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Continuing to write (porn, at that - really dirty porn), while there’s a guy in the house installing the new cable and internet stuff.

Is it weird?  Or am I just making it weird?

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Why post it three times?

I literally just found it like that and I’ve deleted two of them. I have no clue why it did that, I only uploaded it once. Weird internet stuff I guess 💻❓

so recently, i’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite element of randl’s relationship - the beautiful thing that makes their dynamic so appealing.

it’s so great because they’re both independent, capable men. they grew up believing in hope and success, and they went to school and graduated and did well for themselves. they married two beautiful women and had five equally beautiful children between them and raised families in good houses. they built lives for themselves that so many adults hope for, and on top of it, they started a business. they made this thing, filming funny, weird stuff and putting it on the internet, gaining sponsors and attention. and they grow in popularity, start to figure out their brand. they hire employees and do well for themselves, again, as these incredibly intelligent, passionate, capable men. the life they live isn’t one to be ashamed of - they’re powerful and dominate their field, a field which they’ve helped create. and it’s wonderful, and they’re adults. family men, businessmen, tall men. they’ve made it. a good life. a life worthy of pride.

but then, between them, they’re still learning. at heart, they’re still little boys running around and looking in abandoned houses. they’re teaching each other and willing to be taught in return. they’re figuring out what it means to be best friends, brothers, how to love each other and what boundaries they’re allowed to bend - touching, laughing, living. they’re figuring out so many incredible things about life through this wild adventure they’ve created together. they learn strange, weird, and funny facts, and they teach them to us. they look at life from another perspective, find the hidden joys, the oddities. they’re open to interpretation, to new methods, to parallel universes. they’re questioning the way to do things, what it means to entertain, to create and enjoy, and they chase the weird. they break and bend and shake up this world, and they face it, together, like two wide-eyed boys willing to learn and experience all that this relentless and fascinating existence has to offer. they’re not afraid to be silly or gross, to laugh or question. they’re so bright and wonderfully malleable, constantly learning and correcting their previous close-minded behavior. and they do it together, bring out the best in each other. they laugh at each other, tease each other, and make a safe space between them where they can be silly, where they can be dumb. it’s not all mortgages and business meetings, it’s creation and experimentation, collaboration and connection with their fans. it’s this everchanging adventure, and they’re along for the ride, putting themselves in ridiculous situations and constantly expanding their perceptions. and that’s so wonderful to me, especially for two white men who seem to have it all - a family, a business, an element of fame. they’re so powerful in general, and they’re so smart and capable, but instead of using it for some boring, cookie-cutter jobs, they create. they make a new realm of hilarious shenanigans, and they let themselves be young again. they bring out the little boy in each other, silly and wild and excited. and i just adore that, i really do. i think it’s so important to hold onto youth, to creativity, to wonder, even when you’re a father and an icon. 

that’s why i love their dynamic, that within each other, they find they’re allowed to step away and just be silly, be ridiculous, be friendly. their youth never dies. i don’t know, i’m just emotional about them always ahah

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How do you keep yourself from cackling out loud when reading something? Like, my family is starting to think I'm crazy.

I just do it lmao I mean if I find something funny I’ll chuckle :^) my family knows it’s probably **weird stuff on the internet** anyway haha

Hey uh money stuff is really weird and complicated and people owe me and my internet company is scamming me so?? I’m trying to find a job but nobody is getting back to me or they’re not hiring seasonal.
I’m not super Desperate yet but I do copy editing for $4 a page and if you’re trying to polish up a paper or article I can do that for you. I’ve done freelancing before for essays, short stories, and children’s books, and I worked as senior copy editor for a year and a half on a gender/sexuality magazine and was recently hired as editor in chief; a writer, copy editor, and section editor for my university’s newspaper; and editor in chief of my university’s branch of The Odyssey online.
If you’re interested, send me a message and we’ll work things out! I’m very flexible and as of now I have very few other time sensitive obligations so I can get stuff done fast. Since school is mostly out for people I know it’s not in as high demand so if you could signal boost this that’d be great!