weird surname

This is to all my middle eastern kids

•muslim or not but were still called a suicide bomber/terrorist
•who never get a fair representation in todays main stream media
•who were bulliged in school for having to much hair on your bodies and had to start shaving at a too young age
•who were told your skin color was weird/teased because your skin was darker than your classmates
•who were told “say something in your language I promise I won’t laugh” then made fun of because “i couldn’t help it, it sounded stupid”
•who were made fun off because you were the only one with a “weird” name/surname
•who always got asked if your dads were oppresing you or not
•that, if you’re a girl, always gets asked where your hijab is & why you aren’t wearing it, even if you’re not muslim
•that doesn’t speak your parent/s native language
•that are told you’re not “middle eastern enought”
•that are a part of the lgbtq+ community but are to afraid to come out to your parent/s
•who have a mental illness you’re too afraid to tell your parent/s about

You’re all strong and amazing and valid and I love every single one of you