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Humans are weird

What if humans are the only ones that don’t want to admit their wrong, plus they are very biased. Humans make assumptions too fast, even though there is no supporting evidence. Then if proven wrong, they still say they were right.
“Human-David, there is no way a missile from the Kieert'kra society would be able to reach the moon Arkfra.”
“Sure it will make it, it looks big enough”
“Human-David, the size doesn’t matter”
“We won’t know till we try”
*failed attempt*
“With a little tweaking I’m sure we will be able to make it”
“Human-David, please, we nearly destroyed a major city, but the missile didn’t come even close”

The extrovert's guide in dealing with introverted personalities



-They can come off as … weird. Very subjective term because really, who’s to say what’s weird and what isn’t. But given that INxJs are arguably the rarest types and usually out of touch with the physical and concrete, it can definitely make the more down-to-earth extroverts out there feel as though they are alien in some way. But don’t be fooled, because behind those ambiguous stares there is a storm-load of activity going on in their minds. 

- Their hunches can be incredibly valid. Unlike what the stereotype will have you believe, Dom-Ni is NOT a future-predicting function. For one thing, it’s very personal and subjective to each Dom-Ni user and some of them would probably disagree with each other on their hunches. However, they do have an ability to see things that a lot of us will miss. Not through any kind of mystical gift, but rather well thought out speculation. Even if they’re off, chances are they were still very wise in their assessment of things.

- There are usually your typical law-abiding citizen. (Good advice for everyone, not just extroverts) In complete contrast to the first point, INxJs may be way harder to spot than the stereotypes say. INTJs are not scientists working on a cure for cancer or world domination (depending where their Fi is at) and INFJs are not the next coming of Jesus Christ. A lot of them probably work in everyday jobs and there’s a good chance you’ve mistaken them for their S counterparts. Get to know them personally and you’ll see the difference.


- They are hard to get excited. Inferior Ne can be a bitch sometimes. Throwing fun suggestions at an ISxJ may often result in “Meh…” or “I don’t know…” Of all types, they are usually the hardest to pull out of their comfort zone. If you suggest something to them and they start bombarding you with questions such as ’‘What time? Who will be there? How does it work?”  etc. don’t get irritated because that actually means you’ve tickled their interest and now they’re just trying to cover all their bases. 

- They are experts in their fields. Si-Doms tend to have very few interests in life, but what does interest them, they probably know the insides and outs of it, like no other. They love to study at length what peaks their interest and in this case, their factual knowledge about things is usually second to none. They are the definition of “vested interest”. Also note that they are geeks in disguise, so just like NP types, do not criticize old stuff they have an attachment to. They still like something from the 80’s? Then so shall it be. Telling them it’s stupid for them not to move on is actually much more hurtful than it looks.

- Their loyalty and commitment cannot be doubted. If an ISxJ say they’ll do something, they’ll do it, ‘nuff said. Hell, even if it turns out that it’s actually an inconvenience to them. They just cannot back out of commitment. Of course, stuff can always come up at the last second, in this case, you’ll receive a rain check or heart-felt apology. If an ISxJ actually does flake out, that’s … not okay, but they were probably hesitant about it from the start. 


They are blunt. You want an honest and direct opinion? IxTPs will give you that faster than any other type. In many cases, it can actually feel brutally honest, so more sensitive types may wanna steer clear. Of course, if their opinion is splattered with insults and an impatient tone, then you’re dealing with an unhealthy type and that’s not okay. 

- They are “dispassionate.” Sounds like a really negative trait but what it really means is they are the embodiment of “objective.” IXTPs very rarely take things too seriously with a burning passion flowing through their veins. As of such, cynicism and sarcasm is very likely. Don’t take it the wrong way though, because underneath that, they can offer the most practical advice or at least see things as they are, with no bias and emotional tones tainting their view. And while that can definitely be off-putting, and it can also be extremely useful. 

Don’t try to turn a frog into a prince. I’m sure there is a better way to say this? What I mean is that Inferior Fe, even if healthy and mature, will always find it draining to keep up social appearances. You either appreciate this trait of theirs or keep looking elsewhere. But don’t expect to turn your IXTP love interest into a social butterfly overnight. 


- They march to the beat of their own drum. If Dom-Ni can be hard to decode, prepare yourself for Dom-Fi. Like a fire, it is burning, passionate and unpredictable. Sometimes, even IxFPs themselves can’t pin-point the reason they feel so passionate about a given subject. Don’t try to constantly size up a Fi-Dom, you’ll get exhausted. Even their closest friends and family often have a hard time reading what’s going on in their mind. Respect their privacy and their inner world and don’t force them to lay out how they feel on the table. 

- Support their causes. If an IxFP feels strongly about something, then this is unwavering to them. They will fight for what they believe in to the bone. You either support it or stay clear but telling them they’re wrong or it’s a waste of time may turn you into an “enemy” in their eyes. 

- Do NOT attempt to control them. Offering sound advice? Sure. But any shade of “You should do this…” not only falls on deaf ears but may actually cause them to do the exact opposite out of spite. Dom-Fi is the ultimate free spirit who wants to experience life on its own terms and Inferior Te does NOT want to be told what to do. This can be pretty hard at times though. You see an IXFP loved one acting recklessly (ISFP) or acting on a crazy idea (INFP) it’s only normal for you to want to steer them on a straight path, but in actuality it will be counter-productive. Just stay clear and let them learn from their mistakes, IF it’s actually a mistake to begin with. You’d be surprised how many times acting on one’s own accord can pay off in the long run. There’s many world-renowned musicians and artists who could probably vouch for that. 

  • Harry: War isn't Hell. War is war, and Hell is Hell. And of the two, war is a lot worse.
  • Hermione: How do you figure, Harry?
  • Harry: Easy, Hermione. Tell me, who goes to Hell.
  • Hermione: Sinners, I believe.
  • Harry: Exactly. There are no innocent bystanders in Hell. War is chock full of them- little kids, Muggleborns, Muggles. In fact, except for some of the Death Eaters, almost everybody involved is an innocent bystander.

Memory Hole’s high paced editing and abrupt cutting of rejected home movie submissions from the cutting room floor of some 90s funniest home video show is truly hypnotic. They present a bombardment of context-less weirdness centered around vague subjects and you don’t have adequate time to process it all coming at you. Each video is a wild surreal experience, it feels like we’re peering into other people’s lives and we really shouldn’t be there. It especially works well here with these visual tricks, they show you clips faster than your brain can understand how they were filmed and it fucks with you. And the way it’s all paired with ominous soundcloud trap beats completely shifts the mood to something darker and more sinister. It’s really brilliant content.

Mercury Signs

Mercury is the planet of thought and communication, the mind and our cerebral qualities. It is known as fast moving, a trickster and for being witty.

Mercury in Aries- Infuses Mercury with a bold and brash communication style bordering on authoritative. Often makes thinking go through black and white categories, yet is also known for their childlike imagination. Thoughts erupt like missiles. Can have racing thoughts.

Mercury in Taurus- Slows Mercury down, makes it methodical, efficient and attached to their own point of view. Can also infuse it with poetry and creativity in the way they think. Can lead to anxious or cyclic thinking. Memories last a lifetime here, and they can be retrospective.

Mercury in Gemini- Mercury rules Gemini, often emphasising the Mercurial traits with this placement, therefore Mercury is witty, fast paced and changeable here. May like wordplay and puzzles. Will find their curiosity peaked by many differing subjects.

Mercury in Cancer- Capable of wonderful emotional intelligence and can be talented with both creativity and more traditionally logical based subjects like finance for example. Their mind work like a mood board, changing thought patterns depending on what is in their field of experience.

Mercury in Leo- Bold thought patterns and often takes pride on their sense of belief and self. Likely communicates with style and authority, but also has a very justice orientated mind, where fairness is put to the front and center. 

Mercury in Virgo- Mercury also rules Virgo, making them adept to detail orientated thoughts that can be perfectionistic. They are often good with puzzles, can flourish in fields of science, yet their attention to detail can also lead to wonderful creativity. Anxious thoughts are a possibility. 

Mercury in Libra- Mercury has the ability to unite two opposing ideas in Libra, where the pros and cons of everything are weighed carefully. They may have interests to do with society and people as a whole, psychology, sociology, but are also likely fond of “pleasing” and harmony inducing arts.

Mercury in Scorpio- Infuses Mercury with a detective quality, diving deep into taboos, secrets and subjects that many would shy away from. They can have obsessive thoughts and can often intuitively know the intent of the people around them. Can be immensely passionate about their interests.

Mercury in Sagittarius- Has a mind like a flying carpet, soaring to great heights when it comes to asking questions of the universe. Science, philosophy, the social sciences could all be potential interests, and when they gain knowledge, they are unlikely to shy way from sharing it. Each thought can feel like a jewel.

Mercury in Capricorn- Makes Mercury methodical, practical and efficient, moving like cogs and wheels. When they set their sites on something, they effectively plan ahead to achieve their goals. They like to ground the often flighty Mercury, although an interest in the written word and language is not uncommon.

Mercury in Aquarius- Mercury is inventive, innovative and forward thinking in Aquarius, where old thought patterns and systems will likely be rejected. They can have bouts of chaotic and eccentric thinking, where even in the middle of the night they are up thinking about the weird and wonderful subjects of the world. Will receive lighting bolts of insight.

Mercury in Pisces- Thoughts aren’t structured and separate here, but can all blend into one like a vague wash of colour. They are more likely to doodle their dreams on their maths book than do sums, but are capable of the most wonderful abstract and imaginative thinking, often leading to a different sort of intelligence.

Baby, Baby

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Visiting Kiseok on tour was always one of your favorite things to do. It took you away from your everyday life for a few moments, it gave you the opportunity to see Kiseok and the other members of your second family in person and not through a screen, and it gave you the opportunity to see exactly what life was like on the road and the things that he experienced on a daily basis. It gave you that insight and helped you to realize exactly what he was going through when he was away from home and you really appreciated the chance to experience his work life, even if it was only for a moment.

Usually, before you visited him on tour, you’d keep some of the things that were happening in your life a little quieter. You wouldn’t share them as quickly as you would have otherwise or you wouldn’t share as many details just so that you had something to tell him, some news to give, when you met him in whatever country he happened to be in. After your first tour visit, you’d started doing this and it generally gave you something to think about other than how much you missed him or how excited you were to see him.

And if they were all away from Korea, you tried to bring them little tokens of home. You’d bring candy or figurines, you’d even brought a packet of noodles once. Anything to help them all ease their homesickness a bit and be more comfortable on the road was fair game. You’d bring gifts for everyone, none more special than the other. You wanted them all to feel that love and support so you tried to play fair.

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Interview with Hippo Campus @ the Teragram Ballroom (3/3/17)

Interview by Megan Hullander

Where did the idea for the album art for Landmark come from?

Nathan: It’s a recreation of our old rehearsal space, Zach’s basement.

Jake: Each of the objects in the room represents one of the songs on the record.

Ouija boards - actual ritual or running joke?

Nathan: Do we dabble?

Jake: We dabble, we dabble.

*exchange look*

Jake: No we don’t really.

Nathan: I don’t think I’ve ever used a ouija board, there’s a first time for everything though.

Jake: Tonight’s the night.

What do you picture people doing when they listen to your music?

Nathan: Making out.

Jake: Yeah, making out.

Nathan: Honestly, I would just love if it was just a poorly lit basement and this kid is like 16 or something and he’s just trying to cop a feel…That’d be cool. There’s nothing in my head, I don’t think about it that way. I guess I would want it to be fairly romantic.

What are your Tinder bios?

Nathan: Zach is the only one who has a Tinder.

Jake: And his bio is “I play bass in a band, this is my most defining feature.”

Nathan: He also used the wrong ‘affects.’ He was talking about something that affects him and put e-ffects instead of a-ffects and I’m like, “Dude, come on.”

Jake: Like come on, your Tinder linguistics man.

If you had one, what would yours be?

Jake: Tinder-what am I doing here again?”

Nathan: Tinder more like timber cause I’m falling off the…I down know. Or…eat me. Just go straight for it.

Jake: Some Little Big Town lyrics.

Nathan: Class of 2013.

Jake: Making waves, catching waves up on the roof.

Nathan: Bible verse. I’d probably put something from “Song of Solomon” in there.

What band would you leave this band for?

Jake: I wanna be the guy with Lorde that plays the drum pad.

Nathan: I wanna be Lorde.

What is the strangest dream you have had about one of your bandmates?

Jake: The death dreams are always…

Nathan: Those are always so real.

Jake: I had one about Zach a while back. I just remember like us three going to the funeral and then like flash forward like a month and we were all like hanging out and we were like “We should call…” and then we all looked at each other and we were just like…

Nathan: NO dude.

Jake: It was so heavy. I woke up so upset.

Nathan: I think one time it wasn’t that one of y’all died, but that Justin Bieber died.

Jake: He’s one of us man.

Nathan: Can you imagine if he died? We were all together and it’s just like we all just kind of broke down. But I woke up and I was like, “Holy shit this is where we are now in the world, Biebs is dead.”

Are you guys big Bieber fans?

Nathan: Man I appreciate…you gotta respect the guy.

Jake: I kinda feel for him on a level.

Nathan: I fuck with some of his shit.

Jake: Yeah I fuck with his shit I just don’t fuck with I feel like he’s trapped.

Nathan: Yeaj he needs to find himself a little bit. He’s got like the world on a string so hjw are you supposed to maintain yourself in that?

Jake: Well from the time he was young, people were just always telling him what he was to be like ‘Justin.’ Yeah, we’re pretty deep in the culture.

Nathan: It’s weird it’s kinda like we grew up with Justin Bieber in a way. I had the haircut. It’s not like we’re fans, there’s like camaraderie.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Jake: I mean Migos are the Beatles of our generation.

Nathan: I’d like to collaborate with… or I just want to sort of be in the same room as Young Thug. Just watch him do whatever…”

Jake: Sean Paul?

Both break out in song (again), a mediocre rendition of Sean Paul’s “Temperature.”

Nathan: Hippo Paul or Sean Campus?

Jake: Shippo.

Many artists have been getting political have you ever considered making a statement with your music or using your influence?

Nathan: It’s been talked about. It’s a weird subject. I think there is a fine line between our duty and our business. I think it’s…Yes, we have considered it.

Jake: There was an interview the other day where we talked some politics. I think within the band it’s a very person to person basis. We’re all political in different ways. And if we are getting political, we use a personal platform as opposed to the band’s. Everything is very political right now.

Nathan: Everyone is doing it. It’s very trendy.

Hey so I’m really gonna regret this but I’m impulsive as hell so I’m just doing it. Would you mind if I talked to you for a few minutes? I have a few questions about why we broke up. It’s a weird subject and hopefully you aren’t going to hate me for this but you don’t love me and don’t want to be with me and I need to feel that way about you. This is one of the only things I haven’t tried. Please.
—  A text I’ve yet to send
BonesXReader Rumours

It was one of those rare moments on the Enterprise where you were alone in the quarters you shared with your fiancé, the CMO, Dr Leonard McCoy. Scotty had given you a few hours since you’d finished all your assigned tasks and you decided to catch up on some cleaning, pushing the button on the far wall was OK every now and then, but the place never truly felt clean.

Removing your engagement ring from around your neck for safe keeping you put it back in the box in the draw by your side of the bed and set about cleaning, starting in the bathroom.

No more than twenty minutes later did your communicator bleep from its charging station. “Hey Scotty what’s the matter?” You asked rinsing your hands in the kitchenette. You sighed, a panel an ensign was working on had blown up in his face and Scotty needed you to fix it. “I’ll be right down,” you told him, stuffing your communicator in your pocket you snatched up your key card and headed back down to engineering.

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The Audience (for Cas) 12.12 Meta

12.12 seriously made me consider making a video essay instead of a written meta because holy fish, the amount of perspective stuff in this episode is nuts. Inconsistency in subjectivity is very normal in media but this episode goes out of its way to establish it, then defies it, then establishes it again. 

This episode uses a lot of subjective and objective camera tricks but it can be occasionally difficult to pinpoint the exact rules of what’s through their subjective PoV and what’s the objective camera bias needing to tell the audience things for reasons.

Give me a break here, SPN. 

I’m not really gonna talk about the Reservoir Dogs references here. Other people have already done that very well. I’ll be linking to more of other people’s meta throughout, mostly hidden in words. Click on the underlined bits in the post. I’m kind of late to the party on this one. If you wrote something pertaining to what I have here and it’s not linked somewhere, I apologize. I unfortunately don’t see everything or I can’t find it. feel free to add it or message me and I’ll add it directly:

I hope I can explain this in text because it’s not the best medium for what I’ll be saying here. Don’t get me wrong, 12.12 is awesome but because of the nature of its storytelling, it’s weird on a structural front. It’s basically a microcosm of episodes showing the relationship between Cas and his established others.

Below is sort of a break down but I’m going to focus on certain aspects and scenes longer than others.

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ID #80819

Name: Erica
Age: 18
Country: Italy

Hi! My name is Erica, I can speak Italian and english, though my goal for next year is to learn german. If I was asked to define myself I’d say I’m bisexual, but I prefer to just feel what I feel and accept it as it comes.

Music: I get easily tired of listening the same music so try to constantly expand my “musical baggage”. Some of my favourites are System Of A Down, Tool, Bob Marley, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eminem, Alborosie, Kendrick Lamar, Angelo Branduardi, Devo, Swans, Wu-Tang Clan, Caparezza, Rammstein, Mellow Mood, and many unfortunate others that I keep forgetting. But I really love folk or celtic music a lot as well as psychedelic rock! Actually, I’m open to any genre, except for most of today pop music, that I don’t seem to enjoy that much.

Art: it’s really important to me since I plan of making a living out of it. I draw and paint a lot, mostly weird, bizarre or macabre subjects. I do graffiti as well.

Literature: I’ve recently fallen in love with sci-fi, although I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I can remember. Another thing that I like is philosophy, which I’m considering for my future university studies. When it comes to books I’m really selective. I don’t like romantic stories and I tend to prefer books written in the past, with a relevant style and an unconventional plot. I really love poetry as well, especially when I’m home alone and I can recite it out loud… also, whenever I’m negative or anxious I end up reading “On the heights of despair” by Emil Cioran. I’m also into norse mythology.

Tv: I’ve watched a few tv shows that I really enjoyed, including Hannibal, Westward, Sherlock, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Vikings, Daredevil.

I guess that, if you’re interested, you’ll find out about everything else.

In general though, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give a chance to. Most of the times if I don’t do or try something it’s because of my anxiety and the difficulties I have in communicating and bonding with people.
That’s why I love letters, emails and basically everything involving words and a little bit of initial distance aha

If you’re interested send me a message here on tumblr or on instagram and, once we get to know each other a little bit better I’d love to send and receive actual letters!

Preferences: Neither gender nor sexuality matter. I’m open about it.
Age: I’d prefer 17+
Any nationality is welcome!
I’d like to find someone who can inspire me, who has many different interests, music and books to suggest, someone who is interested in the world, in art, in words, someone who likes to have both deep and shallow (within a certain limit!) conversations. I’m quite shy and insecure myself, so I won’t judge you for anything you might say.

I can’t wait to get to know you.

weird is subjective

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Word Count: 600

“Do you think it’s weird that I want to make out with you right now?”

Keith looked at Lance from over his laptop screen and raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“I don’t know. I just felt the urge. Haven’t you ever experienced that?”

“Can’t say that I have.”

“Harsh.” Keith hid his smirk behind his laptop screen. “So is it weird?”

“I mean, there are weirder things you’ve had the urge to do; like try to balance a watermelon and a pack of Huggies on your head in the middle of the grocery store.”

“It was for science, Keith.”

“That’s your excuse for everything.”

“No, it isn’t.”

Keith’s brows furrowed together. “When we first started going out, you made it sound like we were test subjects.”

“Super cute test subjects.” Lance threw in a wink.

Keith shot him a glare. “Not the point. Maybe you’re just over thinking it.”

“How could I overthink wanting to kiss you?”

“I don’t know?” The flush that rippled across his cheeks was completely expected and unwelcome. Lance was always good with being overtly flirtatious, mostly because he had practice and unshakable confidence, but also because he really didn’t expect anything back. He could flirt with his boyfriend all he wanted but Lance knew just as much as Keith did that it would not be reciprocated until Keith was ready.

“But we are supposed to be studying. The final is in two days, Lance.”

“And if we only had two days to live, I would kill myself for not taking this opportunity to make out with you.”

“I don’t see how this urge even started,” said Keith, “considering that we are in a library of all places. What kind of thoughts are you thinking that could have led you to this?”

“It just happens sometimes.” Lance shrugged.


“Sure, I just never tell you about it.” Lance shrugged again, as if these thoughts were so commonplace that he didn’t care to hide them and Keith… Keith was feeling embarrassed all over again. How could Lance acknowledge them as weird but show no nervousness over them? “Most of the time, you’re probably trying to get me to kiss you.”

“When have I ever-”

“Like that one time, at Shiro’s birthday party, when you leaned really close to me in the living room. You totally wanted me to kiss you.”

“We weren’t even dating,” spluttered Keith.

“Just because we weren’t dating doesn’t mean you didn’t want me.”

Which was true, because he’d had a thing for Lance at the time and while he had certainly wanted to kiss Lance back then, it didn’t mean he wanted the idiot to know it. “It was loud and I wanted to talk to you about midterms.”

“Maybe,” said Lance, “but you also wanted to kiss me.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“But you love it.” Keith scrunched up his nose and returned to his laptop. “So then it’s not that weird?”

“I guess not,” he said slowly.

 Lance sighed and leaned back into his chair. “That’s good to hear.”

“I don’t know why it would be, especially if it’s happened as often as you say it has. What’s the big deal with telling me now?”

“Just thought you ought to know.”

“How considerate.”

“I am, aren’t I?” Lance balanced his head in his hands and smiled, only it was a very peculiar smile; one that Keith had the semi-misfortune of recognizing. 

Keith gave him a flat look. “You want me to make out with you?”

“Aww, babe,” Lance leaned over the table and smiled against Keith’s mouth. “I thought you’d never ask.”