weird tee

Let’s Play My Favorite Game:

Did Matthew Gray Gubler Dress Himself Today?

Nope, definitely not.

Hole in shirt and baggy pants? Hell fuckin’ yeah he did!

Oh, that’s a nice coat and sweater combo. Definitely a no.

Vintage fur coat and a matching pajama set? I vote yes.

That’s a nice scarf there. Who are you, Nathan Drake? Hard no.

Look at you in your cat sweater. Your agent had nothing to do with this.

Weird graphic tee and a well fitting jacket? This is a toss-up. I think you compromised on this one.

This, on the other hand, is definitely not you.

But a corduroy set and Mickey Mouse tee? You got it, Gube. You definitely did this.

I’m honestly concerned that this get-up is his own.