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Decided to go ahead and post my contribution to the SPN artbook. It feels a bit surreal to be posting something that’s months old.

Humans Are Weird; Swimmy-Danger-Frens

OKAY BUT aliens reading literature, human literature, and just being so confused by our constant references to a “Light” and “dark” side.
Like, these aliens find damp, cool, dark places preferable (they have night-vision and the light actually bothers their eyes a bit) and when we refer to “murky depths” and “the darkness creeping up on us” they get so confused and puzzled. Because to them, the dark is a cool, relaxing place to sit and hang around in and hides them from many predators; the waters are their homes and the murky depths spell out adventure and places to hide so that they may hunt.
And maybe them being confused by how often we compare things to other things, even when giving information (when teaching math, we draw parallels between real life applications and the way it will be used in class; chemistry is all like “you see soda? It is THIS TYPE OF SOLUTION; etc.) because everything is much more literal in their minds.Humans use so many metaphors, analogies, parallelisms, symbolisms, etc., do the aliens fo that as well; do some aliens favor the human style of writing or take more literal approaches in literature, Do the aliens find our stories fascinating and inspiring, or overdone and unnecessary? Also, aquatic alien literature?? At first it’s all accounts of hunting and hardships, but then those aliens begin to take to the land and discover, and suddenly there are stories of wild adventures and thrilling discoveries.
Aquatic-based aliens who aspire to one day traverse through Earth’s oceans, the equivalent of sky diving, climbing all the way to the top of Mount Everest, and finding buried treasure(when putting it in human terms).
I’m writing this down so that I may, hopefully, make a short story on it later, but if you have any ideas for this feel free to pick it up and *sprint* with this (running is for n00bs- fast, faster, or dead, my friends.)

Here’s an odd little thing,
in Hindu myth the deity Agni is associated with fire and the sun, he’s seen as a messenger between the humans and gods because he’s associated with ritualistic flames and sacrifice. He’s invoked with Indra and sometimes Soma.

Here’s the fun thing- Soma is a moon deity, usually called Chandra (two names, one in the same)

So our Agni calls Soma his sun, while he’s the actual sun and Soma is the moon.

Other fun thing- in one of the creation stories Agni’s body is cut up and used to create the world. Agni had to die so his world (Soma) could live.

Freak Heart

You were born with them.

They protrude from your skull, your hair tangling around them. They twist upwards, curved like old tree limbs weighed down by time.

Your antlers.

Doctors have tried to explain them. They’ve all pretty much failed. Words like metastasized and unusual bone growth were thrown around a lot.

They grow with you. They were small when you were born, nothing more than tiny lumps that doctors dismissed as being the result of a treacherous and fast birth. But then, they started to grow.

You’re 21 now, and they resemble the antlers of any full-grown deer living in the woods peppered throughout town.

Doctors say the pressure they put on your skull is dangerous. They say it’ll eventually kill you.

You’re not dead yet, though you figure they’re probably right, anyway.

You figure anything can kill you, if you give it enough time.

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I own a bakery and started to sell hero cupcakes- which is basically cupcakes with the cake weird colours and symbols ontop. My little brother wanted all the heroes and villains for his bday, so I was working on them in the back when Joker comes in, bickering about not having a cupcake. I walk out holding a joker one, hand it to him. He blinks, grins and walks out. I think I’m going to have to start selling these ones to… #onlyingotham #hisispurplecake

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could you recommend me some neat blogs please?

Hey, friend! First of all, thank you so much for your patience. I really hope you’ll be able to see my response to this message after so many days of sending it. Finals were just coming to a close when I received this.

Anyways, there are a lot of neat blogs I can recommend you, friend! It’ll be hard since I’m not familiar with what fandoms you’re into or what kind of blogs you normally like, but I’ll still give you the names of cool people I like following (and try not to forget anyone). In (sort-of) alphabetical order:

@afoolofhope, @aforeffortenjolras@as-tall-as-these-buildings, @astralspock, @avery-sparks, @beallofthem, @blcmkvists@butterfly-magoon@chainedtocomets, @charlaimoo, @confusedantswithstolenjewelry, @donhumes@elemesy, @elven-flower@evocatrice, @geekalogian, @gingerscotty@happyshappey, @heartbeatofanewlywed, @hummingbirdsaltimolockia @imstilladreamer31 @interstelllers, @kingofattolia, @lindensea, @lifeinlavender, @mirkwouldnt, @modmerseygirl@noticetheworld @oakenpancake, @onabedoflace, @owlbats, @paigeofpaper, @pkducklett, @quinnyandco@rithmeres, @softlyslippingpearls, @stonethecrowss, @shakespeareandsprinkles, @shesreadingagain, @travelingtrickster, @turianosauruswrex, @thisbibliomaniac, @thisbrilliantsky, @theybecameanimagi, @therenegadegabbai, @waltermeadows@wewerethebestrichard, @wideningyre, @221bea1895