weird that i had drawn this though

Come to think of it... I’ve actually never had to start an episode and frantically look for something funny before.

But I’m home, and the post is overdue! Hurry!

Clock is ticking, go go go!

Establishing shot! Rickety shutters, droopy conifers!

…baugh, nothin’ too weird here.

Though Rickety Shutters & Droopy Conifers sounds like a great bluegrass duo.

Pretty well-drawn hand ‘n’ candle in the dark!

…yeah, I got nothin’.

Ooh, random foppish headless guy! Now we’re making progress.

He stops in the middle of the room… and theeeeeen…

…uh… pats his ascot repeatedly?

Or… yawns, maybe?


Like every episode, he’s just a bad guy in disguise… but the meddling kids aren’t here yet… so who’s he pretending to be a fashionable yawning headless specter for?

…wait, how does a headless ghost yawn, anyway?

Thank you, Scooby-Doo… your inexplicable neck-pattings saved my post-needing butt once again.

This Means War

Request: This was requested by multiple people and I don’t have enough room to put them all here.
A/N: This took way too long to complete and I am very sorry. There will be multiple endings to this though, so it ain’t the end.

Words: 2040

Dick always knew he had a connection with you. Ever since day one he’s felt drawn to you in some sort of way. He thought it was weird at first, but then after a while he began to accept it, thus leading to him doing everything he could to win you over, which you had always found to be strange, considering you didn’t know the real reason behind his actions.

One of the many times he tried to win your affections was about a month after you two had met, not that anyone was counting, something Dick tried to convince everyone of, but they had seen the calendar in his room, marked with special dates, most consisting of dates that something happened between the two of you. He had tried to ask you out for coffee, which you probably would have thought he was asking as a friend, Dick had a habit of stuttering out a ‘just as friends of course!’ Whenever he asked you out and you found it quite cute, but Jason had interrupted to inform the two of you that Batman had a mission for him and Dick.

There was a lie to what Jason said though, he knew what Dick was going to do and had made a plan rather impulsively to get him away from you as quickly as possible. When Dick had found out about Jason’s feelings for you, he grew very jealous, even more than he already had been, mainly because of Jason’s good looks and charm which had women falling at his feet, but Dick had his charm too, sadly he was blind to it sometimes though, an unfortunate fact that he was very aware of.

Jason can argue back and forth to anyone who dares to even go against what he says, he was in love with you first, however because of this, the secret was let out that you had been hanging out for a while, under everyone’s noses of course. So whenever he and Dick would argue about you, Jason used every opportunity he could to throw that in his face, which in turn would make Dick turns a bright vibrant red, thus always bringing an end to the argument with Dick saying, “It’s always going to be up to her. No matter how many times you use that excuse.”

You were completely oblivious to the matter. Alfred would always comment on how obvious it was, always under his breath, he figured you would figure it out on your own, even if it took a long time, which it was. But in your head, you were focused on doing as best a job as you could at being Batgirl, which was a great honor to you, sadly you couldn’t broadcast it to the world because you would jump at the chance it was that amazing of an achievement. So naturally it would all fly right over your head, and it did.

The fact that you did indeed not know of what was happening annoyed Batman, along with the rest of the bat sons, but they wouldn’t say that to your face, mostly out of fear of what you would do to them for ‘lying’ so their mouths stayed shut. Batman on the other hand didn’t fear anything, you included, so he devised a plan to get you to notice what was going on in front of your own two eyes.

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William Nylander - Hickey

Originally posted by pavszacha

Anon: Hi, can you do a William Nylander imagine where the reader does a hickey prank on him?

A/N: this was a hell of a lot longer than I was expecting lmao. I hope you enjoy!

also, cursing/some attempted steaminess

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World of Our Own | Harry Styles Uni AU | Chapter 12



Heaven only knows where you’ve been
But I don’t really need to know
I know where you’re gonna go
On my heart, where you’re resting your head
And you just look so beautiful
It’s like you were an angel


Word Count 10.1k

‘I just don’t think it’s a good idea.’ Harry mumbled, circling his hand around the fresh mug of steaming tea he’d just been handed by Rae. She was stood by the counter, whisking up eggs for the usual scrambled eggs on toast breakfast that had become somewhat of a tradition on a Saturday morning. Earlier she’d had one of Harry’s t-shirts on, covering the underwear she had on underneath, just about, but he’d asked her to change it before they went downstairs, not quite ready to face questions.

‘Why?’ Rae asked, for what felt like the millionth time. She felt a lot like a child who wasn’t allowed a new set of Crayola’s, and couldn’t understand the reason she was being told no. They’d been over it at least ten times in the two weeks things had gotten serious between them, and even on the eleventh Rae couldn’t get her head around Harry’s reasoning.

‘What if it makes them feel weird?’ Harry suggested, it wasn’t the first time he’d come out with the idea, but it was the first time he’d used the word weird and Rae wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She turned on her heel to look at him, dipped brows and nearly taking the bowl of whisked eggs with her. Harry smiled as she looked at him confused, but completely adorable, he couldn’t help it. He quickly wiped it away though, they were having a serious conversation and now wasn’t the time to get drawn in by her cute, crumpled face.

‘Why would it do that? Does it make you feel weird?’ Rae quizzed, clearly a little offended, but also clearly a little concerned.

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Special one today because it’s my fiftieth drawing (woohoo!)

Here’s a fun fact:

As of now, Javert is the character I’ve received the most requests to draw as a cat. I’ve only received just one request each for every single other character on this blog, but I’ve received four requests for Javert. I’ve already drawn him twice (here and here, though I dislike every drawing I did any longer than 2 minutes ago) and if no one had requested him, I still would’ve drawn him again….my point is….what a weird trend??? Why is this???? Why do so many people want to see Javert as a floofy cat??????

so uh five years ago when I first played Psychonauts i started writing a pretty extensive fanfiction but I abandoned it after a while and I just started looking through it again and my thoughts went along the lines of “wow, this is pure gold why did I scrap this”

So I drew an excerpt from it.

Those snake things are called “bad vibes”

push your buttons | chapter one.

pairing: taehyung & jeongguk

genre: fluff, enemies to lovers n professional gaming (◕‿◕✿) (and smut!)

word count: 4.6k

summary: kim taehyung’s life had become a routine:

1. get home from a long-winded day of something that he did not care about
2. make the journey to his bedroom - where he will stay for the rest of the night.
3. reach into his stack of ramen cups and collapse onto his stained apeach beanbag.
4. play video games.

and that was about it, until he met jeon jeongguk and a rivalry had begun.

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2am-doritos  asked:

can you believe how different erwin and levi are? and they still are one.

On the surface Erwin and Levi appear to be almost polar opposites, but if you look a little deeper, I think maybe they share some important characteristics.  They are both selfless in pursuit of their goals and they both hide their emotions under an implacable facade. Levi chose to follow Erwin because, in the words of the ACWNR graphic novel, Erwin had “something he lacked”, but I wonder if Levi was also able to see the man beneath the commander’s mask, for the simple reason that he had spent a lifetime concealing his own compassionate nature behind the facade of the emotionless thug?  I wonder if the reason they were drawn together was that they recognised something of themselves in the other? Or maybe it was just that they shared a weird sense of humour :}  Whatever the reason, you’re right, they complemented each other perfectly, and even though Erwin is gone, they are still one. 

Thank u for 1k !!

I hit 1k a while ago, which is completely insane to me thank you all so much, and to celebrate it I tried to come up with something special but of course, I didn’t figure out anything new. So, here’s a little “about me” because I don’t think I have ever really introduced me to you, my followers. And I’ll tag some sweet, sweet people that I have either get to known, more or less, along the way or just appreciate their blogs v much.  

I’m Johanna. You can call me by my nickname Jossu but you can also call me Pasta, whichever you’d like I don’t really mind. Pronouns are she/her, and I recently figured out I’m bi. I started Tumblr about two years ago as a SuperWhoLock blog and I was incredibly anxious about the idea of people following me. I just wanted to stay as a total lonely loser who reblogged stuff quietly.
I started posting my spn fan art. They were nothing special, just some hand-drawn stuff with a poor quality. However, people seemed to like them, and I started gradually getting followers. When I hit 100 followers, I got so excited and my irrational fear of having followers vanished quickly. 
Something happened along the way, though. This weird green haired man kept appearing on my dash little over a year ago. He was everywhere, just like his outro sings. I had to check out this @therealjacksepticeye. I clicked on his “Draw My Life” vid and instantly fell in love with him and soon I just didn’t want to stop watching his vids. I remember making a post about this experience back then and I got warm welcomes from different people in the community and even Jack liked the post himself. Then I found @markiplier, too. It didn’t take long for my blog to take a total change in the content. 
My life changed abruptly to so much better after finding these two absolutely amazing human beings. I went through some very hard times and on days when I felt like there was no joy inside me, they always, somehow magically, cheered me up with their silly vids. I wouldn’t have survived high school without them, and not without this community. It’s so welcoming, so kind, so accepting, and so genuine. 

I’m bad at making new friends. Very bad. But I somehow have managed to make some new acquaintances in this community, very slowly and not much, but it’s a lot to me. There are so many people here that I love and appreciate, but I never really say it to them. So I’m gonna tag these, and hopefully I don’t forget anyone. Some of these I actually kinda know but the majority is people I wish I knew, or had the guts to start talking to them. ((I kinda feel like just tagging the whole community because you’re all the best.)) These people make me constantly happy when I see them on my dash. Their amazing art, edits, gifs, fanfics, RP’s, reblogs, or literally everything they post, they are pure gold. 

Thank you 

These are all gonna be in one same mess. In no particular order.  

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I hope this wasn’t too long/garbled I kinda did this during my work day haha

Touken and Jashi

Alrighty, folks there something that’s being on my mind lately that I want address. Romance, when competently, written is not bad nor does a female character falling in love make them a terrible character nor inherently ruins their character if they do. 

I wanted to talk about because of the black lash  that not only Jack and Ashi are getting, but also Touka and Kaneki because of recent chapters.  

Now, I feel weird taking Samurai Jack and Tokyo Ghoul in the same post, but whatever. 

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Malayalam Script Guide

This is an unofficial guide to how to write the letters you have been learning!  Malayalam like most Dravidian languages is very rounded script, except there less flourish to it, it’s more cute than pretty. Its written and read from left to write horizontally, and they are all the same size (look to the lines to help you guide)

Forgive my awful handwriting its been over 10 years since I’ve written these letters. Almost all these letters are drawn in one stroke even though I have written numbers. If you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to ask.

One last thing is I’ve had really long time to make these scripts into my own handwriting, so if you see any inconsistencies it because of that ;) Your hands might feel weird because its completely different from writing english letters, I feel it too after so long. 

സ്വരാക്ഷരങ്ങള്‍ (vowels)

വ്യജ്ഞനാക്ഷരങ്ങള്‍ (consonants)

Here are the zoomed up versions of some letters that I think most people (including Malayalees) have trouble with at first

Look it’s like a heart! (one of my fav letters)

m00n-chilld  asked:

Do you have any specific artists that you look up to or admire, that influenced you to do art and animation?

I mean I think everyone draws little tidbits of inspiration from everything they enjoy, but if I had to narrow it down to specific artists and animators…

David Silverman - Animation director on the Simpsons.  This is kind of a weird one to list, because I didn’t really know the extent of his contributions or role in the creation of the show until a few years ago, but he was largely responsible for coming up with the “rules” for animating the characters, and whenever there was a particularly important (or visually difficult) scene, he would usually just animate it himself.  And seeing as how the Simpsons was pretty much the only TV cartoon I had growing up, I think it’s important to mention him, even though his influence on me is… largely subconscious, haha.

Milt Kahl - Any one of Disney’s 9 Old Men are great, I’ve just always been more drawn to Milt Kahl’s characters for some reason.  Can’t put my finger on why, they just have this weird balance of rough sketch and precise detail that I really like.  (I’m just reading this now; he apparently draws a circle for the mass of the head, and then immediately starts filling in details, which is such a bizarre way to work for an animator of his ilk.  I associate that method with like…. ME, as a pre-teen, doodling anime faces in the margin of my school notes, but he’s apparently some kind of savant who can just stare at the paper and trace the pose he’s just sat there hallucinating.  Something about that resonates with me lol.)
He also mentored Brad Bird, who is obviously hella’ influential in the industry, and again, another guy largely responsible for the development and direction of The Simpsons.  I guess this is a 2-for-1!

John K. - Creator of Ren and Stimpy.  Around the time I graduated highschool and started going to community college, I had rewatched all of R&S on DVD.  I was a big fan when I was a kid, and we only had cable ‘til I was about 3 years old, so I got to see the very beginnings of 90′s TV animation and that was pretty much IT (See above, where I mentioned only having The Simpsons).  I discovered John K. had a blog where he’d just… fucking rant about animation? And I found it fascinating so I got into the habit of checking it every other day or so.  It was the first really accessible animation resource I’d encountered, and it was from the guy who was LARGELY responsible for turning the tide from the toy-commercial cartoons of the 80s to the creator-driven cartoons of the 90s, so I was super into it.  He’s kind of an opinionated asshole and I don’t agree with him on everything, but he’s super knowledgeable and he was just sharing it with anyone who was reading.  Finding his fuckin’ blog is literally the only reason I started considering animation as a career path, and I think in some way that drives me to answer questions like this. 

Rebecca Sugar - this is also kind of a weird one, because I actually first saw her work through John K’s blog?  He had just made a post one day like “idk who this girl is, but she’s going places”, and so I clicked the link and found some of her comics: Pug Davis, and Don’t Cry For Me I’m Already Dead.  John K. normally only speaks with reverence to Golden Age animators like Tex Avery and Bob Clampett, so seeing him give a shout-out to some kid on deviantArt was kind of cool, and it made me start keeping a look-out for other contemporaries… just artists online who seemed like they were headed towards an animation trajectory.  I don’t think I need to elaborate on how dope it is that R-Sug is the first woman to create a show for CN, or the ways in which SU is pushing a lot of boundaries for representation in media, because that’s a given.

JUST FUCKIN’ TALENTED DOPE PEOPLE I FIND ONLINE -  As mentioned above, I’ve always kept a look-out for cool artists to follow online, and it’s worth mentioning that 2 more hella’ talented women cartoonists I discovered around the same time:  Tara Billinger and Aisha Thani.  This kind of all comes back to the first sentence I typed…  I think it’s important to draw inspiration from everyone and everything!  You’ve kinda got the right idea… I think if an artist inspires you, dig a little bit and find out who or what inspires them, and why!  It’s all these little pieces that kind of connect together and drive you to keep making work and getting better! 


Oblivious (Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader)

Request: Anon asked: “jcj x female reader fluff? :)”

A/N: this is my first female x female fic which is exciting! I don’t know how I feel about this and I finished it at like 6 am who am i??? also don’t forget to send in requests! I will write anything! hope you enjoyed :)))

- Requests I currently have

- Prompts

(Y/NN)= your nickname

TW: uhhhh nothing I hope

WC: 1813

You heard your phone go off telling you that you had a new comment on your latest Instagram post. You smiled to yourself when you saw it was from Jazzy and immediately unlocked your phone to see what she had said. What you saw was a bunch of heart eyes and fire emojis followed by “how could anyone be THIS gorgeous???” Immediately other comments started popping up saying how much they “shipped” you with Jasmine. You blushed furiously, thankful that no one was there to see it and then reminded yourself that she was just being nice.

People often thought that you two were together because it seemed like every other post you two made on social media was about each other. You two would comment on every single Instagram post that the other posted with a compliment and plenty of emojis. You would also tweet about each other essentially every day. Every tweet about the other was always gushing about how amazing you were or how she was absolutely beautiful. The answer to those posts was simply that you two were best friends. However, that didn’t stop the fans from always saying that you two should be together and that you would be the cutest couple. It wasn’t that you disagreed, but you knew that she would never feel that way about you.

Since the moment you had met her, you swore you were in love with the goddess that is Jasmine Cephas Jones. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, but she was incredibly kind and a huge and absolutely adorable dork. She was adorkable. Everything about her was attractive to you. She didn’t even have to try. You were best friends with her which had happened just because you were as much of a dork as she was!


You were in your shared dressing room talking with Philippa when Jasmine was rushing past in her silk kimono. She stopped in her tracks and ran into the dressing room to hug you.

“Hello, lovely (Y/N), how are you?” she said, still hugging you.

“I am doing fine, Jazzy, which you already know because we have literally been texting since I woke up,” you laughed, “How are you?”

“I am doing pretty good! It’s a beautiful day,” she said, smiling and pulling back from the hug but still holding onto your arms.

“Yeah,” you said, looking into her eyes, but it came out as almost a whisper. “Really, really beautiful.”

You began to think of what it would be like to kiss her. Her lips looked really soft, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of them…

“Hey, have you seen all these comments and replies on our posts about each other?” the goddess asked pulling out her phone and waking you up from your daydream. “People have been saying that we should be together,” Jasmine said, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Yeah, I have,” you laughed, trying to shrug it off. “I don’t think you should take them too seriously.”

“Well, they’re not wrong!” Pippa chimed in. “You two would make a super cute couple!”

“Yeah, that’s true. Sadly, (Y/N) is too good for me,” she joked, before kissing you on your forehead and starting toward the door.

“Alright, well, we have a show to get ready for, so I’ll see you later!” Jazzy said gleefully, making her way out the door.

You stood there frozen for a few seconds unable to move, staring at the now empty doorway where Jasmine had just been standing. You were thinking about the comment she had made. Too good for her?

You then realized how ridiculous you must look and walked over to the couch unable to stop the smile that was creeping up onto your face. Pippa analyzed the situation and then realized exactly what was going on.

“Oh my God! You’re in love with her!” she said incredulously. You immediately put your hand over her mouth.

“Pippa, I don’t want all of New York City to know!”

“What’s going on here?” Lin asked, waltzing into the dressing room.

“Somebody’s in love!” Pippa proclaimed in a singsong voice.

“Oooo!” Lin exclaimed, “With who?!”

“It is no one’s business,” you warned, shooting a look at the actress who brought the character of Eliza to life.

“It’s Jasmine! She loves Jasmine!” she said then turning to run and hide behind Lin.

“Well, you have to tell her,” Lin said, turning to you.

“You can’t just tell someone you’re in love with them, Linnamon Roll. It doesn’t work that way.”

“(Y/NN), honeysweetiebaby, that’s really all you need to do with Jasmine. She absolutely adores you,” Pippa said, peeking out over Lin’s shoulder.

“But not in that way. Guys, I don’t know…” you trailed off.

“(Y/N), if you don’t let the cat out of the bag, I will force the cat out of the bag,” Lin almost threatened.

“That sounds a little violent, Lin,” you responded.

“Okay, well, if you don’t tell her, I will find a way to make sure she knows, dear sweet (Y/NN),” he said, giving you a look that showed you he wasn’t kidding.

“She doesn’t feel the same way. There’s no point in telling her if the only thing that will happen is that our friendship is ruined,” you said, mostly trying to convince yourself.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), Jasmine will know how you feel before the clock strikes 12,” he said ominously before exiting the room.

“You know he’s not kidding, right?”

“Yes, I know,” you groaned.


It had now been about 15 minutes since the show had ended, and there was no sight of Lin. You were relieved that he wasn’t coming up with any schemes to let Jasmine know how you felt. You were out of your ensemble outfit and in your street clothes, ready to go, until you heard voices outside your room.

“Come on, Jazzy! Keep up! (Y/N) needs to see you yesterday!” you heard Lin say as he was coming down the stairs.

You spoke too soon. You groaned internally while you tried to prepare yourself for the awkward situation Lin was going to try to put you in.

“Perfect! You’re still here! Alright Jazzy, I leave you here with (Y/N)! She has something really important to tell you, so I’m just going to leave the room and close the door and not be on the other side,” Lin said, smiling mischievously and making his way out the door before you could say a word.

“Is everything okay?” Jasmine asked, slightly concerned.

“Yeah, no, don’t worry. It’s just Lin overreacting as always,” you said, looking at the floor.

“Oh my God. Are you dying?” she asked grabbing your hand. Your heart raced at the touch.

“No! No, I’m not dying. It’s just…” you trailed off.

“(Y/NN)… if there’s something you want to tell me, go ahead. You know you can trust me. I’m here for you; don’t you dare forget that,” the beautiful girl said, taking both of your hands in hers. You took in a huge breath before you put your entire friendship with Jazzy on the line.

“Okay, this is like a huge bomb that I’m going to drop on you right now, so just bear with me, okay? I have been kind of feeling some type of way, um, you know, about, um, you know, you. I just- Since I met you, I felt sort of drawn to you? Okay, that sounds weird. So here’s the thing: you’re kind of the best thing to ever happen to me, and I love you,” you finished, looking down, blushing, and hoping she had understood you, even though you were talking ridiculously fast. Part of you was expecting her to laugh in your face before her reply surprised you.

“I know,” Jas said, bringing your chin up, so she could look into your eyes.

“You… know?” you said, in complete and utter shock.

“Of course I know. I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. Also, you’re my best friend, and I know how you act when you’re into someone. Honestly, (Y/N), I feel the same way…” she trailed off, eyes filled with adoration, a look you had always hoped to receive from her.

“Wait, what?”

“Oh my God, (Y/N)! I’ve been trying so hard to make you realize it. I’ve been flirting with you, complimenting you all the time, being extra touchy! You have been absolutely oblivious!” Jasmine giggled. You blushed furiously and couldn’t believe how blind you had been to her feelings. “Well, look at that! I have never seen your face get so red!” she smirked.

“Shut up,” you muttered. “Wait, how could you like me?”

“What does that even mean?” she questioned.

“I mean, you’re… too good for me… I don’t understand,” you muttered.

“Too good for you? You have seriously got to be kidding me! You’re absolutely astonishing. You’re literally perfect!” Jazzy responded like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Do you really not see what I see?” she said when she saw your still confused face. You shook your head.

“(Y/N), you are absolutely everything I have been looking for. You make me want to be a better person. Hell, you do make me a better person. You are the best part of me. Everything about you gives me butterflies and makes my heart race. You make me relate to every single cliché ever. You have the most beautiful eyes, even though sometimes you don’t think you do. Your voice is literally music to my ears. Your touch makes electricity shoot through my entire body. I couldn’t be more in love with you if I tried. You look beautiful, like, all the time, and it kills me. You are the sweetest, smartest, most talented, and down-to-earth girl I have ever met. You thinking that I’m too good for you is laughable because there’s no way I could ever deserve you, let alone be too good for you. You make my days better just by being a part of them. I love you, and I would really like it if you went out on a date with me,” she finished holding your hands in hers.

“Of course I’ll go on a date with you, Jazzy. There’s nothing that would make me happier,” you said, looking into her eyes.

“Why don’t they just kiss already?” you heard Philippa whisper from behind the door.

“Okay, did everyone know how you felt but me?” you asked, turning to Jasmine.

“All that matters is that now you know,” Jasmine said, cupping your cheek in her hand and kissing you sweetly.

“Wow… I could get used to that,” you said dreamily, taking Jasmine’s hand in yours.

She looked at you in a way that made you feel like you were the only girl in the world, and you loved it.

My “coming” out story

     “How did you come out to your family?” is another frequent question I receive from a lot of people. I am proud to say that I am finally finished running from that question, and I feel mentally strong enough to share my past. This was extremely hard to write, and a lot of it I have not shared with anyone, so be gentle. Let’s start out with the background of this story:

     I grew up in a VERY conservative home. My family consists of a long line of Southern Baptists and Southern Baptist preachers, and are very openly opposed to anything that could even slightly be considered “left”. When I was in high school and going through puberty (late bloomer, I know), I knew I was different. I found myself attracted to girls, and not fitting the social norms at all. I played three sports and was extremely involved in the school, and people just wrote my strangeness off as “oh that’s just Jessie”. 

     I didn’t think too much on it and it never really bothered me until around my Junior year. That’s when I started getting teased and called “dyke” and people were constantly asking me and my close friends if I was a lesbian. I had never dated a girl, but had been in love with a few (they had no idea), so I was terrified that everyone was seeing right through me. I got really freaked out since most of my family worked at the school, and I didn’t want them to believe I was different. So I started dating a lot of guys. A lot. I think I dated about 30 guys in the span of my Junior year. How’d I do it? I would date them for about two days to two weeks (it was a glorious time of doing dude stuff), and then they’d try to move to the next step, and I’d freak out and break up with them. Now here’s where I want to sue Easy A for stealing my life: I would make deals with them that they could say they took the elusive Jessie Barrett’s virginity as long as they didn’t tell anybody what I wouldn’t actually do. (I never thought of getting gift cards though, so my loss)

     It wasn’t long before the lesbian rumors stopped and instead everyone was always whispering about my mysterious sex life, because not all of these guys could have taken my virginity, so what was really going on? It was an entertaining last two years of high school. But then college came. It was my sophomore year of college at the University of North Georgia (still in my hometown) which is a Senior Military College, and I was a part of the Corps of Cadets and contracted in the ROTC program. I had a very bright future ahead of me in the military since I was one of the top “female” cadets at UNG. I had just gotten back from LTC (Leader’s Training Course) in Fort Knox, Kentucky, where I graduated high in my class. I learned more at LTC about myself than I ever imagined possible.

     I made a very good friend at LTC, and she will never know how much she actually changed my life. She was openly gay, and the coolest person I had ever met. People were just drawn to her like they are to Ellen Degeneres. She wasn’t a freak or weird, or an outcast. I had never left home before, and LTC was my first time meeting people not from the rural south, and we quickly became friends. She doesn’t know this, but she changed my views on everything and gave me the strength and courage to begin my transition to who I knew deep down I really was. I struggled a lot at North Georgia, though. I started dating the love of my life, and tried to keep it a secret. My dysphoria started to overtake me. Especially since we wore uniforms every day, and other than my ACU’s, my dress blues and Class B’s were female. 

     I became extremely depressed. I started skipping PT, school events, and classes. I wouldn’t leave my room in the barracks, because I didn’t want to get dressed. I stopped talking so I didn’t have to hear my awful voice. I finally decided the only way to end my pain was to take my life. If I did that, I would save everyone. My parents wouldn’t have to be embarrassed or hurt by having a freak as a child. My girlfriend could move on to someone better than a guy who wasn’t even really a guy. My friends would find new friends. Problem solved. Allie changed everything. 

       She told my aunt who worked at the school that she was worried. Long story short, my family intervened and took me to get help. I went to a psychiatric facility for a while, and then got discharged to go to counseling once a week for over a year. But I never told anyone what was wrong with me. I got discharged from my military contract due to “stress and anxiety”, but it was so much more. The guilt of constantly lying to my family, friends, and loved ones was eating me alive. After about a year, I finally told them that I was transgender. It went about how I expected, only worse. I was kicked out with no money and was treated like I died. Every few days I would get text messages asking why I did this to them, how they didn’t raise a freak, how I was destined for hell, and how I wasn’t welcome anymore.

      My family was everything to me. I found myself homeless and alone, but I refused to give up again. I stayed with Allie while I found a full-time job and tried to get on my feet. Unfortunately, my parents also sent me all of the bills I had never had to pay before. My phone, car insurance, car payment, etc. I lost Allie a lot of her friends, and I still haven’t forgiven myself for that. They didn’t agree with me, or us, or what I “did”. I was constantly at Allie’s because I had nowhere to go, but her roommate (who was also her best friend and twin in her sorority) didn’t know that. They eventually clashed and lost their friendship, which I also still haven’t forgiven myself for. I finally found a good job and moved into my own apartment. I went back to school. I lived. 

    It’s been almost three years since then, and time does heal a lot. My mom and I have a good relationship (it’s not like it was, but still good). My dad speaks to me, but barely. My granny and I are better than ever. I went to my first Christmas since all of this happened this year, and it wasn’t bad. I’ve lost a lot of the family ties I once had, but I’ve gained more family from strangers than I ever had from blood. I’ll be graduating from college in August, which is something I never thought I’d get to do after all of this. I started Testosterone, cut my hair, and am saving for top surgery. So even if your coming out goes disastrously, don’t give up. The healing process is awful. It hurts. It’s devastating. But once you get past it, life is pretty great.     

Psycho: The Beginning {Do Kyungsoo Part 2}

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Prologue, Part 1

Part Two:

“Well, that certainly sounds like an interesting first encounter,” Isabella agrees after I tell her all about my encounter with Do Kyungsoo.  We’re sitting around the coffee table in the living room munching on Chinese.  I don’t remember whose idea it was to drink wine with Chinese, but it’s not a bad combo and it’s become a staple on our take-out nights.  The lights are dim in the room and the television is off for what seems like the first time in ages.  Usually, we sit together in the living room and either do homework or go over case files for our respective internships with the news playing the background.  Tonight, though, we decided to do without it.

“Yeah,” I mumble after taking a sip of my wine.  I always liked red wine over white.  There are very few white wines that appeal to me.  I’ve always found them to be a tad too dry.  “The Chief wasn’t kidding when he said this guy could kill you with a stare alone.  There’s something about the look in his eyes that’s just haunting.  I couldn’t believe Junyoung was trying to rile him up.  That’s just beyond stupid.”

Isabella hums in agreement as she swallows her food.  “Well,” she shrugs, “this is Junyoung we’re talking about.”  I nod back.  I knew Isabella liked Junyoung about as much as I did.  She’s had a few encounters with the hot head detective.  Isabella actually interns for the NPA as well, though she works more with the other psychologists.  We just happened to get lucky enough to have assignments in the same prison.

“You know it’s weird,” I comment thoughtfully, my mind going back to that concrete room with Kyungsoo.  “Every time he said my name it was in English.  Ms. l/n.  Even though I was speaking and addressing him in Korean, he kept calling me Ms. l/n .”

Isabella places her fork back on her plate, brows furrowed and mouth drawn down into a frown.  “Maybe it’s his way of trying to get under your skin.  He is a sociopath after all.”

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these two have always been my favorite but it’s weird that I’ve never drawn Sally, or the two together for that matter

I feel like now’s an appropriate time to do so

Awesome ASOIAF Characters You May Not Remember Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: Quaithe

A user suggested I write about Quaithe, and I thought “I think she was on the show but I don’t remember.” (I had a similar experience when Maester Cressen was suggested.) I think it’s easy to lose some of these characters in the shuffle, and that’s unfortunate. 

This is Quaithe as she appeared on Game of Thrones. She was in two episodes in season two, and then was apparently forgotten about. Poor Laura Pradelska had to try to pull of wearing this weird mask on her face. Like “oh this old thing? I forgot I had it on.”

Her dress is kind of nice though. I could probably wear that tomorrow and no one would know I was cosplaying.

This is how Quaithe is drawn by artist Sara Biddle for the Fantasy Flight Games:

In the books, Quaithe is described as wearing a red, lacquered mask. (I just read that, on the show, they made Quaithe’s mask of hexagons because they wanted to link her to Melisandre, who wears a similar necklace. I worry that the costumers are thinking about this more than the writers.)

In any case, Quaithe is from Asshai, like Melisandre. They are both “shadowbinders” and we don’t really know what that means except that they can do magic. Quaithe first appears to Dany in the Red Waste, with Pyat Pree and Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and again in dreams and in a vision at the Great Pyramid of Meereen. She urges Dany to come to Asshai and to be wary of those who come to “see” her dragons (that they want the power for themselves).

Dany isn’t sure if Quaithe is an enemy or a “dangerous friend.” But Quaithe continues to turn up and warn her about stuff.

The glass candles are burning. Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun’s son and the mummer’s dragon. Trust none of them. Remember the Undying. Beware the perfumed seneschal.

Perhaps it is wise the show didn’t bring Quaithe in to make this warning in Meereen. It wouldn’t make much sense considering that the kraken (Victarion Greyjoy), griffin (Jon Connington), dark flame (Moqorro), and the sun’s son (Quentyn Martell) have not yet appeared on the show. Having her pop up and say “Tyrion Lannister is coming!” doesn’t have the same mystique. 

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Drawn for @homestuckartists fan troll/kid day.
I was pretty reluctant to post this, since I’m weird about any sort of fan characters I make. (Original Content OCs and stuff for like, D&D and the like are fine.)
But I figure I might as well.

Heir of Hearts. Even though it’s probably totally stretching what it could do, I interpreted the inheriting of souls to be an inheriting of other selves from other timelines and universes (including things where he’s a troll, blood swapped, or other things entirely.) Usually had him experience their lives through dreams, picking up skills and forming bonds with people he’s never met (or yet to meet) causing a lot of confusion, along with a tendency to make references from movies no one’s ever heard of. Technically it’s a skill that could allow him to become a jack of all trades, except he tends to hyperfocus because his various selves are still him and tend to like the same things best.
As he comes more into himself as an Heir of Hearts, he begins to truly know himself, which is something of an amalgamation of various species and quirks making him a little strange from the perspective of any single one. In general, he’s a pretty loving person who puts the people he has relationships (romantic and platonic alike) with over anything else. He’s also bluntly honest, as lying just creates confusion and problems. Unfortunately, he’s also terrible at explaining things, which leads to more problems.
If he ever through various time/space/whatnot shenanigans ends up on the same world as another of his selves, one will always remain unconscious, dreaming of what the other version is doing. Waking one up will cause the other to immediately pass out, similar to how dream selves work on derse/prospit for most people. This also means that he remembers his deaths pretty vividly.
I actually find the concept of the power set interesting and will probably play with it someday as something original.

Wow this ended up way longer than I was originally intending. I could go on more too, which just goes to show I really shouldn’t let myself talk about OCs, holy shoot. >3>;
(Also a final note, most my OCs tend to be pretty nice, just because it’s easier for me to empathize with in general. @_@ If I post more stuff of them, this might be a pattern, so I’m just gonna call myself on it now before anyone else can. So, there, I guess?)


Vacation Doodles Part 1

Sorry for the art inactivity!

I’ve been away on vacation before school and while I was gone I managed to do some drawing though it’s mostly doodles of characters I’ve never really tried to draw before or had time to. Though in Vyse’s case it’s more like I haven’t drawn him since I was a kid… it’s weird drawing him after all these years

If you’re interested in seeing my doodles as I do them you can always check out my twitter!