yourself for the awkward situation Lin was going to try to put you in.

“Perfect! You’re still here! Alright Jazzy, I leave you here with (Y/N)! She has something really important to tell you, so I’m just going to leave the room and close the door and not be on the other side,” Lin said, smiling mischievously and making his way out the door before you could say a word.

“Is everything okay?” Jasmine asked, slightly concerned.

“Yeah, no, don’t worry. It’s just Lin overreacting as always,” you said, looking at the floor.

“Oh my God. Are you dying?” she asked grabbing your hand. Your heart raced at the touch.

“No! No, I’m not dying. It’s just…” you trailed off.

“(Y/NN)… if there’s something you want to tell me, go ahead. You know you can trust me. I’m here for you; don’t you dare forget that,” the beautiful girl said, taking both of your hands in hers. You took in a huge breath before you put your entire friendship with Jazzy on the line.

“Okay, this is like a huge bomb that I’m going to drop on you right now, so just bear with me, okay? I have been kind of feeling some type of way, um, you know, about, um, you know, you. I just- Since I met you, I felt sort of drawn to you? Okay, that sounds weird. So here’s the thing: you’re kind of the best thing to ever happen to me, and I love you,” you finished, looking down, blushing, and hoping she had understood you, even though you were talking ridiculously fast. Part of you was expecting her to laugh in your face before her reply surprised you.

“I know,” Jas said, bringing your chin up, so she could look into your eyes.

“You… know?” you said, in complete and utter shock.

“Of course I know. I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. Also, you’re my best friend, and I know how you act when you’re into someone. Honestly, (Y/N), I feel the same way…” she trailed off, eyes filled with adoration, a look you had always hoped to receive from her.

“Wait, what?”

“Oh my God, (Y/N)! I’ve been trying so hard to make you realize it. I’ve been flirting with you, complimenting you all the time, being extra touchy! You have been absolutely oblivious!” Jasmine giggled. You blushed furiously and couldn’t believe how blind you had been to her feelings. “Well, look at that! I have never seen your face get so red!” she smirked.

“Shut up,” you muttered. “Wait, how could you like me?”

“What does that even mean?” she questioned.

“I mean, you’re… too good for me… I don’t understand,” you muttered.

“Too good for you? You have seriously got to be kidding me! You’re absolutely astonishing. You’re literally perfect!” Jazzy responded like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Do you really not see what I see?” she said when she saw your still confused face. You shook your head.

“(Y/N), you are absolutely everything I have been looking for. You make me want to be a better person. Hell, you do make me a better person. You are the best part of me. Everything about you gives me butterflies and makes my heart race. You make me relate to every single cliché ever. You have the most beautiful eyes, even though sometimes you don’t think you do. Your voice is literally music to my ears. Your touch makes electricity shoot through my entire body. I couldn’t be more in love with you if I tried. You look beautiful, like, all the time, and it kills me. You are the sweetest, smartest, most talented, and down-to-earth girl I have ever met. You thinking that I’m too good for you is laughable because there’s no way I could ever deserve you, let alone be too good for you. You make my days better just by being a part of them. I love you, and I would really like it if you went out on a date with me,” she finished holding your hands in hers.

“Of course I’ll go on a date with you, Jazzy. There’s nothing that would make me happier,” you said, looking into her eyes.

“Why don’t they just kiss already?” you heard Philippa whisper from behind the door.

“Okay, did everyone know how you felt but me?” you asked, turning to Jasmine.

“All that matters is that now you know,” Jasmine said, cupping your cheek in her hand and kissing you sweetly.

“Wow… I could get used to that,” you said dreamily, taking Jasmine’s hand in yours.

She looked at you in a way that made you feel like you were the only girl in the world, and you loved it.


Right so I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Fates for the past few days and I haven’t drawn that much since then so I feel pointlessly out of touch and now everything is guhhhhhhhhhhh. Ugh… well thought I’d share the beans I spilled today (even though they’re not good)

1.Azura… um I was depressed about my own abilities during this one

2.Azura riding Corrin… I was also depressed during this one

3.Xander… uh horse… uh yeah depressed

4.Beruka+Sonic Chaotix… weird story thread i had (6-20-2017)

5.Echoes AU where Celica is a pirate… i’m assuming a bunch of other people did this a lot so meh

6.Soleil + Pepa(Xenoblade)… this was a request from someone. I might do a proper version of later but I feel terrible at the moment ;v; I hope you can accept this for now (maybe wait a bit longer)

7.Modern AU Robins… also done to death ugh



Drawn for @homestuckartists fan troll/kid day.
I was pretty reluctant to post this, since I’m weird about any sort of fan characters I make. (Original Content OCs and stuff for like, D&D and the like are fine.)
But I figure I might as well.

Heir of Hearts. Even though it’s probably totally stretching what it could do, I interpreted the inheriting of souls to be an inheriting of other selves from other timelines and universes (including things where he’s a troll, blood swapped, or other things entirely.) Usually had him experience their lives through dreams, picking up skills and forming bonds with people he’s never met (or yet to meet) causing a lot of confusion, along with a tendency to make references from movies no one’s ever heard of. Technically it’s a skill that could allow him to become a jack of all trades, except he tends to hyperfocus because his various selves are still him and tend to like the same things best.
As he comes more into himself as an Heir of Hearts, he begins to truly know himself, which is something of an amalgamation of various species and quirks making him a little strange from the perspective of any single one. In general, he’s a pretty loving person who puts the people he has relationships (romantic and platonic alike) with over anything else. He’s also bluntly honest, as lying just creates confusion and problems. Unfortunately, he’s also terrible at explaining things, which leads to more problems.
If he ever through various time/space/whatnot shenanigans ends up on the same world as another of his selves, one will always remain unconscious, dreaming of what the other version is doing. Waking one up will cause the other to immediately pass out, similar to how dream selves work on derse/prospit for most people. This also means that he remembers his deaths pretty vividly.
I actually find the concept of the power set interesting and will probably play with it someday as something original.

Wow this ended up way longer than I was originally intending. I could go on more too, which just goes to show I really shouldn’t let myself talk about OCs, holy shoot. >3>;
(Also a final note, most my OCs tend to be pretty nice, just because it’s easier for me to empathize with in general. @_@ If I post more stuff of them, this might be a pattern, so I’m just gonna call myself on it now before anyone else can. So, there, I guess?)

Drabble Day 55: Red String of Fate

Sasuke stared at the dark-haired girl on the other side of the coffee shop. She seemed so familiar, though he’d never seen her before; it was deja vu.

Hinata peeked out from her curtain of hair at the weird guy sitting by the window. He was still staring. Did they know each other? She felt like they did, like they had known each other for years and years.

There were stories of soulmates, people whose souls were tied together with red string so that no matter where or who they were, they’re always drawn back to each other.

A/N: Yay I finished!If you want me to expand on any of these drabbles, leave a comment or send me an ask and if I have any interesting ideas for it I’ll post more.  Anyway thanks so much for reading :D

Awesome ASOIAF Characters You May Not Remember Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: Quaithe

A user suggested I write about Quaithe, and I thought “I think she was on the show but I don’t remember.” (I had a similar experience when Maester Cressen was suggested.) I think it’s easy to lose some of these characters in the shuffle, and that’s unfortunate. 

This is Quaithe as she appeared on Game of Thrones. She was in two episodes in season two, and then was apparently forgotten about. Poor Laura Pradelska had to try to pull of wearing this weird mask on her face. Like “oh this old thing? I forgot I had it on.”

Her dress is kind of nice though. I could probably wear that tomorrow and no one would know I was cosplaying.

This is how Quaithe is drawn by artist Sara Biddle for the Fantasy Flight Games:

In the books, Quaithe is described as wearing a red, lacquered mask. (I just read that, on the show, they made Quaithe’s mask of hexagons because they wanted to link her to Melisandre, who wears a similar necklace. I worry that the costumers are thinking about this more than the writers.)

In any case, Quaithe is from Asshai, like Melisandre. They are both “shadowbinders” and we don’t really know what that means except that they can do magic. Quaithe first appears to Dany in the Red Waste, with Pyat Pree and Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and again in dreams and in a vision at the Great Pyramid of Meereen. She urges Dany to come to Asshai and to be wary of those who come to “see” her dragons (that they want the power for themselves).

Dany isn’t sure if Quaithe is an enemy or a “dangerous friend.” But Quaithe continues to turn up and warn her about stuff.

The glass candles are burning. Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun’s son and the mummer’s dragon. Trust none of them. Remember the Undying. Beware the perfumed seneschal.

Perhaps it is wise the show didn’t bring Quaithe in to make this warning in Meereen. It wouldn’t make much sense considering that the kraken (Victarion Greyjoy), griffin (Jon Connington), dark flame (Moqorro), and the sun’s son (Quentyn Martell) have not yet appeared on the show. Having her pop up and say “Tyrion Lannister is coming!” doesn’t have the same mystique. 

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters


Vacation Doodles Part 1

Sorry for the art inactivity!

I’ve been away on vacation before school and while I was gone I managed to do some drawing though it’s mostly doodles of characters I’ve never really tried to draw before or had time to. Though in Vyse’s case it’s more like I haven’t drawn him since I was a kid… it’s weird drawing him after all these years

If you’re interested in seeing my doodles as I do them you can always check out my twitter!

porcelain-engine  asked:

11 and 41?

11. Do you currently or have you ever had any familiars?

In terms of spirits? Not that I’m really aware of or have direct contact with, even though I suspect something is up, because I’ve been stirring the metaphysical/magical cauldron quite a bit lately, and I might have drawn in all kind of weirdness.

Also, l’m quite convinced that Lucifer Sam, my siamese cat, is a familiar. The connection I feel towards that cat, and they way he’s connected to me, is so strong that it scares me. The circumstances surrounding how I got to own him, and considering who his previous owner was (and what he was to me), casts a pretty clear spell…

41. What’s the craziest witchcraft-related thing that’s happened to you?

I rather not say here, haha. But I’ve had some weird physical side effects happen after a couple of intense experiments. Nothing permanent, but it definitely freaked me out!

kuujo  asked:

Y'know, I was just thinking-- in the Morioh Comix AU, baby Jolyne gets her stand super early! Do you think that's a result of some typical villain-of-the-week nonsense, or Keicho, or Kira's dad? I can't imagine Jotaro would be pleased to see his kid stuck with the arrow, eek. (Or maybe just having a good relationship with her dad brought it out early? HAHA)

Oh man, this is such an interesting question! In canon, Jolyne gets her stand when she’s jabbed by that arrow fragment and I guess that makes sense. Everyone else in her known family who has one got it through DIO’s influence in SDC, and Jolyne was born much later, so she needs an extra push. I’ve always thought that was kind of weird, though: like, you’d think with all the mischief she gets up to before going to prison, she’d develop a cool power under pressure or something. 

In the Morioh Comix-verse, I think it would be cool if she got Stone Free in a situation where she had to help her dad out, but more realistically, this is probably how it went down:

First Date (Biadore) Part 1 - little darling

A/N: don’t know if anyone even particularly enjoys my biadore efforts but I’m sorry I’m such an erratic writer! I wanted this to be better but hey, I wrote it in one evening and decided I may do it in parts - if anyones interested?? I would really appreciate feedback if someone has time to give it! much love ~ little darling

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michaelthepeashooter  asked:

to you, what is the most noticable Scooby doo error?

I already had an answer ready… but then, yesterday, I saw this:

1. Magician guy is on his half-drawn camel. The camel throws him off, and he lands in the sand.

2. Cut to him on the ground. He casts a spell to “bring the camel back to him.”

3. Cut to the camel. We now see that the camel was apparently on top of a weird ship, even though we saw so sign of that before.

We also see that the magician is still on the camel, even though he was just thrown off the camel.

4. The camel is magic’d away, and the duplicate magician still hovers there. Even by this point, they didn’t even realize what they did.

Or, maybe they just didn’t care.

5. The camel is thrown back to the magician… who we are reminded is still lying on the ground, even though we were just shown him also being on the camel.

…ladies and gents, I present to you: a new low.

The little bookstore

Genre: Fluff as ****

Members: JB

Pairing: JB X Reader

Summary: Your bookstore might not be famous, but one rainy day leads to very well known person to walk inside. Could it just be a coincidence?

Today was a quiet day in your book store due to the rain pouring down outside. Around twelve is when you get your usual college students and nearby workers customer rush, but since the rain continued its relentless pouring down that meant no one would probably come in. Then the chime of the entrance door caught you by surprise, so you looked up from the current book you’re reading to greet the customer. As soon as you saw him though you immediately recognized who he was, JB, “Hello.” he says to you, and you bowed back turning around before he could see your red face.

You never thought in your whole bookkeeping career that an idol would walk into your small book store, especially one from your favorite group not to mention your freaking bias in that group.

JB glanced around the store and when he made sure there was no one around he took off his mask. If JB was taking his mask off in front of you that meant he expected professionalism from you, so that’s what exactly what you’re going to do. You quickly contained yourself and went back to reading your book as you left him to shop in peace.

If only he had the same quiet plans like you though, “It’s coming down quick.” you heard from his direction. “Yeah, it is.” you said trying to focus on the book in front of you. “I didn’t expect for it to get this bad that I would actually have to hide from it, but then I wouldn’t have found this book store so I guess it’s a gain.” he says and you peeked up from your book to see him looking through a book near the cooking shelf. “That’s nice.” you said turning the page of your book, but in reality you didn’t know what you just read.

“Umm, Y/N. Right?” you look up at JB who was not in front of you reading your name tag. You couldn’t believe that he was more handsome close up, “Yes.” you replied trying to act cool. “I was wondering if you can help me recommend a book?” he asked sort of embarrassed to say. “Yeah, sure. I actually read just about every book in here. What do you have in mine?” you admitted since you do want to own your own your own bookstore in the future and kept it as a hobby you try to read every book in the store when you get new ones.

“Really? There are a lot of books in here.” JB says in shock as he looked around the bookstore. “Yup.” you replied smiling at him. “What kind of book are interested in?” you asked as you went around the counter. “I will… I need a romance book.” he whispers not wanting to admit that he wants to read something like that. “Ow, really that’s our widest selection of books actually.” you said going to the shelves in the back that are dedicated for romantic novels. “Yeah, I need it for my job to get inspiration.” he says as you look through the shelves lowering yourself to the ones that aren’t sci-fi.

Since he’s drawing inspiration it has to be something that is more of the non-fiction genre, “Ow, really what do you do?” you asked out of habit when you make small talk with your customers.

It took you a second to realize what you just asked him. Even though JB is your customer it’s still weird asking somebody you know just about everything, such as the fact that you knew he had two dots near his eyes that aren’t really drawn on but are actually his moles. That’s not something you just know about any customer, “I.. uhh I write lyrics.” he answered and you look up at him seeing that he looked nervous almost tense. “That’s cool.” you simply stated smiling at him.

JB took that as sign that you didn’t know who he is and relaxed a bit. You at this time already had a few books in your hand. “I’m guessing you’re trying to draw from real life experiences so I think….actually I got something better.” you said taking the ones from his hand. JB looked at you confused as you put those books back in their right spots. You walked towards the daily life section and handed him a book. When you were going through the books you couldn’t help but feel sad that he has to go through books to find inspiration, when other people can simply take moments from their daily lives.

“Chicken noodle soup for the soul?” he asked looking at the book strangely. “Yes, there’s this one, and this one.” you answered giving him the romantic versions. “These books have a hundred stories of real people and their romantic encounters. Trust me. I think you will find inspiration out of one of these stories.” you added opening the book to certain pages. JB read the page you open the book to, and after a while looked back at you.

“I’ll take it.” he says smiling up at you. You smiled back at him blushing like a schoolgirl who just got asked to go study alone. You immediately pull yourself together and headed towards your counter. Once behind the counter he handed you the books, “It will be eighteen ninety five. Cash or credit?” you asked after swiping the books.

“Credit.” he says swiping his credit card. You then put the books into a paper bag, and looked out the window. “Ow, it cleared up.” you said noticing the sun shining through your window. “Yeah.” he says almost sounding disappointed. JB looked back at you with a sad smile, “I guess I’ll see you around?” he says knowing the possibility. “Yeah, and I hope that those books helps you in some way.” you said mirroring his sadness. JB was almost out the door when he took one last look at you before putting on his mask saying, “My name is Jaebum by the way.” and walks out.

“I know.” you said to yourself.

The next day you were sad about your little encounter and the slim possibility of it never happening again, but when JB suddenly showed up again you were quite surprised. Each day after that JB just kept visiting more and more and you guys soon grew closer. He would even come when you had the closed sign displayed on the door, because he knew you usually stayed an hour after the store closes to rearrange books and add new ones. It was now a routine of JB knocking on the door and you letting him in, and then he would help you put up the books and you both made conversation about work and personal matters.

“So have the books been helping you?” you asked one night as you are adding a shelf of new books. “Yes they have.” JB smirked. “Really that’s great.” you said happy that everything is working in his favor since when he first came in he seemed so stressed about it. “Are almost done with your songs?” you asked “Yea the songs are going great actually, so great that I might be gone for a while.” JB mumbles the last part and you look at him. “Like a vacation?” you asked playing dumb. JB by now knows full well that you knew who he was and what he did, and that’s why he appreciated when you never brought it up and instead treated him normally. I mean who else is trusting enough to let a guy who wears a mask at night into a store when nobody is around. “Yeah, like a vacation. Are you going to miss me?” he joked acting like he was crying. “Yeah, Jaebum. That means I have to hire somebody.” You sighed making both of you laugh out loud.

After that day you couldn’t deny that for a few days you hoped JB would randomly walk come into your store again. Days turn into weeks, and then into months and you left the memories of JB visits in the back of your mind, never telling a soul of who you met one rainy day in your unknown book store and sort of befriended.

One day when you were reading at your counter you hear the radio station announcer, “Okay folks you guys have all been waiting for Got7 new song written by leader himself. Here it goes” You turn the radio louder so that the song could fill your bookstore.

As you listened to the lyrics you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You tried to figure out what story JB took inspiration from, but none of them seem to match any of the ones you read. The more you heard the lyrics you couldn’t help but think of your first encounter with JB. It dawned on you that maybe JB wrote the song about you.

The song was a love song about meeting a girl who was reading a book from across that room, and that he couldn’t help but talk to you even if it was about nothing, but there were a few things different in the song that you don’t remember happening between you and JB. Such as the ending of the song he sings that he had the courage to ask you out.

You quickly shake the thought of the song being about you away since you realized that you were just one of the million people JB meets in a day. There was no way JB would write a song about some random bookkeeper.

Five months pass by and the summer came and went. It was August and rain finally poured in, and your mind couldn’t help but flow back to the last rainy day. You had to mentally slap yourself back into reality and instead put your focus on the book that you were reading. The rain was starting to lighten when you hear a ring at the door, “Hello.” you said standing up looking at the door, but before you could say anything else you were cut off.

“Hi, Y/N.” a familiar presence says smiling at you. “Jaebum.” you said in surprised to see him here. “So, did you miss me?” he asked like if he just saw you a day ago when it’s been five months. “Yes, I couldn’t find somebody who was willing to work for free.” you joked, but nobody laugh. Things went silent between you both since you both had no idea how to react.  “So… did you like my song?” JB asked breaking the silent. You smiled knowing your cover had been blown for a while of you knowing who he was, “I loved it… so the book worked for your song huh?” you asked.

“No.” he says grabbing the book you were reading off of the counter. “What?” you said in shock, because every time you asked him if the book had been helping he would reply with a yes. “Yeah, I never even opened it.” he says flipping a page from the book you were reading. You then stood there confused. “But every time I asked if the book has been helping you, you would say yes.” you said trying to understand what he’s saying. “Ow, yeah I mean it did help me.” he says smiling at you. “In what way?” you asked. “It helped me talk to you.” he stated you stood there in shock.

“What?” you asked now really confused at to what he was saying. “Sometimes when I can’t handle my group I walk around the neighborhood to clear my mind. One day I pass by your store, and I saw you and all I could think was how much I wanted to talk to you. How much I wanted to come in, but I couldn’t get myself to step in. Then one day I did, and I couldn’t stop coming. There was no song except for the one I was writing about you.” he says

“So… you like me?” you asked “Yes.” “And you always liked me?” you asked now just a little bit more happy. “Yes.” he chuckled. “So, your promotion song was about me?” “Yes, and I know it didn’t sound like it, because I’m supposed to confess at the end… and you’re supposed to accept.” he says

“So do you accept?” he asked biting his lips in excitement. 

“If you will still work for me for free, then yes I do.” you say and JB could only laugh at your response and he walking around the counter to hug you.

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TDA and Love

Hi Cassie! I would be honored if you answer to a simple question, you say that Ty will fall in love in TDA and i would know if we already know that person, it his a new character or we know it thanks to TMI? I hope that you’ll see this and that maybe you’ll answer, thanks for your time. — cadiamocomelacrime

We don’t know the person Ty is going to fall in love with yet. (We haven’t met many ten year olds in CoHF and I think the ones we do meet are related to Ty, and I don’t really want to swim in that river again …)

IS CRISTINA GOING TO BE ATTRACTED TO MARK, OR MARK TO CRISTINA? I MEAN: ”Cristina held back from telling Mark that there was no world in which he didn’t stand out.” and you once said Mark has a love interest/parabatai. Thank you! — emmaxjules

Well, she could just be saying that because he has antlers or something. Who can say how he came back from the Wild Hunt? Cristina has a complicated love life, and so does Mark. Mark may even be carrying a torch for someone from Faerie. (Neither Mark nor Cristina have parabatai, though.)

Hi Cassandra Clare, thank you for your books you’ve written so perfectly and your imagination, which I fell in love it. A question arises after your previous answer me. I hope you can answer. It is about whether we will see in the book scenes where Emma be jealous of another girl in love with Julian? I appreciate your response and with love. Arely — atena-moon

Hi, Cassie. My name is Hayley and, like everyone else asking you questions, I’m in love with your books! I adore the way you write and I hope to be just as successful someday. I wanted to ask you if there’s a possibility for Emma and Mark. (I don’t know if this is how you ask. Hopefully it is.) I know it seems everyone is already shipping Emma and Julian, and their story will be amazing no matter the outcome, but they’re parabati. There is no romance allowed between them and I think they’re better for each other as brother/sister. My thought is, Emma already shows some interest in Mark. It could be good for Mark to help heal Emma’s wounds from the Emma/Julian romance and for Emma to help him get over his time in Faerie world. So, is there a possibility for them? I’d love for you to answer this, but even if you don’t, I’m just glad that I actually got up the courage to write you and that you actually read it!! Thanks!! — nerdygirly811

Sure, this is a fine way to ask. Ye olde ask box.

Emma does notice Mark is cute in CoHF, though he is sure spirited away before she can declare her love (and I’m mostly kidding: her thinking Mark is cute is a function of her growing up. We often notice older brothers, sisters, of friends first because they’re older, therefore admirable, and around, therefore nonthreatening.) 

Otherwise I’d just say slow down, pardner! We don’t know if there’s going to be an Emma/Julian romance for sure, or whether Emma will have wounds to heal. (Well, it’s me, probably everyone will have wounds to heal.) 

I guess I would say that Mark, after coming from years in Faerie, does not view relationships the way everyone else in his family does. “in love” and “monogamy” do not go together in his mind. If you went on a date with Mark, you could expect him to kiss everyone else at the bar. Everyone else.

Hi Miss Clare! I love all your books. You broke my heart into a million pieces, especially when I read Will’s death. Anyway, i’d like to ask, is it wrong to ship Mark and Emma? It feels really weird but idk, my mind is like, “Go Mark and Emma!” but I also ship her a little bit with Jules. It would be great if you answered my question haha thanks :D — mikaaaii

You can ship Emma with anyone you want. You can ship her with Mark and Jules. Though there really isn’t an OT3 to be had there given that Mark and Jules are related. 

It’s interesting to me because when people say “I hate love triangles!” (I mean, I clearly, am biased because I love them) they tend to remain drawn to triangulated relationships. Which is fine. For me, a love triangle requires two people to be in love with the same person and for them to have about an equal chance of securing that person’s love. But there are a million ways to triangulate relationships without actually having a love triangle. One, for instance, is to introduce jealousy, merited or not. Another is to introduce another person as an obstacle but not an equal love interest. If Tessa had loved only Will and felt obligated to Jem because he was dying that would have been a triangulated relationship but not a love triangle. Even a villain can triangulate a relationship. Wickham triangulated Elizabeth’s relationship with Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, but few consider it a love triangle: it however works as an important story engine! So even if you hate the love triangle, hate not the triangulation. It’s probably in a lot of your favorite romances. :)

*Sorry I gave a speech about writing love triangles to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and this stuff remains stuck in my brain!

Also: thank you guys for being so interested in the TDA characters so early on! It keeps me going.


Interning at the Manchester United offices had been an interesting experience even though it had only been a few weeks since I had started. It seemed people got quickly acclimated to my timid presence as every time I walked through the halls in that black sweater with the crest on the right part of my chest, my plaid collar fashionably sticking out under it and with the red plaid skirt to match, there was at least one person who called out my name to greet me pleasantly.

It was only too bad they insisted on calling me the wrong name.

My first week interning no one even knew my name, or asked for that matter. I was one of the younger people working there and the others must have thought they were too good to interact with me, a person who would soon be out of the door as soon as she had came but now they talked to me. They talked to me as if I was a friend whether it was Lina, the 45 year old woman with the husband who brought her lunch every day or Daniel, the divorced already 32 year old who uttered bitter complaints about his ex-wife.

But in the midst of all those conversations I kept getting called Rosaline.

Now, I didn’t know where the hell this Rosaline name had come from. It wasn’t the name of the past intern so it wasn’t like they were confusing me with some other young woman. It was just like one day they went from not acknowledging me to pleasantly yelling out Rosaline and it wasn’t just the staff that were calling me that.

The players had too.

They would walk past my desk, which wasn’t really a desk at all considering there was no space on it for me to place my belongings, and wave with a call of, “Hi Rosaline.”

Anytime I began to correct them they’d either be walking away already or just laughing like I was out of the joke.

There were a lot of weird things happening in these offices aside from that.

Like the time I found a messily crawled note stating, “You look hot today.” The note was accompanied by a drawn wink.

Or that time Robin van Persie himself randomly brought me a box of chocolate. I still didn’t know why the hell he had done that and all my co-workers told me it wasn’t normal of him to just drop off candies to the interns.

There were plenty of times I managed to make a fool of myself too though like the time Adnan called out my name and when I turned to look at him I managed to trip clumsily over my own two feet. He just gave me a goofy wave while his teammates laughed behind him and I drowned in embarrassment.

At least David didn’t address me as Rosaline. He called me ‘Clumsy Girl’ instead.

I was sure there would be some odd event to occur today too considering it was my birthday and it would be just my luck. My mind was already on what I would be doing tonight to celebrate but I was currently trapped at my desk, labeling a large stack of envelopes that were to be mailed out today.

I had been carrying on like that for the last hour as if I was some sort of robot trying to work through the hundreds of envelopes looming in front of me.

The life of an intern.

But the sound of clapping got me out of the repeated motions and when I looked up I saw practically the entire Manchester United team marching into the room and clapping. My eyes met Adnan’s who seemed to be the ringleader because as soon as he did a hand signal, the guys all broke out into singing.

“Happy happy birthday from all of us to you. We wish it was our birthday so we could party too. Hey! Happy happy birthday. May all your dreams come true. We wish it was our birthday so we could party too. Hey!”

By now their loud singing and claps had gotten the attention of everyone including some people that joined in on the fun. All I could do was cover my reddening cheeks thanks to all of the attention that was currently on me. I hadn’t even noticed the circular red cake that was being delivered to my desk until Adnan swiped away the envelopes that I had neatly stacked in front of me and had the cake placed there.

The cake was lit with two candles displaying the number 21 and I was currently being urged by Adnan to blow them out. “Come on. Make a wish.”

I played along and closed my eyes, making a silent wish to myself before blowing out the candles to the delight of everyone watching. They burst into loud cheers and yells. I could only giggle, still feeling my face warming under their spotlight.

“Alright alright. Bring it over,” Daley commanded with his arms open to signal he wanted a hug. I got up from my seat and made my way around my desk and to him, timidly walking into his hug but he felt comfortable in the embrace. I thought once he let go everyone would say a few polite words and get going but they did the exact opposite. I was now being hugged by each individual player as they each uttered a ‘Happy Birthday’ or some sort of nice message to me. One by one they went until only Adnan was left.

He had a goofy and satisfied smile on his face but I didn’t immediately walk into his open arms.

“You planned this didn’t you?”

He gave off a small shrug. “I may or may not have made it known that today was your birthday.”

I think then I was beginning to piece everything together but I had to ask to confirm incase my assumptions would leave me looking like a fool. “The chocolates?”

“I told Robin you like sweets.”

“The note?”

“Oh, I don’t know who that was.” But by the way his smile changed I knew it was him. “So do I get this birthday hug or not? I spent a lot of time baking that cake.”

I walked into his still open arms and he embraced me into a hug that seemed to last much longer than the others. I had no complaints. “You baked the cake?”

“Alright, I lied. Sheesh. I picked it up from the store but I picked out the colors and type of cake. That should get me a few extra points.”

I giggled. “It gives you a lot of points.”

He let go of me and began leaning against my desk while he asked, “So what do you have planned for your big day?”

I gave off a careless shrug. “I don’t know. Nothing? It’s a Thursday. There’s not much really going on through the week.”

“Aw come on. Your 21st birthday and you’re going to spend it here and then at home?”

I nodded.

“You are so boring,” he scoffed.

“Well why don’t you take me out?”

I had blurted out the suggestion before I could rescind it. Once again I was finding another way to embarrass myself and I was internally scolding myself for my sudden burst of courage. Adnan just smiled and neared me, grabbing my hand and placing a kiss to the skin. “I would love to but I have other plans.”

I sunk with disappointment until he continued. “But this weekend I’m free if you are.”

“Um…yes. I’m free.”

“Perfect. Saturday?”




He chuckled. “Are you just going to agree with everything I say?”

“Well I—“

He stopped me before I could continue. “No. I like it. Keep it going.” He let go of my hand then and looked towards the door. “I should probably head back but I’ll see you this weekend?”


He gave that smile I had grown so accustomed to seeing and began to walk off, singing playfully over his shoulder, “Rosalineeeee, you’re the feeling I never had.”

What a day to be an intern.

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