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In case you were wondering, here’s my vintage, one of a kind copy of FWN. Complete with sticky goo on the cover. Yes, everyone this is what we did in the early 00s. We made cds for each other, decorated them and gave them out as presents. Totally a lost art today. I recommend it.

Random Meme

I was tagged by the very lovely @whoinwhoville Thanks lovely lady! 

where is your phone? next to me as I listen to music.

your hair? Long (very long),dark, dark brown, most people think it’s black on first look.

your dad? Fabulous and the best dad ever <3

your other half? Doesn’t exist as yet.

your favourite food? Nutella! 

your dream last night? Involved chasing a gremlin through a jungle gym. I’m weird.

your favourite drink? A nice red Italian vino? Espresso? Tea? Lots!

fear? Increasing violence in the world.

favourite shoes? All of them?

favourite way to relax? reading, writing and listening to music.

your mood? amused. At myself, Because I’m weird! Tee-hee!

your love? family, friends

where were you last night? Curled up in my PJs reading a book.

something that you aren’t? Lots of things! 

muffins? Blueberry.

wishlist item? A library with floor to ceiling bookshelves for all of my beautiful books. And more books. <3 LOL. You did ask.

where you grew up? Sydney

last thing you did? worked on a prompt fic.

what are you wearing? It’s night here so my fluffy penguin PJs and dressing gown. DON’T JUDGE ME! PENGUINS ARE COOL!

something you hate? Senseless violence. Hatred. Ignorance. Prejudice. Sigh.

your pets? I don’t have one anymore…closest I have is my muse, the imaginary bunny Snicklefritz. 

life? Thrilling, galling, infuriating, heartbreaking and joyful.

regrets? Don’t we all?

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Scarlett headcanons

· Scarlett moved towns away from her old place of residence to “start a new story” after the accident in which she burnt part of her face. This is how Stu and her met.
· Scarlett has a master’s degree in Music Education. She was fired from being a music teacher for younger kids after her accident. The kids felt intimidated and afraid of the transformation appearance-wise that she took.
· She has Bipolar 2, which she developed at a young age. She has many phases if hypomania, making her work nonstop without sleep.
· Like Stu, Scarlett loves to wear weird tee-shirts. Her favorites are"Post-Mortem Funk" and “There is WONDER”.
· She had 2 corgis named Boom and Bang. Boom was hit by a car, but Bang is still living.
· She became Instagram famous, but deleted her account because her fans were pressuring her to do a face reveal. Plus, she was getting death threats up the ying yang (mm yikes).
· Scarlett dresses up as a pirate for Halloween, most of the time.
· Her nicknames include “Red” and “Lyr”, due to the fact that she is one of the main lyricists if Gorillaz.
· She’s roughly 5'10".
· Scarlett is good at surfing and water-type activities.
· She used to work at a video store and panhandle on the side after moving away from home.

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More headcanons on the way!